The Room

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Self-catering cottage nestling in a remote valley in Derbyshire. This 2-bedroom farmhouse dates from the 17th century and has many original features, yet is luxuriously furnished and equipped. Its magical atmosphere and peaceful surroundings makes this the perfect place for a romantic getaway, to rekindle old relationships or spark new ones … Click here for tariff and full details.


I met Jan on my first day at university, and fell in love with her immediately. She was tall and willowy, with cascades of auburn hair framing a pretty face. She was fun to be with, always ready to party, but also intelligent and thoughtful. I worshipped the ground she walked on, and tried to be with her as much as possible. Unfortunately Jan didn’t share my feelings for her. She was a reliable friend but nothing more; always ready for an intellectual discussion or for going to the pub with a group of mates, but either she didn’t fancy me or she was saving herself for her husband, for she didn’t date as far as I knew. Eventually I learned to live with my unrequited lust and stopped trying to seduce her; it had come very close to destroying our friendship, and I dared not risk that.

After a few years I fell in love again and got married; Jan followed suit shortly afterwards – we went to each others’ weddings and the four of us became and stayed firm and loyal friends throughout bringing up children. Jan and Russell lived at the other end of the country, so we didn’t see them that often, but we’d visit occasionally and also meet up with other university friends. Every time I saw Jan I wondered how life would have panned out if she had responded to my advances and we had ended up married. She and Russell seemed to have a loving relationship – they still held hands when out walking, for instance – and although I liked him a lot I felt obscurely jealous of the fact that he had had sex with Jan countless times …

One year – by that time we were all in our early fifties and the kids had left home – they invited us to share a little cottage they had booked in Derbyshire. Of course my wife Debbie and I accepted immediately – there were few people with whom we would rather have shared a cottage, and we looked forward to long walks, good food and conversation, and sizeable amounts of wine being consumed. Arrangements were duly made and we arrived at the remote farmhouse about half an hour before Jan and Russell, lit the fire (it was March) and chose one of the two double bedrooms – the one we thought was the less desirable, to be polite, although in fact the whole place was luxuriously appointed.

Jan and Russell arrived and we kissed and hugged and cracked open a bottle of wine. Jan sorted out the food they had brought while Russell unpacked their clothes upstairs. It was a very old house with many quirky features – a stone spiral staircase, for instance, as in a castle – and it took us a while to locate some of the facilities we wanted, such as a washing machine. The weather forecast was not good and I anticipated we might need one if we went walking in the rain.

‘There doesn’t seem to be a drying room, or anywhere to air stuff off,’ Debbie observed.

‘Oh, there’s a big cupboard under the eaves off our bedroom,’ Russell said. ‘More like an extra room really. The hot water tank’s in there, it’d be ideal for drying stuff off.’

The website had made a big feature of the wild birds which frequented the garden, and being something of a twitcher I had brought my big phallic telescope and tripod, and set it up in front of the picture window which looked out onto the garden and down the valley.

‘Well, that’ll give us something to do if it rains all the time,’ laughed Jan. ‘That and playing Scrabble.’

‘Yes, we can watch the neighbours,’ said Debbie. ‘Except there aren’t any.’

My wife and I cooked the meal that night (the couples planned to alternate) and we ate and drank to repletion. I normally go to bed pretty early, and get up at dawn, but tonight everyone else seemed of a like mind too, and we tottered off upstairs before 11. Jan was looking desirable in thin tight jeans and a blouse, and I wished that I was accompanying her to bed. She’s aged well – her hair is shorter but still startlingly ginger, her figure still slim apart from a little tummy. I resolved to vent my lust on my wife, but in fact I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

I awoke early, as usual, and pottered downstairs in the silent house to make a pot of tea and look at the birds, as always more active at dawn. To my delight a greater spotted woodpecker clung to one of the feeders.

After a while I heard a noise, and turned to see Jan come into the room. She looked sleepy and her hair was tousled, her face without any make-up, which made her look older but prettier and more vulnerable. She wore a full-length blue silk nightie with spaghetti straps and from the way the morning sun outlined her body it was clear that there was nothing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri under it. She squinted at me.

‘Morning. Anything interesting to see?’ Jan’s voice is soft and husky at the best of times.

‘Woodpecker. Come and have a look. Oh, there might be some tea in the pot.’

She sat next to me on the bench which I had placed in front of the window and peered through the telescope. I felt the warmth of her hip against mine. In aligning the ‘scope again I automatically put my arm around her waist, letting my hand rest casually on her hip. Only a flimsy layer of silk was between me and her naked skin. Jan can be very affectionate, although she doesn’t flirt, and we quite often put our arms around each other.

This time I felt her arm around my waist too, and when she had looked though the ‘scope we just sat there like an old couple. Jan rested her head against my shoulder.

‘I had the most amazing sex last night,’ she said softly. We hardly ever discussed sexual matters, at least not in a personal context, so I was rather surprised at this conversational gambit.


‘Mmm. I had dozens of orgasms. I’m still tingling.’

I couldn’t think of a suitable response, and just concentrated on the feel of her tingling warmth under my hand.

‘I suppose,’ she mused, ‘if I’m honest, I’ve never really enjoyed sex much.’


‘Oh, don’t get me wrong, I mean, I like sex, of course, but only as part of making love. I’ve never been bothered about it for its own sake.’

‘But last night …?’

‘Last night – all night in fact – I just couldn’t get enough. I just wanted sex, pure undiluted raw sex. Love didn’t come into it …’

I wish I’d been there, I thought, and stroked her hip, confirming the absence of panties.

‘Nothing wrong with that.’ I was conscious of an erection stiffening rapidly in my trousers. A glance showed that her nipples were hard.

‘No …’ she chuckled. ‘I’ll see if Russ wants a cup of tea. He’s worn out, poor guy.’

She got up slowly, trailing her hand across my back, and the spell was broken. I watched her in the kitchen, her body languid with orgasmic afterglow, caressed by the flimsy silk. Jan was still a very desirable woman. She took two cups upstairs and didn’t reappear; I imagined her slipping into bed again and awakening her husband with further demands. My erection took a very long time to subside.

Later, when everyone was up and breakfasted, we decided to go for a walk anyway, despite the showers which had now set in. We could take in a pub lunch on the way. Waterproofs and boots were donned, and we set off. After lunch it rained very hard, and we all ended up rather damp even with the waterproof gear. By mutual consent we took a short cut back to the cottage and stood in the hallway dripping and laughing. We shed our waterproofs and I made a big pot of tea while the others went upstairs to shower and change. My wife was down fairly quickly but Jan and Russell took ages – I wondered if Jan’s new-found love of sex had delayed them. Maybe I was right, for when they appeared both were looking flushed and happy. Jan’s smile lights up a room, and once again I found myself falling in love with her.

I showered in our en-suite, and when I emerged, wrapped in a towel, Debbie was there sorting clothes, elegant in a long woollen dress and boots.

‘Russ says we can dry our clothes in their room,’ she said. ‘Is that your walking stuff?’ – indicating a pile on the floor.

‘Mmm, I’ll come with you. I want to have a nose around this house. Maybe there’s a priest hole somewhere.’

I followed my wife into Jan and Russell’s bedroom. If I had been hoping to see evidence of raw sex on a tousled bed, I was disappointed – the bed was neatly made and there was no underwear strewn across the floor. But the thought that this was where Jan had had ‘dozens of orgasms’ last night gave me an almost instant, powerful erection. The towel tented alarmingly. Debbie was in the dark extra room that served as an airing cupboard, and when she emerged I saw her eyes light up. I noticed that her nipples were fiercely erect, even through her dress and bra. Her body swayed sinuously. She smoothed her hands down over her hips and licked her lips. She was the epitome of woman.

I swept her dress up to her waist, crushing my erection against her stomach. She clung to my neck and lifted herself so that her legs clasped me around the waist. I fumbled her thong out of the way and sank my aching cock into her already wet puss. We fucked up clumsily against the wall, Debbie stuck her tongue in my ear and her hot breath rasped while her fingernails raked my back. Within a few minutes she had moaned through a powerful orgasm – unusual, as she normally needs quite a bit of foreplay. I could feel warm juices trickling down my leg.

My knees were starting to ache so I walked us over to the bed and fell backwards on it, still buried deep in güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my wife. She pushed herself up on her arms and started to ride me vigorously, mouth open and nostrils flaring. Loud liquid noises came from her puss as she pumped it up and down on my cock, and before long another orgasm had ripped through her. Her arms failed and she collapsed on top of me, so I rolled us over and fucked her on her back, her legs locked around my waist. Debbie achieved another two climaxes before my self-control failed and I pumped an unreasonable amount of sperm deep into her. We lay there sweating and panting while her puss quivered around my still firm cock. We hadn’t shagged like that for many a year.

‘Oh wow!’ Debbie gasped. ‘Wow! That was …’

‘Amazing. You’re a sex goddess, and I love you.’

She kissed me passionately, then wriggled. ‘I’m leaking like mad. I hope we haven’t messed up their duvet.’

I found a box of Kleenex on the bedside table and held a bunch against her hot puss while I slid my still erect cock out. Debbie staggered to her feet, holding her crotch inelegantly, and looked at the bed.

‘Phew, no drips!’ She straightened the duvet and looked at me, and my sperm-flecked cock, with lustful eyes. ‘Come on, lover, we’d better have round two in our own room. Cover yourself up, you’ll frighten the horses with that thing.’

I followed her into our bedroom, eager to strip her naked and get stuck into round two, but by the time we had shut the door my erection had subsided and Debbie had nipped into the bathroom to clean herself up. Eventually she emerged looking presentable but still radiant, her nipples still hard, but I sensed that further sex was not on the agenda.

‘We’d better go downstairs, they’ll be wondering what’s going on.’

The sudden explosive shag had livened me up considerably. Jan grinned at me when I went into the lounge, and I gave her a wink. Had she heard any noises filtering through from upstairs? She too was looking desirable in a mid-calf orange cotton dress with puffed sleeves and a low scoop neck that showed off her long neck. Throughout the evening I kept imagining both women, pussies still tingling inside, their labia tender, hoarding the remnants of their men’s sperm deep in their bodies. I caught glimpses of Jan’s strapless bra and its contents when she bent over the table, and compared it with my wife’s larger bust outlined by the tight woollen dress. God, they were both beauties!

As the evening grew late, I could see that Jan and Russell were in an almost indecent haste to get to bed, but were too polite to say so. I yawned prominently a few times and said that I was ready to turn in – which was not unusual. The others quickly agreed. Jan said goodnight and gave me a lingering kiss on the cheek – I could almost feel the sexual heat radiating from her. Desirable as my wife is, if I had been given a free choice at that moment, it would have been Jan I would have taken to bed.

I went upstairs and lay waiting for my wife to join me, but I could hear noises downstairs as she tidied up, and gradually sleep overtook me. In the morning she was dead to the world next to me, while I was wide awake and fidgety listening to the dawn chorus. I got up, dressed and went downstairs to my telescope and had a quiet hour observing.

The door to the stairs opened softly and I turned to see Jan appear, once again in her blue nightdress, feet bare and hair awry. Her nipples on the small breasts were hard and dark under the thin silk. Without a word she sat next to me and put her arm around my waist. I did likewise, stroking her hot smooth hip.

‘Good night again?’ I murmured.

‘Amazing,’ she said huskily. ‘I didn’t know I could come so many times. I didn’t know Russ could either, come to that. I must confess, I’m just a little bit sore. It must be that bedroom that does it. Whenever I go in there I feel … well, I feel like I need sex very very badly.’ She chuckled softly.

I glanced at her – she was looking out at the garden and her profile was soft and delicate, glowing with happiness. The strap of her nightie had slipped down over her shoulder and most of her breast and nipple was exposed – she didn’t seem to have noticed.

‘I’ve got a confession too,’ I said. Jan leaned her head against my shoulder. ‘Yesterday, when Debbie and I were upstairs, we’d gone into your room to put some stuff in the drying room. We suddenly wanted each other – I mean, really urgently. So we just shagged there and then. In your bedroom. It was really powerful. I hope we didn’t leave any evidence.’

Jan was silent – I hoped I hadn’t offended her. The breast and nipple were now completely exposed.

‘It must be the room,’ she said eventually. ‘How strange. I’m glad you told me.’

‘How did you feel when you first arrived – I mean, when you first went into your bedroom?’

‘I’m trying to remember. I was quite tired from the driving. I think güvenilir bahis şirketleri – I felt comfortable in the room, relaxed, even a bit excited. Maybe it doesn’t work when you’re on your own. Or maybe I’m not used to feeling horny!’ She flashed me a guilty grin, and I hugged her tighter.

‘Well, you’re used to it now.’

She nodded slowly, then sat up and adjusted her strap – so, she had noticed. ‘Hey, we’re talking nonsense. It can’t be anything to do with the room. It’s just coincidence.’ Jan is the ultimate rational humanist.

‘Let’s hope it lasts, though.’

She squeezed my waist, and I was very close to going down on one knee and confessing that I loved her helplessly, had always loved her, would give up everything for her … Jan got up and touched the tip of my nose with her finger, a gesture of affection she had.

‘Yes, let’s hope so. I’m off to bed again.’ She gave me a wink and went upstairs with a swirl of silk around her naked body. I was left to nurse my erection.

After breakfast we decided on a route and fortunately the rain held off until lunchtime, but when we emerged from the pub, where we had left one of the cars, it was gloomy and wet and looked set that way. Russell is into old churches and especially their organs, and proposed a tour of the local villages. Jan made a face – she’s a fundamentalist atheist and says she feels uncomfortable even going into a church, in use or not. She said she would rather go back and read her novel. My wife is into architecture, as am I, in a smaller way, and was quite keen on an ecclesiastical exploration.

‘I’m not bothered,’ I said casually. ‘I’d just as soon have an afternoon in front of the fire. Why don’t Jan and I walk back to the cottage and you two can look at rood screens and clerestories or whatever? We can make a start on the dinner.’

‘You’re sure that’s OK?’ Russell asked his wife, and after a certain amount of polite demurral it was agreed. I was keen to spend some more time alone with Jan, possibly leading to who knows what, and by her readiness to let Russell go off with Debbie I hoped that maybe she was thinking along the same lines. We said farewells and Jan and I walked back in the drizzle, chatting about anything that came into our heads (except sex).

We didn’t get so wet this time but I went upstairs anyway to shower and change, to make myself presentable and squeaky-clean in case anything developed. I had seen that Jan’s nipples were erect; when she took off her waterproof they were poking against her top – in fact she had given me a rueful grin and pushed them in with her fingers, as if to say, they have a life of their own. This was a hopeful sign. I spent a long time over my toilet and emerged onto the landing. Jan’s door was open a crack and I listened to check whether she was in the shower. The only thing I could hear was a very low moaning sound. Thinking she might be unwell I peeped my head around the door.

Jan was on her knees leaning against the side of the bed, still in her walking trousers and top. I thought at first that she was unwell, then I noticed that she had an arm down in front of her. Her hips were moving slowly. I realised with a shock that she was masturbating! I could see the material of her trousers tightening as her hand massaged her pubes. I could sense the tension building up in her body. As I watched her moans grew more intense, although still quiet, and then her whole body shook and her hips jerked. Her spasms eased and she was still, and then her hand began to move again …

I was rooted to the spot. I wanted to go in, to take her in my arms and feel her climaxing against me, but something, some vestige of guilt, stopped me. I was unable to disturb her in her private world of ecstasy – and to be honest I wasn’t quite sure what her reaction would be. I watched while she shuddered through another climax and then tiptoed away downstairs.

Much later, Jan appeared, in the same orange dress as yesterday, looking freshly washed and very relaxed. Her post-orgasmic glow was obvious – or maybe I was just imagining it, knowing what she had been doing. She gave me a lovely smile and asked me if I wanted some coffee. Drinks procured, she lay on the sofa with her knees up in front of the log fire I had lit and we chatted, but I could tell she wanted to read and soon we fell into a companiable silence – almost like an old married couple, I thought. Would her sexuality have been awakened earlier if she had married me instead of Russell?

When I got up to put another log on, I noticed that Jan had fallen asleep, her head to one side. She looked younger and vulnerable – I imagined waking up every morning with her head next to mine on the pillow. I felt a great wave of love for her.

Just then my mobile phone buzzed. It was Debbie. ‘Hi, you OK?’

I walked into the kitchen to try and avoid waking Jan. ‘Yeah, fine, just sitting by a nice warm fire. What about you? Seen any good organs?’

‘Well, thing is, we’re at _____ and there’s a concert on tonight. Local choir and orchestra, doing some Monteverdi and Palestrina and stuff, it sounds really good. Russ is really keen and so am I. Do you fancy coming along?’

‘Um, no, not really. I’m not into that early stuff. But you go, I don’t mind.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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