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It is a beautiful Monday morning, as the sun burns the morning dew off the grass. I enjoy these beautiful sunny Summer days. My work day is slow. A good thing. The nice spring weather has me thinking of other activities, which do not involve work. But this one customer is giving me great enthusiasm. Dana and I attended the same grade school. Recently we were reunited after many years of losing contact. Needless to say, I am very excited to solve her problem.

Dana has an electrical issue in her kitchen. I was more than eager to help when she called. She is married, so I know I can’t step over the line. Growing up I had big time crush on her. If she only knew my highly sexual thoughts as a raging hormonal teen.

I arrived at Dana’s and walked up to her door. My thoughts wondered quickly before I rang the doorbell.

As she opens the door she welcomes me with a warm flirtatious smile. “Hi! Come in.”

I step inside and we walk into the kitchen. She brushes against me as she shows me the broken switch. As I unscrew the plate, Dana starts to fill me in with her life story. She is very unhappy in her marriage. Sex was more of an unsatisfied chore. As we took turns flirting with each other, my urges quickly take over.

I need to turn off the circuit breaker, so I politely excuse myself. As I return from downstairs, I noticed she has changed. A low cut, thin sun dress. Wow! I am trying to stay within the boundaries, but seeing her is making it very hard. Dana has an unbelievable body. Her breasts showed just enough cleavage. From my viewpoint, I think they are perfect. My concentration is definitely not on work. The bulge is starting to make my pants tighter, as I undress her in my mind. She is talking to me, but I cannot comprehend what she is saying. A wondering mind has me admiring her hard nipples through the thin material. And then I hear…

“I no longer love him.”

Wow!!! What do I say?

Some babble comes out of my mouth. God only knows what I illegal bahis said. I fix her her switch with my back towards her. The aroma of her is filling the room. I can’t take much more. My cock is aching from not being able to be free from my tight pants. All my teenage fantasies are running through my mind making it worse. As I turn to her, she tosses her sun dress at me. It lands on my head. I breathe in deeply. Ahhh, dress is all over her dress.

I remove her dress from my head and see her flawlessly naked body. Her nipples are hard, standing at attention. She looks at me and hops on the counter, She spreads her legs asking me, “Do you like what you see?” Speechless, I admire every inch of her body. Her lips are swollen from anticipation. I walk over to her.

“I think you know the answer.”

I scoot her towards me, and I start to kiss the inside of her thighs. I work my way up to her her moist lips, and I tease her lips with my tongue. I breath her scent in deeply. She smells wonderful! I spread her lips as I take her clit between my lips. I suck it for a few minutes. Then my fingers replaced my tongue as I look into her eyes. Her face is flushed and her heavy breathing quickens. Her juices flowing down her lips, glistening in the sunlight from the window. Good God! My eagerness to fuck her right now is unbearable, so I unzip my pants and I free my hard cock. I slowly stroke myself as my other finger thrusts deep inside her.

Her milky white skin, hard perky nipples, and her trimmed bush is unbelievable. I lightly nip the inside of her thighs, as I remove my pants. My hard cock is hard and tight as I keep stroking myself about a dozen times. She looks at me with her “fuck me” eyes, and demands to suck my hard cock. I pick her up off the counter and set her feet down on the floor. I watch her tight nicely shaped ass as she leads me into her bedroom. She crawls up on all fours and turns to flirt with me. The view of her body is unbelievable. I admire her body illegal bahis siteleri for a few seconds, as she reaches for something in her nightstand. She reveals a pink vibrator and a blue vibrator. She lays down on the bed. Her body is in full view, as she slowly parts her legs. Her pink engorged lips are so inviting to please her with my tongue and mouth.

“You will watch me play for now. Then I will suck you off.”

The thought of her taking control further excites me. She teases her breasts with one hand, while her other hand plays with her pink vibrator over her swollen red lips. Her moans became deeper and louder. Her juices are flowing down her ass. I stand there stroking myself slowly. Watching her please herself is so erotic. Her body starts to shutter as she buries her vibrator deep inside her. Several minutes pass and she starts to have a good body rolling orgasm. Then she keeps it deep inside her as she let’s her body simmer down. Then she starts again. I enjoy watching her please herself, it is so erotic to watch a woman please her body. As I watch her, I slowly get closer to the bed. Her head is dangling over the edge of the bed, inches where I am standing. Her hand leaves her breasts and grabs my hard cock to give it a couple of strokes.

She gasps, “Come closer.” I obey her and straddle her face, as she takes my hard member in her mouth. Her talented tongue and mouth teases every nerve in my hard cock. Her mouth feels wonderful with my cock inside. I can’t believe how wonderful she is making me feel. Watching her take me in her mouth, or watching her tight pussy slide pink deep inside makes it hard to concentrate on her teasing my cock. But I feel her hand grab my ass as she pushes me in deeper into her mouth. She feels wonderful. I reach to tease her nipple and she grabs my hand as she tries to say no with me still inside her mouth. That is all I needed and I tighten as my cock fills her mouth with hot cum.

She turns over and takes me in canlı bahis siteleri her mouth again. She takes her toy and slides it deep inside her as she sits on her heels. Her heels are balancing pink while she rides. What a wonderful view watching her hips move with her toy inside her, as she sucks me hard again. I reach down to tease her breasts. She rocks her hips harder and faster as she braces her pink tool with her feet. She orders, me to back up and watch. Her intensity increases, as her face becomes flushed even more. Her long hair hides her face from me watching the pleasure she is giving herself. She moans louder and louder as her body takes one last intense thrust and cums loudly. She bucks forward, then backward while her body shutters in an intense orgasm.

We smile at each other as she brings her hot wet pussy to the edge of the bed and lays down. I admire her wonderful body. It is so perfect. I take her legs and scoot her closer too me, as I insert my hard cock inside her. We both let out a moan. What a wonderful tight pussy. It fits so perfectly tight around my cock. Her muscles tighten as I thrust deeper and deeper. Our juices join together as I go deeper inside her. She pulls away from me and gets on all fours.

“How do you like the view?” she asks.

Cum juices is dripping down her thighs. I grab my cock and guide in her hot, wet pussy. I take her hips and guide her with each thrust. She is so unbelievably tight. Her muscles milk my cock with each thrust. It feels incredible. I have never had such a tight, intense pussy. She moans louder and starts to buck and move wildly as she starts to cum again. My cock loads her with my leftover cum. She collapses on the bed, as we both gasp for air. She rolls over. Her neatly trim bush and full perky breasts in plain view. My cum is slowly coming out from her dripping wet pussy.

We lay talking, enjoying each other’s company. After she catches her breath, she gets up on her knees and bends down to kiss my lips. She is so hot. Her body is aching for more, but she is exhausted. Before I leave, I setup a “follow-up” visit to make sure everything is working ok….her included. My next visit will be to satisfy her sexual urges, because I will be in charge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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