The OMG Syndrome Ch. 01

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Big Dick

I had been talking to her on the phone for a while and the conversations had been very hot. She loved to tell me how she was going to rock my world.

I told her, “You have no idea about what you are talking about, I will give you a syndrome.”

I would smile and listen to her tell me the very wickedly sexy things she was going to do to me, but I never told her that she wouldn’t get the chance to rock my world.

We made plans to have a date for the weekend and I readied myself to go see her. I showered and shaved and got dressed before I drove to see her.

When I entered the door, she was so hot and sexy my dick jumped and throbbed. She was right, she was one hot little number for sure. She was 5’6” tall with perky 36 DD tits and an ass that was large enough to grab a hold of and still have plenty left over to admire. A very nice little plumper that I pulled into my arms to kiss me.

The kiss turned into a marathon with our hands roaming all over each other. She grabbed my ass and pulled me into her so she could feel my dick pressing into her.

I in turn unbuttoned her blouse and then undid her bra and let those wonderful tits fall into view. I ducked down to take the nipple into my mouth so my teeth could nip at it while my tongue flicked across it.

She purred when I did this which made me move over the other nipple and suck it into my mouth and flick my tongue over it.

She said, “You are making me so wet!”

I just kept up my flickering and nipping at her nipple. She dropped to her knees onto her kitchen floor and stared up at me while she pulled my zipper down, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my pants down, boxer briefs and all.

When my dick sprang out and flopped against her nose, she pulled it down and engulfed the head into her mouth while she flicked her tongue around the head.

She said, “I love your dick and I am going to make you cum for me.”

I let her suck on me for several minutes until I pulled her up off the floor and kissed her deeply while I tugged on her nipples, stretching them out away from her body and holding them higher.

I waited until she moaned, “Oh my God!”

I let them go for a minute and I pulled her into the bedroom and pushed her back onto the bed.

I said, “Lay back for me baby and let me show you something.”

I pulled her pants down and off of her with her panties in tow and just admired her ample beauty. Her breasts were heaving and her eyes were glazed over it seemed. She put her finger up and did the little cum here motion.

I canlı bahis told her, “Relax baby, I’m running this show.”

I flipped her over onto her stomach and leaned down and bit at the back of her knee sending shivers up and down her. I continued up her thigh until I got to the back of her leg where her hamstring met her large ass.

I quickly moved over to the other leg and licked and nipped down the leg until I got to the other knee where I proceeded to bite and suck while flicking my tongue across the sensitive skin.

I elicited a wonderful moan, “Oh my God!” I moved lower to her calf and then down to the back of her ankle where I nipped as well.

She said repeatedly, “I love it, I love it!”

I increased my teasing. I slowly then moved back up to the crack of her ass where I flicked my tongue at the top of her ass crack making her move around on the bed.

She said, “I am going to fuck you so hard when I get the chance!”

I worked my way up her back nipping at her the whole time and bit her shoulder blades. I moved up to the back of her neck where I had to move her hair out of the way and continued more of the same treatment she had been getting. This had her begging me to touch her, which I had not at this time except with my mouth.

I worked her neck over for a while longer which left her with chill bumps all over and her.

She said, “You are making me so damn wet.”

I slowly worked my way back down to her ass crack where I licked her for a while longer before moving lower to where I could smell her sex.

She said, “I am so turned on right now.”

I could see the wetness of her pussy shining in the light. I blew across it for a minute making her shiver again before I lowered my tongue to below her clit and licked her in one long lick all the way to her asshole where I flicked my tongue around it for a minute.

I then lowered my tongue back down and licked her slit all the way to the bottom again and back up to her clit which had her moaning, “Yes, yes!”

I flipped her over and got down between her legs with them over my shoulders and started my tongue at her ass and licked her up to her clit which I took into my lips and sucked and licked it hard for a second or two causing her to say, “Oh My God!”

I lowered my tongue and licked her up to her clit over and over again for a minute before I moved up to the clit and took it into my lips and sucked on it while licking it from side to side. She came for me so hard and I never stopped licking or sucking with her repeating bahis siteleri over and over again, “Oh my God, Oh my God!”

I took my index finger and slipped it into her pussy and curled it up to find her G spot and rubbed it for her firmly eliciting another series of, “Oh My God’s!”

I took her clit back into my lips and sucked on it while continuing to rub her G spot more for her making her cum again for the second time.

She moaned to me, “You have to fuck me right now!”

I only shook my head no while holding her clit in my lips causing her to moan over and over again for me, “Come fuck me now.”

I continued to rub her G spot and clit for her bringing to another orgasm which really shook her to her core this time.

She cried out, “You have to come fuck me NOW!”

I eased up and lowered my mouth to her right nipple and sucked on it for a minute before moving over to her left and then up to kiss her sharing her juices that were still on my face.

She said, “That really turns me.”

She looked me in the eyes and said, “Fuck Me right now or I will fuck you!”

I only smiled and said, “Go for it baby.”

She rolled me over and got up on her knees and rubbed my dick up and down her slit while smiling.

She said, “I am going to fuck your brains out.”

This only caused my dick to become harder. I laid back while she lowered herself down onto me and she moaned when her clit grazed my pubic bone.

She leaned over and let those wonderful tits touch my chest.

I said, “I love those titties rubbing me like that. They feel so damn good when they rub against my chest.”

I didn’t touch her for a minute or two and just relaxed and let her find her own way. Once she had found the pace and stroke that she liked, I leaned up and took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked really hard on it for her which caused her to moan slightly in pain and slightly in ecstasy.

She said, “You are a motherfucker, I am going to fuck you so damn good!”

This only made me smile knowing what was in store for her.

I said, “Stop for a second and lean back for me.”

I then found her clit with my thumb and she almost jumped off my dick. She growled at me and called me a motherfucker again.

I pulled her back up into the saddle and told her “Fuck me like you said you were going to earlier.”

She would work up and down a stroke or two before she came again for me screaming, “Oh My God” over and over again.

I slapped her on the ass and said, “Fuck my brains out like you bahis şirketleri told me you were going to do.”

She went back to fucking me again. She only made it a few strokes before she came again.

I slapped her ass again and said, “Get back in the saddle and fuck me.”

She asked me, “What the fuck are you trying to do to me?”

I just smiled and said, “Get back to fucking me like you said you were going to do!”

She said, “Motherfucker, you are fucking me so good right now.”

After her legs grew tired I rolled her over and put her legs up on my shoulders and slapped her clit with my dick head making her squeal.

She said to me, “Make my pussy yours!”

I began to slowly fuck her back and forth and she threw her head back because I was pounding her G spot. I went back to her clit with my thumb.

She cried out, “Oh My God, Oh My God!”

She came so hard that she started crying and I kept pounding her over and over while I rubbed her clit with my thumb.

She hollered, “That’s right baby, make it yours.”

I quickly brought her to another orgasm and she begged me, “Stop and let me catch my breath please?”

I put her legs down and told her, “Put your legs together.”

I spread mine out wide for her with my dick still lodged inside of her. I got her legs together and I started fucking her again putting a lot of pressure on her clit while I leaned down and took her upper lip into mine and sucked on it while rubbing the nerve at the top with my tongue which only intensified the rubbing my dick was giving her clit.

She screamed out, “Oh My God, where in the world did you learn to make a woman cum so many times?”

I only smiled and kept fucking her until she came again.

She said, “Oh my God, Oh My God, you just about fucked me out. Cum inside me right now please?”

I sped up, which only made her cum again for me. When I got closer to cumming I started fucking her as fast as I could and we both came together in a tremendous orgasm. My dick pumped out so many ropes of cum inside of her and her pussy felt so good grasping at me milking the last drops into her.

She held my face in her hands and told me, “I have never been fucked like that before!”

She said, “Now I know why you told me, I will give you a syndrome.”

I just smiled and told her, “The night isn’t over yet, I still have a thumb and fingers to make you cum again for me over and over.”

She told me, “You are going to kill me before the night is over!”


Well, she didn’t die that night but she asks me back over again and again. She said, “I have never cum like that before and my clit buzzed for days after when I walked with jeans on and Oh my God, you were right, you did give me a syndrome!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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