The Cabin

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My thanks to Mike Black for his editing skills

Our first night together we stayed in a beautiful cabin on the shore of a peaceful private lake. The cabin was built of limestone, with a rustic wooden porch that wrapped around it. The interior walls were wood plank with a tall open-beam ceiling and a massive fireplace that took up one end of the main room. The decor was simple, yet elegant. A mix of contemporary Texas and rustic Rocky Mountain flavors. It was a beautiful and comfortable setting.

We had met nine months earlier on the internet. There was no pretense for our relationship, it was all about sex, started that way, and stayed that way. But from the very beginning, we knew there was something special about this cyber relationship. Everything we typed just flowed together seamlessly. Our cyber scenarios seemed so real, our orgasms were real as well, masturbating with each other as we wrote, truly cumming together. We would make the exact comment at exactly the same time, we would finish each others statements as we grew to know each other so intuitively. It became nearly painful to part from each other, to log off. We knew we’d have to meet.

We had spoken on the phone numerous times, just increasing our desires for each other. Our voices, so soft and sexy, not wanting to be overheard, our breathing heavy as we pushed each others’ buttons, and then the sounds of sexual gratification, as we shared so intimately with each other so many times, all added up to this meeting.

He was finally able to come to the states for a business venture, which only lasted a week, but was able to canlı bahis get a second week, without too many questions asked, so it worked out beautifully. And I made all the arrangements, flying in ahead of him to get it all finalized and ready.

When I arrived I took advantage of the time, lighting candles and slipping into my slinkiest sundress, thong, and sandals. I was a pretty attractive woman, fair and lean, short blonde hair, and a bright and compelling smile. I dabbed on a light sexy scent and turned on some classic slow jazz. Within minutes his cab pulled up and I watched him emerge. He was a strikingly handsome man, so tall and athletic. His face had a Greek flavor, yet less Mediterranean. His demeanor was cool, suave and kind. As he neared the door, I opened it. Our eyes met and the world stopped moving. He dropped his bags and we rushed into each others arms. We had scarce grazed the threshold before we were peeling clothing and groping, as though teenagers again, desperate, afraid it would all be a dream and end suddenly. We made it as far as the great room before he lay me down on the floor. He was over me in a second, holding me, entering me, filling me. We made love fo! r hours, eventually moving to the couch, then the dining room, then the porch. Neither of us had ever tried so many positions or angles, but we were so horny for each other, it all just flowed naturally.

We spent the entire week together, in and around the beautiful cabin. We made love along the shores of the lake, in the woods, and in the water. Late one evening, a most memorable night, we were naked on the shore, perched bahis siteleri atop a boulder making more passionate love, and as the intensity increased, we both began laughing uncontrollably! I’m not sure what triggered it, but it completely overtook us and as we laughed, we climaxed together, increasing the strength of the bond already there. It was a wonderful emotion -total joy mixed with complete lusty satisfaction!

Another time, one warm afternoon, while walking in the woods, it started raining. We ran back toward the cabin, but about halfway there, I stopped and called to him. I stood there looking at him, rain pouring down, soaking me and my clothes. Without a word, he walked back to me and took me in his arms. We embraced and kissed passionately. Our animal lusts took over and we began groping each other, ripping the others’ clothes off, tearing at them. He laid me back in the soft grass, and started rubbing all over me, his mouth never leaving mine. He pushed his hand between my legs, roughly spreading them, groping my pussy, manhandling me in a way that drove me wild! He moved between my legs and with one great thrust, entered me, making me scream out his name! It was so animalistic, so natural -so hot! The rain beating down on us, rolling in the wet grass, we fucked hard and desperately.

We made love in the most natural setting, it was so freeing.! He filled me with his hard cock, pistoning in and out of me, both of us moaning and groaning. He then sat up pulling me with him, perching me in his lap, lifting and lowering me onto his shaft. I was wild with lust for him. My heavy tits bahis şirketleri bounced against his chest, my ass jiggled as I slammed down onto his hard thick pole. Then I pushed him onto his back, and pushed his arms up above his head, holding them there, leaning all my weight into them. I slammed my ass down onto his pelvis, feeling his cock deeper than ever before, rotating my hips, feeling his cock in every secret place in me. My clit was incredibly stimulated as I rose and fell onto his hard shaft. My tits swayed in his face and he took a nipple into his mouth, biting it, pulling it, sucking it so hard. I rocked onto his thick veiny prick for a good long while, reveling in the moans from us both.

Then I began to feel his cock tighten in my pussy, swelling even larger than it was, and as I reached back, rubbing his b! alls, I felt how tight they were! Combined with his groaning, it sent me right over the edge!! I came hard and fast, screaming out his name, triggering his own Olympic orgasm, both of us writhing on the wet grass, grunting and groaning and fucking with our last bit of energy. He pulled me into his arms and caressed me, moving the wet strands of hair out of my face, holding me and telling me what a sexy woman I was. We gathered our clothes and laughed and played all the way back to the cabin, naked and happy. It was bliss!

Our week had been a wonderful time for us both. It ended too quickly, but we knew it would. We kissed and cried together, holding each other so tightly, hoping it could last, knowing it wouldn’t. I waved goodbye to him all the way to the main road, tears streaming. I knew this first time together would be our last time together, and it broke my heart. If only he lived in the states. If only we didn’t have other ties. If only for a week, I had the most wonderful loving of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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