Taking Your Spirit Into Me

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She lay resting before me. Keiko was a simple girl. She was the type of person everyone liked. Her friends always described her as a cute sweet girl. She was average to everyone but not to me. She stood about 5’3″ and weighed 132 lbs. Her legs had a powerful yet soft shape to them. They weren’t muscular, just toned, but they were large for her frame. She had the best stomach I had ever seen. It had the most perfect contour to it. I loved her stomach. It wasn’t flat and that is what made it so perfect. That soft diminutive curve that made it perfect to lay my head in. I would sit at her feet and watch as she slept. The only thing about her that was better than her stomach were her breasts.

The way they would slope gently to the side as she lay there. She was a 38-C and firm, I will always remember that. I would watch those breasts rise and fall and rise and fall and rise again. Her nipples were the color of caramel, or at least I said they were as I joked with her because when she sat up with her shirt off her breasts reminded so much of caramel-dipped apples. They were the most delectable things in the world. Her hair was jet-black and she wore it in traditional Japanese style.

Her bangs hung barely above her brow. The rest of her hair wrapped her face, a long cascading raven waterfall. Her eyes were almond shaped, the color black pools like the sea at midnight. I would kiss her feet as she dreamt. Her toes were always painted, but constantly had chips in them, that always made me smile on the inside when I saw them. She had a sweet grin while she slept. Her lips would barely part and you could see the sparkle from her teeth. Her body was glistening in the sunlight this afternoon because she had a soft layer of sweat covering her. I remember how it got there.

She came over early that morning. “Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!” a feminine child-like voice screamed as the bed quaked around. I opened my eyes shocked and surprised.

“What? What’s wrong?” I asked as I jumped up.

“Tee-hee.” She squeaked, “Nothings wrong. I just wanted you to get up.”

I flopped back down on the bed blurting out in a sarcastic tone, “I hate you.”

She looked at me with playfully pouting eyes, “You don’t mean that.” She batted at me with her hand and rolled off the bed inviting me to chase her around the room. She had this innocent charm that I liked so much.

“What are you doing here?” I inquired as I pulled the sheets away and jumped up to chase her. She giggled as she ran from me diving across the bed. I grabbed her leg pulling her back on the bed and rolled her over pinning her to the bed.

She glared up at me and profoundly stated “I had a test this morning and I got done early, so now I have some time to play illegal bahis before my next class.”

“Oh really.” I replied tickling the bare soft silky skin of her stomach. “So what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know,” she said coyly, “What do you feel like?”

“Good question. How about racquetball?” I jumped up from the bed and made my way to the dresser. I pulled open the drawer and began to rustle through it grabbing at clothes.

“Oh POOH,” she pouted, “I had something else in mind.”

“And what would that be?” I glanced up at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Come here,” she said taking me by the hand dragging me back on top of her, “I’ll show you!” She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my lips down next to hers, just barely out reach of them but close enough to feel the lightest breath leave her lips. “Pay attention.” She commanded in a deeply seductive tone. The tip of her tongue barely grazing my bottom lip. Her teasing made my cock swell with delight. Quickly she followed it with a gentle nibble of my bottom lip, tugging at it as she pulled away.

Just as quickly she jumped up and stood in front of me. A faint breeze tickled my ear “Inspired?”

“But of course!” I stated in a cheap English accent. I fell to my knees before her. Her bare mid-rift in my face. I engulfed her in my arms pulling her towards me, my cheek resting on her tummy. I would always feel the best when we were like this. Her fingers would stroke my hair, while her other hand would cradle my head keeping it close to her. We stayed like this for a couple of minutes, just being completely together.

I lowered her onto the bed whispering, “I love you Keiko.” My hands began to fumble at the button on her jeans, trying to tear off the wall fabric covering her flesh. I slowly pulled her pants from her hips, down her thighs, along her calves until they hit the floor. I then lifted each of her feet from their confining cuffs, stopping for a second to admire her small powder blue nails… the pinky toe having a little chip in it right near the tip. I took her foot and raised it to my lips, taking that pinky toe in my mouth and began to gently suck on it.

“Oh God yes, Brett,” she cried in a voice emanating from deep within her soul. I could hear the breath leave her body as her toe slipped from my mouth. I slowly crawled up on the bed making my way to her soft fleshy innermost secret and began to suckle it gently pulling at her labia. Then her song began. A guttural “mmmmmmmmmm” crept from between her lips.

She wrapped her legs around my head, pulling my face into her crotch. “Shove your tongue inside my pussy. Do it now, bitch!” She cried in a frolicsome tone. I had no choice but to indulge her fantasy. My salivating illegal bahis siteleri pink flesh dove deep inside her crevice. Running its tip around her vaginal wall. Tasting her ambrosial juices as they started to secrete from her body.

“Suck my clit you dirty slut!” I slid my tongue up her labia, leaving a heated wet trail of saliva on her dark almond flesh. I attacked her, my lips pushing back her clitoral hood. Sucking her clit between my affectionate moist lips till it reached the tip of my tongue. I began to gently lick the apex of it with my tongue. Flicking it with teasingly quick flutters. Then I slid my tongue under her clit down to its base. Pulling it back up pressing hard against the small pleasure bud.

“Fuck YES!” she bellowed. Her fingers running through my hair. Pulling at it as I hit the right spots. I began to suck on her clit making sloppy slurping noises. My tongue lapping at her delectable cunt. I again shoved my tongue into her fiery, drenched, quivering pussy. My nose digging into her now swollen pulsating clit.

“Let me… suck… your cock.” She gasped as her body writhed from the pleasurable touches in her slit.

I pulled my head from her lap briefly to reply, “Congratulations on your test my sweet, this is only for you.” I then dove into her cunt with reckless abandon. I ate, my mouth exploring every sweet fleshy inch of her womanhood. My tongue leaving pools of sloppy wet desire on her flesh

She cried an endless number of unintelligible gasps. Her chorus a praising of my tongue. I could feel the wet torridity of her vagina start to grow even more. Her vulva swelling as my tongue darted about… from her clit to her pussy to the small fleshy bit of skin right before her tasty rim. She cried, “You don’t have to lick me there…” a bit afraid, but the tremble in her voice told me she coveted more. My tongue flitted about, caressing her sensitive flesh. The sensation of every stroke made her body convulse with pleasure. A small gasp of ecstasy bursting from her mouth, “uhnn… ooh… mmm… God, please don’t stop!” Her savage responses told me she was ready for my fully erect staff.

“FUCK ME HARD!” She demanded in a powerfully libidinous voice. I took her legs, placing her calves on my shoulder and crawled up her body. Her sweet snatch fully exposed as much as possible so my hot throbbing cock could plunge deep inside her, pounding at her cervix in a ravenous fit. I slide the pinnacle of my skewer between her labia. Her wet flaps of skin caressed my shaft as it slid deep into her body. Her amber pubic hairs tickling my sensitive fleshy rod as it passed into body. I began to slowly delve into her pussy. Pushing in and pulling out. The soft caresses of her flesh making my hard-on canlı bahis siteleri grow.

“I SAID, Fuck Meeee HARD!” she belted out in a fit of dissatisfaction. I looked into her eyes surprised at her primal demands. I could see that she was not concerned with passion right now, she desired hard painful pleasure. She wanted the kind of sex that can leave a lasting sting in her pussy. I grabbed her feet and crossed them, resting my chest on her legs, allowing her pelvis to tilt a little more upwards. I wanted to ensure the greatest amount of pleasure mixed with pain. My cock was now pressed firmly against her vaginal wall. The tip thrusting up towards her stomach, slamming into her g-spot with every stroke only stopping when the painful sting in my head, from her cervix being bashed with it, was to unbearable for me to push further.

“Like this? Huh? Like this?” I uttered as my pelvis came crashing into her thighs and cheeks. Our bodies slapping loudly with every thrust. My cock, aching with pleasure, began to swell even more. I could feel my heart pounding.

“FUCK IT! MORE! MORE! FUCK IT! FUCK! FUCK!” she screamed, inspiring me to pound harder and deeper. Her was now pussy sopping wet. The squishing sounds of her first orgasmic gush told me that she was ready for more. Her body writhed with passion. Her breasts bounced uncontrollably about. She reached her arms around my back digging her nails into my skin.

“Ahhhhhhhhh.” I screamed as she drew blood. My cock aching as it slammed into her cervix. The aching feeling helped to make her pleasure last longer as it kept me on the edge of cumming. The pain the only thing that held back my eruption of juices. My head was as swollen as it could get and the throbbing pleasure I felt was overwhelming me.

“Fuck me… Show me… you love it. Cum, FUCKing CUMMMM.” She screamed in a visceral tone.” I let her legs drop down from my chest, she wrapped them around me gripping my ass with them and pulling me into pussy. Our bodies melted into each other. I pounded her pussy harder, my thrusts in synch with her pulls.

Her pussy gushed forth hot vaginal cum onto my cock once again and the sensation calmed the pain in my tip and I erupted. “Oh Gawwww…” I utter, unable to finish my words as I gasped for air. Our orgasms peaking at the same time. I collapsed onto her body. The gooey white juices still spurting forth from my cock. Her body trembled, pussy quaking around my now hypersensitive shaft, the sensation causing me to spurt forth a second gift of my life juices. The hot wet mixture of fluids spreading inside her had calmed her.

“I feel your soul in me.” She said in an ethereal tone, “I love your cum. It feels so good. That hot, forceful bursting filling my pussy. Flowing in my body. Taking your spirit into me.” With that she wrapped her arms around me and uttered the her last words before dozing off, “Stay in me.” My cock throbbed, resting in its warm palace. The one place it truly belonged forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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