Taking Dictation

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She stepped into the elevator, holding the light summer raincoat tightly closed, and paused to press the button that would take her to the seventh floor where their offices were housed. She’d been planning this day almost from the moment he’d hired her as his personal assistant several months ago.

It had all began innocently. In fact, the first time she’d sat down to take dictation, he paced back and forth in front of her chair. It had been very hard to concentrate the blank page, with the sound of his voice sliding like a caress across her skin. The longer it took, the more heated her body became. When he finally summed up the ending, she was almost panting with relief.

He walked around, and again took his seat behind the desk. She took this as a sign that he was finished with her for the time being and stood to leave. But in the process of reaching for the doorknob, she looked back to find him watching her speculatively. From that point on things between them began to slowly change.

Lately, when she took dictation he stood behind her chair, with both hands lightly resting on her shoulders, as if she needed to feel his touch to complete the work as he required. She began to dress differently, her skirts became noticeably shorter. She went shopping for things that would accentuate the slenderness of her legs, and add much needed height to her 5 foot tall frame.

When she woke up this morning, there was an almost sensual warmth to the air. She decided that today, was the day. When she opened the closet, hanging on the door was the outfit that had been bought especially for this one special day. She knew he would appreciate her efforts.

This special outfit consisted of, a hunter green blouse that was sheer enough to see the creamy camisole worn under it. A black leather miniskirt that would be impossible to keep tugged down, even if she tried. And finishing off the ensemble, a pair of gleaming black leather strappy sandals with 5 inch platform soles.

The outfit would be unveiled when she took off the raincoat once she reached the office this morning. But she wouldn’t reveal the special secret that lays unwrapped beneath her skirt and blouse, that he would have to discover all on his own. Wondering at his reaction made her shiver with excitement.

The muted ding as the elevator reached the seventh floor startled her out of the erotic daydreams that filled her head. She was trembling when the doors finally swished open. The corridor that led to their offices seemed twice as long as usual, but she knew that was merely anticipation. It was with a curious sense of relief when the lock clicked open around the key she inserted into it.

She sat down at her desk and went through the daily mail, sorting and prioritizing the letters to be responded to. Checking the clock, she knew he would arrive at any moment. However, when he pushed open the door and greeted her with a somewhat sardonic smile, she wasn’t prepared for the flutter of nervousness that settled in the pit of her stomach.

A little while later, the inter-office phone buzzed and she picked up the stack of mail. Taking a deep breath, she grasped the doorknob to his office and knew it was now, or never. He never even looked up when the door opened.

“Cancel my morning appointments, Cynthia, I have too much paperwork that must be completed and in the mail güvenilir bahis by this afternoon’s post.” he said without looking up.

“Yes, Mr. Walters.” she answered.

“And I need these papers filed immediately.” he said, pushing a folder across to the left side of his desk.

“Of course, Sir. There are three letters in today’s post that requires an immediate response as well, Mr. Walters. Would you like to read them first?” She asked.

“Yes, let’s just go ahead and get them out of the way.” he said as he began to quickly read the first page.

She sat down and crossed her legs, creating a resting place for the steno-pad where she could write down his dictation before taking it back to the keyboard to translate into something resembling the English language. His eyes were immediately drawn from the sheet of paper in his hand to the shadow created when her skirt pulled away from her thigh. He was almost positive that what he saw was pale bare skin.

An hour later, she stood up and took the folder of loose papers and began to file them in the cabinets he kept locked and refused to be allowed out of his office. Paying close attention to detail, she did not realize he had turned and was watching her every move. Each time she bent to pull open a different drawer, he shifted to get a better look.

She squatted to rifle through a group of folders and the scarlet soles of her heels caught his eye. Without thinking, his right hand slipped under the edge of his desk and onto his groin. He could feel the hunger growing, just like every other time she sat down in front of him. Hiring this woman might have been the biggest, most dangerous, mistake he’d ever made, but he knew no matter what he’d never regret it.

She stood and turned, just in time to catch the expression on his face. Raw lust, a hunger so strong that it almost sent her to her knees. Moisture began to pool between her legs, she knew it would seep down onto the inside of her thighs if she didn’t get out of there soon. Just as she was about to excuse herself, he stood up. The closer he got, the most intense the look became in his eyes.

She stood frozen in place, unable to move away as he lifted both hands to the sides of the filing cabinet, effectively trapping her against his body. She knew no matter how badly she wanted this to happen, it could be a total disaster.

“Mine.” was all he said as his mouth covered hers, forcing her hard against the unforgiving metal behind.

She moaned into the punishing kisses, and lifted both hands to cup his face. Breathing him in, tasting his tongue when it forced it’s way into her gasping mouth. She was helplessly lost, and proved it by dragging one knee along the outside of his thigh.

The moment he felt her respond, his hands shifted. One dropped to her arm, pulling her off balance as he took a step back, the other between her spread thighs. If he’d been more in control of his need, the fact that his fingers slid into wet heat without the resistance of cloth might have caused him to stop. But, it was too late for both of them, and they knew it.

Unconsciously, he lifted the soaked fingers to his mouth and licked her taste off his skin. Somewhere deep inside of him, the beast reared his head and howled. The feeling of possession immediately raged out of control, this was his and only his.

He spun her around türkçe bahis and half carried, half dragged her across to the desk. It’s mirrored top was littered with papers and folders, which he immediately swept off onto the floor without hesitation. A feral smile crossed his face when she moaned at the sudden action.

Taking a wrist in each hand, he forced her forward, arms spread wide. His hips thrust tightly against the scrap of leather she’d worn as a skirt and he began to rub against her. She could feel the rising bulge against her ass and whimpered in need. His hands slid from her hips, around to the front of her blouse and with a sharp ripping sound, tore it from her body.

She wanted to cry out, to protest the rough treatment, but something inside almost sang with joy at the way it felt to the prospect of being taken this way.

“My blouse.” she whispered.

“Fuck the blouse.” he hissed against the back of her neck. “And I’m going to fuck you for tempting me this way.”

A gasp was the only response she made as he jerked up the hem of her skirt and growled to find her ass bare, as he’d known it would be.

“Little slut, you came prepared to be my whore today, didn’t you?” he growled as his hands pulled her back against his throbbing cock.

“Yes, ohgdd yes.” she moaned, pushing back to meet his grinding cock.

He didn’t say another word, nothing at all except to unfasten his slacks and let them fall to the floor in a pool of fabric around his ankles. With one hand pressing her down onto the cold glass top of his desk, he grasped his cock in the other, guiding it between her quivering wet thighs.

One hard thrust and he was inside the tightest, wettest, hottest little pussy he’d ever had. It was a struggle not to cum before he’d even begun, but he managed. If this was to happen only once, he wanted it to last a very long time. Just when he thought he had himself under control, she moved.

And then she moved again, almost as if she was impatient for him to continue. He leaned over her growling low against her ear, and almost lost it again when the walls of her hot little pussy contracted around him. That’s when he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she wanted this as much, if not more, than he did.

Wrapping both arms around her body, cupping a breast in each hand, he began to fuck her. His cock seemed to get harder with every stroke. She began to softly beg for more. Her ass began to rock as she pushed up on the toe of her shoes, fucking him back.

“Gdd, you’re such a hot little bitch, fuck me, Cyn, fuck me hard.” He hissed against her cheek.

Whimpering, unable to make sense with her words, she wiggled on his cock. Her hands reached up to the front edge of his desk and she pulled herself up until her feet, shoes and all, dangled an inch off the floor. His body followed, humping her like a dog after his bitch.

Suddenly she screamed, shrill cries that seemed to echo off the walls around them. His thrusts slowed, but with tears sliding down her cheeks, she begged him not to stop. That’s when he felt the spasms shaking her body. Her slick juices seeping down the length of his cock. Coating his heavy sac, and dripping onto his thighs.

Realizing that she was in the middle of an intense orgasm was the last straw, his body couldn’t take any more, and with a howl, his balls sent a flood güvenilir bahis siteleri of cum rocketing into her tight little pussy. Even after her orgasm began to slow, he could feel the softer spasms milking his cock of any remaining seed. His head dropped to the desktop beside hers, their combined breath leaving little fog smudges on the glass.

“Oh fuck, Cyn. You just rocked my world.” he panted against her shoulder.

She smiled and made a little sound that agreed with his comment. Her body still rippling around his softening shaft.

“I hope this doesn’t mean I’m going to lose my position with your firm.” she said

He laughed gruffly and replied, “If anything, it will firm up your ‘position’ under me.”

They both laughed at the double entendre.

He slowly pushed up without allowing his cock to slide out of her cum soaked pussy, watching the swollen lips shift around him. He bit back the groan as his softening shaft began to grow hard again. This would have to be a more than once happening between them. She was too desirable to fuck and forget.

He leaned back without slipping completely from her juicy pussy and lifted one knee, slowly turning her over and placing both knees on his shoulders as he leaned down again. She laid there looking up at him, breathing as if she’d just run a marathon. He watched her plump little nipples sway on the tips of the full firm breasts that heaved as she struggled to catch her breath.

The more they swayed, the more aroused he became, until his open mouth covered one, sucking greedily. She squealed at the sudden suction around the distended nipple. Her back bowed upwards off the glass, with her ass pinned down by his hard thrust. He began to pump slowly, moving from one nipple to the other, and back again.

He sucked and licked the reddened flesh as if starving, and she provided the banquet he had been craving. He growled as his teeth closed around one and gently shook his head. Her hot walls contracted around his cock, squeezing tightly. The sudden need to cum caused his mind to go blank to everything, except the need to flood her pussy. Raising up, he tugged her ass to the edge of the desk, and grabbed her hips in his hands.

“I’m gonna cum all over your pussy, pet, and you’re gonna wear it the rest of the day. No cleaning it off, no covering it up.” he growled as his fucking thrusts began to happen hard and fast.

She whimpered, grabbing his wrists to hold onto, as her body began to convulse with another orgasm. That was all it took to push him over the edge. With a strangled roar, he came. So much cum filled her that it began to spill out around his still pumping cock. A pool of thick, shiny semen dripped onto the floor in long strings as he slowly pulled out of her body.

Grasping his semi-hard shaft, he pumped the last few spurts onto her mound and the inside of both thighs. When he’d said he wanted her to wear his cum, he meant it. Like a wild beast, he was marking his territory. This was his pussy and everyone would know it by his scent smeared across her skin. He eased back and allowed her to slide off the desk. She swayed, laughing weakly, but didn’t fall. He swatted her ass and gave a little push toward the door.

“Get back to work, we will continue this later. But remember what I said, no cleaning up.” He said.

She nodded and walked carefully across to the door. “Yes, Sir.” she whispered as she looked back at him again.

The rest of the day was filled with work as usual, but every time a break came in the action, her mind went back to the desk behind the closed door.

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