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Tonight I’ve made preparations for a romantically quiet evening for us. A good movie and a nice meal with the phone turned off. I’ve selected a mild bottle of wine that will go great with the broiled shrimp and Mediterranean chicken dish that I’ve prepared. As you sit on the couch randomly flipping through channels while you wait for dinner I lean overtop of the couch and kiss you gently on the side of your neck.

“Dinner is served!” I say in a low whisper as I take in your natural smell. I think to myself that no perfume could compare to that. No matter what you seem to be doing you smell great! I can’t help but get a little aroused at the thought of smelling you all over.

We go over to the dining rooms table that is set with two tall candles and I’ve laid out the wineglasses with the napkins rolled into them. I’ve tried to make it as restaurant like as possible. As I pull out your chair so you can be seated I steal another quick whiff of you and let go a little moan. You giggle asking what that was all about but I wave you off and head to the kitchen for the salad.

Light salads with some chopped tomatoes, fresh lettuce, assorted cheeses and purple cabbage. I’ve gotten my friend to make his famous apple bacon ranch dressing for me! I love it and I’m sure that you also will. As I bring the salads back to the table you are standing up and looking at me with these delicious eyes.

“Sit down I got it covered baby!” I say to you.

“I need some help myself!” you say with a giggle.

I put the salads down and moved to you “Are you o.k? What can I do for you?” My concern is genuine till you put your arms around my neck and press your beautiful lips to mine.

“O.k.” and you sit back down.

I laugh and roll my eyes! We dig into the salads in front of us; there’s bread to go along with them. Some cheese buns that I made this morning while I took the day off. We don’t talk much during the salads. As you finish I pick up your plate and take it into the kitchen. The chicken is almost done and I start the prawns. It takes about five minutes and then I’m back with some very nice plates.

“Did you miss me?” I ask you jokingly.

“What do you think?” your response causes me to look over at you and I notice you have your breast in your hand. You’re slowly working on your nipple through your shirt. I move to you and put my hand over yours. I can hear your breath as you have aroused yourself through a mental fantasy.

“This can wait till after dinner,” I say quietly. As I move your hand off of your breast I squeeze your nipple softly and kiss you right on the curve of the back of your chin. You don’t argue because dinner looks fantastic. As we eat we laugh about how we met and how long it took us to actually get together. All I can think of is that if we didn’t get together I might never meet anyone as special as you. We exchange heated glances over the candles and I feel your foot caress my shin as you attempt a game of footsies. (Ever played footsies and got really really turned on) Your foot is smooth as your try to move it up the leg of my pants. Just the contact on my leg is enough to bring me to attention and I pull back my chair as I finish the last few bites of my food. You have yet to eat much

“Are you eating tonight?” I ask with a little attitude in my voice.

“I have something else on my mind right now Brian! ” your reply with an evil grin. You begin to stand up and every muscle in your body is speaking sex to me. But I know how to handle you.

“Sit down please! You have to finish your dinner” I make the statement jokingly as I push you back down into your seat. Your frustration is building and I pull a chair up right behind yours and sit down with my legs spread wide so I can get close to the back of yours. I take your fork in my hand and ask you to leave your hands on the table.

“Don’t move them!” I whisper softly right beside your ear. You go to move them and I press on the back of one with your fork.


“Don’t move them!” I say smiling with gentle persuasion in my voice.

You submit and let me begin to cut your chicken into little pieces so I can feed you. I take a piece of chicken and some shrimp on the end of the fork and bring it to your lips. You open them and without you moving your hands I begin to feed you. I bring your wineglass to your lips and let you have a sip of it.

“Is that good?” I say as my nose brushes the space just behind your ear. I watch your hands curl inward and know the answer.

While I continue to feed you I do little things like pass my hand over the back of your neck to move your hair and pull your hair back behind your ear so it doesn’t hang in the way of your food. I can feel the tension in your body. I can see the goosebumps on your arms. As we finish the dish I place a hot kiss on your cheek just on the outside of your lips as I clear your plate and head to the kitchen. As you wait for me I imagine that you are fantasizing about all the things we know we like to do to each other. I prepare a little sherbet desert as I run the water hot for the dishes afterwards.

“What are you doing?” I hear you call out from the table.

“Be right there!” I let you know.

I arrive back in the dining area with two small bowls of sherbet. Your hands are still at the table and you look at me as if to boast your willpower. I know different and move my hand down between your legs tight against your hot humid crotch.

“Nice try but no cigar baby! I know you’ve been rubbing your pussy while I was working in the kitchen!” You don’t answer just smile at me. I smile at you in the sexiest way possible. You open your mouth as if to say “Feed me”. I sit back canlı bahis down in the same chair and proceed to feed you a small spoon full of sherbet. “Does that taste good?” “Yes” I move my free hand to your hip and watch you straighten your back up pushing your breasts out.

“Does that feel good?” I ask conentrating on how gorgeous your chest is under your blouse.

“Not yet” you answer smiling away. I bring the next spoonful up to your gorgeous lips and at the same time I move my hand to the inside of your thigh. As another spoon full of the sherbet goes to your lips you move your legs apart slightly and lean into the table as if to press my hand to you. “no no no!” I whisper very quietly in your ear as my lips brush your ear lobe. I put down the spoon take both hands and press your legs back together. As the next spoonful is being scooped up I run my tongue lightly up the side of your neck stopping just before the bottom of your ear. When I go to deposit it in your soft mouth I purposely miss and get a little sherbet on the edge of your lip.

“Allow me!” I say as you leave your hands on the table. My kiss is soft and warm and it starts on your cheek just above the cool sherbet. You feel my tongue move slowly from my mouth as I gently lick the spot. The mixture of cold and hot sends a tingle across your body. Then I hold my tongue out in front of you and wait as you open your mouth and slowly take my tongue in yours. You mouth is hot even though you’ve been eating cold food. I get an erection right away as you hold my tongue in your mouth with gentle sucking action. Our eyes never leave each other’s and I finally brake away and pull my tongue back. Then I plant a hot smooth kiss right on your lips and our mouths open on contact and our tongues taste each other. I can’t help but to move around so we are facing each other. I pull you on top of me on the chair and pull you in tight as our kissing becomes hungry and hot. My hands are running through your hair as you press yourself onto my growing erection.

Then at the moment where there is no return I stand you up and manage to get up before my primal urges take over and I can’t control them. You are steaming mad from the constant frustration that I’ve laid on you so far tonight. All I can do is smile knowing how hot it really makes you. I love to make you crave me, my hot body pressing against your breast, your hand on my ass, my lips caressing you all over. So I collect the dishes and take them into the kitchen.

“SHIT!” I curse. The sink has over flowed and the counter and floor are soaked! You come into the kitchen and start laughing as I grab towels and paper towels alike to try and contain the mess. You take a seat in on the kitchen stool and smile to yourself as you watch me try to mop up super hot water.

“Here use these!” you laugh and say as you hand me some rubber gloves. I glare at you as I snatch the gloves from your hand.

“Oh yah it’s real funny eh!” You can tell I’m just frustrated at the moment and respond, “No not really but you sure do get cute when you’re mad!” and flash me a wink. I shake my head in disbelief of your own cuteness!

After five minutes or so I’ve managed to get all the water contained and soaked up. I throw the dishes into the sink and start to scrub them up. Little do I know you’ve left the room.

“So did you like dinner?” I ask, all mad, over my shoulder…….No response. I turn around and you’re gone. I keep washing the dishes. The steam has fogged my glasses over and the heat is making me sweat a little.

“You almost done?” you say as I hear you come back into the kitchen.

I turn around with my glasses all fogged over, I still can’t see you just blurry images.

“I can’t see you but yes I am almost done!” I say blindly.

“O.K.” you say quietly. Then about one tenth of a second later… “What about now?” you giggle.

I know what your doing and I don’t turn around to give you the satisfaction of a response.

“Ummmm, Brian!” you wait for a response. None!

“You may want to take a look at this!” you say with urgency in your voice. Slowly I turn around thinking that you are fooling around with my mind still. My glasses are still fogged up just not so much and as I turn I see you standing there perfectly still with your hands on the counter and your back facing me. You’re fully naked except for a pair of low cut black, thong bikini bottoms that have small silver jewels in the shape of a butterfly by your tail bone.

***We take this small break to recompose Brian’s brain after visualizing that last part***

I say nothing and after a moment of silence when my glass clear up you are just about to turn around. “Shhhhhhhhh!” I say quietly, “stay right there baby!”

You feel me close to you but with your hands on the counter you can still see nothing. I can’t resist you, I come closer and place my nose just above your shoulder and smell you and your hair.

“You are absolutely outstanding!” my breath is heavy and you can tell I’m very very turned on. I run my nose across your shoulder blades down your arm following the gentle scent of your body. Your breathing has quickened and I can see gentle swaying in your hips. My lips trace a path all the way down the back of your legs with gentle licks and kisses. I stop to chew lightly on the back of your knees and on the small curve of your buttocks through your panties. Then I follow the indent of your backbone all the way back up to your neck and envelope the back of it with my hot mouth. You lean your head forward while arching yourself to show that you like what I am doing. As my carresive biting continues across your shoulders I can see the goosebumps rising all over bahis siteleri your body. Your letting go small husky moans and whimpers. Just as I run my tongue smoothly up the soft skin of your neck I bring a hand around to pull your hips back into me. The texture of the latex glove takes you by surprise and you look down to see the yellow rubber glove on your hip. You cease to notice as my mouth takes your earlobe in and rolls in gently from side to side. You feel my breathing in your ear, I’ve matched your breathing rhythm and my hand is firm on your hip.

“Touch me Brian!” You moan as our bodies rub against each other! I bring a gloved hand up to your neck and pull your head back so our mouths can meet each other. As our tongues explore every inch of each other my other hand moves to you’re breast. I cup your breast in my gloved hand! The texture on the palm of the glove is cause serious sensations in your body. My gloved hand takes your breast fully in it and squeezes it gently. As your one breast is being manipulated by one hand the other that was on your neck has joined it! Together they are holding both breasts firmly as they squeeze them into each other and teasingly play with your nipples.

I remove my mouth from yours and turn you around. You lean back against the counter and I press myself into you as our mouths lock again. This time I can feel the heat of your pussy right through my pants. Your hand moves to my tight erection that’s threatening to bust the seams of my pants. You stroke its full length while I continue to pleasure your breasts and mouth. With a quick move you’ve unbuttoned them and undone my boxer button. With a hunger burning in me my kissing becomes aggressive and wild. All I can think about is how hot you are! How turned on I am! You respond to my hunger by gripping my shaft and pulling it slowly out of my pants as they fall to the ground around my ankles. Your hands are so soft, and they know me so well. You cup my testicles and I press my hot cock against your belly. Your nipples are stiff as my hands roll them in between rubber fingers. The gloves are not smooth and slippery so they grip a little adding extra pleasure around your areolas. I push you back against the counter so you’re back arches and your hair hangs down. My mouth follows the unseen trail down your neck taking the time to lick and suck every inch of it. Down your chest by you left shoulder and as I continue down my left-hand drops and takes your cute butt cheek in it. Your stroking me as my mouth finds your erect nipple. I love the feeling of it in my mouth! It’s so warm and not to stiff…..yet. My right hand is still playing with your right nipple as I move over and begin to suck on that one. With the saliva on it the rubber glove takes on a totally different sensation. It begins to take you to a new level of nipple awareness.

Your gripping onto my shoulders now as I move down even further kissing your solar plexus and heading down to your belly. My right hand has moved to your butt and it is firmly held in my hands now. Just as I begin to kiss your underwear line my hands are moving further and further in on the back of your legs. I know that I’m pressing right against your pussy and can feel the heat but the gloves keep the sensation to heat only. My mouth works it’s way down the inside of your hips and presses on the warm flesh.

You start to run your fingers through my hair as my tongue begins to lick up the inside of your thighs stopping just below your outrageously hot pussy. I can smell your passion and can’t resist putting my face right against it as I inhale deeply. I bite you a few times through your panties. My hands are working further and further up against you as I nibble, bite and lick at your covered pussy. “uhhhhhhhh” you moan in frustration, “Lick it! Lick it Brian!”

I let you call out orders that I don’t follow for a few moments as I continue to bring you to a state of frustration you have yet to go to. Then just as you’re about to give up and get aggressive on me I grab the small strap on the side of your bottoms with both hands and pull it apart. The fabric digs into your hip a little as the rubber gloves pull the fabric apart with a snap. You let go a stifled groan as my tongue traces a path straight to your wet slit. Your clit is already hard as my mouth wraps around it enveloping it in warmth and even more moisture. As my mouth caresses your wetness my fingers pull the other strap apart and your panties fall to the ground between your legs. My gloved finger moves from your backside around and with a touch of saliva it slides right into you without resistance. I can feel you heat and I’m hoping you are turned on by the sensation of the textured rubber.

I continue to gently caress and lick your clit and labia while my hand picks up a steady rhythm in and out of your pussy. I can see the moisture building on the glove as it gets shiny down past the knuckle. I move my other hand down and slip its index finger into you as well. You are leaning back on the counter bucking your hips softly while you let me please you. As I look up I can see your perky nipples heaving and I tell you to squeeze one of them for me. As you do I remove a slick finger from your pussy and rub it around the rim of your ass. I don’t know if you like it or not but you don’t argue only groan. I put two fingers from one hand inside you as deep as they can go searching for your g-spot while my slick finger passes over your ass with more and more pressure each time. The rhythm of my one hand is getting very quick as I can sense an orgasm coming on. It feels like it’s mine I’m so turned on. My finger moves it’s way gently into your ass and you freeze for a moment.

I bahis şirketleri slow up my fingers that are fucking your pussy and let you adjust t the sensation. Then at the same time both hands start gently moving in and out. I’m biting at your inner thigh and attacking your clit in a viscous attempt to make you cry out in exctasy. Your hands are gripping my hair so hard it hurts but it just turns me on even more which turns you on more as well. I feel your pussy contract and not just a little one. One that feels as though my fingers could be trapped in there forever. I bite the muscle on the inside of your thigh and that set’s you off into a long drawn out multiple orgasm. All the while my hands are moving in sync as well as my mouth. You shudder and nearly lose balance on the counter. I pull all my finger out of you stand up and hold you ver tight as you begin to shake.

You’re smiling but not very coherent. I take you over to a chair and place you so your knees are together and your resting on the back of it with your beautiful ass directed straight at me. You are in a little bit of a delirious state as you hear my pants hit the floor. The pleasure is indescribable as my cock enters your dripping pussy. The heat, the texture it is too much for words. I enter into you slowly as I remove the gloves so I can feel your every inch. As I push fully into you my hands reach around and take your soft breasts in my hands.

Nothing could feel better right now I think until you reach between your legs and grip my balls tugging at them for me to increase the tempo. With every thrust you push back a little and pull on my balls for me to go harder. I thrust into you deeply with long hard strokes and grab your hips to pull you back onto me. Our pace becomes ferocious as I have one hand holding onto a handful of your hair while the other one pull your hips and embeds you onto my cock. Your hand has moved to you clit and together we sound as though we are in great pain with all of the noises we are making. You surprise me by moving from your clit and bringing your finger up holding in front of me. I suck every millimeter of your sweet juice and when you feel I’ve had enough you move it to your sweet rosebud ass and I watch as you insert it in till you reach the first knuckle. My hunger for you is unbearable and I grab onto your hair with both hands as I fuck you madly. Your finger is moving in and out of your ass I can see the juices spreading around you cheeks as I fuck you wildly. You finger is inserted deeply into your ass and I ask you if you can feel it on the walls of your pussy. You want to answer I know you do but all you can do is groan as my cock comes all the way out of you then splits your pussy lips and head straight back in. I can feel my balls pulling up against my body and I know that the time is near when I will need a breather. I tell you I’m going to cum and grip your hair tightly pulling you back on me over and over again. I can feel your pussy contract and I whisper that I won’t come till you do. You try to shake your head but I have too tight of a grip on it. I twist your head to the side as my hips keep pumping your pussy. I love the way you look right now. Covered in glistening sweat your hair is a mess the scent of sex is all around us. I tell you how close I am to cumming and it sets you off. I feel your pussy flex once and then I feel your gorgeous ambrosia flow out over my thick cock. Well I can take no more. With three slow deliberate thrusts I begin to cum deep inside you pussy. I let out a huge moan as I feel a large amount of cum explode from my cock. I pull it out for the finale which is the last cum shot right on your ass. You move your finger around and rub the cum into your ass as I slide my cock back into you. Slowly I catch my breath as we enjoy the mutual orgasm sensation. I keep flexing my cock, sliding it around inside your cum filled pussy for as long as I can trying to stay inside you for the night. While we enjoy ourselves you take you finger from your ass as rub it around the rim. I brush your back lightly appreciating the fine curves in the small of your back. The way your shoulder blades push together when you flex your arms. You feel my cock soften and squeeze you stomach forcing it out. We laugh and collapse with you on top of me on a chair. As we caress and kiss each other I can feel your pussy dripping right on my dick. The thought of it is enough to make it twitch. I concentrate on that feeling and how much I want to be the best lover you’ve ever had. You embrace my mouth with full hungry lips and tell me “Oh my Brian! That was the most incredible experience ever!” I start to tell you the same but I feel my cock begin to come to attention again. I am amazed and have to touch him to make sure. You realize what I’m doing and reach between your legs. “Oh god Brian! Again?? Oh goody there was a spot I needed you to scratch!” And with a wink you pop off my knee and lay a chair cushion on the floor. With a lip licking motion you take my cock back into your mouth and begin to vigorously suck it. I’m stunned! My cock starts to grow and grow! You suck it with such intensity I’m sure that I could cum again in a few minutes. But instead you leave it covered in saliva and smile at me. Your mouth is glistening, your breasts are heaving hair’s a mess and I love it. You climb on top and whisper that your pussy can’t take anymore. When I am about to say that’s ok I feel you guide my swollen head to your rosy little ass and slowly push down. Oh I am in heaven at this point. Two things have happened that I have yet to experience one is having a girl on top while having anal sex and the other is having a girl take charge and fuck me with her ass from on top. My long pink cock is feeling so full right now as you slowly start to fuck me. I sit back and rub your nipples and run my fingers through your hair. I tell you “Just fuck me for as long as I can go baby!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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