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As the elevator climbed floor by floor the eager and anxious redhead inside was becoming overwhelmed with aticipation. She was going to a hotel room where inside I was awaiting her arrival. Finally the last buzz indicated she had reached her floor. Passing door after door down the long corridor she reached the room.

When she opened the door her eyes gazed upon a darkened room with the only light being generated by a dozen flickering candles.

Seeing this made the woman feel a bit weak in her knees. I glide across the room being revealed by the soft candle light. When I reach her I embrace her from behind.

Standing behind her, feeling her head rest against my chest as I take her coat off and toss it on a chair. Caressing her face I lean in and kiss her passionately. Feeling our tongues intertwining with each other.

After a long overdue embrace and deep kissing, I look her deeply in the eyes, and without warning I grab her. Pullig her close and kissing her again this time I begin to explore her soft neck with firm,hot kisses.

Spinning her so she is facing away from me I begin to sneak kisses onto her shoulders beneath her shirt. Sliding my hands down her sides I grasp the bottom of her shirt and whisk it up over her head and off. Throwing her shirt aside I now gaze upon her large heaving bra covered breasts waiting to be released. Now feeling her bare skin with my large rough hands, she lets out a soft,approving moan. As I am now kissing naked skin I am alternating between soft kisses and gentle bites causing chills across her skin.

Easing a finger under each bra strap I slide them down her arms and push my hands under her breasts releasing them from the bra they were trapped in. Feeling how voluptous her breasts were I started to feel across them stopping only to pinch her hardening nipples. Feeling her supple nipples between my thumb and index finger I pinch and gently roll them back and forth. Now I finally unclasp her bra and toss it into the ever growing pile of clothing on the floor.

She thrusts her head back as I kiss from the nape of her neck down, kiss, down, kiss, down, kiss. Until I reach the top of her pants.

Realizing that this barrier keeping me from continuing my affections needs to come off I stand and rub my hands down her breasts, down her stomach and grasp bahis firmaları the button on her jeans. Pulling them down her legs and finally off her feet they get tossed into the pile. Resuming my kisses I continue to kiss down her back and now over her panty covered ass. Spinning her around I am now eye level with her pussy. Leaning in I can sense the heat from her arousal and when I press my lips against it I feel her wetness.

Without warning she grabs my head and pulls it closer to her pussy. Now knowing that I should proceed I now pull off the panties and push her back until she falls onto the soft bed below. With her lips quivering and desire in her eyes I know it is time. From the night stand I pull out two leopard print cuffs and eagerly clasp her left wrist and tie the other end to the head board.

After repeating this action for the right wrist I kiss her deeply and slide the blindfold over her eyes which are now screaming fuck me. I now get up and step back from the bed. Standing in silence beside the bed, I let her wait with anticipation and wonder. Wonder of when and how I would touch her next. Making her squirm and suffer long enough I once again engage in my process. Beginning at her feet I begin kissing upward. Alternating kisses and licks between the insides of her legs I am working my way upward. When I get to her beautiful hot pussy I lay my flat tongue against her lips. Licking upward with gentle flicks to the left and right I reach her swollen clit. Sensing that it needs to be touched I lick around it teasing her.

I run my hands under her back and pull downward until I reach her ass at which time I grab her and pull her to my face. Her wetness is revealing her need and want to be pleasured and not wanting to disappoint I start to lick firmly and suck and nibble on each of her now swollen pussy lips. Between licking I shove my tongue deep into her hungry hole making her flinch with joy. With no notice I take her clit into my mouth And begin to suck. While I am sucking and rolling it between my teeth I begin to flick and roll my tongue across it causing an overload of senses.

Continuing with this and hearing the increasing speed and volume of her moaning I am thinking she is close to that release that she is craving so badly. I start to lick and suck faster and faster and now kaçak iddaa I shove two fingers deep into her hoping to push her over the edge.Working my fingers in and out fast and sucking and licking she starts breathing heavy and writhing in ecstacy. Not being able to see or grab me drives her wild and she screams that she is getting closer and closer. As I look p from my position of licking and sucking I see her head thrashing about and feel her legs close in on my head and release. I pick up the pace with my fingers until she says softly “don’t stop”. Her legs suddenly clamp against my head and she screams “I am gonna cum!!!!”

So I oblige and continue faster and faster until her body releases and begins to shudder and quiver. “oh my god , oh my god” she mutters breathlessly.

I arise from my position against her pussy and kis up her belly stopping to pay some shiver sending attention to her hard nipples. From her nipples I proceed back up her neck and kiss her deeply shoving my tongue in her mouth knowing she could taste herself. I step off the bed and allow her curiousity to begin to grow. Beside the bed I begin to undress, pulling off my shirt to reveal my bare chest and back.

Lowering my pants to the floor and throwing them on the floor reveals that my boxer briefs are barely holding my stiff cock in place. Off go the boxer briefs as I clim beside her onto the bed. I gently caress her restrained and eager body. After kissing her and pulling away as she wants more I position my self on my knees next to her.

Taking her by the hair I pull her head toward me and rub my growing cockhead against her lips. Moaning with excitement when she realizes what is against her lips she licks at me. She begins to kiss on my cockhead and licking all around it. Feeling like I may explode at any moment I grab her by the back of the head and push my rigid cock into her mouth. She gladly excepts my thick long dick into her mouth. After I am in her mouth I pause momentarily before beginning to slide it in and out slowly. Before I know it I am rapidly sliding my entire length into her mouth.

As she feels my soft skin covered and swollen member fucking her face I push into her as I pull her by her head until she gags. Not wanting to finish yet I pull out and climb on top of her naked, sweat glistened body. We kaçak bahis are now kissing deeply and passionately as I remove her blindfold and look at the hunger in her eyes.

I reach over and release her tethered wrists and feel her quickly wrap her arms around me digging into my back. While she starts to bite on my ear she whispers ever so softly saying “fuck me, fuck me now”. Without a second to spare I wrap my hand around my large fat cock and spread her pussy lips apart with my huge engorged cockhead. Sliding it up and down her sopping wet slit I reach her hot hole and push into it.

Feeling her pussy allow me entrance into her beautiful body I feel he lips close around my girth creating a tightness like never before. I begin thrusting in and out faster and faster. Taking cues from her motions and sounds I go faster and harder. Grabbing her right ankle,I pull her by her leg causing her to be on her side and my cock to be splitting her pussy sideways. In this position her tight little ass is available for a spank which I deliver repeatedly with my open hand causing a loud slap and even louder moan.

Again I grasp her by the ankle only the left side this time and pull putting her on her hands and knees. With a hand full of her gorgeous red hair I pull her hard into me as I fuck her like an animal from behind. With a handful of hair in one hand and a frequent spank with the other I am slamming my cock into her deeper and deeper.

Feeling my own climax growing and growing I again flip her around now onto her back. As I re enter her I look deep into her eyes. With her ankles on my shoulders I pull her tight to me by her wrists which cause me to go deeper and deeper. With her head thrashing wildly and her moaning being obvious that I am hitting the right spot I know she will cum again for me. Every inward thrust she gets closer and closer until her eyes roll back and her head falls back against the bed. She screams ” oh my god I am coming AGAIN!!!!”. Holding back I let her finish hers before telling her I am going to cum.

I pull her tight and feel my cock swell and swell before erupting with stream after stream of my hot cum shooting inside her tingling pussy. With every shot of my cum she shivers letting me know that she could feel every load I shot into her hot awaiting and now tired pussy.

Kissing her deeply I slide off of her and pull her close against me and wrap my arms around her. Gently kissing and soft caresses she drifts off satisfied and not knowing what else I have in store for her when she awakens.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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