Sophie’s Chronicals Pt. 03: Dog Walking

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Hi, my name is Sophie and I’m in my late 20’s. I own a small detached house which I am lucky enough not to have a mortgage for, my car (Audi A7) is also bought outright. All this I owe to an inheritance from my grandparents. However, to make ends meet I have a few part time jobs, but confess I don’t have the same worries as some of my friends.

I am naturally slim, my hair is mousey blonde and to my shoulders and I’m 5’6″ in height. I have been told I’m attractive and have a ‘classy’ look to me, though quite never sure what that means but I assume it complementary. I am not a shy person and I’m happy when in company and able to hold conversation in any situation.

I thought I would share with you some of the aspects of my life so I have started a series of chronicles for you all.

Sophie. xx


It was a fairly usual day for me and was dog walking, it was a warm summer’s day with a few other people on my walk. I didn’t see many other of my dog walking friends but that made the walk less stressful for me.

Today’s client lives in a nice detached house, Tracy often has days out while her husband Greg apparently runs a small business, doing what, I’ve no idea! As usual the house was empty on collecting ‘Ben’ their lovely Labrador but as I’m walking back I see there is another car on their drive apart from mine.

Walking closer I realise it’s Greg’s and immediately wonder if everything is ok, on opening the gate Ben ran in to find his owner, thank god it was a summers day, I would’ve been so embarrassed if he had tramped mud into the house. They both appeared from the side of the house and Greg welcomed me with an offer of tea or coffee. I’m not usually able to stay long but on this occasion the next ‘walk’ was cancelled so took up his offer of a tea. I didn’t not really know Greg so this was an opportunity to chat and get to know him.

Sitting in their conservatory with the doors open to the garden I soon felt at ease with Greg, he has a very charming and calming manner about him not to mention he is really dishy!! It turned out that he was home early as he had been on a day’s business trip and did not wish to go back to his office. I have to admit he looked very smart in his suit, normally I don’t like a man in a suit without a tie, it’s not right, but today it seemed fitting, particularly as he took the jacket off to sit with me.

I was aware of him looking quite intensely at me, not in a threatening manner but in a flattering interested way, I suddenly realised that I looked scruffy and really wouldn’t have chosen to look like this if I had known he was here! “I can’t help thinking I’ve seen you somewhere “he said “it’s been annoying güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri me since we sat down, never mind I’m sure I’m either confused or I’ll remember”. I guessed that he may have seen a picture or something from my modelling, I wasn’t going to say, not that I’m embarrassed or anything, it’s just that I feel it better not to mention anything until I feel appropriate.

“Sorry I must look a mess” I said “Sophie you would look good in anything” wow that blew my mind and I must of showed it as he apologised if he had embarrassed me. His eyes never left me when he said that and I have to admit I started to feel quite tingly and my mind was wandering.

There was a tension in the air, he knew I liked him and I knew he liked me. We finished the drinks and I went to go, he said could I walk Ben on Thursday as they would be out, on checking my diary I could see the only time available was 4pm and that I was going for an early drink with friends. I mentioned this and he said it was fine and we left with a very cheery “see you soon”

oh he was extremely fanciable!


I confirmed that I was still meeting my friends, the usual uncertainty of who would arrive and what time was being discussed via texts, what would we do without them? 7pm in the bar was finalised.

Thankfully it was a hot sunny day so walking Ben would not be too much of a problem and thought I could wear my Burberry boots. So what to wear to go out?

My friends always dress like a million dollars so in an effort to match them I chose an old ‘standard’ of black figure hugging short dress. The black contrasts well with my long blonde hair, and as I’m lucky enough to have a naturally slim figure I think I wear it well. I’m 5’6″ which also helps when wearing this dress. I did wonder if it was too short for the time of our evening catch up but decided to go with it anyway.

So at 3:30 I set off to pick Ben up choosing to drive in the Burberry boots rather than the low heels I had for later. On arriving at Ben’s house I saw Greg’s car on drive, was he there or had he left his car? I had mixed feelings as I did enjoy seeing him but also dressed as I was i hoped he didn’t think I was strange!!

As soon as I entered the garden Greg appeared in shorts and t shirt and immediately apologised for not phoning me and cancelling. I told him not to worry and then wondered what to do, I shouldn’t have worried as it appeared the time was to pass very quickly…

We sat as before, in the conservatory, I could see him looking at me and quite soon he said “Sophie, you look absolutely stunning in that dress, it suits you so well and if I may say, shows your figure güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri off fantastically”

God I felt good, I must of had the broadest smile on my face!! I knew he could see quite a bit of my legs due to the short nature of the dress and I was sat down I also realised that the top of dress was allowing him to see considerably more of my chest than he would if I was standing up. I really enjoyed knowing he was looking and to a degree made it slightly easier for him to see my legs and chest.

Greg went and returned with cold drinks, on his return I could see his fine physique and I also noticed that his shorts now had a bulge behind the zip, mmm he looked VERY fanciable!!

The conservatory had only one little table which he dragged over to the 3 seater wicker sofa I was sat on, he then sat next to me, not too close but sufficiently to strongly suggest he liked me.

I was starting to feel very excited he was sat close, he had been looking at me and I could see that his shorts where showing signs of how much he liked me.

“Sorry Sophie as we only have this table I hope you don’t mind me sitting here?” “not at all, it does make it easier doesn’t it” I said as I crossed my legs and leant slightly towards him, he could see more of my legs and chest. This really got his attention I could see in his eyes, general demeanor and by the telling bulge in his shorts he was as excited and turned. Me to.

I knew my dress had ridden up my legs more than would be acceptable if out, but here in the conservatory I didn’t give it a second thought and knew he was taking every opportunity to look. My mind was going wild so many thoughts I really fancied him and knew he thought similar, what to do?

I needed time to think so went to the loo what to do soon became apparent to me, so I made sure I looked as good as I could I removed the black boob supports from the dress (which meant my figure really would be defined under the dress) and walked confidently back to the conservatory. I sat down close to him and he had immediately noticed the change in my look “wow Sophie, that is a sexy dress, you’re sexy I mean it’s all sexy!!” I was inwardly overjoyed at his remark, but tried to remain cool.

Leaning towards him “thank you Greg, I’m very flattered”, I noticed that you liked me before I returned”. Looking directly at him I moved my stare to the bulge in his shorts, just to make the point. I tried to do it in a way that didn’t embarrass him but I’m afraid it did slightly.

He looked at me as he did I thought now or never and moved forward to kiss him. As I did I had to put my hand on his leg to stop me from leaning too far, the kiss was güvenilir bahis şirketleri the most erotic I’ve had for a long time.

Looking into his eyes and still leaning towards him I could see he was looking at my legs and chest, I kissed him again and moved my hand up until I touched the bulge in his shorts. My god it was a hard, felt so good in my hand and from what he murmured he enjoyed my hand on it too.

We kissed ever more passionately, as we did I started to undo his shorts, no resistance was shown after a short while I had my hand around his very very hard cock. Kissing him and moving my hand up and down I wanted Greg to enjoy so i allowed my strap to fall from dress exposing one boob, I asked him if he liked, simply he said “fucking sexy as hell Sophie”.

We kissed more and by now his shorts were more or less around his ankles, I had run my hand up and down his hard cock and allowed my fingers to run over the top of it. I maneuvered him so he had his legs slightly apart, looked him in the eye and said “there is something I really want to do” I told him not to move and I stood up and slowly removed my dress in front of him, eventually revealing my naked figure except for a black thong.

“you are so sexy”, as he said that I positioned myself next to him on the sofa leant forward allowing my breasts to touch his legs and ran my tongue up the length of his truly magnificent cock. He said that he didn’t know how long he could last which to me was nice but to him I think he thought he was selfish, I assured him whatever happens is fine and placed my warm mouth over the hard muscle in front of me.

My hand went onto his balls and massaged them while my head moved up and down, Greg murmured even more with the occasional “that’s so so good” I stopped and looked at him.

“Sophie I so want to feel your warm mouth suck me”. I turned and ran my hand up and down his solid erection before I placed my lips around it. Moving my head up and down I could feel it getting even harder and harder occasionally I’d lift my head and look at him while stroking. It was evident that he was getting closer to cumming, I sucked him vigorously then moved my breasts close to his stiff erection and masturbated him. He exploded onto my neck, I could feel the warmth running down to my chest, I took him back in my mouth and gently sucked and licked him. With a hand I massaged his fluid onto my breasts, looking at him whilst doing it.

I moved so we could kiss, despite my lips and mouth being warm with his fluid we kissed and he touched my breasts. I was still very turned on but he was contented.

Greg started looking at clock obviously concerned that his wife may arrive so with that we composed ourselves and after a another kiss I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. We said good bye and I knew I would see him again. I arrived slightly late and slightly disheveled, the skin on my chest was tight but no one seemed to notice, so I had no explaining to do for my friends.

Sophie xx.

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