Ding Dong

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Ding Dong!

He opened the door to see a woman standing there smiling. She stood about 5 six, with orange hair and freckles. She had strong shoulders, large breasts, and wide hips. She was wearing a low-cut sleeveless shirt, and a long flowing skirt. His first thought was that she looked like she belonged at a bluegrass music festival.

“Hi, my Name’s Mary!” she said, and stuck out her hand for him to shake.

“Do you have a minute?” She said. “I’d like to talk to you about something that could change your life.”

“Wait a minute, what’s this about,” he said. “You aren’t here to preach are you? I’m not interested in joining some weird religion. “

“Oh, not at all, I just want to show you how easy it could be for you to… hey, I see you have some beautiful cedar flooring in there. Would you wind letting me polish it for you? No charge. Really, it’ll only take a minute.” She beamed at him again and seemed to bounce slightly with excitement.

“Oh, all right” he said as he gave in and swung the door open for her to enter.

She immediately got down on her knees and pulled out a bottle of something yellow, which she poured out onto the floor. “Don’t worry, she said, when I’m done, these floors are going to shine.” She then began to rub the oil across the floor with her bare hands! He was beginning to have his doubts about this woman. After about fifteen minutes she had smeared the floor with a nice even coat of oil, and he did have to admit, the floor had more of a shine to it than it did before.

“See, she said, this stuff really works wonders! And you know what the best part is? She began licking her fingers one by one,”

Alright, this lady is really nuts, I need to get her out of here…

When she got to her middle and index fingers, she inserted them all the way into her mouth and sucked them clean as she withdrew them with a slight pop.

“It’s non-toxic! Actually it’s perfectly safe to eat and tastes pretty good.” She beamed at him again.

Come look at it from this angle, she said, and motioned for him to stand in front of where she was kneeling. He came over to look and she stood up. As she stood, her breasts brushed the front of his pants slightly. She was now standing face to face with him, much closer than he was comfortable with, and he could feel the warmth of her body occupying the air in front of him. Again she smiled at him, but before he could step back from her, she nodded behind him, and said,

“hey, are you gonna eat that?”

“What, what are you talking about?” He said as he turned to look.

As he did, she grabbed the front of his pants and poured the rest of the floor polish into them. Oil ran down his cock, across his balls, and between his legs, leaving a huge grease stain on the front of his jeans.

“Hey what the hell!” he said

“Oh my, I better be going now…” she said, and ran out the door before he could stop her.

Geez, he thought, well I guess I better go clean up.

And he walked upstairs to change pants.

No sooner had he removed his boxers though, than he heard the door open, and footsteps entering.

She must have forgotten something, or bursa escort else she thinks I might actually buy something off of her. That woman is crazy! I should have locked the door when she left.

“Go away!” He called. “I don’t want any of whatever you’re selling. Just take your things and get out.”

But he could hear footsteps coming toward the bedroom instead.

He was standing at the sink about to clean himself up, when her face popped through the door.

“Oh, right, that’s where I put it.” She said, absent-mindedly.

He froze for a moment in disbelief, standing there with the sink running, washrag in hand, naked from the waist down.

She walked casually over to him.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “but I’m required to return whatever I don’t use in a demonstration.”

“I’m going to have to take this back with me.” And with that she reached down and wrapped her hand gently around his cock, which noticeably stiffened as she tugged on it lightly.

His jaw hung open as he briefly considered just agreeing to buy the stuff and have her leave him alone.

But the she dropped down, and took his balls into her mouth and started sucking all of the oil off.

At this point his body took over for him and decided to let the woman do whatever the hell she wanted.

Once she’d finished cleaning his balls, she began licking up and down his legs to remove the oil from there as well.

Finally, all that was left was his cock, which was now standing fully erect, head glistening with polish. He leaned against the sink for support as she began licking from the base up to the tip, and he felt his knees weaken slightly. When she reached the tip, she wrapped her lips around the base of the head and sucked hard, running her tongue all around the head, and pulling back slowly until it popped out of her mouth again. Then she took him into her mouth again, this time letting her lips start a little further down the shaft, and sucked back until he popped out again. She continued to work her way down this way, little by little until finally she had her lips resting all the way at the base of his shaft and she withdrew ever so slowly, sucking so hard he could feel the blood rushing to the head of his cock, and When his head finally popped out of her mouth he felt ready to burst.

Just then she seemed to notice something on her skirt.

What? Was she just going to leave him like that? He was aching to come, was she really finished with him?

Apparently she was, because she was now busy looking at a spot of oil on the waist of her skirt.

“Well, that won’t do,” she said, as she removed the skirt and began sucking at the oil spot.

He stared at her, now also nude from the waist down, as she apparently had not been wearing underwear. Her crotch bore the same freckles as her face, and the same orange hair as her head.

He suddenly felt a strong urge to nibble at her pussy lips, but he was in unfamiliar territory and just stood there, baffled, watching her suck on her skirt.

She finished the skirt and dropped it to the ground.

“Of course, your pants!” she said, and turned around to where his pants lay on the floor. bursa escort bayan She could easily have just picked them up, but instead she got down on all fours and began sucking and licking at the jeans.

Her ass stuck up into the air, and her legs were spread apart slightly, so that her full pussy was presented to him, lips parted and glistening with moisture.

Well, shit, if that isn’t an invitation…

He got down behind her and buried his face between her ass cheeks. He sucked her labia into his mouth, first the outer, and then the inner lips. With his hands, he held her hips firmly in place.

“Oh, my, you don’t have to do that!”

He stopped for a moment.

“But, you certainly can if you want to, I suppose.”

With that, he let his tongue slide into her vagina, and he sucked gently at her juices. He pulled his tongue out and let it slide down to her clitoris, which he rolled around in circles between his tongue and lips. She began grinding and rocking into him, and he could hear her moans, muffled by the jeans which were still in her mouth.

Just when he could feel her tension starting to build, she stood up, leaving him lying on the ground beneath her.

She turned around to face him.

“Well, I’m finished, but I must admit, I’ve become slightly horny now. Would you mind terribly if I used your shower?”

“What, why?”

“I would like to masturbate.”

“Uh, yeah that’s fine I guess… I mean I don’t have one of those shower heads with the massage attachments if that’s what you’re after. Wouldn’t you rather just have sex?”

“No,” she said, not really making eye contact and removing her shirt, exposing her bouncing breasts and stiffened nipples.

“I quite enjoy masturbating in the shower. Don’t really need a fancy showerhead; fingers will do the trick nicely.” She smiled down at him, holding up her hand and wiggling her fingers.

“Suit yourself,” he said. “I guess I’ll just finish myself up out here then.” Sounding more than a little disappointed, and still slightly confused.

“If that’s what you prefer.” she said again, smiling at him as she strode to the shower and turned on the water.

AS she walked away he admired her ass and began stroking himself. He could hear the slick sounds of her fingers beating a rhythm into her clit in the warm water of the shower. He could hear her breathing get quicker and heavier, quicker and heavier. Then the wet slap of fingers got louder, and he could hear her speed intensify until finally she uttered a load moan and stopped.

He couldn’t help feeling slightly jealous, as he still hadn’t come yet.

“Hey, I know you’re busy over there, but do you think you could do me a big favour?” He heard her call from the shower.

“What? Look, what are you playing at here anyway? What do you want from me?”

“Pleeease…” she whined in a soft sweet voice, sounding both desperate and innocent.

“It’ll only take a second, I promise.”

“Oh, fuck, fine, what is it?”

“Can you fetch my bag from downstairs, there’s something in it I need.”

“Alright fine,” he grumbled and went downstairs to get the bag. Once he had it though, escort bursa he couldn’t resist a peek. Inside were three more bottles of floor polish, a bottle of meds, and a handkerchief.

He handed her the bag and she dug through it for a moment.

“What, where is it?” She said after digging through the bag for a minute

“What, what are you looking for?”

“Oh, just my green dildo. I like to have something up my ass when I masturbate.”


“You know, for that extra sensation. I just don’t feel as satisfied when I orgasm unless there’s something up my ass. Say, your cock isn’t busy at the moment is it? I mean, I know you were doing your thing over there and all. I wouldn’t want to interrupt.”

“Oh, no, I don’t mind at all. Why didn’t you say so before?”

“Alright, get in here then.”

He stepped in to the shower and she poured some oil onto his stiff and aching cock. She stroked it a few times to get it well lubed, and he shuddered from the sensation and the anticipation of more. Then she poured a little oil on her fingertips and reached back to grease her asshole. She spread her legs and leaned forward so that her ass stuck up in the air, and her lubed asshole puckered open slightly. She reached back and guided the head of his cock to her opening. She pressed back against him until she could feel his head pop through her hole. He pushed up into her until he felt her sphincter tighten around the base of his cock. She began to beat a rhythm again, laying her head back against his shoulder and moaning in satisfaction. He rocked his cock inside her to the beat of her fingers. His hands felt her luscious breasts, and gently squeezed her nipples between his thumb and fingers. He nibbled at her ears at first, and then as she picked up speed he sucked at the nape of her neck, and brought his hands down to her waist. He held her hips as she pounded her ass back against him, and he pounded his cock into her. He felt the inside of her ass get hotter around him as friction and arousal brought him ever closer to orgasm. Finally, she came, just as he was about to, and as she did her ass clenched tight around the base of his cock. He could feel his cock bulging inside her, and with each quiver of her orgasm, he could feel the tip of his cock swelling, burning, aching for release. His cum was ready to burst, but her ass was clenched too tight around him. He could only wait helplessly as wave after wave of orgasm rocked through her for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, she came back down and he felt her relax. He held her hips firmly in place as his turn came, and he pumped her up and down on his cock, filling her ass with jet after jet of hot sperm.

He trembled as his tender, spent cock slid out of her ass, and he slumped to the floor of the shower.

His face was now level with her pussy again, as she was still standing.

“Would you mind cleaning me up?” she asked, but before he could respond she pressed herself against his face, her lips level with his.

He gave in, and began licking her lips clean, and sucking out her juices.

When he finished, she stepped out of the shower and began drying off with one of his towels.

“Wait, I don’t even know who you are. Where are you going?” he said as she began putting her clothing back on.

“I’m going out, and I told you, my name’s Mary.”

With that, she grabbed her bag and left.

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