36 Hours Of Pleasure

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Several weeks back we posted our story (Good Bye, Cuckold) of Tara’s return from the fantasy worlds of large dicks to terra firma, with me and the reconciliation.

Lots of comments came our way. Most of them were from people who said they were disgusted with the 16 inch dick story. I agree with all of them. Imagination has many was of beguiling people. Tara had left me beguiled by the notion of a 16 inch cock battering her pussy.

But what is sex without imagination.

The problem was that these readers just would not read beyond the first few paras. I wasn’t surprised atall.

Soon after the story was posted on Literotica, we wrote to Milind informing him that his pictures had caused that much to happen in such short a time. Suddenly he awoke from his hibernation and reported that he and his wife had got tired of too much mechanical sex with household help, gardeners and drivers and his (convenient) wife had complained to Milind that she was not feeling anything where it matters. In order to set right the conjugal mess, they decided to leave on a month long trip to afar away island for a month of life without sex. This time of abstinence, were, he says, to re-charge their sex batteries, for more.

Be it as it may, let me start off from where we left off last time.

After three hours of bliss in the night in question, while Tara luxuriated in her post coital relaxation, I whispered to Tara and asked her, “Are your boobs hurting?”. She shook her head to indicate it wasn’t hurting. I asked, ” And the butt?”

She whimpered back, “Why. Why do you ask?”

I said, “You know I don’t like hurting you.”

“But. Sometimes, I like it. Besides I was the bitch who went looking for a larger dick. My greed for getting a monster up my pussy was wrong.”

“Darling. You are all woman. What woman does not want to be fucked royally? I don’t mind. As long as I get to fuck you many more times.”

She shifted her head onto my left arm and turned her face towards me and remained silent. I peppered her face with light kisses and ran my left palm over her whole naked body.

As I inspected her, I could see that there were three bite marks on her breast. Her left nipple had a bite mark also. Both the breasts were swollen with the rather harsh squeezing they had undergone.

Her left shoulder also had a large and bright red bite mark. As I inspected her body while peppering kisses on her, I inspected her butt. It was red with the spanking she had taken.

I felt sorry and said, “Tara, I am sorry. I hurt you. I will apply some cream on all the places which are hurt.”

Tara sleepily said, “Its okay. I don’t mind. But if you insist, you can do what you like. But, when we wake up. Let us sleep together, for now.”

Tara slowly lowered one arm and grasped my damp and shriveled dick in her hand and said lovingly, “This is mine. Let me hold on to my lover while I sleep.”

Tara and I went to sleep together, clasped in post coital affection and togetherness. Tara holding my now flaccid dick. It was nearly one in the morning.

We slept and slept. When by eyes popped open, I felt Tara’s ruffled hairs on my upper arm. Her left arm flung onto the other side of the bed. Her right fist curled around my dick, though not grasping it.

I wanted Tara to rest. As much as she could. So I continued to lie with her, as if I were sleeping.

Light was filtering into the room from behind the drawn window curtains.

Very slowly, I lifted my head up to see what she looked like sleeping, with me, yet not being fucked. She was lying flat on her back. Completely naked! Her proud breasts were lovely, as always. She was looking very beautiful indeed.

Her left leg was crooked away from her other straight leg. Her pussy slit was cracked open and her meaty tit bit was peeping out from between the slit.

I propped up my head with pillows and looked at her naked body form, her breasts rising and lowering with every breath.

Within another half an hour, she stirred up from her sleep and placed her hand over my chest and placed one of her thighs over me, as if I were her bolster.

Soon she woke up and murmured, “You awake?”

I answered back, “Hmmm. You slept well?”

Tara answered back with, “Yes. And you?”

I wrapped my arm around her back and gave her a tight squeeze and said, “Great.”

Tara snuggled closer and softly said, “You make me so happy every night. How do I thank you enough?”

I did not answer. I just kissed her on the top of her head through her ruffled hairs and gave her another squeeze.

After about an hour of our remaining clasped in languorous delight, we decided to get up and get on with the day.

I got up first and stood next to the bed. Tara looked at my flaccid dick and put her arms out, with pouted lips, like a child woman requested, “Help me get up.”

I leant low and tried to assist her to get up. Tara was naughty. She held me in that position and pulled me closer to her and planted a kiss on my face. She then reached for my dick and lifted herself up and came closer to me and kissed my dick on its tip and said, as canlı bahis if speaking to the dick, “That smells of fresh pussy. Who have you been fucking?” Naughty girl!!!

I leant down further and wrapped my arms around her and pulled her up and kissed her one at a time on each of her swollen breasts and then on each nipple.

Tara left my dick, wrapped her arms around my torso. Since she was sitting on the bed and I was standing up, my dick got enveloped between her two large and juicy boobs. Tara kissed my navel and said, “Okay. You want to pee first I go in there?”

I kept quiet. Tara then said, “You can go in if you keep the door open. I want to see you pee and I want to hear the noise of its falling into the john.”

Before I could say anything, Tara added, “I will keep the door open as well, when I go in. Isn’t that a fair deal?”

I did not want to argue. I went in and peed. A long stream. I pulled back the foreskin and teased the dick for letting loose the last dregs of piss. Stream after stream. I could see, Tara was watching as I peed. I turned around, pulled out the toothbrush and started to brush my teeth. Tara got out of bed, walked to the bathroom and stood next to me and looked at herself in the mirror.

I turned around and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Tara turned around lazily and sat on the john. I turned around to see her pee. She perhaps felt a little embarrassed and said, Look the other way.”

I became a little naughty and said, “No. I will look on.” I knelt in front of her to see the stream coming out.

Tara was now truly embarrassed and she said, “Don’t!!”

Soon it was over. She got up and stated to brush her teeth. As she ran the tooth brush over her teeth her breasts jiggled around. She said with the tooth brush in her mouth, “What is so funny about these jiggling around?”

I just wrapped my right arm around her waist and planted one kiss each on each of her nipples and said, “They look truly pretty.”

As she finished, I said, “Let me see how badly you are hurt with last nights violent session.”

Tara brushed aside my idea and said, “It does not matter.”

I insisted and took her to the bed. I made her stand in front of me. I inspected her breasts and said, “Tck. Tck. There are bite marks on them. I wish I had not hurt you so much.”

Tara said, “It does not matter.”

“But it does!!”

I inspected the bite marks on her shoulders and the swollen breasts. Once again, I ran my fingers over those welts and said, “I am sorry I hurt you so.”

I pushed her back to sit on the edge of the bed. As she lay down, I asked to turn over. She flipped over. I looked at the welts on her bottom. There were red marks of the spanking she had got.

I asked her, “How will you sit and work with these injuries?”

She did not reply. I kissed her on her bottom and said, “I will have to apply some cream or balm on all the areas which are hurt.”

Tara brushed aside the conversation and said, “Let us go and make some breakfast.”

Naughtily I asked, “Naked breakfast?”

“You don’t want to?”

I quickly said, “No. No. I want you naked.”

Tara’s woman woke up, I think and she asked, “You want me only naked?”

“Darling, I want you for more reasons than your nudity, you horny bitch!!”

“Hmmm. Okay lets go and have breakfast.”

Tara has a small breakfast table on the first floor of her house overlooking the front garden. Since it was cold outside, the large glass doors were kept closed. But surely any one could see from the house opposite. I understood Tara’s hesitation. In deference to her need for privacy, I stopped and suggested to her, “Perhaps you should wear something. Else, others will enjoy your lovely nude body through the glass and may be fuck you with their eyes!!”

Tara stopped. Looked at me and said, “You don’t want others to fuck me? You want me for yourself only?”

I understood what she was saying and responded, “Tara. You are special. You are my sex slave. I will fuck you when I like, the way I like. And no one else will fuck you. You get that?”

I walked across to my wardrobe. I had nothing that could be becoming on a nude and alluring woman. I started to fumble with all kinds of apparel.

Being a woman, Tara remembered and said, “There is one of my long flowing cover-alls here. The one you brought for me from Kenya and then rejected and took off from my body and said was terrible!!”

I remembered. It was an awful printed long flowing dress. I fished it out and unfolded it. Tara said, “Since you brought it for me. You slipped it on me and you took it off. Now, you put it on me.”

I walked near her, gathered the dress into one round ring, assisted her put her hands into the cut away sleeves and then raised her hands and got her head through the neck line. As it gathered near her neck, I caught her in that position, planted one kiss each on each nipple and lowered the dress down.

Once Tara was covered, albeit without her bra and panty, she turned her attention to me. She got close to me, held my flaccid dick in her hand and said, “I don’t want Anita next bahis siteleri door to see this jewel. This cock is mine and not hers.”

I teased her and asked, “What if she sees this cock, what then?”

“She might want to share it with me. And I don’t want that.”

“What is so special about this cock?”

Tara quickly said, “This is not a normal cock. This is a fucking machine. It is not greedy for pussy and waits till pussy is quivering after other orgasms. And pussy it takes. When it takes pussy, it refuses to stop till pussy is pulp. How many such cocks exist in this lousy world? This is mine and I will not share it with others.”

I blushed at her idea of my dick.

Tara looked around the wardrobe and found a sports track suit bottom with an elastic band. She made me climb into it leg by leg. While she was pulling it up, she caught my dick, pulled it up and kissed each of my balls one by one. And then cupping my balls with her right palm, she held \my dick tip and planted a wet kiss on the now open glans of my dick. She then raised the track suit to the waist and stood up and then patted my dick from over the track suit and said, “Let us go.”

We had a slow breakfast interspaced with reading the newspaper and having small talk.

Tara got up soon and proceeded inside the bedroom and then pottered around her house. I sat around and read the newspaper. It almost appeared that this was a husband and wife team in the house. But that was not true.

She asked me what I would like to have for lunch. I said, “Any packed food is fine. I want more time with you and less with you in the kitchen.”

Soon enough it was nearly one in the afternoon.

Tara ambled up to me and said, “Why don’t you have your bath. I will have my bath after you ate through.”

I replied quickly, “What is wrong with us? We will have our bath together. I need to get your injuries well looked after. Remember?”

Tara looked at me askance and said, “Okay. Then let us go.”

We walked into the bedroom. I saw she already had her clothes ready. I could see in the neat pile. A flouncy mid calf length black skirt made of some crinkly material. I could see a red ruffle sleeve top kept in the pile.

She had got me another white track suit bottom out with a kind of white sleeveless jacket out for me.

As we got closer to go into the bathroom, I just peeled off her printed long flowing dress, making her completely naked. She pulled my track suit bottom down and made me step out of the track suit. I too was now completely naked.

I held her by her shoulders and had one keen look at her and then we stepped into the bathroom.

I told her, “Tara, your body has to be properly depilated. So, let me get the tube of “Veet” and get you hairless. Tara did not argue. She knew me better. Argument meant she would be tied up and then depilated.

I made her step back into the bedroom. Placed a floor mat on the floor. Made her lie down. Then I inspected her arm pits, applied the depilating Cream. Inspected her legs, applied Cream and then inspected her pussy mound. I parted her legs wide apart and applied Cream, leg by leg and then on each of her pussy lips taking great care that Cream did not slide into her crack.

After it was applied, we sat together outside the bathroom and chatted, while she took time to discuss if it would be better to depilate by dick and balls too.

Eventually, she gave up her plan to make my dick totally bald and we stepped back into the bathroom.

I shampooed her hair, applied a conditioner and then applied soap all over her body, taking extra care of her slippery boobs and her pussy and the crack. I tried to apply soap on her meaty tit bit peeping out from between her crack. She giggled as I tried to catch that soaped up little tit bit between my fingers. I made her sit down on the bath tub edge and asked her to lift her legs and then part her legs wide. I took some soap on my right forefinger, parted her pussy lips wide with my right hand and applied it on her clit. She squealed with pleasure as I applied it.

Tara hissed, “Aaaaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaw. Please stop it. It is getting hot. Please. Please stop.” Tara grabbed my hairs on my head as I continued against her feeble womanly protests.

Tara applied soap all over me. She applied shampoo on my head as well. Pulled back the foreskin of my dick and applied soap on it too. I almost keeled over with pleasure.

I signaled to her to get under the shower. As we got under the shower, I slowly wrapped my arms around her and said, “I want to kiss you under the cascades of water.”

We went into a lover’s embrace and kisses. My tongue explored her mouth, while her tongue tried to play with the tip of my tongue. The cascades of water ran down our bodies as we locked ourselves in a passionate kiss.

When we unlocked and separated, I washed away all the soap from her body and did mine. With all the small hair on her armpits and lower body gone, she was smooth as silk.

When the bath was over, I dried her with a soft towel, taking extra care for her scarred breasts and her bottom. I patted her pussy bahis şirketleri dry. Tara dried me up and wiped my dick dry and we came out from the bathroom.

I suggested to her, “Tara. Wear something loose. After lunch I want to treat your hurt areas.”

Tara said, “Why don’t you say what you want to really do?”

I kept quiet.

I fished out a wrap around sarong and a loose top from her wardrobe for her wear. As she prepared to wear that set, she started looking for under garments, I firmly said, “No panty. No bra.”

She quickly wore them and turned towards me to see if they were becoming on her. I said, “You look good in these.” I could see her nipples pointing out from the thin fabric top she was wearing.

Tara’s womanly bitch asked, “Only in these clothes?”

I responded immediately, “Best without.”

I fished out one of her pajamas and slipped them on. They looked funny. They were short for me. But the bottom was designed for women. It was large and bulbous. Tara laughed on seeing me wearing. Each time she looked my way, she giggled.

Tara took this opportunity and softly held my dick through the pajama and gave it a shake and said, “This cock is big and very good.”

We had a quick lunch. During lunch I asked her, “I don’t think you applied any moisturizer to your body after the Veet application and the soap bath.”

Tara nodded and said, “Yes. The whole skin is feeling very dry and stretched.”

I said, “Okay. That is good. After lunch I want you in the bedroom for my applying some antiseptic balm on all the cuts and bruises you have followed by some moisturizer on your entire body.”

We quickly finished lunch, removed the plates to the kitchen, washed them and retreated into the bed room.

I suggested to Tara, “Tara, I think after I have finished treating your skin and the cuts and bruises, we should take a nap. So that we can have a whole night of merciless fucking.”

Tara perhaps got goose bumps hearing that and nodded demurely, as if she was agreeing to be sacrificed on the alter of her sex.

After preparing the room, I located the ‘wedge’ I had gifted her that let me lift her bottom up for a deeper fuck and placed it nearby. Also, I remembered that I had fitted the under bed restraint system on her bed. No scarves or spreader was required!!! I had used it many times earlier.

I got the Savlon antiseptic cream tube on the bed and then I got the Nivea moisturizing lotion on the bed also.

Tara watched curiously as I got the stuff ready. Suddenly she asked, “Is this all being set to treat me or to fuck?”

“Why do you ask?”

“What is the wedge for?”

“You will see.”

Once I was set, I got up, walked close to her. With no ceremony I fished out her sarong draw string by inserting two fingers under her waist band. Tara sucked in her stomach to assist and hissed, “Want me naked, is it?”

“Yes. Totally.” Saying that I pulled the cord. The sarong fell down. Tara blushed, as if it was the first time that she had been stripped naked.

That longish loose top was nearly covering her crotch. Besides balm had to be applied on her boobs too. I swiftly pulled her top up. Tara lifted her hands and let me take it out from over her head. Tara once again made the womanly noise of protest, “Please Ravi. Not completely naked.”

As I took it off, I flung it away. There she was, stark naked.

I scoped her up and placed her on the bed. I placed a nice and fluffy pillow under her head. I picked up the Savlon antiseptic cream, took some onto my fingers and then applied it on the bite marks on her shoulder and neck. Then I caught her rib cage with my left hand, accentuated the breast by pushing it up and applied the cream on the scratch marks on the main breast. Then I applied the cream on her bite mark on her nipple base.

As I applied the cream, like a doctor, Tara watched my face to see what I was feeling.

Sometimes, I pressed too hard on her nipples. She would yelp out, “Ouch. That hurt. Be gentle.”

I ignored all the talk. Once I finished, I made her flip over and started to attend to her butt. I applied the cream all over the welts on the butt.

I asked her, “Is that soothing your scratches and bites?’

Tara said, “Mmmmmmmm.”

Once that was through, I turned her around and asked her, “I will now apply the moisturizer all over your body.”

As Tara lay face down comfortably, I picked up the Nivea moisturizing cream plastic bottle and liberally poured the cream onto her back. The cold cream hit. She winced. I rubbed my palms together and warmed them up and then started to spread the cream all over her back.

I felt the tension in her back. I applied the cream to relax her shoulders one by one and then the nape of the neck. As I went down the torso, I ensured that I reached the small of her back and then it ran near her butt crack. I could feel her creating tension to avoid getting fingered into her ass. I took my time and slowly and gently worked in the nearly open part of the crack with my forefinger with liberal doses of moisturizing cream. Then I applied enough direct pressure to force the butt muscles to momentarily tighten then working the tension out to leave each muscle at its pinnacle of relaxation. I heard her moans soft, quiet as I work my way down Tara’s back, sliding lower over her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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