1st Submission

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Ellen and I met Damon nearly a year ago and he has been an integral part of our family ever since. At twenty eight years old, he is more than ten years younger than either my wife or myself. He is a good looking man, standing over six feet with a fairly muscular body and short black hair. But his eyes ayes are what you notice when you first see him; large, dark and piercing oracles that seem to captivate and hold you. The pupils are almost black and give his whole demeanour a sense of power and control. He is a mysterious character and, despite the fact that we see him regularly, we still know very little about his background or where he is from. He just seemed to appear in our lives one day.

I remember the day we met him well enough. Both Ellen and I are a fairly shy couple, or at least we were, and accepted the invitation to a friend’s party with mixed feelings. It was a Saturday night, and even before we knocked on the door of our friend’s house we could hear the noise of the music from the street. Even though we were on time (Ellen hates to be late for anything), the gathering was already in full swing. Thirty of forty people, mostly in couples, were dancing in the large lounge with more guests drinking in the kitchen. We knew a few of the party goers, and after our coats had been taken from us and a glass of something very strong pressed into our hands, we began to mingle and chat with the people we knew.

That night, Ellen had worn a particularly lovely dress. She still has a great figure anyway, but the form hugging black material clung to her curves and accentuated her full bra-less breasts and flared hips wonderfully. The dress was fashionably short and ended at her mid thigh exposing a considerable amount of her long, tapered legs. She attracted quite a lot of admiring glances from the male guests, and I bristled with pride when I saw them try to steal a surreptitious peek when they thought I wasn’t watching. But, despite the fact that I was getting used to the stares, I still had a feeling that we were being watched by someone else. Someone that we could not see.

While Ellen and I were talking to a group of friends in the kitchen, I slowly became aware that my wife had not said a word for several minutes. She was standing next to me and I turned to look at her. She looked vacant, her eyes blankly staring towards the doorway. I followed her gaze and saw Damon for the first time. His tall, athletic figure was dressed simply in a black, expensive looking suit, with dark shirt and tie; he looked the epitome of understated style. He leaned casually against the doorframe talking to a pretty blonde woman but looking straight at Ellen. His black eyes matched his attire perfectly and seemed to radiate across the room and transfix my wife who seemed incapable of breaking their visual embrace. His blonde companion suddenly whispered something in his ear and, laughing loudly left his side to talk to someone else. This gave the dark suited stranger a chance to approach Ellen and myself.

“Hello,” he said casually as he joined us, “I’m Damon Banks – good to meet you Ellen, and of course you Jeffrey.”

“I’m Sorry.” I said as we all shook hands, “how do you know our names? Have we met somewhere before?”

“I know a lot of things,” he replied with an air of nonchalance, “a lot of names, and I’m a good guesser!” He turned to address my wife, his voice smooth like silk. “Ellen, you look very lovely tonight. Your dress is wonderful. Please excuse my forwardness, but I have to say it compliments your figure perfectly. The way canlı bahis that it clings to your breasts has aroused the attention of quite a few people here tonight, I dare say you husband has noticed that.”

I was a little taken aback by his direct words, but more surprised still to see that my usually shy, retired wife seemed in no way shocked by his comments. Instead she was smiling up into those deep, dark eyes and accepting his compliments as if he had just commented on the weather. Damon then turned his attention back to me.

“Jeffrey, I would very much like to see more of Ellen’s body, to touch her, to pleasure her as we both know she needs and deserves.”

My brain was suddenly doing flip-flops, my stomach churned sickeningly as I heard his words. How the hell did he know that?, I thought. Ellen and I used to enjoy a full sex life; a little mundane perhaps, but recently our sessions of love making seemed to have become less and less frequent. I put it down to the pressures of my work, always promising myself that when this deal or that merger were completed, we would have more time for each other. But like so many other things in life, it just didn’t seem to work out like that.

“What? But you can’t mean -” I stammered, suddenly finding the use of my vocal chords.

“Please!” Damon interrupted, his voice stern and full of power. “Please don’t deny your feelings. I can see them in your eyes, and in Ellen’s also. I can help you both, help you to rediscover yourselves. You must trust me.”

“I trust you, Damon” Ellen suddenly said. It seemed like such a long time since she had spoken, that her words came like a bolt out of the sky. My head whipped round to look at her. The acceptance was written all over her face. She seemed unable to take her eyes off this strange man in front of her, and for a second I thought that I saw a little more than just acceptance in her eyes. Yes, I was sure that there was also a look of lust there as well!

“You will follow me now, please.” Damon said, taking my wife gently by the hand. “Both of you. This way.”

As the three of us walked silently from the room, the sea of guests seemed to automatically part in Damon’s path, clearing a passage for us to walk through. No-one gave us a second look as we passed them, it was as if we were in some sort of dream and were invisible. Without speaking or even turning his head, Damon led us up two flights of stairs to the top storey of the house. The air seemed cooler here and we walked along a dimly lit corridor passing several closed doors. The lights seemed to automatically fade as we passed them and cast eerie shadows over the cream painted walls. Finally we approached the last door in the hall. Damon reached out and only seemed to just touch the door handle before it swung inwards and open.

The lights were already on in the room and the heating seemed at a perfect temperature. Again, the illumination automatically dimmed as we entered, leaving the whole room in only a half light. I too, seemed under our host’s spell and as he indicated a deep armchair, I sat in silence. Damon took the chair next to mine leaving Ellen standing alone in the centre of the room. I couldn’t remember hearing Damon give my wife any further instructions and she apparently knew what to do without being asked. I drew in my breath sharply as I watched her slip the thin shoulder straps of her dress over her arms and ease the garment slowly down to her waist.

I looked over at Damon. In the gloom I could see that he was sitting comfortably also watching bahis siteleri Ellen disrobe. His fingers were clasped together under his chin as he seemed to study her every move in silence. Ellen’s full breasts were now completely exposed. She had complained before we left that evening that she felt a little conspicuous without the benefit of a bra, but the dress was such that this form of underwear would have looked ridiculous had she worn it. Paradoxically now, though, she looked completely at ease; her naked breasts revealed before a perfect stranger and the dress falling in a heap to pool at her feet. With a quick smile, the first sign of emotion that I had seen on her face for some time, she stepped away from the crumpled dress and stood before us naked save for her white bikini panties and burgundy heeled shoes.

Things began to happen a little more quickly now. Damon rose from his seat and approached my wife. They kissed deeply and I felt a stab of jealousy as I saw Ellen close her eyes and heard her moan into his mouth. Damon’s hands began to play lightly with her breasts. I stared as I saw the nipples react to his touch and visibly stiffen. The kiss intensified as he continued with his caresses, Ellen moaning louder and louder as his touch on her hard buds became stronger and fiercer. I could see her legs begin to buckle slightly and Damon had to hold her to stop her from falling as a powerful orgasm crashed visibly through her body.

Ellen was still trembling as he picked her up in his arms and carried he to a table that was placed in the centre of the room. Sitting her atop the polished wooden surface, he helped her to slide the panties down her legs and off her feet. The shoes quickly followed and my wife was naked as the day she was born. The short feeling of jealousy that I had experienced earlier was completely lost now as I watched the tall stranger sink to his knees and gently part my wife’s legs, putting his young face in a direct line with her naked mound. I had never before thought that watching Ellen make love to another man would have such an effect on me, but the straining erection that had now developed in my trousers gave away my feelings.

As Damon lowered his head to plant the first, succulent kiss on my wife’s labia, I saw that her previous orgasm had left her pussy dripping wet; her juices glistening in the half light. She threw back her head and squealed aloud as his expert tongue found her engorged clit and began to flick over the tight bud in a rhythm designed to heighten every pleasure nerve in her body. I could hear the wet sounds of his oral caresses as he continued way past her second and then third orgasm, sucking her clit deep into his mouth and nibbling gently on her vulva.

Ellen was screaming her ecstasy; firstly begging him to stop and then the next second pleading with him not to. It was not until she had exploded into yet another spine tingling orgasm that I saw him lift his head from between her thighs and take a breath. Ellen’s thighs and pussy lips glistened wetly with a combination of her own fluid and Damon’s saliva, her vagina open and dilated after the oral assault. As Damon began to unbuckle his trousers, I moved closer to the table. I needed to see for myself the display that was to come.

I had never considered myself to have a particularly small penis, but compared with the sight of Damon’s mighty erection, I felt dwarfed. His long, thick shaft stuck out at least eleven inches in front of him like a flag pole and I heard a tiny gasp from Ellen as she witnessed the bahis şirketleri same sight. He gently scooped his hands under her buttocks and slid her whole, trembling body forward so that her legs hung limply over the edge. The table was exactly the right height; Damon’s huge cock lined up perfectly with my wife’s open, wet vagina. The head of his cock looked massive as he began to ease it between Ellen’s slick pussy lips. The folds of her pussy opened instinctively as the mighty, eleven inches of his meat began to penetrate her. Three, four, five then six inches of cock slid smoothly inside her. She was moaning and groaning loudly, and as she accepted the ninth and then tenth inch, she let out a small cry of ecstasy as she orgasmed yet again.

Slowly at first, Damon began to work his tool back and forth in my wife’s cunt. I watched her lips stretch to accommodate him on each downstroke and then cling to his now slick shaft as he withdrew. Time and time again he pushed that monster deep into her body, his thrusts becoming more and more rapid the louder that she cried out. For several minutes he pounded her sweet pussy, the air was filled with her screams of excitement and the aroma of sex permeated the entire room. I was amazed at his ability to control himself; several times he slowed his pace, twisting and turning his body to ensure that Ellen’s clitoris received the maximum amount of stimulation. It was not until she practically begged him to cum, that Damon showed any signs of reaching his climax.

When he was certain that she was ready for him, he flashed her a crooked, wicked grin and thrust his entire length into her. Ellen cried out and bucked her hips up to meet his thrust as she came again. I looked at his face. For several seconds he remained completely passive and then started to tremble. The trembling increased second by second until finally, with a loud cry, he pulled completely out of her soaked pussy and began to ejaculate over her lower belly. The convulsions seemed to go on for ever; thick streams of hot semen spewing from the end of his throbbing member and splashing over Ellen’s body. It was then that my wife seemed to pass out. A deep sleep engulfing her whole being as she lay, legs still splayed on top of the table, completely still.

By the time I looked up at Damon, he was completely dressed and acting as if nothing had happened. My lips moved trying to form the words to rationalize what had just happened; to seek an explanation, but the words just wouldn’t come. Damon held up his hand as if to silence me. He did not speak, but merely pressed a card into my right hand as he shook it and left the room. I looked down at my wife’s sleeping body. Her breasts rising and falling with each breath. Her pussy open and wet for the world to see. I opened my hand and looked at the expensive looking card Damon had given me. It simply bore the name “Damon Banks” and a cell phone number.

It took Ellen nearly an hour to awaken after being fucked by Damon that first time. When she finally came round we sat and talked about what had happened. I assured her that I felt no form of malice or anger towards either her or her new lover and continued by telling her that I had indeed thoroughly enjoyed the “educational experience”.

After returning home we called the number on Damon’s card. He agreed to see us again the following weekend and promised to continue where he left off. That was nearly a year ago, and both Ellen and I couldn’t be happier. Our sex life as a couple and as a threesome is amazing and we wouldn’t have it any other way. As for Damon, he remains as mysterious as ever. If there is one thing that worries Ellen and I more than anything else, it’s that he could disappear from our lives as quickly as he entered them.

– The End –

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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