Johnny’s Ass Gets Used And Abused

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I’m not what you would call slutty but kinky or freaky would describe me fairly well. I just love anything and everything to do with sex, straight bi or gay I like it all and never pass up an opportunity to try something new.

I’ve never had a problem finding hot guys to fuck and sexy girls just LOVE to explore with me after a few drinks. Guys and gals alike have told me that my body is just to die for. My hair is long and black, my boobs are big and full and my ass is full, round and tanned a perfect shade of brown. I’m not skinny but I’m not fat either, “curvy” describes my body perfectly.

A few weeks ago my girlfriend Sasha and I were drinking on my deck out in the sun talking about butt sex. Sasha and her boyfriend were relatively new to ass play while I was fairly experienced with anal pleasures. We talked about the usual things, does it hurt? Is it messy? Why do guys like it? etc etc etc until I asked her a question that really caught her off guard.

“You ever fuck a guy in the ass?.”

She blushed and giggled,

“Like, me fuck a guy with a dildo or something?” she replied.

“Sure” I grinned, “dildo’s, fingers, vibes, whatever is around.”

Sasha sipped her vodka and giggled again but didn’t say anything so I pushed on.

“Don’t get all weird Sash! It’s not that big of a deal, I’ve done it lots.”

“What!” she squealed and genuinely looked shocked.

Sasha and I were best friends but until then I had kept that particular aspect of my sex life from her. It’s true, I used to ass fuck my ex boyfriend Johnny and we both LOVED it. We had since broken up but I hadn’t forgotten the crazy power surge I got from bending him over and feeding him dildos.

Sasha and I spent the next hour drinking and talking about all the times I had made Johnny whimper beneath me as I fucked his tight ass. By the time the vodka bottle was empty we were both tipsy and very horny.

“I think I want to try it” Sasha said after a final sip of booze.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

She smiled and squirmed in her lounger, “YES!” she exclaimed.

I quickly formed a little plan in my mind.

“Tell you what honey, Johnny has been wanting to get together with me ever since I dumped him, I bet you I could get him over here ASAP.”

We both giggled and looked at each other devilishly.

“Were going to need some more vodka” she smirked…….

I texted Johnny telling him to come over for some naughty fun, just like I expected he texted back immediately saying he’d be over in half an hour.

Johnny was a great guy and a great boyfriend for awhile, but eventually I tired of him. Physically he was gorgeous, 26 years old, six foot four and almost 200 pounds of pure muscle. He was a personal trainer so he kept his body in tip top shape. He was tanned and smooth and his eight inch cock was always a lot of fun to play with. The reason canlı bahis we broke up was that Johnny was just too damn in love with me, he’d bend to my every wish and would do anything I asked no matter how ridiculous it was. In bed he was very submissive which was fun at first but got old fast. Johnny was loving, beautiful and had the body of an adonis but he was kind of a wimp and I wanted a guy who wasn’t afraid to treat me like shit if I deserved it.

I had zero intentions of getting back together with Johnny, but for the purpose of having a little fun he fit the bill perfectly.

We came in off the deck but remained in our bikinis, why put something on if it’s just coming right off you know?

Sure enough right when he said he would our boy toy for the evening came knocking at the door. Sasha put her drink down and ran into the bedroom giggling.

The front door was open so Johnny let himself in. I hadn’t seen him in a while and damn did he ever look good. His muscle shirt showed off his beefy upper body and his tight jeans teasingly concealed the meaty cock I knew he had. Before he could speak I pounced on him and kissed him hard, hmmmmm his familiar lips tasted oh so good. His hands found my ass and squeezed hard, just as a soft moan escaped his lips I pulled away.

“What was that for?” he asked dumfounded.

I ignored his silly question and grabbed him by the belt buckle,

“Just shut up and follow me, no questions” I said as I led him into my bedroom.

Sasha was on the bed, still in her bikini and she definitely looked ready for some fun. Like me she had big full tits and a round ass, unlike me however her hair was barbie doll blonde and her entire back was tattooed, definitely a sexy girl!

Johnny looked surprised to see my cute friend in the bedroom but before he could say anything we both attacked him. I kissed him again and rubbed his chest as Sasha fought with his belt buckle. I heard her gasp so I looked down and sure enough there it was, Johnny’s big hard meat stick, shaved and veiny just like I remembered it. She wasted no time engulfing it with her sexy lips, causing Johnny to throw his head back and moan.

I moved down to my knees behind Johnny and pulled his pants off. While Sasha worked his cock I spanked and teased his smooth tanned ass from behind. I could tell he liked it because he immediately moaned and stuck his ass out into my face. I raked my nails over his cheeks and probed his tight little asshole with my tongue, which really got him moaning like a slut!

“Alright Steph, lets switch it up!” Sasha giggled as she playfully pushed me out of the way.

Without a second of hesitation she dove in and tasted her first man ass. I quickly ran to the night table and grabbed my handy dandy bottle of lube. Johnny saw me giggle with the bottle in my hand and he shot me a look of nervous apprehension, awwww poor baby was bahis siteleri nervous, I ignored him.

“Here baby, let’s get his sexy ass warmed up” I moved beside Sasha and gave Johnny another little spank.

“Bend over sexy!” I ordered and immediately Johnny stepped forward and put his hands out on the bed in front of him and thrust his ass high in the air.

I smeared lube all over his smooth cheeks and put a good sized glob right over his hungry asshole.

“Here” I grabbed Sasha’s hand and licked her finger, “be gentle and start with one.”

She smiled and gently teased and probed Johnny’s asshole. I reached around and stroked his massive tool, enjoying the slutty little look on his face. Sasha pushed gently and inserted her dainty finger into Johnny’s ass, as she pushed I could feel his swollen dick pulse in my hand, he moaned like a bitch and Sasha and I both giggled.

We built up speed slowly until Sasha was rhymically sliding her finger all the way in and all the way out of Johnny’s muscled ass.

“I think he’s ready for more” she purred.

“Go ahead sweetie” I smiled.

Sasha applied more lube and began fucking my ex’s sexy ass with two fingers.

“Hmmm I’ve missed you Steph” he blurted out between groans.

“SShhh!” was my reply as I jumped up and ran to the night table again.

I returned with my big thick double headed dildo that I sometimes used with my girlfriends. Johnny had never seen that particular toy before and his eyes widened as I brought it over to him.

“Steph wait I…..” he started to say but I cut him off quickly by smacking him in the face with the fake cock.

“Suck my dick” I ordered sternly.

Despite his apprehension the ass fucking and dick stroking he was receiving was too powerful. He was really bouncing his ass back towards Sasha’s hand and his cock was dripping pre cum like a faucet.

I stood right by his head and waved my big pink dildo in front of his face. He caved and did what I told him too, just like always. He took the dildo’s massive head into his mouth and slurped like a slut. Still tugging his cock I used my other hand to face fuck him with my dildo.

Apparently the double dose of attention he was receiving was too much because after a few minutes Johnny moaned that he was going to cum. Sasha and I quickly pushed him onto the bed and backed away from him.

“Ohhhh no you don’t big boy, not yet” I winked at him, “Sasha get that bikini off and get down on the bed with Johnny, ass to ass!.”

She didn’t need to be told twice that’s for sure, giggling and smiling she got naked and positioned herself on all fours with her firm tanned ass pressed up against Johnny’s.

The two of them there on the bed were quite a sight, Sasha bent over with her full tits hanging down with rock hard nipples and Johnny on all fours with his fat cock dangling and dripping pre cum, bahis şirketleri what a lucky girl I was!

“Time for some fucking!” I squealed and Johnny and Sasha both purred in delight.

I positioned the big meaty dildo between their asses and spread plenty of lube over both ends. I gently passed one end into Sasha’s dripping wet pussy and put the other into Johnny’s sexy man ass. Both my playthings moaned like bitches in heat and started rocking back and forth, their sexy asses slapping together and their faces twisted with pleasure.

Being the only one still in clothes at that point, I quickly tore my bikini off and positioned myself on my back in front of Johnny. He was really moaning and groaning then so I grabbed his head and shoved him into my bald pussy, pleasure rolled over me as his familiar tongue played with my clit.

Sasha and I were both moaning like sluts by then, her with a fat dildo in her pussy and me with a sexy hunk of a man lapping at mine. I squirmed to the side so I could reach Johnny’s cock and began jerking him off hard and fast.

“Uh, uh, uhhhhhh I’m gonna cum!” he grunted.

Sasha and I smiled at each other and quickly stopped our fucking and slipped away from Johnny.

“No no nooooo” he moaned in frustration as his climax slipped away for the second time.

“Not yet big boy” I teased him, “get on your back.”

He obediently moved to his back and began stroking his cock. I slapped his hand away and moved so I was above him basically sitting on his face,

“Make me cum” I demanded.

I grabbed his legs and pulled his knees up high towards his chest.

Sasha took the hint and re inserted the dildo into his exposed ass. Johnny groaned and ate my pussy like his life depended on it.

Hard and fast Sasha rammed the dildo into Johnny’s inviting ass all the while tugging his hefty cock with her other hand. Johnny moaned and groaned but the sounds were muffled by my beautiful bald pussy smothering his face.

I felt my orgasm begin and almost lost my grip on Johnny’s legs as wave after wave of pleasure shocked my body. I came so hard that for a second it almost sounded as if Johnny was drowning in my juices!

“Uh uh uh uh fuuuuuck” Johnny really began grunting up a storm letting us know he was close.

“Fuck him baby, fuck that ass hard!” I shouted.

Sasha thrust the dildo harder and harder and jerked his cock faster and faster and sent Johnny into a hysterical fit of pleasure.

The first spurt of cum flew from his cock so forcefully that it actually hit me right in the chest as I sat on Johnny’s face. His hips bucked wildly as rope after rope of jizz splattered over his neck, chest and abs. I swear he must have shot at least ten shots of cum into the air!

Sasha and I both laughed and smiled at each other,

“Well” I asked “what did you think of your first dose of man ass?.”

She licked her lips and gently pulled the dildo from Johnny’s well fucked ass,

“Well, I think Johnny should go clean himself up while you and I call my boyfriend and tell him to get HIS sexy ass over here ASAP!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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