Jay , Sandy’s Honeymoon: Day 01

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Jay was sitting by the window watching the blue sky roll by and even bluer water. He was wearing a Captain America t-shirt and camouflage cargo shorts. It was going to be 90+ with lots of humidity so he was dressing accordingly. He was also wearing flip flops on his feet. He was ready for when they landed in Jamaica. Next to him was his new bride Sandy. He looked over at her and he was thinking to himself how lucky he was. Not only was she a stunningly gorgeous girl but her personality was amazing, she did everything she could to make sure he was happy.

Sandy was wearing a push up bra which made her 38D’s look twice as big. Her boobs were almost spilling out of her light blue tank top. She was wearing a thin white mini skirt. They were so thin that if she wore any kind of panties you would be able to see them through her skirt. In fact if you look close enough you can see her perfect pussy lips. Sandy knew it turned on her husband when she went without panties, so like under her wedding dress she wasn’t wearing any panties. In fact she didn’t pack any panties.

Sandy turned to Jay and said “I can’t wait till we land. It’s been a long flight and I’m ready to be able to walk around.”

Before Jay could respond Sandy leaned in close and whispered in his ear “I also can’t wait to get your cock inside me and feel your cum squirting inside me.”

Now hearing that last bit made Jay get a massive hard on, luckily he had the window seat with Sandy right next to him so it hid his hard cock under in his shorts from the rest of the plane. Sandy smiled at the tent in his shorts. She thought back to the previous night where she gave him a quick blowjob in the private dressing room at the reception hall. She swallowed all his cum like a good wife should. She also remembered when it came time to remove the garter, the look on Jay’s face when he saw she wasn’t wearing any panties. The photographer also got a good view of her bald pussy. She knew the photographer had seen her pussy cause when she looked at him he too was sporting a tent in his dress pants.

At noon the couple landed in Jamaica. It was another hour before they were through immigration and customs. It was a short bus ride from the airport to the all inclusive Sandals resort they were staying at. Once at the resort they were taken to the concierge lounge to check in while their bags went to their room. While they waited in the concierge lobby they were given a glass of wine. While they were checking in Jay made a few dinner reservations for later in the week.

Once they were all checked in they followed a female hotel staff member to their room where she showed them around the room. Jay and Sandy both checked out the staff member’s ass while they walked to the room. She was a pretty young girl who couldn’t be more than 19. She appeared to have smaller B tits but Jay nor Sandy could tell forsure since the dress shirt she was wearing was not very form-fitting. Her pants were a bit more form-fitting which gave Jay and Sandy a better look at her ass.

When they got to the room she showed them the bar and the safe before saying if they needed anything else they should call the front desk. As soon as the door closed Sandy pushed Jay against it. She made out with him while she undid his belt and shorts. After she had unbuttoned his shorts she got on her knees and pulled both his boxers and shorts down at once. Out sprang Jay’s 8 inch cock. His cock was thick and hard. It was already leaking pre-cum. Sandy grabbed her husband’s cock at its base. Her hand almost didn’t fit around his fully erect cock. Sandy licked the precum off his cock head. She then spit on his cock head which she used to lube his cock so she could stroke it while she sucked on his balls.

After sucking on his balls for awhile she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. She started at the head and took as much as she could into her mouth and throat. At about 7 inches Sandy began to gag on his cock. Sandy held Jay’s cock there for a minute letting her saliva run down his cock and her face. She let the cock slide out of her mouth before she took it all again.

Sandy kept bobbing up and down his cock all the while keeping her eyes locked with his. She got all 8 inches down her throat but now she was really gagging on his cock. She held his cock in her mouth until she thought she was going to pass out. Her saliva coated her husband’s cock and her light blue tank top was soaked. With her right hand she began to stroke his cock from his balls to his cock head.

While she was stroking his cock she looked up at him and said “Fuck my mouth.”

Sandy let go of his cock and Jay grabbed her head as he lined up his cock with her mouth. He slowly inserted his cock into his wife’s open mouth. After a couple of strokes Jay started to pick up the pace. While her husband was face fucking her Sandy started to slowly rub her soaked pussy. Jay was now fucking his wife’s mouth and throat with quick deep strokes just like he would if canlı bahis he were fucking her pussy.

Every once in a while he would hold his cock deep in her throat. He would hold his cock there until Sandy was on the brink of passing out then he would let his cock out enough so she could breathe a little around his cock. He fucked her like that for a while before he felt his balls start to tighten up. He knew he was going to cum soon so he left just the tip of his cock in her mouth as he let jet after jet of hot sticky cum lose in her mouth. Like a cum hungry whore she swallowed all his cum before cleaning his cock with her mouth.

As Sandy stood up as she continued to clean her husband’s cum off her face after a little bit leaked out of the corners of her mouth. Once she was standing up Sandy pulled off her saliva soaked tank top. She threw it at Jay with a smile. Even before she removed her tank top Sandy knew her bra was also soaked with her saliva so she reached behind her and pulled off her bra too. Like she did with her tank top she threw it at her husband who caught it while never taking his eyes off her tits.

Sandy then picked up her suitcase and sat it on the bed and began to unpack. Jay was still by the door while his wife opened her suitecase it took him a bit after cumming before he stated to move toward the bed. Once across the bed from Sandy, Jay put his suitcase on the bed too and opened it. Sandi and Jay put their clothes in the dresser and the closet. It didn’t take them long before they were unpacked. After they were done unpacking they decided to go see the beach.

Sandy put on a leopard print bikini that barely held her amazing 38D’s in. The bottom was a little small so it showed more of her sexy ass than a normal bikini bottom would have. It was a cross between a normal bikini and a thong bikini. Over her bikini Sandy threw on a light yellow sheer pullover. With a pair of flip flops on her feet she was ready to go.

Jay watched Sandy put on her bikini even though he had seen her in a similar bikini at lest a dozen times. No matter how many times he saw her naked he still was amazed at how get her body was. Seeing her naked always made his cock stir even after cumming like he just did. Likewise Sandy loved the fact that she could easily make her husband aroused and as she pulled the cover all over her head she noticed his semi hard cock. With a smile she walked over to Jay and patted his cock head and said “Maybe later but right now the beach is calling my name.” With the promise of sex later Jay quickly threw on a pair of swim trunks that were white with light blue lines running top to bottom then a white t-shirt before sliding on his sandals. Grabbing the room keys and Sandy’s hand they both heaed out the door.

On the way to the beach they passed the main pool and Jacuzzi. They grabbed towels and continued to the beach. When they set foot on the beach they couldn’t believe how amazing the sand and water looked and felt. It looked like something out of a movie or a postcard. There were lounge chairs lined up along the beach. There were some near the water with a row or two behind the first row. There was also a bar and small eatery on the beach as well.

Sandy and Jay stopped at the bar to order a drink before finding a lounge chair. They ordered two lovers leaps from the bartender. They thanked the bartender then headed to the beach. They were both surprised that the beach wasn’t over crowded with people. There were only about 10 people on the beach and in the water.

Sandy and Jay quickly found a pair of empty lounge chairs under a palm tree near the water. They both put down their towels and stripped down to their swimsuits before taking their drinks into the water. The water was cool but it felt good when compared to the hot and humid Jamaican air. As they stood in the water enjoying the sights and sounds of their tropical paradise they sipped on their drinks. They spent the rest of the day either in the water or laying on the lounge chairs. It was about 5pm when they got hungry. After talking about it they decided to go back to the room and shower before ordering room service.

Leaving the towels on the lounge chair they grabbed their things and headed back to the room. They had barely closed the door before they started to strip off their almost dry suites. It had only been a 5 minute walk from the beach to their room but as humid as it was they had dried quickly. While Sandy went to the bathroom and started the shower Jay went out onto their porch to hang up their suits. While he was out there he saw a group of ladies starring at his naked body. He didn’t mind them looking at him as he and Sandy had a exhibitionist streak to them. Jay waved as he went back inside, which made the ladies blush. His wife was already in the shower when Jay entered the bathroom.

Since Sandy was already under the water Jay waited until she was rinsed off and the switched places. Jay grabbed the soap and poured some into his bahis siteleri hand and started to wash his wife’s body. It was no surprise he paid extra attention to her tits, ass, and pussy. When Sandy was all soaped up they switched again so Sandy could rinse off and wash her hair. Now it was Sandy’s turn to wash her husband and like Jay Sandy paid extra attention to her husband’s ass and cock.

When he was under the water rinsing off and washing his hair Sandy dropped to her knees and started to suck on her husband’s semi hard cock. His eyes were closed so he was not expecting his bride to start sucking his cock. Sandy got her husband hard then stopped and stood up. They embraced and started kissing while the water fell around them and over them. While they were kissing Jay managed to maneuver them so that Sandy was now under the water. Jay dropped to his knees and moved closer to his wife’s pussy.

Jay put his mouth on her shaved pussy and licked her clit by flicking his tongue up and down. Sandy let out a moan because his tongue felt so good on her clit. She used one hand on his head to steady herself and with the other she played with her nipples. Sandy pulled her nipples harder the faster Jay flicked his tongue over her clit. Jay used his hands to spread her pussy lips so he could get better access to her hard clit. Jay used his face to keep her pussy lips spread while he used his right hand to quickly insert a finger into her soaked pussy.

Alternating between licking her clit and fucking her with his finger. While Jay was fingering her pussy he continued the attack on her clit with his tongue. Once his finger were well lubed up from Sandy’s soaked pussy He stuck his finger in his wife’s tight asshole and at the same time inserted his middle finger into her pussy.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum!” Sandy screamed while she pinched her nipple and pulled.

“Don’t stop! I’m so close.” Sandy screamed as she began to fuck his face harder.

Jay wasn’t going to stop in fact he began to finger fuck her ass and pussy harder and faster and he also picked up the pace of his tongue flicking her clit. Two minutes later Sandy had a powerful orgasm that made her shake and scream. Jay didn’t stop what he was doing until she almost passed out because she kept having mini orgasms. Once she came out of her orgasmic bliss she grabbed his fingers and licked them clean tasting her ass and pussy before pulling Jay up so she could kiss him. They shared a pussy and ass flavored kiss. They rinsed off again before turning off the shower and drying each other off. Sandy grabbed her hair brush and started to brush her hair while Jay walked over to the phone still naked and placed an order with room service.

When Sandy was done brushing her hair she walked out to the porch, that overlooked the ocean, to wait for their food. Jay joined her when he was done with their room service order. They sat naked enjoying the cool ocean breeze on their hot naked bodies. Jay marveled at how Sandy’s tits barely sagged even though they were completely natural. She was young but still mother nature had been kind to her since they could easily be saggy. When the waiter knocked on the door Jay put on a pair of basketball shorts to answer the door. He thanked the waiter and took the tray from him then closed the door. He carried the tray out to the porch and sat it on the little cast iron table. Once Jay had his hand free he pulled off his shorts and threw them back in the room before sitting down. When they finished eating Jay put the tray outside their door on the walkway it was late so he didn’t bother putting his shorts back on.

After dinner Sandy got up to go to the bathroom while Jay continued to sit on the deck naked. She really didn’t need to pee but she wanted to put on something sexy so she used the bathroom as an excuse to go back inside the room. Grabbing her clothes she went into the bathroom to change. Sandy was worried that her husband would see her before she was ready but to her relief he was still sitting outside when she opened the bathroom door.

Jay was lost looking out onto the ocean that he didn’t notice his wife standing in the doorway. It took several minutes before he turned around and was shocked to see her wearing a see through black teddy. The teddy had half cups which meant her tits were supported causing them to sit high on her chest but were otherwise bare. The teddy draped around her side but her flat sexy stomach wasn’t covered. Sandy didn’t bring the panties that came with the teddy so she was naked from the waist down. Sandy wore a pair of six inch black heels. She noticed Jay’s cock growing hard when he turned to look at her.

“Damn! You look amazing babe!” Jay said after a minute of silently staring at her.

Jay got off the deck chair and walked over to her. He grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her in for a kiss she gasped because she didn’t expect him to do that. Now he started to kiss her passionately. Jay parted her lips with bahis şirketleri his tongue. They explored each other’s mouths right there in the doorway between the porch and the room. Anyone walking by would see them kissing and maybe get a look at Sandy in her outfit but to them nothing mattered.

They made out right there in the doorway for a while before Jay picked her up and walked over to the bed where instead of laying her down gently he sort of threw her on the bed which made her gasp at suddenly being dropped on the bed. Jay grabbed her ankles and pulled her so that her ass was on the edge of the bed nearest the door to the porch. As he pulled her closer to himself he spread her legs wide as he could which gave him a good view of her soaked pussy.

Starting at her left ankle Jay kissed down his wife’s left leg till he was just about at her pussy. He could smell her sex but he wasn’t done teasing her just yet. Jay moved so that his lips were now at Sandy’s right ankle and he started to kiss down her leg toward her pussy. This time when he got to her pussy Sandy grabbed a fistful of his hair and tried to push him into her aching pussy. She wanted to feel his breath and wet tongue on her pussy but Jay was able to keep her from pushing his face into her pussy. Instead Jay just gave her pussy a little kiss which made her moan groan at the same time.

While Sandy hated to admit it she, her husband knew how to tease her to keep her right on edge Jay gave it a little kiss. Jay could tell he was driving her crazy by the way she was moving around on the bed as he continued to hold her legs about by her thighs. Her hand was still on his head trying with all her might to shove his face into her pussy but he was just to strong for her to force his face into her pussy. He was enjoying teasing her. Jay knew that when he did start licking her pussy she would already be really close to cumming.

Jay kissed all around her pussy before finally giving Sandy was she wanted. Jay used his tongue to part her pussy lips as his tongue ran from her soaked opening to her hard clit. Sandy let out a loud moan when she finally felt her husband’s tongue on her pussy then her clit. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she started to move her hips in time with his licks. While her right hand was still full of Jay’s hair, she used her left hand to roughly play with her tits and nipples. Sandy would pull on a nipple each time Jay’s tongue touched her clit.

Jay took his pointer finger from his right hand and slowly started to tease her soaked pussy. He would slowly slide just the tip in then hold it there while his tongue assaulted her clit with alternating fast and slow flicks. Sandy was so close to cumming and she desperately wanted to feel more of Jay’s finger in her pussy but he was holding her down in such a way that she could barely move her hips or legs. She was powerless to do anything about his teasing.

“Stop teasing me with just the tip of your finger and fuck me with it already.” Sandy screamed at her husband as he continued to tease her. While she could see his face she knew he was smiling as she nearly begged him to fuck her.

By this time Sandy’s pussy had leaked so much juice that his whole finger was covered in pussy juice. Slowly Jay inserted his finger deeper and deeper into his wife’s pussy. He teased her by slowly pulling his finger out then slowly inserting it back deep into her pussy. Jay could tell that he was driving her crazy because she would moan then let out a groan of frustration each time his finger was either inserted or he pulled it out. Sandy was so aroused that a small puddle of pussy juice was soaking the bed sheet.

Jay teased her to the point that she was about to scream again but just when Sandy thought she would go crazy from all her husband’s teasing, Jay started to quicken the movement of his finger in and out of his wife’s pussy as well as the movement of his tongue against her clit.

Sandy screamed out as she felt the wave after wave of orgasmic bliss rushing from her pussy throughout the rest of her body. Her pussy clamped down on Jay’s finger like a vise as her body gave into to her orgasm. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her back arched off the bed. Jay heard her scream out then nothing but gibberish if she made sounds at all. Her orgasm was so powerful that Jay had to keep an eye on her to make sure she started breathing again. Even with his wife in the middle of one of the most powerful orgasms he continued to finger fuck her pussy while he used his tongue to lick her hard clit.

Sandi had a death grip on her husband’s head forcing him hard into her gyrating hips so hard at times he had a hard time breathing. As her body relaxed Jay looked up from her pussy to see her back back on the bed and her body twitching as he slowly flicked his tongue over her clit. She would also let out a groan each time his tongue touched her hard but very sensitive clit. After Sandy started to come down from her orgasm she was hit with two smaller and less powerful orgasms because Jay hadn’t stopped fingerings her pussy or licki g her clit, although he was fucking her at a very slow pace and was only licking her clit in a equally slow fashion.

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