A Cunt’s Duty

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Doing chores in your frilly pink panties and pink chastity cage and the door bell chimes. “Cunt, answer the door.”

You open the door, averting your eyes to the floor as my girlfriend steps inside.

She sees you and laughs, “that’s a good look for you Mike.”

I come in from the other room and cup your chin and in a snide, mocking tone say, “this is not Mike, this is My sad pathetic little cunt.

But you’re right, it is a good look.” laughing at how pathetic you look.

I slap your ass and say, “get down on your knees and lick the bottoms of Her boots clean before she takes a seat.

“Yes, Miss.”

You drop obediently to your knees, lifting a boot to your lips I see you hesitate, “Get busy, bitch.” I push your face into the boot.

We laugh as We hear your tongue scraping against the bottom of Her dirty boot.”

“How was Your drive over?” I asked My friend.

“Not too bad. Looks like there is a new steak house opening on Main Street. The three of us should grab dinner sometime.”

I pat the top of your head as you continue to clean Her boots, “Oh, cunt here doesn’t get steak unless it comes in a can by Alpo.”

We both cackle with laughter.

“Hurry up, cunt. Are you almost finished?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Good, go fix Us a drink.” You wait for Us to leave the room. The click of each of Our heels is music to your ears.

“Bring Us a drink and then get your ass back to your chores.” I say as We’re walking away.

You quietly slip into the kitchen as We go sit in the living room. I can hear the ice cubes hit the bottom of each glass.

A few minutes later, you serve our guest Her drink, “For you, Miss.”

you bring Mine around to Me, “and Your drink, Miss, just how You like it.”

you stand, arms behind your back, eyes to the floor, waiting further instruction.

I begin playing with your chastity cage, bouncing it lightly in My hand as I say to My girlfriend, “isn’t it nice having a slave to cater to Our every need?”

She laughs and says, “it is.”

“Bitch, go finish the dishes and clean up the kitchen. There’s laundry in My room that needs to be washed, but be careful there are a few delicate pieces. Ruin them and there will be hell to pay.”

“Yes, Miss, may i be excused to the kitchen?”

“Go, cunt. you’re not needed here now.”

An hour or so passed, We have been catching up and you have been cleaning.

I can hear you pattering around the kitchen, up the stairs for laundry, back to the kitchen.

We have finished Our drinks and have decided We want to order Chinese.

I ring the little bell I keep near Me to summon you.

you come to the living room, assume your position, lower your eyes and ask, “Yes, Miss, how can i serve You?”

“We need Our drinks refilled and want to order Chinese. Bring Me the delivery menu while you make Our drinks.”

“Yes, Miss.”

A few moments later, you return with a copy of the menu for each of Us then return to the kitchen. Returning once again with Our drinks, “Cunt, take Our order and phone it in.”

“Yes, Miss.” you set her drink down and bring Me Mine. “Will you remember it correctly to phone it in?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“We have decided on 2 egg rolls, a large house fried rice, a large sweet and sour pork – ask for extra sweet and sour sauce, and an order of sesame chicken. Call it in then set up seating for 2 in the dining room.”

“Yes, Miss, anything else?”

Handing the menus back to you, “No, just go place the order and get dinner set up then back to your illegal bahis chores.”

“May i be excused, Miss?” I wave you away with my hand as I have already turned My attention back to My company.

As you’re walking away, “Look at all that frilly lace on those panties.” you hear laughter as you enter the kitchen, “could he be anymore pathetic?”

Another half hour goes by, the door bell chimes and My bell rings. you enter the living room, “Answer the door, cunt, that should be dinner.”

your head snaps up, momentarily forgetting your place and mortified at the thought of answering in your current condition.

My eyebrow shoots up, “Is that a problem, cunt?”

you quickly lower your head, embarrassed by your behavior and the thought of answering the door, your deflated, “No, Miss.” as you walk towards the front door, opening it for the delivery person.

Her “Hi, delivery” and smile quickly turn to “Umm, what the fuck?” when she sees you. I come in from the living room with my wallet, “put the food on the table there.”

“What is with the guy that answered the door?” The delivery girl looks back at you with a horrified look. you are waiting by the front door, head down in your pretty pink panties. Smirking, “That’s no man, that’s My bitch.” and I laugh.

She takes the money and smiles and says, “I need to get me one of those.” We both laugh as she heads to the front door. you open the door for her to leave and she softly says to you, “I know where your balls are.” You hear her laughing as you close the door behind her.

“Bitch, come serve Us.”

“Yes, Miss.” your shoulders slump now as you walk. your embarrassment so obvious.

We chat while you fix Our plates. A bit of everything for each of Us. Like a good bitch, you remember a small bowl for My sweet and sour sauce on the side.

Dinner is served, “Anything else, Miss? May i bring you something to drink with dinner?”

“Iced tea for both of us. Lemon in hers, no lemon for me.”

“Yes, Miss.”

As you’re leaving the room my friend says, “I could get used to this, being waited on hand and foot.”

“Oh, yes, having My own personal bitch certainly has its perks.”

When you return with Our tea, We are discussing those perks. “For example, I never do chores because cunt does them. I don’t cook often because cunt does most of the cooking.”

Looking at you, “isn’t that right, cunt?”

Before you can respond, you set My tea in front of Me and there is a slice of lemon in it. “You stupid wanker.” I throw the slice of lemon at you. “How is it you remember an entire dinner order but can’t remember a simple instruction of ‘no lemon?’ Good Lord, you’re fucking pathetic.”

“Apologies, Miss. i got distracted for a moment. It won’t happen again. It is my pleasure to serve You and Your friends.”

I smirk, “I know it is. Now get out. I will let you know if We need you. You’re excused to the kitchen, stupid cunt.”

“Thank you, Miss.” you turn to My friend, “i hope you enjoy Your dinner, Miss.” and bow slightly before going back to the kitchen.

While We eat, I can hear you cleaning up in the kitchen. We finish Our meal and I say to our guest, “I am going to take My plate in the kitchen.”

But, I am smiling ear to ear so she knows something is on My mind. “Can You grab a container of rice and bring it, too, please?”

She picks up Her plate and a container of rice, I grab my plate and the extra sweet and sour sauce. We enter the kitchen to see you down on your hands and knees scrubbing the floor.

“I must say, cunt, illegal bahis siteleri I am quite impressed. you’ve done a lovely job of making the kitchen sparkle.” My girlfriend nods in agreement.

you stop scrubbing and kneel before Us, “Thank You, Miss. It is my pleasure.”

I walk over and place Our plates in the sink then move to stand before you, still kneeling with your eye averted to the floor.

“cunt, are you hungry?”

you hesitantly reply, “Yes, Miss.”

Without hesitation I slowly pour the container of sweet and sour sauce over your head. The red gooey liquid runs over your head, down your face and shoulders and drips all around you on the freshly washed floor.

“Would you like some rice with your sauce, bitch?”

“Yes, Miss. Thank You.”

I laugh at your obedient reply. My friend steps forward and crumbles and rice all over you. Some sticks to you where the gooey liquid is and some lands on the floor where the sauce has pooled.

“you pathetic prick. Look at you, what a sad cunt. Look at this mess. you’re going to clean it up tonight. Do you understand Me?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Still hungry, bitch?” This time I don’t wait for you to answer. I walk over to the cabinet and take out a can of Alpo dog food.

I grab the ceramic dog dish and empty the contents of the can into the bowl.

“Eat up, wanker. Maybe you will get lucky and some of the sweet and sour sauce will drip into the bowl.”

My friend and I are in stitches looking at you. Sad cunt that you are, covered in red sauce and rice, about to eat your dog food from your dog bowl.

“EAT.” I demand. you lean over the bowl, the smell of the food is wretched and you gag from the stench. My friend steps back into the dining room but then returns with another container of white rice.

She laughs and says, “Perhaps you would like some rice with your dinner?” as she grabs and handful and throws it at you while you eat.

“Good idea.” I say, laughing and joining in the fun. We stand and throw handfuls of rice at you while you’re kneeling, bent over the bowl eating. Still covered in that gooey red sauce although most has pooled around your legs by now.

“Yummy, bitch. See how generous We are? Giving you this delicious meal. What do you say, cunt?”

“Thank You, Miss.’ you croak out between bites of dog food you’re gagging on.

I squat down in front of you, “How is your dinner, slut? How about some rice with that?” I take a large handful and smear it all over your face. I even allow some to get into your mouth so you can actually eat it.

“Fuck, I AM a generous Domme. you are one lucky bitch to be serving Me.”

“Yes, Miss, i am so very lucky to be serving You. You are the most generous Domme to allow me some rice with my dog food.”

“Well you are really in luck then, cunt. Any of the rice you can lick up off the floor, you can eat, too.”

My friend is laughing so hard she is bent over at this point, pointing at you. “What a dumb fucking cunt. I am so glad I came to dinner tonight.”

“I am glad you came, too. We should do this again soon.” and We both laugh.

“I should probably get cleaned up and head out though. It is getting late and that drive at night is not My favorite.” She goes to the sink and washes Her hands.

“Bye, loser. It’s been fun.”

I walk Her to the front door and give Her a hug goodbye. “Call me when you get home so I know you’re safe.”

Walking back to the kitchen yelling, “ready to have some fun, fucker?” I laugh when I see you kneeling on the floor looking canlı bahis siteleri like a sad sack.

“It’s not over yet, bitch. How do dog’s speak? Show me.”

“Yes, Miss. Woof woof.”

“Dogs like to roll around, too, don’t they?”

“Yes, Miss. Woof woof”

you begin rolling around on the floor, spreading the sticky red sauce much further and wider than it had been. The floor a right mess now.

Laughing, “cunt, do you need to go to the toilet?”

“Yes, please Miss.”

you start to get up … “where do you think you’re going? you’re a dog, remember? A dog’s toilet is outside.”

you look at the patio door. The full moon has the backyard illuminated and you can tell just by looking that it is cold and windy outside.

I grab the collar and leash and clip them on you. “Let’s go, bitch and make it fast. It is cold out and I don’t want to be outside for long.”

We head towards the back door, you crawling on all fours like the dog you are.

Once outside, you kneel up on your knees and begin to pee. The temperature outside is roughly 8 degrees C, but the wind makes it feel colder.

your nipples are hard from the cold wind. your already sad tiny penis barely wants to awaken enough to pee in this cold weather. your skin has goosebumps especially where the red sauce is.

“Miss, I have to defecate.”

“And?” I look at you wondering what your point is.

“May I go in and use the toilet?”

I laugh, “No. Does a dog sit on the toilet to shit? No, he doesn’t. He shits it the backyard and so will you.”

you pull your panties off enough to squat so you can do your business. I turn around because I have zero desire to witness this.

A few moments later, “I am finished, Miss. Thank You for being so generous and allowing me to shit in the backyard.”

“Are you cold, loser?” you nod.

“Well then, let’s warm you up. Grab a handful of that nice warm fresh pile of poo and smear it on your head.”

you look at Me like you cannot believe your ears, “Miss?”

“Did I fucking stutter, bitch. Get busy. It’s cold out here.” – I say this as you are 99% naked on the ground and I am wearing a black long-sleeved v-neck sweater with a black and white neck scarf, a pair of black pants, and black high-heeled boots. I am actually quite comfortable.

you turn and look at your pile of poop, then back to Me, “NOW, bitch.” I snap.

you turn back to the smelly poop and reach down, your face gets twisted as the warm soft feces hits your hand.

“On top of your head, cunt. Rub it around all over your bald head.”

you close your eyes and begin to smear the smelly feces all over your head. you gag from the stench.

I laugh, “What the fuck are you eating that makes your shit smell so bad? Probably that dog food.”

“Now, on your face and neck.”

you scoop up a second handful and begin to smear it on your face, gagging.

“Now your arms and chest, bitch.”

Another handful, covering yourself as if it is lotion.

Laughing, “Christ you’re a pitiful site. Just look at you. What a sad sack you are.”

I snap a quick picture. I am disgusted but cannot stop laughing.

I stand before you, you’re kneeling, head down in shame. “Look at me, bitch.” your head comes up slowly.

“I am going in the house and getting into comfy clothes for the night. you need to go in, clean yourself up, clean up that fucking mess in the kitchen and put dinner away, then you can sleep on the floor next to Me tonight. Understood?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“If I wake up tomorrow and that kitchen is not to My satisfaction, you will scrub the floor with your fucking toothbrush, cunt.”

I turn and walk away. you watch Me as I go and because I know you’re watching, I flip you the bird just before stepping into the house.

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