Lake Tahoe Test Drive Ch. 01

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FEEDBACK appreciated. Make sure to read PROLOGUE to this story as well, published 8/15/15.


During a trip to Lake Tahoe, the narrator is starting to see the dominoes fall as his plan to initiate his girlfriend into pornstar-like anal sex, double-penetration and creampie gangbangs with big-cock studs comes to fruition.


“No disrespect but gimme a break. No way.”

“She said she never had it in the ass before me. And she didn’t have many boyfriends before she got married. And then only one after she got divorced. Although she did say her ex-husband had begged her to do a DP with him and his brother.”

“So the writing’s on the wall. Hey man, didn’t you say she told you she was molested or something, by her Aunt or something, back in Cuba? Her aunt or cousin rubbed her pussy or fingered her snatch when she was young, swinging on the swingset?”

“Yeah. Not too long ago we went to one of her cousins’ wedding here in L.A., and the woman was there. Maria pointed her out to me. They didn’t speak to each other. I don’t think they even nodded hi. She was a little older than us, but she looked sharp. Really sharp. Thin but shapely. Flowery dress, sun hat, cocoa skin tone. I felt like grabbing her, taking her inside the church and assfucking her in the pew for revenge. And having Maria lick my cum out of her asshole.”

“Hehehe. And didn’t you tell me Maria left her husband because he turned out to be gay?”


“So your girl’s been around all kinds of sexual stuff her whole life, man. I’m not saying illegal bahis she’s a lying whore, but she’s probably never given you the full picture. She might be into this a lot more than you think.”

“Yeah, those are touchy issues. Some people probably go their whole lives without being able to lay it all out on the table. So you think you can get her to come clean, open up?”

“I’m no therapist. I don’t care about that shit. And that’s not why we’re talking. I’m just giving you my read on the situation. You called to see if I’d be up for meeting you guys in Tahoe. You want to arrange a gangbang for Maria. Assfucked and creampied. Those were your words…right?”

“Yep. And she seems hot for it.”

“From what you told me about her, and from the pics you sent, I’m interested. And I’m thinking it might be easier for her to do this than you think. She’s hot. And man, her ass. Bubble ass, just like you said. I already jacked off thinking about fucking it.”

“Save some for the party, man. I kind of plan for it to be a surprise for her, kind of improvised, so it seems to happen naturally. But I wanted to put all the pieces together first. Anyway, that’s why I didn’t show her the pics you emailed me. Or any of the others.”

“How many others so far?”

“Well, only one confirmed so far.”

“Heck, that’s no gangbang. Maybe a DP. You gonna talk to any others?”

“I have one or two more who seem ready to commit.”


“One time she measured my cock when I was hard, and it was about 10 inches, which was a surprise illegal bahis siteleri to me, but she measured it from the tip of my head to underneath my nutsack. So I know it wasn’t accurate. But you got even more meat. At least an inch more than me. She’s gonna need a lot of foreplay, a lot of turning on, because her pussy’s really tight and I’m sure she’s never had a cock that big in her ass.”

“What about that black guy you told me about?”

“Another of those fuzzy, unclear stories. I don’t know how long they were together, but he was apparently a light-skinned black guy and somehow got busted and went to jail. For some reason, it must’ve really broke her heart because she told me she wrote him a letter or postcard while he was in jail. It read, “whack it off.”

“Fuck. Rubbing it in. Sounds like she had a bad case of cock withdrawal. He must’ve laid the pipe to her real good.”

“I was thinking the same thing, but I never pressed the issue.”

“Well, I know a black dude from my dojo who might be up for it. Kind of light skinned. A little bit. If he’s into it, how ’bout I bring him along?”

“If you vouch for him it’s on you. Have him send along a current test and photo. Maria getting stuffed by cocks of all colors. That would be picture perfect.”

“You said she doesn’t go for black guys?”

“Except for that whack-it-off dude, I don’t think so. But it’s weird. Her Mom’s afro-cuban and both her sisters have black husbands. But from what I know, Maria’s always marched to her own beat. I think she just prefers white canlı bahis siteleri guys. There’s this blondish dude at the grocery store, a checker, a muscle-bound guy who seemed to be into her one time. More than once, actually. She seemed very comfortable talking to him.”

“Think she’s cheating on you?”

“No, at least not yet. Not unless it’s in the middle of the day. But I don’t think she has any more than a short lunch break at the doctor’s office. Who knows? It doesn’t take long to suck cock, balls or asshole, and she’s really good at that.”

“Well, no matter. This won’t be cheating. So you said her Mom’s hot too?”

“Oh man, I love her Mom. She’s so generous to me and such a great cook. Her tits are like D’s or Double-D’s and you can see where Maria gets her ass from. Although not her tits. Maria’s a C-cup max, but that’s fine with me.”

“So you gonna make a move on her?”

“Mamacita? Heh. Only in my fantasies. Maybe someday. Cum in her pussy. Cum in her ass. Oh man, I would love to. That would be the ultimate combination of love and perversion. I’d have to get Maria on the same page first. That’s where this gangbang comes in.”

“Alright, so if we get my bud Pete to join in, plus the few you’re getting, that’s four or five. Plus you, if you join in, it’s like six.”

“That’s a good number, max, even if I end up only shooting it. And even if one of the guys falls off the bandwagon, it’ll still be enough.”

“Alright. I’ll hook you and Pete up. You’re thinking April or May?”

“Yeah. A month-and-a-half, two months out, tops. She needs to give enough lead time at work to take off a couple of days, but I want to strike while the irons are still hot.”

“O.K. I’ll check back in a week or so to see where things are at.”

“Sounds good.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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