Finding My Way

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Night air blew through his open window to cool our heated skin. My toned thighs drove my pelvis as my pussy slid and lifted over him. My pussy oozed as the friction of his cock fired pops of pleasure with each change of direction. Up, then back. He groaned under me. His light blue eyes peeped through hooded lids to watch my breasts wobble and abdomen clench as I rode his cock. Our combined wall shadow gyrated next to us in larger than life animation from his bedside lamp.

My fingers met each other as they wandered over his lightly haired chest. I leaned over him to run my hands over his shoulders and his arms to where they were crossed behind his head. I smiled at his pose. His confident appeal aroused me. I loved the challenge to bring this cocky man unglued with passion. As I leaned far forward, I bobbed my grasping pussy up and down the tip of his cock while our lips met and tongues played.

His hands unlaced from behind his head to guide my hips. I groaned and thrust my tongue further into his mouth then lifted my reddened mouth to smile at him. Success! I’d untied his cocky pose.

“Fuck me hard, baby,” my voice rasped as I sat up again taking him into my slippery warmth. His hands squeezed my hips as he pulled me back and forth like a fuck toy. My five foot two frame was doll-like compared to his six foot four.

“Ungh, yes,” he gasped as his body sprinted toward orgasm. When his body tensed, I grew alarmed. It was too soon, I needed him to last. I bounced high enough his cock slipped from me.

“No! I’m so close, babe, come back.” He sat up to clutch me to him. I grabbed his face in my hands to plead with his blue eyes.

“Let me taste you,” I begged as I lifted a leg off him.

“I don’t want to come in your mouth.” He pulled me back to rub himself along my wet slit. His strong lips wrapped with mine as his kiss beckoned me to stay. I smiled at his seduction causing our kiss to end. Tonight I wanted more so I pushed back off him. As he released me, his one hand slid down to my ass cheek while the other gathered my long hair.

I moved to kneel at his side, his moist cock slid in my hand. “You aren’t allowed to come in my mouth. Trust me.” I leaned in and smiled against the skin of his neck. His scent infused my breathing. I leaned down to lick around the tip of his glorious cock. I loved the salty tang of our co-mingled lust.

“Fuck, babe,” he gasped as my lips nibbled along his cock.

His cock slightly curved to his left. Its length caused it to bob up near his navel. His cock tip reminded me of a large mushroom. I love mushrooms. My lips tingled as they met his silken cock tip with a quick lick and kiss. I lifted his cock to swirl my tongue around his ridge then flick about his tip to glean pre-cum.

As my mouth slid down onto him my other hand fondled his balls. I bobbed; his cock nearly fell from my lips before I’d reverse to slide him to the back of my throat. I relaxed my throat to take it as far as I could. My tongue took advantage running around and over his cock head each time I pulled back. When I groaned my pleasure he thrust twitching as he tried to restrain his nature.

“Fuck!” He flipped my long hair his fist so pendik escort he could watch. My cheeks sucked in as I wiggled my lips up his swollen shaft. “Babe, that’s so hot.” I groaned again and continued a light hum. He seemed to love the vibration; his head flopped back and he moaned as he picked his head again up to watch.

His hand swirled and moved over my hip and ass. The throbbing of my pussy begged for attention. I was anxious for mutual touching and hoped he would follow his instincts soon. Then his hand slipped to my pussy plunging two fingers in and out of my warmth. Yes! When he pulled out to rub my clit I growled my pleasure. He returned to my pussy to tease me further. I felt him lean to the side to watch his fingers plunder my pink folds.

He shifted to pull my thigh to straddle his face. I hummed my approval as he pulled his hand from me to lick with a broad flat tongue across my opening before pressing his lips and tongue into me. I could feel his beard stubble scrape my aroused flesh. His glorious finger wagged across my clit as he circled his embedded chin. I felt my orgasm slam into me.

“Uh!” His cock fell from my lips as my hips thrust involuntarily and my pussy clenched releasing a spurt of fluid.

He laughed after my sudden squirt hit his face and splashed to his chest. “Damn, baby, you came hard. You squirted up my nose.” He watched as my pussy and ass clenched as he blew drops from his nose. He gave a light kiss to my drenched pussy.

He sat up against the headboard and fell fall back as he slid into my sensitized flesh, almost unbearable. His hands guided my drunken hips as I seated against his full length. His mouth engulfed my breast plucking my hardened nipples one by one. My eyes popped open. I hadn’t realized they were closed.

We gyrated in our fuck dance cocoon. A light sweat pushed through my skin. The skin of his shoulders felt cool and clammy in the night air. This felt so damn good. My skin would erupt with tiny rashes of gooseflesh like light breezes stirring a pond’s surface.

“You’re going to come again.” His announcement surprised me, welcomed me. To my delighted amazement I felt another orgasm build. How’d he know that? His hands reached around my ass to allow his fingers to press along my crevice. Fingering my puckered flesh like a guitarist drove me wild. My body tensed yet opened. I needed to take him even deeper.

“You like this?” He wiggled his finger against my pucker embedding the pad of his finger into the darkened flesh.

“Mmmm.” My hips leapt forward. I had never been touched like this before. I’d read about it, but never had been tempted before.

“Ah, you do,” he chuckled as he removed his finger.

I gasped, “Again.”

He inserted his finger through my outer ring. Openness crested. I felt like a flower in bloom as a second orgasm released my essence into the atmosphere. Floating. Drifting. My heavy head wobbled around my weakened neck.

I barely registered our movements as he laid my limp form on my back and entered my slippery, stretched pussy with a solid thrust. I watched his eyes track my body’s response.

My crystallized nipples bobbed their surrender as they escort pendik floated across my undulating breasts. He thrust his cock into me hard and fast. His timing wakened my need. My legs wrapped over his waist. Should I feel this good?

He shouted and groaned as he orgasmed, freezing for a moment. With tiny movements he extended his orgasm. A loud sigh escaped him when he lightened his hard grip from my hips and withdrew his sensitized cock.

Cool air from the window soothed our sweaty aftermath. His arm remained pinned under my back as we lay side by side.

After five minutes, he turned a large grin in my direction, “You liked when I touched your ass.”

I nodded and turned toward him because I needed him to understand how much I liked it. He curled me back into his side to snuggle under his chin. I was a bit surprised at his intimacy. I rubbed my hand along his chest and torso, shifting so my breasts were better organized.

After a short rest, his hand slid down my back to squeeze my ass. “I have always wanted to try anal. Do you?”

“After that, yes.” I wiggled my ass in his hand and smiled up at him.

His smile faded as his eyes grew dark. He pushed my hand down his chest to his hardening cock. I loved the texture of his semi-rigid cock growing hard in my hand.

“Let me fuck your ass.”

“Now?” A giggle gurgled up from my chest.

“Now.” He kissed me under my ear. It tickled and caused me to laugh.

He flipped me over to my stomach and lifted my hips to meet his hot mouth. His tongue licked up from my thoroughly fucked pussy to my ass. He kissed and plucked at the wrinkled edges of my ass with the tip of his tongue.

“Holy fuck, babe!” I exclaimed.

Arousal flashed back through my limbs. My hands pulled my ass cheeks apart to assist with my anal assault.

“Good girl,” he mumbled against my butt cheek before nipping and licking across it. He then rubbed the cheek with his hand. The sensation caused my pussy to clench in anticipation.

His finger began to probe. He licked along my crevice back and forth. Slippery saliva slid down from his sloppy kisses to lube my rear entrance. I felt my ass expand then clench when he pushed his finger tip past my muscular sentry. He probed in and out pushing past an inner tight area.

“Relax, baby.”

“Have you done this before?” I asked hoping he knew what he was doing. My ass felt like a strobe light not sure if it was on or off. It was incredibly erotic. My pussy began twitching, too, almost as if it were jealous that the anal side act was the main show.

“Relax. Just take it slow. We’ll use lots of lube.”

I thrust my ass toward him pressing my chest into his mattress. I felt him shift off the mattress and heard him fumble in his nightstand. When I looked over he held up a bottle of lube for my inspection.

“Lube.” He flipped the top up and kneeled back on the bed. “You are beautiful like this. So hot.”

When cold lube dropped on my ass I jumped. It slid into my ass. His second finger joined the first. The lube helped welcome this intrusion. My ass began to relax as his two fingers slipped in and out.

“It feels good.” I encouraged him. pendik escort bayan When I glanced at his face I smiled at his intense expression. He watched his fingers plunge into my rectum. His mouth fell to my ass cheeks again with a series of kisses and nips. His other hand delivered rubs and light slaps. I loved this. A glance at his cock told me he liked it too. A string of pre-cum dangled from his rigid length. If I weren’t offering up my ass I’d have played with that string like a kitten.

He backed away pulling his ass warmed fingers from me. He lifted the lube to squirt a dollop in my stretched hole before dripping lube over his cock and rubbing it around. He lined himself up with my ass rubbing his cock around my anal ring. The sensation of cold lube and his warm skin caused me to release my ass cheeks to clutch the sheets above my head. Oh god, could I do this? I wanted it.

“Are you sure, baby?”

“Yes. Fuck my ass!” My ass wagged at him. I felt the pressure of his large warm cock slip into the first part of my ass. His hands lifted my cheeks apart to give him better access. I felt split apart as he nudged his way into my darkest hole. My ass clenched at the insertion. Everything felt backward.

The pressure was incredible. I felt a tingling pleasant sensation as he took short strokes waiting between each. It allowed me time to acclimate to this foreign feeling. Each stroke spread me further until his thighs met mine. He mashed his hips into mine sliding his cock side to side stirring my arousal.

Fuck! I wanted to swallow him whole with my ass, capture him and never let him go. As he pulled back, intense pleasure shocked through me.

He slid in again. His stroke flicked past an area causing a wave of pleasure to ripple through my body. Additional lube blobs landed on my ass to merge with our joining. He picked up his pace. Each controlled thrust plucked my pleasure until it sang through me.

I found myself rubbing my clit as all sensation blurred. A pressure started causing my legs to spread wider encasing him within me.

“Babe, you feel incredible. Different.” His tone of reverence flipped my pleasure into high gear. I started fucking him back pushing into him. My ass pressed wide and open as his root and balls lodged against me. Again and again and again. My clit had swelled into a soft pleasure lump for me to tease as he fucked my ass.

Orgasm seeped from my bone marrow to spread throughout my body with intense rolling waves. I spun through this unfamiliar orgasmic surf losing my way. I couldn’t stay awake.

I woke when I felt his deflated cock trickle from my ass. As my disorientation cleared, I noticed we were nestled like spoons, his hand upon my breast. When I shifted I woke him. I felt his lips kiss the top of my head two times as his hand shifted to my other breast. His arm tugged me closer into his chest.

“Love you,” his whisper more of a sleepy gasp. I could hear his even breathing return as he relaxed back into sleep. I clenched my ass to test for soreness. While sore, a feeling of completeness wound through me. I laid my hand over the top of his as I fell into a sated sleep.

Even years later, I am only satiated when both my pussy and ass are thoroughly fucked by this man. Do I blame my ass? The answer is a cheek spreading yes. Desire took it prisoner during one intense fuck when a finger knocked against its virgin doorway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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