Date Night Pt. 02 – Master’s Pick

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After we shower and rest, we head back out to a different bar. This time I’m determined to bring back a second cock, and I do. Once back behind closed doors, like a good sub, you drop your clothing. Standing naked… waiting. You see my barely visible nod and as you approach you reach for my cock. I stop you, pushing you onto your knees, slapping my cock against your face for being rude to our guest. He’s shocked as to what has just happened in front of him. I can see that his cock is straining in his pants. I ask him, “Do you want to see my sub’s skills?”

Of course, he says “Yes!”

I tell him, “I’m in charge and you must ask my permission on what you’d would like to do to my sub.”

He’s not offended by this and agrees to play by my rules. Stepping aside I tell you to pull his pants off and release his straining cock. While you’re doing that, I go over to the bedside and grab a rubber for you to slid onto him. I can see that he has a decent cock; standing at bursa escort full mast with pre-cum starting to build on the end of his cock. You’re fixed on the new cock your Master has for you, not realizing that I’ve come to stand behind you.

I grab a hand full of hair, turning your head to the side as I push myself balls deep holding you there. I can feel that you need to breath so I pull back a bit allowing you to get a breath before I slam my balls on your chin. I pull out, hand you the rubber to slide onto our guests’ cock. Once on, I step behind you guiding you to our guest’s cock, pushing you all the way down so his balls are now touching your chin.

I tell our guest that you have great skill at pleasing your master orally. I let my grasp go and you show him your skill. After a few minutes he yells, “I’m about to blow!”

I stop you and bring you to me on the bed giving him time to cool off. I can see that you’re so wet it’s starting to run down your legs. Master bursa escort bayan wants in his pussy. You climb on me sliding all of me in you. You ride me screaming, “May I cum now Master?”

I deny this request.

You ride me for a few more minutes. Looking at our guest I see he’s enjoying the show. We move over, I tell him, “Get on your back on the bed.”

I pull you off me by your hair; you whimper as I leave you. You’re not sure what’s going to happen now. I get you to straddle our guest as you start to clean me of your pussy juice.

I ask our guest,” Would like to fuck my sub?”

“Yes Master,” is his reply.

Shocked at his answer I allow you to slid onto him. Now you have two cocks filling you I slide myself deep into your throat as you fuck our guest. I can tell you’re really needing to release your orgasm. I step off the bed allowing you to ride our guest. Once again you scream asking to cum, your request denied.

I’m standing behind escort bursa you as you straddle our guest. I push you down onto him giving me a great view of your cock filled pussy. I find the lube and work it into your ass. I stop you both, sliding my cock into you. You feel so full with two cocks inside you. I start fucking your ass hard and deep.

All of a sudden, he screams, “I’m going to cum!!”

I reach down grabbing his balls hard and tell him, “Your request to cum is denied. I’m not done.”

I pull him out of you to make sure he’s not going to cum. I keep fucking you hard, you beg to cum. Again denied, “MASTER’S not ready to cum,” I say.

Slowing down so you can feel every vain on my cock, you’re told to slid our guest’s cock back into you. You start to slid on both of our cocks slow and steady making sure not to cum until told. This happens for some time. I pick up the pace, you’re begging and he’s screaming to cum. I allow our guest to cum but not you. I allow our guest to leave knowing you haven’t finished yet. We fuck till we both can’t hold back anymore. I tell you it’s time to cum. You do so by spraying me with cum as you orgasm hard and I blow deep inside you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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