A Different Relationship Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Submission

After Paul’s acceptance of Linda’s terms the real submission starts and first changes are made.

Suddenly she wasn’t stern any longer. She just smiled. But not a happy smile, more like a smile of satisfaction.

‘How long will I be locked in this thing? Where are the keys?’

‘Well, Initially I planned on keeping you in there for two weeks to start with. However, I decided to give you an extra week for each question that you ask about your chastity. So you’ll be released for the first time in a month.’

‘That’s not fair. I did not know that a question would give me another week.’

‘OK. Now it’s five weeks. I just decided that complaining about it will get you an additional week. Now is there something else Paul? No? Good. I will be moving back in here within the next week. You will take a few days off work to help me move my stuff back in. You agreed to my terms so next week we’re gonna make a few permanent changes. I plan on getting that nipple piercing that you always wanted me to get and you’ll be coming with me and be paying for it. Ok, I’m gonna take a shower now. Come with me and wait till I’m finished. I want to try something else.’

Her commanding tone always makes me so hot and I could feel my dick trying to get hard in the chastity device. No matter what she asked from me I know that I would do it. I watched Linda get up in front of me and head towards the bathroom. I followed her in, gazing on her gorgeous ass. She was a small woman. Not even 5,2. She had a nice shaped ass and stunning hips. Her breasts were also gorgeous and her nipples would stand within a second if you just touched them a little bit. She was not thin but not chubby either. She had that kind of body that just wouldn’t get thinner no matter what she did but she kept in great shape even if you couldn’t see it. I watched her step into the shower canlı bahis and sat down on the floor waiting for her to finish.

As she stepped out I realized that Linda wasn’t just shaven clean but that she somehow removed her hair completely. That’s new I thought. She caught me staring at her pussy.

‘You like it?’

‘Yeah it looks great. How did you do it?’

Linda didn’t answer me and walked out of the room but came back in with a bag and another smile on her face. She took out a trimmer and commanded me to step into the shower and trim all my hair below the neck. I did as asked and once I rinsed down all the excessive hair I stepped out of the shower again. The chastity cage on my penis was moving as I was trying to get hard inside of it. She held up a key and quickly unlocked the lock on the device.

‘Don’t get your hopes up. I’ll put it back on once we’re finished and afterwards it’ll stay on till the next time. You won’t have any access to your dick unsupervised, be sure of that.’

And with that she put the device on the floor next to me and I almost immediately grew completely hard. The chastity cage really did not allow much growing. It was about 2 and a half inches long in total. There is a metal ring without any edges that has a hinge to open it up. You open the ring, put it behind your balls and then close it again. Then there is the actual cage that gets put over your penis and which is connected to the ring. It consists of metal bars and make it look as if your dick was actually put in a cage. When I am becoming hard, or rather trying to, and the flesh sticks out a little between the bars but there is no way to escape. I can imaging given some time and accepting a lot of pain I could get out on my own but I really don’t want to try. As there is open space between the metal bars it is easy to urinate wearing the device. Plus you can clean bahis siteleri your penis in the shower even when wearing it. This makes it more hygienic than other models that use a tube instead of a cage.

Linda reached between my legs and pulled out the buttplug in one yank. I had forgotten that it was there.

‘I got this thing on the internet.’ she said as she was holding a white device in her hands that looked a little bit like an oversized barcode scanner from the supermarket.

‘It’s used to permanently remove hair. It’ll take about six to eight procedures to become permanent but once this is over you will be completely hair free and never have to trim or shave your body again. I don’t like the hair and like you to be smooth so I decided to do this to you. As you can see the results are amazing so don’t be afraid.’

Now began the long process of laser removing off all the rest of the hair. Apparently the hair needs to be trimmed for the procedure, that’s why she had me do that. It took a long time and I head to spread my buttcheeks or raise my legs to give complete access. My legs were getting tired and my penis grew back to its smaller unaroused state.

After Linda was finished she quickly put the chastity device back on and my penis was once again locked away and I could not touch it anymore. She also put the buttplug back inside of me.

‘I want you to keep the plug inside of you at all times. You are allowed to remove and clean it in the morning while you are taking a shower and go to the bathroom but otherwise it will stay in. I might call or text you to send me a picture of it being there so don’t try to cheat.’

I agreed and she packed everything away and we went to bed. She put on a sexy nightgown and instructed me to sleep naked. I had to hold her in my arms and we both fell asleep.

I woke up two times and my dick was hurting bahis şirketleri a lot. Apparently it tried to get hard but couldn’t and I had to wait about 30 minutes every time to be able to go back to sleep. On the next morning I woke up with Linda sitting on my face.

‘Good morning. Start licking.’

Still drousey I started to caress her thighs while slowly starting to kiss the insides of her legs. I quickly reached her hole and started to put my tongue in as far as I could before I slowly started to lick her clit. She started moaning and I could tell that she was close to another orgasm. I could feel the pain coming from my groin growing again. A few more minutes and she started screaming as her juices started flowing out into my mouth. Damn nothing gets me hotter than eating her out during an orgasm and to hear her scream out in pleasure. I live for giving her pleasure. If my dick wasn’t caged I’d be rock hard right now.

‘Thank you Paul. Now go get up and make some breakfast as I am getting ready.’

I stood up, turned on the coffee maker and headed towards the toilet. I looked into the mirror and was a bit shocked. Here I stood not a single hair on my body which felt amazing I have to admit and with a metal device encaging my cock.

I set down to pee and wiped away the excessive urine from the cage. I made breakfast for us and we ate it together. Just like old times. Well almost. Per her wish I was to remain naked while at home but I wasn’t cold so I didn’t mind. She even allowed me to put on clothes when a delivery arrived or something similar. This was really starting to be like I always imagined it would. Her commanding my every move and me blindly following every command. Hell I loved her so much for that.

‘I’ll be coming home late today. We are going out for a few drinks after work. I’ll just wake you up when I get home if I feel like it. I enjoy this new arrangement immensely and hope you do too.’

Then Linda kissed be good bye and grabbed and yanked the chastity device a little before she left. That’s when the pain came back as I was trying to get hard again.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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