A Beautiful Evening With You and I

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After a romantic walk along the beach, you invite me into your summer beach house. After unlocking the door to your house, you walk into the house, no lights on, and as you make your way to the nearest light switch, I grab you. I am gripping both of your hands; I guide you to the nearest wall. Pinning you against the wall, I hold your hands above your head. For that brief moment, you focus on me and I kiss you ever so lightly. With my lips barely touching yours, you feel my breath on your face. It is so quiet; you can almost hear my heart beating. I release of one of your hands, and touch your beautiful face gently, tracing my fingertips down the side of your lovely face. The kisses get more passionate, suddenly everything around us is a blur. The soft touch of your lips, the texture of your tongue, and the gentle moans, it all drives me insane. My fingers run up through your long hair, pulling it gently back, just enough to get a reaction from you, and I kiss you deeper, feeling much overtaken by passion.

I move even closer to you, pressing you against the wall with my body, I can feel your heart beating and your body’s heat radiating on to me. My mind starts racing as my hands position on your face, tilting your head back slightly. I kiss your neck. At first, small little pecks as I hear a slight moan come from your lips as my lips stroke your neck. Then, my tongue caresses your neck and the warmth drives you wild. Your fingers are down my back with your eyes closed tightly as your heart beats faster and faster. You do want nothing more than for me to kiss you again. Then I bite down on your neck, wanting to hear your voice again. I feel your body tense up while goose bumps run through your body, then I place both of my hands on your face, and kiss you ever so deeply, so passionately, that you feel my kiss canlı bahis rush through you. Your mind wanders further. Wanting nothing more than to taste your skin, I help you take your shirt off leaving you there in the dark, topless, as you stand against the wall. I move my way down your body with my tongue, first, just below your neck while my hands roam down your body. I look up at you with your eyes still closed tightly. Biting your lower lip and lost in the moment, I move down a little further.

I move down a little bit further, brushing my lips across your nipples, just barely touching them. My fingertips lightly graze upon your breasts, working their way down your body, all the way down to your feet. I place one of your nipples into my mouth, licking it harder and harder with my tongue. My hands are working their way back up your body, between your legs, up your sides, until I am on my knees, and your breasts are in my hands. I glance up at you. You are staring down at me with that look in which I can see everything that you are thinking, a gaze that penetrates right through me. Still on my knees, I unbutton your pants and slide them down your slender legs, leaving you there in the dark, standing in front of me naked. I then walk you out to the center of the room and blindfold you.

Thinking if I take one of your senses away from you, it may heighten your other senses. I walk around you, randomly touching you in various places, watching your body react to my slightest touch. You not knowing where I will touch you next, not knowing if it will be my fingers, my lips, or my tongue. You stand there shaking in anticipation, wanting me to touch you even more. First, I stand behind you with you not knowing where I am. I run my fingertips all the way down your back, and then I maneuver ever so quietly in front bahis siteleri of you. Without you knowing it, I touch your nipples with my tongue. I hear you moan out in pleasure. You find it hard not to react. Not knowing where I am standing or where I am going to touch you next, you reach out for me, yet I move. I stand there silently as you try to find me. I hear you call my name, but I refuse answer.

You start to get nervous, and then suddenly, I grab your hair, pull your head back, and bite down on your neck. Your mind starts going crazy. Your heart beats faster. Now, you do not know what to think. Acquiring a bottle of wine from the bar, I pour a glass of wine, dip my fingers into it, and let the wine drip onto your body. The cold flow of wine sends chills down your spine, and then I hungrily lick it off. The warmth of my tongue is turning you on even more. I dip my fingers into the wine glass, this time tracing your lips with the liquid. Suddenly, I kiss you while tasting the wine on your lips. I take the blindfold off; lead you to the bed, then laying you down so softly. I work my way down your body, tasting your skin all the way down until I get between your legs. I can feel how hot you are and I want to taste you so bad, but I do not. I run my tongue down your thighs, teasing you just a bit with my hands running up and down your thighs.

Then I work my way back up until my face is right between your legs, you can feel my breath and I can tell, by the way your body is quivering, that you want me to taste you with my tongue. Even so gently, my tongue just barely touches your clit, back and forth against it, hardly touching it at all. Your body jolts. Finally, I can taste you, and it drives me wild and you insane. All I can think about now is putting my fingers in you, wanting to feel how wet you bahis şirketleri are, wanting to know how much I turn you on, so I bring my hand up and slide a finger into you. Oh my God, your pleasure treasure is soaking wet. My finger slides right into you and now all I can think about is making you orgasm. I slide two fingers into you and suck your clit into my mouth. Your eyes close so tight. You moan aloud. Your fingers run madly through my hair, pushing my face further, deeper into you. I can feel your body tense up from the inside. I focus more on you, listening to your slightest sound, your every move, and wanting to make you cum so bad. My fingers move faster in and out of you. My tongue flicks across your clit faster and faster. Your moans get louder. You are grinding into my face harder and harder. Suddenly, it rushes over you and I can feel the pleasure within you explode.

Your whole body tenses up and you yell that you are going to cum! Your back lifts up and it happens. This earth shattering orgasm takes over your whole body. You breathe heavier and heavier. Your fingers claw the bed. I hear you shout my name. Your whole body starts to tremble. Your body falls limp. Prowling like a cat, I work my way up to you. Making sure to kiss you in all the right places along the way, I look directly into your eyes. You have this blank stare. Not sure what to say, I kiss you passionately, as I slide my long hard pulsating rod into you. Just as I do, the warmth dampness flows over all of my thoughts. You look right into my eyes. Not needing to say a word, you press your body against mine, and I slowly move in and out of you. My mind concentrates on you once again. Thinking, “Oh Lord, I am inside of her, I’m inside her magnificent body!” I could not be any closer to you, thinking about how intense this feeling was that you could feel every bit of me. As I move in and out of you, while my fingers run in and out through your hair repeatedly and again. I just want you to look right into my eyes, while I make sweet passionate love to you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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