Wife has to Deal with Hubby’s Dad Ch. 01

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As a young couple, Annie and Matt always seemed happy together, but suddenly their situation changed when Matt was laid off from his full-time office job and had to start working in retail jobs, working many more hours to get by. At 27, this definitely wasn’t his career plan, but hopefully it will just be temporary, and they can get back on their feet soon. In the meantime, they were forced to save money by moving in with Matt’s dad, which certainly wasn’t a comfortable situation for either of them. For Annie, moving into her husband’s dad’s house at the age of 26 felt like they were going backwards. But, she was still studying online to try to get a degree which could help her get a good job, and in the meantime, it was helpful not to have to pay rent while they tried to make it through.

The worst part of the new living arrangement was that her father in law Frank was always so mean to her, treating her like a live-in maid around the house and never giving her an ounce of respect in how he talked to her. And when she complained to her husband, he just asked her to be patient because they’re not going to have to live there for very long. Even when Matt was in the same room while his dad was being verbally mean to her, he didn’t stand up for her or do anything to stop him. Annie decided that her hubby was just afraid to confront his dad, as he might not be able to fight back against him. Her best friend even suggested that maybe she should dress sexier around the house sometimes, and the old jerk might see her in a different way, and start treating her nicely. But she could never even imagine doing it because he was such a horrible person all the time to her.

To make things even more crowded, Matt’s Uncle Bob, who is an electrician, was hired by her father in law to install a new air conditioning system, and he has to stay there a couple nights a week while he’s working on it during the weekends, when he has days off his real job. Since he lives almost 2 hours away, it makes sense for him to crash there at least one night a week while working on the AC project.

Unlike Frank though, the uncle is actually very nice, although to the point of maybe being a tiny bit flirty sometimes. Annie always feels it’s weird how different he and his brother are since they’re twins, and look so similar, but act very differently.

Annie had even talked with her best friend a few times about them, saying she wishes she could just swap the two old guys out for each other, and her and her husband could live with the nice one instead of the mean one, but unfortunately, that’s the one that’s his dad.

On one day when her husband had to go to work at his retail job in the morning, and the uncle had slept over in the living room, Frank called for her to come out of her room so he could tell her all the chores she had to do that day while he went golfing. The kitchen, the laundry, the vacuuming, the bathrooms, and as he went through the detailed list, he was such a jerk about it all. But what could she do, they are living in his house right now for free, and she has to do her part, right?

That day, the uncle heard everything since he was lying on the sofa, and said he felt so badly for her and his brother is so mean to her, and offered to help her with some of the housework she had been assigned. She thought that was really nice of him, but he was there to work on the air conditioning project, and she had her stuff to do, so she said no thank you but that’s so nice of you to offer to me. Then he said is there anything else I can help with, I just want to make your life a little easier… after thinking for a second, she remembered that the ceiling fan in her and her husband’s room hasn’t worked since they moved in, and asked him if he could take a look to see if it could be fixed and guve them some relief from the summer heat. He was more than happy to take a look, so they went down the hall to her room, which was when the uncle said something a little flirty – he mentioned that her yoga pants were incredibly sexy, but maybe it wasn’t the pants, it was how she filled them out. She blushed a little, because he was being so nice overall, but it also felt weird to have her husband’s uncle basically telling her that he liked her ass, right? So that was a little uncomfortable for her.

Once they got into the room, he stepped up onto the bed to check out the fan. This was the first time she ever noticed – being at direct eye level with his waist – that he had a very sizeable bulge in his sweatpants. She thought, wow… doesnt he know thats so obvious there? Why doesnt he have a better way to tuck it in ir hide it? Does he know? But at the same time, she felt herself uncontrollabky thinking how it sure looks like it’s a lot bigger than what her Hubby has. Damn, how did he not get those genes from his family? While he was looking at the fan, he asked her if she could find him a screwdriver so he could open the motor part. She said of course, there’s some in canlı bahis the kitchen drawer, I’ll be right back. While she walked back down the hall, she remembered him talking about her ass, and realized he was watching her walk the whole way down that same hall, and it turned her on thinking about it as she walked skowly down it again. Standing in the kitchen and getting the screwdriver, she caught a glimpse of herself in the sliding glass door, and thought maybe she could just show off a little bit for him, and see how he reacted. She was wearing a t-shirt, but she remembered she had a sports bra in the laundry right there that she had worn recently during a yoga video workout. She quickly changed into that, which showed off her breasts, pushing them up and out so much.. When she got back into the bedroom, she knew once he looked down at her, he’d be staring right down at those breasts and provabky know she changed clothes to show them off to him. That immediately made that bulge his pants that was already so much bigger than she imagined into twice the size! She could see it pulse with his heartbeat and get a little bugger wjtn ebery pulse. She had bever seen anythjng that big in real life beford, from what she could tell through his sweatpants. She felt her body turn hot and her nipples were almost poking through tbe material of her bra while she couldn’t stop staring at that snake in his pants. He cleared his throat, and asked for the screwdriver, and she was so embarrassed she laughed a nervous laugh, and when their eyes connected she knew that he knew exactly what she was looking at before. And he said “are you ok?” and she said oh yes, sorry, and while they were looking at each other’s faces, she immediately looked back down at that thing in his pants, looked back up at him, and he smiled, knowingly.

She knew she had to leave the room right away – it was her husband’s uncle for god’s sake! So she went to the bathroom and then waited in the living room until he came out and said he had fixed the fan. She was so relieved that she didn’t do anything stupid, but was definitely turned on so much. She thanked him without letting her eyes look down thrre again at all and he went to the garage to start working on the AC unit. That night, she couldn’t wait for her hubby to come home so they could get go to bed and she could try to get him turned on so she could get all that horniness out of her. But by the time he got home he was exhausted and just wanted to sleep, which was the worst thing for her. Now she had to quietly pleasure herself while lying next to him and not making too many noises or movements to wake him up. Her thoughts quickly went to what she saw in his uncle Bob’s sweatpants, and how he must have thought about why she changed into her sports bra and how lustful her eyes might have looked while she was looking at him then down at his massive bulge. What did he think? Does he think she wants him now? Oh god… this is making her so horny she started massaging her hands across her breasts and nipples which were so hard and aroused beyond belief. As one of her hands slid down into her pussy, it was dripping wet. Oh it was so wet, and it was about her hubby’s uncle! That’s so wrong, she thought. Then after a few seconds, her mind thought – wait a minute, the old jerk down the hall, hubby’s dad, is his twin? Does that mean he’s also got a massive cock too? Oh god… she hates him so much but that thought couldn’t escape her mind before she had a huge orgasm thinking about those two older men. It was such a rush she was sweating and panting but had to now calm down and get to sleep.

The next weekend, the uncle was back on Saturday to work on the AC unit, and again spent the night on the sofa. On this Sunday morning when her hubby went to work, and her FIL went golfing, the uncle asked her if it was ok for him to take a shower first, or if she wanted to use the bathroom. Since they were sharing the bathroom in the hallway (nobody was allowed to use the mean FIL’s master bath of course), she said to just give her a few minutes in there, then it can be all his. She quickly used the toilet, washed her hands, and then made sure there was a bath towel and all the other things he would need for his shower to be nice to him. When she came out she said “all yours” and he said in a very low voice “I wish you were” Which she could barely hear, and she said “what?” And he replied “nevermind…” but she knew what he was doing, trying to tease with her again. And maybe putting himself into her thoughts for later…

About five minutes later, she heard him calling her name. She went down the hall closer to the door to ask him if he was calling for her. He said yes, that the shampoo bottle was empty and if she had any more somewhere. She was surprised, because she just checked on everything and thought there was plenty before he got in the bathroom. But, she figured ok, there’s some in FIL’s bathroom, so she said sure, be right back. When she got back down the bahis siteleri hall, she told him she had some more, and the door cracked open just a little bit, and she pushed the shampoo bottle into the opening, where his wet hand grabbed it, and also touched her hand a little. She couldn’t help but glance through the crack in the door and into the mirror to see what was going on in there, but it was too foggy to make anything out except a blurry shape of him.

After that, he had the shower running for what seemed like an extremely very long time, and she wondered what he was doing in there for so long, picturing in her mind what she thought was his huge package and if he was thinking of her while washing himself naked in the shower.

After he was done with his shower and was going back to work in the garage, he passed by her and said with a smile “thanks for cleaning up in there, sorry if I left too much of a mess.” That seemed like a weird thing for him to say, so she went into the bathroom to collect the towels and make sure everything was cleaned up. It was then that she found a strange glob of something on the inside of the shower curtain that she didn’t know for sure what it was. Maybe it was shampoo? Or more likely conditioner? Or was her hubby’s uncle doing something else in there for so long… and maybe while thinking about her, he came onto the shower curtain and decided to leave it for her to. find?

She was so confused, so, she took a pic with her phone and sent it to her best friend Jess. She had already told her about the uncle fllirting with her the week before, and even told her about the sweatpants, which Jess made fun of her about, like why are you getting turned on by your hubby’s uncle? Haha. When she looked at the pic, she said it was hard to tell. what did it smell like? It’s impossible to tell by just looking. but she tried and it just smelled like the shower. Then Jess said maybe you should try tasting it to see what it is. and she said ewww no way i’m going to do that – what if it’s the worst thing we’re thinking it could be!?!? But her friend convinced her that she needs to know if he left something for her or not. So… after thinking about it, she went ahead and tasted it. and she knew immediately what it was, it was his salty thick cum. And she couldn’t believe it. He did that thinking about her and left it for her to find. and something about all of that made her so hot, so wanted, she tasted it again. And again. and then it was all gone inside her mouth. She was devastated that she had another man’s cum in her mouth that wasn’t her husband. And even worse than that, it was his own uncle! She felt so bad and embarrassed that she couldn’t even talk with him the rest of the day.

When she woke up the next day, she felt so angry that her hubby’s uncle somehow manipulated her into taking his semen into her mouth. and it made her so mad. She obviously couldn’t tell her husband about it – he would freak out and the whole story might make him want to totally break up with her for eating the cum, or who knows what. She was so mad at herself for listening to her friend, and also disgusted that she actually kept licking it up until it was all gone.

Annie decided she needed to put a stop to all of this nonsense so nothing more would happen. No more flirting. No more fantasizing, no more of any of it! She found herself feeling that the only way to stop it all was by talking with her awful, mean father in law and since it was his own twin brother who did this, she somehow felt in the moment of shock she was in that she could tell him that his brother, her husbands own uncle, would do such a disgusting thing. Frank said he couldn’t believe that his brother did that, and was she absolutely sure about what she was accusing him of? She said yes, she knows it, and told him she even tasted it to make sure. He was so shocked by this, and asked her why she would taste it? She explained it was the only way to know for sure. He asked her if she could show him any proof of what was left of it, and she had to admit it was all gone. At that point, her father in law looked at her with an evil smile, and said that was so dirty of her to do, and he was surprised she’s that kind of girl.

Then he smiled and put his hand on her shoulder, and said he had an idea of how to make sure his brother never bothered her like that again. and for the first time ever, the mean old jerk that was her husband’s dad seemed like he was doing something nice for her. She was hopeful that all of this would stop now and she could go back to just being a good, quiet wife who did all the housework around there and go back to normal.

The next day, her husband left for work in the morning and less than five minutes after his car drove away, she heard her father in law calling for her. When she made her way out to the kitchen where he was standing, he pointed to a plate. On the plate was what looked like a warm, fresh shot of cum. He told her that he wanted bahis şirketleri her to lick it off the plate, and if she didn’t, he would tell her husband that she already ate all of his uncle’s cum. She gasped and said what are you talking about, there’s no way i’m doing this! And he asked her again, what if Matt found out what you did? I think it’s very easy for you to just lick your tongue across that plate and show me how you like to taste a man’s cum.

She was so upset and freaked out but she didn’t know what else she could possibly do since she was living in the old jerk’s house and also now that he knew the story about her hubby’s uncle and was using it against her. So… she picked up the plate. and she looked up at him, hoping he would say never mind, I was just kidding, stop. But he didn’t. Instead, he said “go ahead babe” and she looked down and took a lick. Right then, she looked up at him and he smiled. but it was such an evil smile. She had the worst feeling about this and what was going to happen now with all of this trouble she was getting info.

That was Monday.

On Tuesday, once her husband had left for work, her father in law called for her and when she came out to the living room, there was a new plate for her to lick. This time he told her he wanted her to finish the whole plate. All of his cum.

While she was licking this new plate clean, he explained that he has a weekly bowling night with all his friends every Wednesday night and he wants her to come with him this week. and if she doesn’t figure out a way to come with him, her husband will find out about what she’s been licking and eating… and when she looked up at him to say no wag, she saw that he was using his phone to video her licking his cum off the plate she was holding.

Then on Wednesday when her husband went to work, the jerk father in law asked her to try on different outfits to show him what she would wear to go in front of his bowling friends that night. she tried to wear the most normal things, and he ultimately approved of some tight jeans and a white button down shirt. She knew the tight jeans were going to be on full display while she was standing up in front of them all to bowl, and all his friends would see her perfect ass and wonder what she was doing with Frank.

Then it was time to leave. Her hands were shaking because she couldn’t believe she was accompanying this old mean jerk to see his friends at some bowling alley. and once they got there, he was giving her lessons that included heavy groping, using his hands to “teach” her how to bowl better by holding her ass in one hand, and her waist in the other, and moving her around in front of all his friends. At one point she actually got a spare, and he grabbed her and pulled her down onto his lap, With all his friends obviously assuming they were a couple now, as he held her down and once she got into his lap, she felt how hard he was getting and how big he was and she got so confused as to what she was feeling.

Annie asked to take a break and go to the bathroom, where she looked in the mirror and asked herself what the hell was going on. She was getting so turned on by being on display for all of Frank’s friends who obviously were checking out her perfect body and at the same time were convinced that her and Frank were a couple. And she hated that but it also felt so sexy for some reason. It was so confusing.

Once they got done bowling and were back in the car heading home, he fold her that it’s time for her to get his cum directly, not on a plate anymore. She said no no that would mean… and he said yes, it means I’ll put it right into your mouth, and if you object to that, I’ll show Matt all the videos i have of you licking my cum anyway and what’s he going to think about that?

When they got back to the house, she was so nervous about what he was going to make her do. He held her hand, and directed her into the living room where he sat down in on the sofa and pointed to the carpet in front of him for her to get down on her knees.

Her mind was spinning. What has happened to her? How has this last week gone so wrong and what is she doing? She hates this old jerk and now she’s about to suck his cock? And surely the way he’s manipulating the whole situation, this isn’t the last thing he’s going to make her do… Omg, she thought, her whole life is ruined, and now what is she going to become?

She got down on her knees, and wasn’t sure if she wanted to cry or what she would do. And then, he unzipped and showed her his manhood. Wow. She had never seen anything that big and thick before, as she had only been with 3 guys in her life. She was stunned. But before she could even react, he told her that she had to ask him to suck it. He said “ask me nicely to suck my big cock baby. ask me like it’s the only cock you want right now, and forever”

She didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t like she had an option, and at the same time, it was such an amazing dick, she actually was wondering what it was like to touch it. So, she asked him “Frank, can i please suck your cock?” and he said :”that wasn’t good enough baby, you have to beg me to suck me off or it’s not going to happen”

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