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“The most bizarre stream of occurrences have dogged my life ever since I was born in London after my mother’s water broke in Wales. I never looked back. Following major bus, bike, ship and plane mishaps, being placed under armed guard by Russian soldiers, trapped in an elevator in Japan with the Indian Prime Minister, arrested in LA on suspicion of burglary in San Francisco, two days before I ever went there, things only got worse. En-route to Vancouver I ended up in Australia by mistake, got called-up for Vietnam, had two cars written-off within 20 minutes of each other, one by the Australian Prime Minister. Blown half-way across Park Lane by a terrorist bomb in London, accused (and charged) with rape by a 17 year old female student in payback for saying “no thanks……Hell, who else do you know has ever been booked for “dangerous stopping whilst giving way to ducks on a pedestrian crossing?” and “driving in roller skates?”

Like I said……not your average life by a long shot. Still, to experience diversions such as this little tale, it was all worth it!

Now, it hasn’t ALL been bad news. For some reason I have been blessed with an abundance of sexual opportunity all my life…from 8 upwards (hey, that’s another story now I think of it) I figure God kinda had the inclination to balance things up somewhere down the line.

In the late eighties, early to mid nineties, I was the marketing manager of the Australian-based branch of a Canadian conglomerate. Part of my job spec, being closeted up in Sydney NSW, was a bi-monthly State Managers’ meeting held in Melbourne. I always stayed in the same hotel – best remaining un-named I imagine. Suffice to say it is probably the city’s premier stop-over for travellers on limitless and seriously abused company expense-accounts. Damn, I miss that mini-bar!

Well, after another day’s explaining why we hadn’t made budget and why we would NEVER make budget, until the company actually spent the advertising dollars asked for, I returned to the Hotel for a relaxing evening.

Come 7.30 ish, a knock at the door. Opening it, I was confronted by one enormous leather-clad dude who would have had no problems bench-pressing Hulk Hogan.

“This room 484?” he grunted.

Turning to glance at those very numbers emblazoned across the top of my door, I replied “Lucky guess.”

“Well, here she is,” he continued, ushering this cutest of cute little babes from behind his back. She barely reached his six-pack and looked about 14.

“Very nice,” I said. “What’s the catch? Compliments of the house?”

“Ordered and paid for,” he continued. “I’ll pick her up in the morning around 8 pm.” With that he lumbered off towards the elevator. I had been waiting for him to say “Ah’ll be buck.”

Dragged her inside before anyone saw her standing outside my door and called Crime-Stoppers’ paedophile division.

“Er, hello,” I said…..”There’s an explanation for this I take it?”

She had on a full-length coat… I just hoped something was on UNDER it.

“The guy from room 484 here, called and made a booking,” she answered. Very well spoken and altogether very very charming. You’d never have picked her for an escort……ninth grade cheerleader maybe.

“You paid for me,” she added almost wistfully, “Don’t you remember?”

“Hmmm, well now you mention it,” I said, figuring it wasn’t my fault if they had problems with their answering service, “I MIGHT’s been a hell of a day you know. Just refresh my memory…what did it cost me?…for the night, I mean”

“Fifteen hundred,” she replied, like that was a budget-priced evening.

“Look, I gotta be honest,” I said, “I didn’t call your agency, I can’t shaft some poor schmuck out of his $1,500 dollar investment. You’d better call T2 back and sort this out.”

The girl looked totally confused but pulled out her cell (one of the old “bricks”) and rang back to base. I sat on the bed wondering what the hell was under that coat and wishing I wasn’t so fucking honest.

After some animated discourse she put the phone down and sat in the chair near the TV. Don’t ask me why, but I knew she’d be staying.

“The boss said the booking was made from this room in this hotel and as far as he’s concerned, I stay here till the morning.” She continued, “If the other guy got the wrong room number that’s HIS bad luck. The boss doesn’t give refunds.”

I could see why he wouldn’t, also the impracticality of the client calling the Police.

“You’ve been defrauded you say sir? Now HOW old was she again? I see, now perhaps if you’d just first step this way Sir, we have some handcuffs we’d like you to try on.”

Whatever, I liked that company’s code of ethics, not to mention their sound business practises. Kind of neat too that the dummy who made the booking was most likely only a couple of doors away on my floor and was probably mooching up and down the hallway looking for a special delivery you sure as hell would never get from Fed-Ex.

“So canlı bahis how old are you sweetie?” I asked.

Her reply of “Eighteen,” had me choking on my cracker and french-onion dip.

“Yeah, and I’m twenty six,” I countered.

I looked at her closely. Thirteen may have been nearer the mark…..that is until she showed me her id. Drivers’ license and her health card – you can’t get either here till you’re 17. I couldn’t believe it, she looked a fair bit younger than my 15 year old daughter Jenna. From the license I had learned also that her name was Susie. I asked her if she would like to take her coat off, the climate control being on the warm side that night. She looked a little bothered but stood up to remove it.

“Look I can explain this,” she said, standing there now in the shortest school outfit you ever saw. Immaculately pressed white blouse and tie, micro mini skirt, white socks and black shoes with sexy little straps. The whole enchilada.

“Let me guess,” I said, “You dress to order?”

“Yes,” she replied. “Because I look younger, they make me go to all the guys who call and want 14 or 15 year old girls.

“You must be a real busy girl then Susie,” I said to her. “No one would question your age either would they?” She shook her pretty head. “And presumably, Mr Somewhere-out-there-in-the-hallway was expecting a 14 year old schoolgirl tonight?” She nodded.

My mind was racing ahead of itself thinking of all the things you could order beside a schoolgirl. Young Roman girl, trainee nurse, little daughter, bikini-clad teenager, cute 13 year-old in pigtails, teen-slut, Girl Guide, young salesgirl. My God, she could and probably HAD played them all.

I asked her if she would like a drink and she asked if she could have an iced brandy, lime and soda. Whoa! A girl with a discerning palate. Fortunately, I had the necessary ingredients and I made it on automatic whilst my mind was totally engrossed on all HER ingredients. I stacked up a JD and ice for myself. Sitting there on the bed, watching her sipping her drink in the chair had one outright benefit – I could see her white panties. You couldn’t sit down in that skirt and NOT put them on display. I wasn’t complaining.

“You really are very very pretty Susie,” I volunteered, trying to justify my downward glances.

“Thank you,” she said, crossing her legs. Strike One!

“Would you like to watch TV?” I asked?

“You mean a porn channel?” she said..

“No Susie….not a porn channel,” I replied, kicking myself mentally for such a golden opportunity lost, “Just a movie or something?”

“You’re funny,” she said. “Most men just want to undress me and do it. You’re not gay are you….you don’t look it?”

“No Susie, I’m very far from gay,” I replied, my manhood under rare siege, “Desperate to get that hot little skirt off maybe, but not gay,” I added.

We chatted for a while. She told me she had been doing this for a year almost. Still at school herself, her parents didn’t know by virtue of the fact she had sleepover girlfriends to “cover” for her when she was “sleeping over” elsewhere. She had gotten the job apparently by responding to an obviously misrepresentative part-time job offer – she mentioned she was “saving for a car.” Even allowing for the agency’s probable 70-30 cut, I’d say they’d have been delivering that Ferrari any day.

I asked her if she had ever had problems with over-anxious or even straight-out kinky clients? She said no…that T2 or one of his minder-buddies was on hand 24/7.

Imagine Cameron Diaz when she was 15 and you pretty much have have the full picture, well, after you factor-in the uniform.

I asked her if she really HAD watched porn channels with clients. She said she did sometimes – so, feeling a tad naughty I had her come sit beside me and we fired one up.

Let me say I am not personally a hot fan of video porn, it’s about as sexy as washing-up usually. Synthetic blonde bimbos in completely sterile and unrealistic settings rutting away in so clinical a fashion, one could be forgiven for thinking this was a first year med-student’s training film. Having said that however, what IS hot is watching a girl being fucked on-screen with a “14 year old” schoolgirl sitting beside you on the bed.

Observing the on-screen action, Susie lay face down beside me on the bed…her shoes off, with those cute little socks still on. She looked for all the world just a little girl watching television with her dad. How sexy was that bottom? I put my hand on it and just patted her there a couple of times. She turned around smiling.

“I love my bottom being rubbed.” She whispered.

“What a coincidence,” I told her, “I love rubbing hot little girls’ bottoms too.”

She wriggled and just got to her knees on all fours, presenting her little tushy in all its glory, especially In THAT skirt with pretty much half her panties exposed too. The action on screen was hotting up also. A second guy had walked bahis siteleri in and the girl was in much the same position as Susie, only nude and with one cock already in her. I began fondling her bottom professionally.

Susie was murmuring and quite obviously as aroused as me. Seeing her in so submissive a pose was doing wonders for my own anatomy and having been in the shower only moments before T2 knocked, I was just in a bath-robe. Couldn’t have worked out better!

I reached under and lightly rubbed her breasts as they stretched out her little blouse admirably at that angle. She moaned as I discovered how beautifully designed she was. Adding to the illusion of an early teen, she had small wonderfully shaped breasts which I find totally appealing and supremely arousing to fondle. I knelt facing her side-on now. One hand rubbing her bottom, the other groping her. My erection had reached red-line fever.

“You can pull my panties down if you like?” she offered, still watching the girl on screen negotiating a second cock in a very naughty location. I got behind her and taking hold of her knickers, pulled them slowly down. Whether for effect or simply on auto-response, she gasped as I exposed her bottom. More shapely rear ends they don’t make and at the angle she was, legs well apart, her delightfully shaped pussy was clearly exposed to my gaze. Trimmed but not shaved, she had heaps of little tight curls standing guard around the inner sanctum. Other things were fully exposed too…..but that aspect was getting an adequate coverage on the small screen, I didn’t need dwell on it.

Continuing to kiss both cheeks, she wiggled her bum in total pleasure, it was all I could do to maintain control. I turned my attention to her socks and slipping her right one off I noticed she even had exquisitely formed feet – cutest little toes. I removed the other one slowly and began to massage both feet as she knelt there. This brought her to another level of arousal and she begged me to kiss them.

“Wow, who’s the kinky one here?” I was thinking.

Never having had a foot fetish that I was aware of at least, after I kissed first one, then the other I was a convert. So delicately formed was she all over, I began kissing her ankles, lower legs and inner thighs. Indispersed with this extremely erotic behaviour on my part, I cast many a glance at the on-screen antics of the copulating threesome and I suddenly found myself wanting to see Susie raped on this very bed….ahead of both of us fucking her in the manner I’d just been watching. Can you blame me?

“Compliant?” yeah, that’s a good word for Susie. She may only have been seventeen, but she was a certainly a girl at ease with her own sexuality. Lucky me! Having run the gamut of kissing her lower extremities, I had her sit cross legged on the bed legs apart, which only served I think to arouse both of us further. She then proceeded quite without any request on my part, to remove her tie and slowly undo the buttons of her blouse. You have no idea how erotic this was.

It wasn’t WHAT she was doing, even any overt sexual manner in which she did it. It was just HER and insane as it might sound now, for all the reality of the situation – her being a call-girl whichever way you look at it, I was falling in love with her and I wanted her more on that basis than anything else.

Sitting there just seconds later in simply her soft and frilly little white bra (schoolgirls don’t wear bright red front-loading push-ups) she was the image of desire incarnate. I must have sat there for at least a minute just taking it in. She held my gaze and slowly, oh, so slowly, pulled both straps down her arms, revealing the soft and delicate curves of her small breasts. It was to be more than a decade before I saw anything as naturally beautiful again and readers of the aforementioned story will understand I think, my meaning here.

Her breasts bore the hottest semi-erect and finely sculptured golden brown nipples and even at a few feet away, her beautiful slit glistened. I pulled her to me and kissed her and with that kiss I know I touched her emotionally. I lowered her to the bed, raised her arms above her head and drew down strongly on her right nipple. I felt her nerve endings complete that split-second journey from breast to pussy and as she moaned quietly I kissed her neck just beneath the hairline and gently rubbed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Her small hand separated the lower folds of my robe and I felt the coolest of little fingers take a hold of my erection. My turn to gasp!

For a while we just maintained that wonderful position, me kissing her breasts, her lips, her pretty ears, while she applied her own magic to my shaft. I could have allowed myself the luxury of orgasm, but this wasn’t the time, not by a long shot.

“I love the way you kiss me,” she whispered, as I looked down at her delicate shoulders, remarkably curvy waist, slim hips tapering to as perfect a little triangle bahis şirketleri of invitation as God has managed thus far. Foregoing the pleasure temporarily that her hand had been affording me, I spread her legs, positioned myself between them and kissed her just above that triangle. She momentarily shook and made a couple of little-girl noises….these however paled into insignificance compared to her reaction when I kissed her pussy. Wriggling, her hands automatically retracted to her vaginal area. Spreading her more, I caught a momentary flash of pinkish temptation. I licked her the entire length of her slit and she just shook and held on to me. Isolating the hood of her clitoris I continued to lick her with increasing pressure and depth until she just couldn’t keep still and was moaning in extremis.

Slobbering over a girl’s pussy is one thing. Gentle and passionate devotion to your craft is another. My own enjoyment of this moment was inextricably tied to Susie’s pleasure – the two things have always gone hand in hand. I felt her whole body cross the line from pleasure to urgency and I began to not only lick her in earnest but to nuzzle her and to hold her hand. More passes from hand to hand than you might realise, it is the sexual earthwire. She was gasping and right on the edge now, eyes closed and needing but one more lick to let go and be taken where she wanted to be led. I held off….but barely a moment, just long enough for her to gain that last impetus. I then licked her the length of her beautiful pussy and at the same time pushed two fingers deep inside her.

She didn’t scream as such, but she cried out as she was gripped by one almighty orgasm. She just clung to me as it washed over her. It washed over my fingers as well…..that girl knew how to come, let me tell you. As are most girls affected…..seconds after a really fulfilling orgasm, the pussy and nipples become so sensitive they can barely stand to be touched. If one is so inclined to be forceful, the fresh stimulus frequently prolongs the orgasm but it is often just to much of an emotional overload. That night I just lay beside her and held her. So intent had I been on getting her over the line, my own erection had subsided, not that this was any problem in the longer term you understand.

The glow a girl has after orgasm is a beautiful thing to witness. Seeing the effect of what you have wrought is most satisfying and I don’t mean that in any condescending or boastful way. The nearest analogy I can think to make is that there is more pleasure I believe, in giving a present than receiving one.

Enough of the sermonising. Now lets get real….hot as all that WAS at that moment, that left me wanting to fuck her every which way loose. Her pleasure became my desperation. To her credit, Susie recovered pretty quickly and whether selflessly dedicated to getting me up there on the highway to happiness too, or she just plain wanted dessert, she got herself up on all fours center bed…..I didn’t need an instruction manual.

Might have been a coincidental case of good timing, but just as I moved behind her hot little bum our friends on the small screen were now joined by a fourth and quite pretty girl. Watching them undress her, and the older girl beginning to fondle and suck her breasts was highly arousing having Susie there. I rather think it was giving her thermostat a work-out too. I heard her say “Gosh” as we both watched one of the men pushed her back against the bed-head and force his cock in her. With Susie’s bottom clearly set to maximum elevation, I just pulled out my newly come-by erection and pushed hard into her.

She let out a distinctly plaintive “Ohhhhh” which only made me hotter. The girl on screen might have been getting banged but Susie was getting fucked six ways from Sunday. Leaning into her I reached under and began rubbing her breasts – not that gently either – this was “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” She was breathing as heavily as me and simply a female “on heat” now. This was no time for a cultural learning curve, I simply had to fill that hot little pussy. Gripping her bottom, I remember asking her insanely if she liked me fucking her like that.

Her reply of “fuck me harder” certainly had the desired effect. Just HAVING such a beautiful young girl in that position was heaven before you die and to hell with the porn flick, I don’t think even she was watching it either. I followed her instruction to a “t” and was just pumping into her way out of control – just how she wanted it. There is that moment, just nano-seconds before the end, that you can feel the full submissive aspect of the female, her readiness to accept what you are about to give her and something else quite intangible. I’m not sure whether it is love, male domination, some procreative “completion” or just plain lust, but at that second of ejaculation and feeling your seed fill her, something that existed in pre-history comes to the surface momentarily. You clutch her to you and all that drives you is a blind desire to impregnate her. Then, like the memories of babyhood, it all recedes back to that secret place and you are left with the knowledge that you have simply completed that which you had to do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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