Rondi and the Photographer

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Rondi shifted slightly on her bar stool. She was beginning to think tonight would be a bust.

And now she had lost sight of her husband, Cody, in the crowded hotel bar. If anyone did approach her, she wanted her husband to see everything. She wanted to show off her ability to attract men — men who could satisfy her in ways he couldn’t. Not that there was any doubt about her attractiveness.

At 36, she could pass for younger. She was 5’6″ with a little extra padding from having two children. Despite that she was a sight to behold. She had very short, coal black hair and a face that allowed her to work as a model in her younger days . She worried that her once perky breasts were starting to sag some. But none of her recent conquests had complained! Completing the ‘package’ were her eyes — a striking green color with flecks of gold.

This night she wore a long sleeved white blouse that was just thin enough to show she was not wearing a bra underneath. If the light was right you could see the slightest hint of her pink nipples through the fabric. She also wore a black mid-thigh skirt with a pair of sheer red panties that matched her red fingernails and toenails. Red high heel pumps adorned her feet.

Rondi much preferred meeting men almost anywhere beside a bar. Too many drunk losers to contend with. Already this evening she had been approached by what seemed to be every horny guy in the bar. But this was part of her husband’s fantasy. So she went along with it.

This fantasy of her playing with other men started in a bar in Cancun, Mexico, when Cody had seen her having some fun with a 20-year-old college reject. He assumed wrong that his faithful wife had had sex with the guy. It had opened their eyes to the hot wife lifestyle.

She was checking her watch to determine if she had allowed enough time to justify her leaving.

“Let’s make this quick.”

Rondi jerked her head around. And found herself face to face with the most handsome man she had seen in a while. Just over six foot, mid 50’s, dark hair peppered with some grey, nice build. Rondi felt herself melt just a bit.

“Excuse me, but make what quick?”

“I believe you have been hit on by every guy in here, and you have shot every one of them down. If you are going to turn me down, at least make it quick and mostly painless. ‘Hit the road you pervert,’ seems to work for most women.”

“I COULD say that but let me find out about that pervert part first hand.”

“Ok, thats a nice rack you have there.”

“Alright, that gets you a pervert rating. What makes you think I will turn you down anyway? Maybe I was waiting for a pervert.”

“Well wait no more. John is here to fulfill your needs.”

“If I did need a pervert, how do you know you are the one to fill my, uh, needs?

“I think I can fill any void that needs filling.”

“You can, can you?- I’ll keep that in mind if I ever need anything filled. I’m Rondi by the way. And that comment moved you up one notch on the ‘pervert scale!'”

“If that’s all it takes, then I will max it out in no time.”

“So, John, if that’s your real name, I never saw you in here earlier, so how do you know every guy in here has tried to pick me up?”

“Well, I could lie and say that someone as hot as you would be quite popular. And since you are still alone you haven’t picked anyone yet. But, to be truthful, as I was coming in, I ran into a guy outside that said I should take a shot at the hot chick at the bar with the red CFMs. You may know him since I noticed he was wearing a ring similar to the one on your neck chain. Am I getting warm?”

Rondiblushed profusely. “Scalding hot,” she admitted.

“So, your husband I presume, sent a total stranger in hit on his wife. Now who’s the pervert? Is this some kind of game you play, teasing guys, then going home to your husband?”

“Pretty much. You did leave out one thing. When I go home to him, it’s with the other guy.”

“Wow, that is more than I can digest right now. I know I talk big, but I’m really more of an old-fashioned two people in a bed at a time kind of guy.?”

“For what it’s worth, he only watches and even that is only sometimes.”

“Still. So, you have done this before?”

“Not often. But, yes we have.”

“It will take me awhile to digest this. If I’m not being too presumptuous in assuming you are inviting me.”

“I am,” she said looking squarely into his blue eyes.

“Dang, your eyes are gorgeous. I come in here looking for someone exactly like you. But I have to decline, darn it. At least can I have a rain check, please? I’m sorry. I must be the only man dumb enough to turn you down.”

“You aren’t dumb; you are admirable to have conviction. Could you do me a favor before I go?

“Ok, if it’s not too weird. But what I think of as weird might be totally normal for you!”

“Maybe it’s a little weird. The next slow song, I want you to dance with me.”

“So far, so good. When does it get weird? “

‘I want your hands all over me. I want illegal bahis my husband to really get an eyeful. If it’s just me and him going up to our room, then I want him really primed. Ok?”

“Still strange, but I am game. I might have to go to your room for a cold shower afterwards, but, yes.”

Before long, a suitable song came up. John proudly led Rondito the dance floor. They started out in a proper embrace that quickly turned into dirty dancing. Despite his qualms about her life style, John was nonetheless eager to get his hands all over this hot wife. He rubbed his hands up and down her back before reaching her ass. He gripped her cheeks through the thin material of her skirt. Pulling her tighter to him, he knew she must be feeling his growing erection.

He wanted to ravish this beautiful lady almost bad enough to break his rule against bedding married women. Almost. He had divorced his wife of 30 year after walking in on her one afternoon. Now this woman’s husband wants to see her like that. He had had some unusual offers since he had re-joined the singles scene, but this was a new one on him. If ever there were a woman to tempt him, it was her. He knew that he would likely never see her again.

All too soon, the song ended. He finished by giving her a deep kiss.

“Will, I ever get that rain check, darlin’?”

“Tonight would be better, but, sure.”

“Then you need a way to find me,” he said, handing her his business card.

“Oh, you’re a photographer. I may need to get some photos done.” As she said it she was heading to the exit, presumably to gather up her husband on her way to their room. Lucky guy.

John did not have time to explain that while he was good enough to make a living producing images of the wonderful landscapes in the Denver area, he was not a portrait photographer. He mainly used an old 8×10 field camera that he found on Ebay. He processed the huge negatives himself and sold prints on line and out of a small retail gallery in the suburbs. He was not at all set up to do people pictures. He would likely never hear from her, so the subject was moot.


John could not get the lovely Rondi out of his head. The smell of her perfume as he nuzzled he neck as they danced, and the feel of her nicely rounded ass as he dug his fingers into it. And those eyes. Those stunning eyes! He thought his ex-wife had nice eyes, but these were by far the prettiest he had seen. Green with hints of gold. Was fucking a married woman such a bad thing, especially if the husband not only knew, but had sent him to her?

The really odd thing was the indelible image of walking on his own wife had begun to change. While it still hurt, now it seemed to arouse him. He was even wondering what it would have been like if he had stood there and watched their Mexican yard man finish in her. He was certain that the man didn’t wear a condom. John had wondered how many times he had sloppy seconds when they had sex.

He had given Rondi his card but she and her husband had probably tossed it before before fucking each other, laughing at him all the while. Why hadn’t he gotten her number as well, It probably would have been a made up number. Not that he would have called it, but it would be nice to have it anyway.

Maybe she really did need photos. Ah, but if she took the time to really read his card she would see the “landscape photographer,” and never call. Just in case, he had downloaded several articles on portraiture. He had turned potential customers away in the past. Perhaps it was time to expand his business. He had a serviceable digital camera, but rarely used, and that was for landscapes that he felt were better suited to color. And that was rare. Absolutely nothing could rival a print made from a properly exposed 8×10 negative. He didn’t care how many megapixels you had.

Thinking of Rondi he also downloaded some information on shooting boudoir images. One never knew when one might need that skill.


Cody, Rondi’s husband, was indeed lucky that night. He did get to see his lovely wife getting fucked.

Rondi drug him out of the bar and practically pushed him to the elevator, Once inside and alone. he asked what had happened to the guy she was dancing with. She only said, “shut up.” Then she stuck her tongue as far as she could into his mouth. During the kiss she managed to shimmy her tight skirt up enough to pull off her red panties. At the same time she stepped out of the tiny panties, the elevator door opened. Another silvery haired gentleman entered and immediately picked them up and offered them to Rondi.

“Keep them,” Rondi coo-ed “You will just have to take them off of me later!”

She the kissed the nameless man. He followed the young couple to their room. John may not have gotten laid that night but the elevator guy got all he could handle.

All the while Rondi was thinking about John from the bar, She saw his face as the old guy as he mounted her and gave her an uninspired fucking. She moaned appropriately illegal bahis siteleri and even faked an orgasm. As soon as he finished, dressed and left, Austin took his place. He had come to enjoy the feeling of fucking his slut wife’s pussy with another man’s cum lubricating her cunt.

While he had her trapped underneath him, he addressed her with his inquisition.

“So why the fake orgasm? I do know the difference. I’m betting it has to do with the guy in the bar.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I felt his cock when we were dancing. I wanted him up here, fucking my brains out. He was so sexy.”

“Why isn’t he up here?

“He wasn’t too much into our arrangement. He needed to think it over.”

“His loss.”

Cody kept on plowing in and out of his wife.

“Yes that’s it John, fuck me with that huge cock. I’m going to cum, John.”

He could tell this one was the real thing. Something had gotten to her.

“That’s it, John, fuck your hot slut’s tight little hole, Fill me with your hot cum. Don’t worry about my husband, John, keep fucking me.”

Cody blasted her insides with his semen and rolled off her. This guy must have really gotten her motor running.

“So, my cock hungry wife, what are your plans with John?”

“I got his number, but I am not going to call him. He sounded pretty set against doing a married woman so no use beating a dead horse.”

“Okay, but I don’t know how he could turn you down twice.”

“I don’t plan on finding out”

As Cody took a shower, Rondi keyed the phone number from John’s card into the directory on her cell. Maybe she did need some photos done after all.


John had been reading up on portrait techniques. It was no longer a matter of being about whether or not the hot wife he had met might need him to do some shots. He was thinking he could get a bigger space for his gallery and add a studio. It could bring in some much needed income when his gallery sales were slow.

He had a friend who specialized in portraiture. He volunteered to let him sit in on some sessions to get familiar with the craft. In exchange John would take his friend out and let him shoot with the 8×10. John also borrowed some basic lighting equipment to try out. He went as far as to get an older used DSLR camera and lenses.

Now he just needed someone to act as a model. Ruth came to mind.

Ruth was a friend of his ex-wife who stayed in touch by dropping in to the gallery occasionally. Ruth was a looker, but was still married to John’s friend. She was 5-9 and had added a few pounds over the years. From what John had seen of her in a bikini, she was damn hot for a 55 year-old. Like many women her age, she had prominent breasts but, unlike most, her belly was fairly lean. He did not know her true hair color, but for now it was a medium brunette.

He talked her in to sitting for him. He also mentioned Rondi and his dilemma. Ruth chided him.

“You and your rule. Hell, if you ever get rid of that rule, you MIGHT find some pussy right here!”

“Really Ruth? I already know I could get you any time.”

“You are being a little ‘cocky’ today.”

“You know you want me.”

“John, I have wanted you for years. But you were married to my best friend. Then when you two divorced, I was still friends with her. So you have been forbidden fruit. That doesn’t stop me from getting wet whenever I see you. I have fantasized about you a lot.”

“I’m flattered, I really am. You were there for me, both of us, during and after the divorce, I would never want to ruin that friendship. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to play with those hooters you have there. Why don’t you let me photograph them? That is why I asked you to come by.”

“Well, John Blackburn, I thought you would never ask.”

John was quick to get it set up before she changed her mind. While Ruth fixed her make-up in the bathroom, John locked the front door and pulled the blinds down on the windows. He hoped he remembered how to set up the lights correctly. Before he was done, Ruth had come out of the bathroom almost causing John to drop a light. She had went in wearing a snug cream sweater and black stretch pants and running shoes. She now stood in front of him wearing only a pair of navy blue panties with a white lace waistband! The breath rushed from his lungs as he saw her body. She was in great shape.

“Ruth, I don’t know what to say…”

“Just take the damn pictures before I change my mind. Make me look good.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem. Your breasts look great. The camera will love you.”

John had six sheets of film loaded into holders. That should be enough. He also had the digital camera to take a few extra shots.

He started out with a couple of full length standing poses. One with the panties still on and her hand covering her breasts. Quite demure. For the next shot he had her turn slightly away with her lovely behind exposed to the camera. He got behind the huge camera and looked at the upside-down canlı bahis siteleri and reversed image, Though she looked beautiful with her high cut panties exposing over half of her ass cheeks, it did not look right somehow.

“I have been wanting to say this to you for years, Ruth. Take your panties off.”

“And I have been wanting to take them off for you for years. But you and your rule!”

He took one shot of her with the panties half way down her thighs with her looking back over her shoulder at John and his camera. For the next shot he had her turn around to the camera. He could not help but to draw in a sharp breath when he saw she was shaved. Meaty pussy lips were just visible.

John was having serious second thoughts about his friend’s wife and his rule. He wasn’t that close of a friend anyway.

“If I had known how good you look ‘down there,’ wow, who knows, I might have asked earlier. “

“Most of the times when I have come to see you, I haven’t been wearing any. But you and your rule…”

“Let’s just finish the shots and take it from there.”

The next shot was of her facing the camera at a slight angle. Ruth’s breasts were proudly uncovered and made prominent by her crossing her arms defiantly under them.

He then rearranged the camera and lights to have her lay on the floor on her stomach with her knees bent and her ankles crossed. He always liked seeing this pose. It had a certain genuineness to it as if you had caught the woman reading or watching TV. Or in bed waiting for you. Especially if the women were nude. It was one of the few poses that could easily highlight both her breasts and her butt. It also was his favorite for another reason.

“Ruth, dear, did I see white ankle socks when you came in?”

“Uh, yes. Why?”

“Be a dear. Go put them back on. nothing else.”

“Oh, is big John getting kinky? I love it.”

Truth is John did have a weakness for photos of naked women with just white socks. He had no idea why, but here was a chance to actually shoot one.

Ruth came back out with the socks on. To John it was like the cherry on top of an ice cream shake. Not necessary, but wow.

John had been aroused during this photoshoot, but this raised it to a new level. He somehow managed to get the shots he wanted without shooting off in his jeans.

“I have a pose I want to try, John.”

“I used the film I had, I can try some with my digital…”

“This pose is not for the camera. It’s for you.”

With that, Ruth leaned her upper body down to the top of John’s desk, poking her ass out toward him. Both her asshole and her thick pussy lips beckoned to him.

“Go ahead big boy, show me what I have been missing for all these years. Fuck me!”

“But, Simon…”

“Don’t worry about my husband. Connie told me about your big cock and I have wanted you to fuck me with it for a long time. Do it. Fuck me. Pretend I’m your little married friend if you need to. Fuck me like you want to fuck her. “

John faced a dilemma. On the one hand, he had kept true to himself and had not had sex with any married women. One the other hand, he had been wanting Ruth for a long time. She attended most of the functions of the group. Pool parties were the best time to flirt with his wife’s friends and especially Ruth in her bikini.

Now, that very nice body was his for the taking. He decided to take it. John, loosened his belt, and unzipped his jeans. Soon he was naked, with his larger than average cock sticking out in front of him.

He was too turned on to take time on foreplay, and he doubted that Ruth did either. He stepped in behind her. He rubbed his cock head up and down her pussy lips in order to lubricate it.

Ruth began moaning. She knew John was hung but it was now verified first hand. She had been at the pool parties and had seen the bulge in his swim trunks. She always flirted with him in the hope that he would stray from Connie. Lord knows Connie was opening her legs to anyone who came around. The yard man, plumbers, delivery men, and more. It had been hard not to tell John.

“I want that big cock in me, NOW. Shove it in me!”

John obliged, sliding deep into her hot pussy. Ruth squealed as she felt the largest penis she had ever had invade her cunt.

That’s it John, fuck me hard. I can be that young cunt you want to fuck.”

John loved the feeling of Ruth’s surprisingly tight hole. If she had not been so aroused by the photo session he would have a harder time getting it in. He had wanted this married lady for too long not to give her every inch of his dick.

He thrust as hard and fast as her snug hole would allow. He wondered just how small her husband’s cock was, since she had obviously not been stretched in a long time. He pictured Simon trying to fuck her tonight and finding a gaping, stretched out pussy. That thought caused him to fuck her harder, if that were possible.”

“Is that what you want, Ruth? You want to be Rondi? She likes her husband to watch. Is that it, you want Simon here watching his friend fuck his wife?”

“Yes, I want Simon to see a real man take control, and fuck me the way I want to be fucked. Yes, I want you to fuck me like you want to fuck her. Like you want to fuck that little whore.”

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