Rochelle Meets Her Sugar Daddy Ch. 01

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Ever have one of those days that starts off bad, gets worse, and ends in a completely unexpected way? I had one just last week. Let me tell you about it…

I went to bed way too late, got up way too early, and had a greasy sausage and egg biscuit and a cup of battery acid that was masquerading as coffee for breakfast. Drove two hours into the rising morning sun to make the delivery on time, and then sat and waited for almost four hours for them to unload the trailer. Then, I have to bust my butt to go pickup the next load before the shipper closes. I’ve been on the move since before sunrise, and I really would like to have some lunch.

Finally, in the middle of that afternoon, I get to stop at a little restaurant, one of those franchise diners that are all over the South, Midwest, and Appalachia. I get a newspaper out of the box in front and walk in. The restaurant isn’t crowded – there are only a couple of people sitting in a booth, and a cook behind the counter. I notice a nice, round ass wiggling on a peroxide-blonde curly-haired waitress, who is carrying an order to the booth, but I can’t see her face.

I sit down in a booth near the window, scan the menu quickly, and decide what I want to eat. I pull out the Sports section of the newspaper, and begin studying the box scores for last night’s baseball games.

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice someone approaching my booth. A feminine voice says, “Hello Sir, my name is Rochelle, I’ll be your waitress today. Can I get you something to drink?”

I look up, and the curly blonde waitress is standing there smiling at me. She’s in her early to mid-40’s, about 5’6″, 140 pounds, pretty steel blue eyes, tanning booth tan, and has what appears to be a nice figure buried underneath her uniform, a large chest, and… yeeeesh!

Simply put… her mouth looks nastier than a piranha! Her teeth are in a very sorry state – some are missing, and the ones that are left are chipped and either stained yellow or dark gray from tooth decay. This poor woman needed an orthodontist years ago, now it’s too late. Oh well, some people can afford dental work, others simply can’t.

“Hello Rochelle!” I grin and reply, as I try to look her in the eyes instead of brazenly gaping at her snaggleteeth. “My name is Steve, and I’ll be your customer this afternoon. I think I’d like a large Coke!”

Her smile gets even larger and she says “I like you, you’re funny! I’ll be right back with your Coke!”

I watch her nice, round butt jiggle and shake underneath her dark brown uniform pants as she walks to the server’s station and fixes my drink. “Wow”, I think to myself, “What a body and what a face!” It isn’t that she’s ugly, in fact, she’s kind of pretty in a strange sort of way — like a china doll that was broken, then super-glued back together. All she really needs is some major dental work or a set of dentures. I look at the newspaper until she returns with my drink.

I order my lunch, and after a few minutes she brings it to me. As I eat, I read the newspaper. About halfway through my meal Rochelle refills my drink, brings me my check, and shamelessly flirts with me.

I can’t help but watch that delectable round ass of hers shimmy as she walks away, and I resume reading my newspaper. I finish my lunch, pay the check, leave her a $5 tip, and go use the restroom. I leave, and as I round the corner of the building, I notice her sitting on a couple of milk crates near the back of the restaurant and smoking a cigarette.

She waves to me, and smiles as I walk over toward her. “Was your lunch good?” she asks. “Everything OK?”

“Yes, it was very good, thank you!” I reply.

“Thank you for the tip!” she says. “I’m having a birthday party for my granddaughter at my trailer this weekend, and I can sure use the money!”

We make idle conversation for a few minutes – Rochelle tells me that she’s off work, but has to wait about an hour for a ride home. Then, she asks me if that’s my truck, and when I reply in the affirmative, she tells me she’s “…never seen the inside of a truck that big before!”

“Would you like to see the inside? I’ve got the A/C on and you can watch for your ride from there if you want.”

Rochelle thinks that would be “…just peachy!” and we walk over to the truck. I unlock the passenger door, and as she climbs up the steps to the inside, I watch her ass wiggle and bounce. I just want to reach up and rub it – it’s all I can do not to.

I climb in behind her, and show her the interior of the truck — the seats, the cabinets, and the bed. She sits on the bed, bounces up and down a couple of times — like she’s testing the mattress — and says “This is nice!”

Rochelle isn’t the most beautiful woman I’ve even seen, but the way her titties bounce and that ass of hers jiggles and shakes – my prick is so hard it’s about to rip the front out of my pants. If I’m going to get anywhere with her, I’d better make my move now.

“You know, Rochelle… you could make some more money canlı bahis for your granddaughter’s birthday if you wanted to…” I softly say as I look her in the eyes.

She doesn’t say anything for a few seconds, but then I see the light click on in her head. “I’m not a whore!” she says somewhat angrily.

“I know. I don’t date whores and that’s not what I meant.”

“Then what do you have in mind?”

“I was thinking that I could be your sugar daddy.”

“What’s a sugar daddy?” asks Rochelle. “I don’t know what that is.”

“A sugar daddy is a man who spends money on a woman who is his girlfriend or mistress.” I reply. “Whores sell it to everybody, a mistress is a more exclusive arrangement. I’d call you when I came through here, and we’d meet somewhere for awhile.”

“Hmmm…” she says. “You’d pay me to be your girlfriend? I’d still have my boyfriend, and you’d pay me to see me on the side whenever you came back here?”

“Yeah,” I reply. “That’s about it.”

“And just how much would you pay me to be your mistress?” she asks with a curious tone in her voice.

“Well, let’s say $60 for this afternoon, and we’ll go from there next time.”

“Well… I could use the money,” Rochelle replies. “But I’m not a whore!”

“Of course you’re not! You’re my new sweetheart and I’m going to take care of you!” I reply with a smile. “Real good care!”

I hand her three $20’s, and she tosses them in her purse. “Sugar daddy!” she says with a soft laugh as she begins to unbutton and remove her uniform top. “I think I read something about that in Cosmo.” She unsnaps the clasp on the front of her lacey bra, letting her large breasts spring free from their confinement. They jiggle and wiggle about on her chest, but surprisingly, there’s very little sag!

I quickly close the windshield curtains as Rochelle tosses her bra over toward the end of the bed, and as I unbuckle my pants, I happen to glance at the tag inside. “42DD,” I think to myself. “What a rack!”

“I hope you can keep up with me!” Rochelle declares as she hurriedly strips off the rest of her clothes except for her silky aquamarine panties. “I haven’t seen my boyfriend in almost two months, and I’m so horny it isn’t funny!”

“That makes two of us!” I say with a smile.

Before I can say anymore, I feel her hands unbuckling my belt and unsnapping the button on my pants. “Let’s see what Mama’s got to play with,” says Rochelle as she begins to pull my pants down. I like that she takes control, and calls herself “Mama” – it makes me feel like a little boy that’s about to be taught a lesson in life by an older woman.

I kick my shoes off, Rochelle pulls my shorts down, and as she does so my thick nine-inch cock quickly springs out. “Ooooooeeeee! What a big one!” exclaims Rochelle with delight. “Looks like you’re more than ready! Sit down here and let me have a taste!” as she pats the bed beside her.

I step out of my pants, sit down on the bed, and lean back against the back wall. As I do so, Rochelle climbs over me, her pendulous breasts lightly skimming across my prick and causing it to throb with anticipation.

“Ummm! We’re gonna have a good time,” promises Rochelle as her hand begins to gently stroke up and down my rock-hard cock. “A real good time! You just lie back and let me play with this big boy!”

A small gob of pre-come oozes out of the tip of my cock as Rochelle runs her hand up and down my shaft, and she lowers her mouth and quickly licks the come off the tip.

A sudden thought flashes through my head as I wonder if her barracuda-like teeth are going to rasp the skin off of my prick, but before I can utter a warning to be careful, the most marvelous sensations envelope my cock, as Rochelle begins feverishly sucking my dick.

“Ohhhhh,” I softly moan as she begins bobbing her head on my cock. “Ohhhh yeah!”

I move my hand down to her panties, and gently tug at them until they slip from her waist. I run my hand over her tummy and across her thick and wooly bush, as I try to find her clit.

My hand slips down between her thighs, and another surprise awaits my probing fingers — Rochelle has a very unusual pussy! Her clit is sticking out of the profuse dark brown fur of her snatch like it’s a little cock. As I move my hand down lower and try to find the opening to her snatch, I feel her pussy lips dangling down. They’re meaty – almost as long as my finger is across – and they’re swollen and blistering hot to the touch.

Rochelle fervently licks the crown of my prick as she softly strokes the shaft of my cock. I run my finger along the gash that marks the opening to her tunnel, and hear her coo with pleasure. “Mmmmm…” she purrs with my cock in her mouth, making it tingle with delight. “Mmmmmm!”

I lightly strum my fingers across her oversized clit, and she sucks my cock with a newfound vigor. Rochelle is a good cocksucker, but she doesn’t deep throat me — she only takes about a half of my length in her greedily sucking mouth. But I don’t bahis siteleri mind, she’s more than making up for it with enthusiasm!

I reach up and begin fondling her mammoth titties, rubbing my hands over them, feeling their impressive bulk, and gently pulling on Rochelle’s nipples with my fingertips. I gently massage her chest, until Rochelle suddenly stops slurping on my cock and asks “You like my tits?”

“Yeah!” I reply. “They’re nice and big, just the way I like ’em!”

“Stand up here,” Rochelle says as she motions me to the edge of the bed. I quickly comply, and Rochelle sits up and scoots over to the edge of the bed. She takes her breasts, one in each hand, and places my cock in the freckled valley between her two large boobs. Rochelle begins moving her tits up and down, fucking my cock with her big titties.

“Ohhhhh yeah!” I heatedly moan. “Ohhhhh fuck that’s good!”

“You like that, don’t you? Rochelle asks in a lusty voice. “You like fuckin’ Mama’s titties with your big dick, don’t you?”

“Ohhhh yeah!” I reply. My hands are gripping the cabinets, and it’s all I can do to stand up. Rochelle rubs her tits up and down on my prick, and when it starts to get a little dry, she quickly swoops down and sucks on my cock, making it nice and wet with her spit.

Her tits are pillowy-soft, and the valley between then is slick with her saliva and the pre-come that’s copiously oozing out of my cock. “I like this!” says Rochelle. “Mama likes you fuckin’ her titties with your big dick!”

Her nipples are rock-hard and poking me in my nutsack as she rubs her mountainous titties over my cock, and sucks on the purple head of it. Up and down her head bobs on my shaft, licking and sucking my dick, then stroking my cock through the hot valley between her boobs, until I can’t hold back anymore.

“Ohhhhhh babe, I’m gonna come!” I gasp. “Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh!”

My sack draws up against my groin as my balls begin to pump their heavy load into Rochelle’s hot mouth. But before they can, Rochelle has a surprise for me! She clamps her thumb and index finger around the base of my cock and pinches off the tube running up the underside of my prick. My nuts dance wildly as they try to pump their contents out of my prick, but they’re blocked.

Rochelle continues sucking on the head of my cock as I climax, and the sensation is unbelievably intense! My cock and nuts twitch and pulsate, but nothing is coming out of the tip of my prick! Rochelle keeps licking and sucking on my prick as my nuts strain and struggle to pump out their milky-white contents, to no avail. Rochelle sucks and licks the sensitive underneath of my cockhead until my climax is finally over.

“Let’s fuck!” says Rochelle as she slurps her lips off of my cock. “I haven’t had any dick in weeks!” Rochelle lets go of the base of my prick, and to my surprise, almost no jizz seeps out of my cock — I guess it went back to where it started from.

She lies back on my bed and opens her legs to me. “C’mere,” she beckons with her hand. “C’mere and fuck me with that big dick!”

I move between her widespread legs, and put the head of my cock in between her meaty pussy lips. I flex my hips forward, and my cock easily slides into the hottest, wettest, and tightest pussy I’ve had in many a year!

Her pussy muscles ripple around my cock, and it feels like a tight velvet vise squeezing and throbbing around my prick. I slide my dick in as deep as it will go, and my balls press against the cheeks of her luscious ass as I bury my entire nine inches in her.

“AAAAaaaahhh,” I groan as an involuntary moan escapes from my mouth. “Oh damn that’s good!”

“You like that too, don’t you?” Rochelle asks in a husky voice. “Mama’s got some good pussy!”

“Oh yeah!” I moan.

“Ummmmm, then fuck me with that big donkey dick of yours!”

I begin to slowly stroke my cock in and out of her syrupy wetness, and as I look down to where our bodies are joined, I can see her fat pussy lips cling to my prick as I withdraw. They almost look like two big, pink windshield wiper blades — wiping the juice off of my prick as I pull back, and then smearing her syrupy girl goo back on it as I push my cock back into her snatch.

My cock slips out of her snatch, and I take the opportunity to rub it up and down against her swollen labia and feel their silky smoothness on the shaft of my rock-hard prick.

Her pussy lips are red-hot, and they are so large that they wrap around the shaft of my cock as I slide my cock up and down her juicy slit. I slip the head of my cock back in her cunt and get a good coating of her oily juice on it. Again, I pull out and rub the shaft of my cock up and down her gash, relishing the feeling of her sizzling pussy lips wrapping around my dick, her abundant dark brown fur tickling the head of my cock, and the warm sticky juice steadily flowing out of her twat and over my come-filled balls.

“Ummmm!” moans Rochelle. “I like the way you make me feel all tingly inside!”

I slip bahis şirketleri my cock back into her gooey snatch, and slowly begin stroking in and out, in and out of her tightness. I’ve had many a woman in my time, but I’ve never had one that was as tight as Rochelle! Her pussy seems to have a life of its own as it massages and kneads my invading prick.

Rochelle’s tits wobble about on her chest, her nipples pointing skyward like two big pencil erasers, as I fuck my prick in and out of her tight and juicy snatch. Rochelle rubs her hands over my sides and my back as I flex my hips, driving my cock into her cunt.

“Are you ready to come for me?” asks Rochelle with a lewd smile on her face.

“Huh? Am I what?”

“Are you ready to come? I can make you come anytime I want!”


“Like this…” and before I know what she’s doing, her pussy seems to get even tighter around my cock! The muscles inside her spongy pink tunnel ripple and flutter around my cock, and before I know what’s happening, she’s right – I begin to come! It’s not like a typical climax — shooting spurt after spurt of jizz rapid-fire into her hot box – it’s more like one continuous burst of jizz, almost like I’m pissing instead of coming.

There’s a strange and unusual sensation in my nutsack – like toothpaste being squeezed from a tube! My balls seem to have a never-ending supply of come to offer up to Rochelle’s wonderful snatch — it just keeps flowing out of my prick and into her pussy. My cock feels like a garden hose, and I’m watering her twat with it!

“Ohhhhhh…” Rochelle purrs as I come inside her. “Ummmmm! That’s so damn good!” She wiggles her hips a little, and my cock slides around inside her tight pussy. “Shoot your come in Mama’s pussy!”

I support myself on my arms as I try to bury my cock as deeply in her snatch as I can. After a bit the sensation quits, and I no longer feel like I’m streaming into her twat. Rochelle lifts herself up a little so her tits are rubbing against my chest, and whispers in my ear.

“I want more!” she whispers. “Fuck me again! I want you to fuck me with your horse cock and make me crazy!” My cock gives an involuntary twitch inside her snatch, as she continues, “Pound me, Steve! Fuck my tight pussy with your big ol’ dick! Gimme what I’ve been missin’!”

“Roll over,” I tell Rochelle as I slide my cock out of her cream-filled snatch. “Let me get behind you!”

Rochelle immediately rolls over onto her stomach and pulls her knees underneath her so that her ass is lifted up towards me. “C’mon big boy,” says Rochelle lustily, “Stick your big dick in me and fuck Mama silly!

I move in behind Rochelle, and quickly submerge my cock in her hot and wet snatch. “Oooooo yeah! Fuck me!” wails Rochelle as she wiggles her hips and makes my cock slither around in her cream-filled pussy. “Fuck me!”

I begin to stroke my cock in and out of her gooey snatch — slowly at first, but after a few strokes I reach down, grab her hips, and begin pulling her onto me as I pick up speed.

Rochelle pushes back at my invading cock as I shove it into her hot pussy, and she wails with delight. “Ooooooo yeah! C’mon and fuck me! Fuck me ’till I scream!” I feel our scalding hot mixed juices oozing out of her pussy and coating my ball sack as I slam my prick into Rochelle’s snatch.

Rochelle reaches underneath her, and her hand plays with her clit and lightly caresses my wildly swaying nutsack while I pound her. Her head is turned to the side, and she keeps urging me on as I steadily fuck her.

“C’mon and fuck me! Fuck me good! Gimme what I’ve been needin’ and fuck my pussy! Ohgawd your dick is so big and hard! Gawdamm it Steve, fuck me! Ohhhhhh yeaaaahhhh! Fuck my tight pussy with your big hard cock!”

Her pussy is twitching and spasming around my cock as I continue pounding Rochelle, and there is a frothy lather oozing out of her gooey snatch and covering my crotch. I’ve ravaged Rochelle’s twat so much, that our juices have been whipped into a creamy foam!

Rochelle fingers her clit, and continues her non-stop sex chatter as I fuck her juicy pussy. “Fuck me with your big dick! Oooooooo yeaaaaaah! Fuck me and make me come all over your big dick! C’mon baby, cream me! Come in Mama’s hot pussy again! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

Obscene noises are coming from where our bodies are joined as Rochelle’s pussy quivers around my steadily pounding prick. The cheeks of Rochelle’s luscious round ass wiggle and shimmy like a gelatin dessert as I bang my cock into her. “Can you do that thing with your pussy again?” I breathlessly ask Rochelle as I continue slamming my cock in and out of her hot snatch. “Think you can make me come again?”

“You mean like this?”, says Rochelle as she squeezes her twat around my cock. “Is that what you want?”

“Oh hell yeah!” I exclaim.

“Is that gonna make you come again?” Rochelle says wantonly. “Are you gonna cream Mama’s pussy?”

“Fuck yeah!” I moan. Her pussy clamps around my cock like a velvety vise, and it takes all my willpower not to shoot off inside her squeezing snatch. Her cunt clenches my cock so tightly it almost hurts, and I can feel her pussy muscles tremble and flutter around my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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