What Happened? Ch. 03

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I noticed that I had forgotten to mention the mother’s name in any of the previous chapters. With that said, her name is Sarah.

Thank you for being patient with me as I continue to write this story. Again, any suggestions are welcome!


“Quick pull your pants back on, he’s coming!”

“…but I didn’t cum yet…”

“Honey, I promise I’ll make it up to you tonight, just quickly put your pants on and get to the bathroom now!”

It was Sunday, the only day of the week that Mom and I weren’t alone for the majority of the day. It was the only day of the week that my Dad didn’t work. We were at my Aunt’s house, but I’ll get into that a little later.


Although I had hoped for more, nothing much happened during those few days that we were snowed-in. I had hoped to get a chance with Chelsea, but the closest I got was when she caught me and Mom fucking in the kitchen, and decided to stay and watch.

Mom and I had given up on using condoms. It took a while, but I had finally convinced her that it would be best if she wanted to conceive. She was apprehensive at first, saying that it was wrong to deceive my Dad like that and worrying that the baby would be deformed. I finally got her to relent when I showed her some research I had found on the internet that backed up my claim that the baby would likely be healthy.

So, back to present day. It had been about a month since Mom and I had decided to go “strictly bareback”. Mom wasn’t quite showing yet, but the pregnancy was confirmed last week during her doctor’s appointment. Mom and Dad had been having sex just about every night since his return from his trip, so Dad had been confident that Mom was finally pregnant. My Dad thought he had everything to do with this, but little did he know…

After about 2 weeks of fucking my Mom bareback, Mom had decided to check if she was pregnant. Just as we thought, the store-bought pregnancy test confirmed what we had already suspected. Mom was pregnant.

We kept the news to ourselves and Mom continued fucking Dad during the following 2 weeks. During this time, Mom and I would usually fuck about 3-5 times a day. I know it sounds like a lot but you need to remember that I was an 18-year old that had just discovered the joys of sex and Mom was an unsatisfied 46-year old that had gone without good sex for many years.

My Dad would leave for work around 6:30AM every day except for Sunday, and he wouldn’t return home until about 8:00PM on each of those days. This gave Mom and I many chances to fuck. On top of this, I was in my final semester of high school and my school had a program where students that had fulfilled their graduation requirements (aka me), could leave school at noon to go work. It was designed to help students save money for college and get work experience, but I took advantage of it and used most of my time to fuck my Mom. I am thankful that my school never verified whether or not we really had jobs.

So, with all that free time alone with Mom, we found ourselves fucking a lot. We’d usually fuck 2 times before I left for school (in my bed and then usually during breakfast), twice when I returned home, and then once after Mom and Dad’s love making session at night.

During this time, Chelsea was the only family member that knew what was going on. Natalie had her suspicions, and I’m sure my Aunt Jessica did too, but they had no way of being sure, unlike Chelsea, who had witnessed Mom and I’s love making on several occasions.

It wasn’t until Mom was about 7-months pregnant that things changed. Mom and I had continued our relentless fucking throughout her pregnancy, but once we reached the 30-week mark, Mom began to decrease the frequency of our sessions. At the time she had stated that it was starting to hurt and that the doctor had advised her to minimize her sexual activity.

This left me incredibly horny and unfulfilled. Mom was aware of this, and I think she tried her best to remedy the situation, but she couldn’t quite do so. This meant that rather than fucking 3-5 times a day, we were down to fucking about 1-2 times a week. Now, needless to say, going from fucking 20-30 times a week to fucking only 1-2 times a week, will have an effect on a horny teen like myself, hell, I’m sure it would have an effect on anybody.

I tried to remedy the situation myself by masturbating a lot more, but after having intercourse so often, masturbation did not seem to do the trick. That is when I decided to have another go with Chelsea. Her husband, James, had recently left for a 2-week business trip, so I was hoping she’d want to fool around a bit in his absence. I decided to text her.

*Hey sis, miss me?* I texted, along with a picture of my hard cock.

In hindsight, this probably was not a smart idea, but I was horny and not thinking clearly.

Suddenly, I got a text from my Aunt Jessica.

*What the fuck!?*

Holy shit! I had accidentally texted my Aunt! I wasn’t thinking clearly when I sent the illegal bahis text and although I remember typing Chelsea’s name in the “to” section, I must have accidently closed it out and clicked on my most recent text conversation, which was with my Aunt Jessica.

*Sorry Aunt Jessica! That wasn’t meant for you!*

I began to freak out. Why the fuck did I have to write the word “sis”…If I had just said “Hey, miss me”, this would be easy to fix, but by adding the word “sis”, I had fucked myself.

*Which sis was this for?* replied Aunt Jessica

*None of them! It was a typo, I meant to send it to a girl in my class, sorry Aunt Jess, please don’t say anything!*

*Alright…Secret is safe with me. Nice cock by the way ;). Looks like you weren’t lying when you bought those condoms haha*

And with that, our conversation ended. Wow. My Aunt had just complimented my dick; and she called it a cock too!

I masturbated to that text conversation about 3 times before I heard a knock at my door. It was my Mom.

“Michael honey, get dressed, we’re going to your Aunt Jessica’s”

“What? Why, what’s happening?”

“Oh nothing, she just called and invited you and I over for lunch. Your Uncle and Father went to play golf so she decided to treat us to lunch at her place”

“Oh, umm…okay, just give me a sec” and with that, I got dressed and met Mom in the garage.

On the way to Aunt Jessica’s, I knew I had to come clean with my Mom.

“Mom, I need to tell you something.” I continued, “I accidently sent Aunt Jess a picture of my cock”

I heard my Mom gasp; then turning to me she screamed, “Why on earth would you do that!?”

“I don’t know, I wasn’t thinking. I was horny, I didn’t mean to send it to her. I was gonna send it to Chelsea but I don’t know what happened, it ended up going to Aunt Jessica instead”.

“The worst part”, I continued, “Was that the message said, “hey sis”, so Aunt Jessica thinks something is going on with one of my sisters”.

“Good Lord”, my Mom said, “We’ll just have to figure it out when we get to her house. I guess this is why she called me out of the blue. We never do things like this, but I thought she was doing this for me because I was pregnant…”

We sat in silence for the remaining 10 minutes of the drive to Aunt Jessica’s.

When we arrived at Aunt Jessica’s, she greeted us at the door while wearing a pair of skin-tight leggings and tank top that showed just how big her breasts were.

My Aunt Jessica was a few years younger than my Mother, at 44, she was just as beautiful. Wide hips, thick thighs, and an ass to die for.

She’d gotten married around the same time that my parents did, but she was never able to conceive any children of her own. I had always felt bad that she didn’t have children, but my Mom had always told me that she didn’t want any. Truthfully, the real reason was that my uncle was shooting blanks. He refused to get tested and refused to try IVF, instead resorting to buying my Aunt anything and everything she wanted.

As we stepped inside my Aunt’s large home, we made our way to the living room. We drank tea and talked for about 30-minutes regarding Mom and her pregnancy.

Throughout the whole conversation, I could tell Mom was uneasy. I knew that in the back of her mind, she was thinking about what I told her in the car; about how I sent my Aunt a picture of my cock.

It seemed too much for my Mom because all of a sudden she stopped my Aunt mid-sentence and asked, “Jess, why did you ask us over? Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with you, but you have to admit, this is a little out of the ordinary.”

My Aunt looked at me, then turned to face my Mom. “Well sis, this has to do with Michael.”

“About a month ago, Michael came to the pharmacy…”, then turning to me she said, “Sorry Mikey but I have to come clean…”, returning to my mother, “Michael came to the pharmacy and bought a substantial number of condoms and a morning after pill.”

My Mom pretended to act shocked.

“I told him I wouldn’t tell you, but now I felt like maybe I needed to fill you in because of what happened today”

“What happened today?”, my Mom asked.

“Well, Michael accidentally sent me a picture of his penis. Normally, I would just chalk it up to him being young and ‘energetic’, but the picture was addressed to his ‘sis’, so I was concerned that one of my nieces was getting into trouble with her brother…”

“Oh, I see…” My Mom said, continuing to feign surprise.

Meanwhile, I just sat there like an idiot.

“Jess, thank you for your concern, but I assure you Michael is not doing anything with his sisters. It may just be a nickname he has for one of his little girlfriends at school. Believe me, if he was doing anything, I’d know about it.”

I finally decided to speak up, “Yeah, I am sorry about that Aunt Jess, but I honestly didn’t mean to send that to you and the ‘sis’ thing was just umm…autocorrect”

“Alright, well, I believe you Mikey, but please be careful. You can’t be sending pictures illegal bahis siteleri like that to women without double checking. You never know how someone will react. Not everyone is as cool as me you know…”

“Okay, enough of that now,” my Mom said, trying to change the topic of conversation, “How are things with Chris?”

Chris was my uncle.

“Things are fine. I’ve been trying to get him to reconsider the whole kid thing though. Since you got pregnant, I’ve had baby-fever. I want to experience what you’ve experienced. I want a child, but Chris refuses to cooperate. He keeps saying that if it doesn’t happen, then it’s God’s will, so he refuses to get tested or try any medications.”

Continuing she said, “At this point, I’ve even considered going down to one of the sperm banks and picking someone without his knowledge. I am getting older and I don’t want to miss out on this experience. I know I can get pregnant, and I want to feel what it’s like to be pregnant, but that’s never going to happen with Chris.”

“Jess, it’s okay honey, we’ll figure something out,” Mom said as she wiped away the tears that began to form under Aunt Jessica’s eyes, “Look, if you’re serious about the sperm bank thing, I know a guy that may be willing to help…that is, if you’re up for it…”

“Who!?” my Aunt inquired incredulously

“Nothing leaves this room, okay Jess?”

“Okay, okay, but who? Is it Robert?”

“Good God no, that man’s been shooting blanks since Michael was born.” Answered my Mom.

“Wait…then how are you pregnant? And um, Sarah, are you sure you want to talk about this with Michael in the room?”

“Oh please, you’ve seen his cock already, at this point, nothing is off-limits. As for how I’m pregnant, I’ll get to that in a second.”

“I guess you’re right about that” replied my Aunt sheepishly.

“He’s got a nice cock though, doesn’t he? It’s so thick” continued my Mother.

“Sarah!” exclaimed my Aunt, shocked.

“What? He knows how I feel about his cock” said my Mother, turning to me and winking.

“Damn right!” I said, finally speaking up.

During this whole conversation, I had been sitting across from my Mom and Aunt observing everything.

Then, returning her attention to my Aunt, my Mom said, “Listen, Jess, what we talk about today doesn’t leave the room. Is that understood?”

“Yes, understood” my Aunt said while simultaneously nodding. She glanced my way but didn’t look long enough. If she had, she would have seen the obscene erection throbbing in my pants.

“Now, back to the matter at hand; getting pregnant”

“Yes, how am I going to get pregnant without Chris knowing?”

“Simple. Michael.”

“What about Michael?” my Aunt asked, not seeming to understand what my Mom was getting at.

My Mom just looked at my Aunt and raised her eyebrows. I guess that was all it took because my Aunt understood immediately.

My Aunt jumped out of her seat, “WHAT!? Are you insane?! He’s my nephew! How could you suggest such a thing”

“Jess, please calm down, look, you want to get pregnant, right?”

Calming down, “Yes…” my Aunt almost whispered.

“Okay, well Michael is the man for the job then. If you don’t want Chris to find out, then you need to find someone close that you trust. Who better than Michael?”

“Just about everyone is better than Michael!” then turning to me, “No offense Mikey”.

Continuing, “He’s my nephew Sarah! Are you insane? I want to get pregnant, but not at the expense of the baby. I want a healthy child! Not some weird incest offspring!”

This is when I decided to interject, “Aunt Jess, you’re a pharmacist so I will break this down scientifically. Look, what percentage of DNA do you and I share?

She just looked at me, so I continued, “25%… that is all. 25%. The likelihood of the baby being deformed is a lot lower than you think. Even if you were my Mother and we shared 50% of the same DNA, the baby would still be fine. It isn’t until the second generation, that these concerns about recessive alleles and whatnot, need to be considered.”

It was then that it all seemed to click for Aunt Jessica. She looked at me, then my mom, then back at me before staring at my mother wide-eyed and saying “Oh my God! Mikey’s the father!”

“Shhh! Keep your voice down” My Mom said, quickly trying to hush up my Aunt.

“How could you!? How could you sleep with your own son…how could you let yourself get pregnant by your own son!?”

“Jess, please, you don’t understand…well, actually, you do…look you know how hard it is to get pregnant, you’ve been through that. You also know how stubborn your husband is. Now, listen to me when I tell you that this is your best shot. Michael is a great boy. Actually, I should say, Michael is a great MAN. He’s smart, tall, handsome, and he’s got a great cock to boot.”

This made me break out in a wide smile. My Aunt saw this and began to blush.

It took a lot of convincing, but we finally got my Aunt to agree to everything. My Aunt’s only stipulation was that we wait canlı bahis siteleri until after my Mom gave birth to ensure that the baby was born without any issues. My Aunt figured that if that baby was born with no issues, then the baby me and her would create, would also likely not have issues.

We were just about to start planning it all, when my Aunt’s phone rang. It was my Uncle.

“Okay, uh huh, alright honey, I’ll see you soon then” My Aunt said before hanging up.

“That was Chris. He said he and Robert just finished and they’re on their way home, but they wanted to stop by the bar to meet up with some old friends so they’ll need about 3 or 4 more hours until they get home.”

“Perfect” said my Mom, “We can start slow then. Michael come over here.”

I got up and made my way towards my Mom and Aunt. I made no effort whatsoever to try and hide the enormous tent that had formed in my pants.

This must have caught my Aunt off-guard because immediately after looking in my direction, her mouth dropped open and her eyes went wide.

“Geez Louise! Mikey, I cannot believe this.”

“What? You can’t believe we’re about to do this?” I asked.

“No, I can’t believe how big your cock is.”

“It’s really thick too” my Mom interjected, before giving me a wink.

“Come here and take off those pants Michael. Show Aunt Jessica how much you love her.”

I began to unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants. As I inched them off my hips, my cock began to come into view. It was so erotic watching my Aunt and Mom just sitting there waiting for me to take my cock out, so I decided to prolong it. I slowly inched my pants down, and with each inch that came into view, my Aunt would say “Wow”.

When my cock was finally exposed, I looked at my Aunt and flexed my cock, causing it to bob up and down.

This made my Mom chuckle. “Okay superstar, now come closer and let her grab a hold of it”.

I moved closer to my Aunt until I could feel her hot breath on my cock. She didn’t reach out at first or do anything, so I grabbed her hand and brought it to my cock. Without telling her what to do, her hand encircled (or tried to at least…) my cock and began to stroke me up and down.

“Geez Mikey, how big is it?”

I was about to answer when Mom interrupted me, “It’s about 8 inches long and 6 and a half inches around!” She seemed really proud that she’d made such a formidable piece of equipment.

Seven months ago, this would have been enough to make me cum, but now, I was a pro and I had gotten real good at cumming only when I wanted to.

“It’s just…so…big…and it’s thick too. Usually, the thick ones aren’t this long either, but yours is long and very thick. Quite the combination” said Aunt Jessica, beginning to show signs of complicity.

“Just wait until you see how much he cums” added my Mother.

Then letting go of my cock, my Aunt turned to my Mom and said “Okay, so what’s the plan now?”

“Well, I am due in about 6 weeks, so until then, why don’t you and Michael continue to familiarize yourselves with each other? That way, when you finally do decide to have sex, you will be used to each other.”

“I suppose so, but isn’t that cheating? I was under the impression that Michael would give me his sperm and I would just insert it myself.”

“I mean, you could very well do that Jess, but why would you choose to do that when the other option involves you getting your brains fucked out by a young stud?”

“Sarah, I don’t want to cheat on Chris!”

“Forget about Chris, Jess. Enough, you’ve been married for over 20 years and he’s never satisfied you once! You’ve told me that many times. Don’t pretend it’s not true.”

Continuing, “Listen, Michael and I started slow, and now we can’t get enough of each other. It’s to the point now that we even fuck when Robert is in the house.”

“Sarah!…” my Aunt was shocked.

“Look Aunt Jess, Uncle Chris is going to be home soon, so why don’t we just start slow. I can show you how much I cum and then you can decide if you still want to do this?”

I knew it’d be easier to convince her if she saw my cock in action. When all of this started with my mother, I had no confidence in my sexual prowess, now, after 7 months of fucking the woman of my dreams, I felt like an Adonis.

I began to slowly stroke my cock up and down.

“That looks a little dry honey, come over here for a sec” my Mom said, before licking the head of my cock and taking about 3 inches of my cock into her mouth. She still couldn’t deep throat me, but she had gotten a lot better since we first started fucking.

“Perfect, now stroke that thick fuck-stick for your Aunt. Show her what she’s missing” my Mom said as she reluctantly let go of my cock.

I turned my attention to my Aunt Jessica who was sitting next to my Mom with her mouth still open, in shock of what was happening.

I grabbed my Aunt’s hand and brought it to my cock again. I had never noticed this, but my Aunt’s hand was so tiny. It made it look as though she was masturbating a tree trunk. None of the women in my family had been able to wrap their entire hand around my cock, but even Chelsea and Mom were able to fit more of my cock in their hands than Aunt Jess. It looked amazing, her hand barely covered half of my cock.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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