The Descent Ch. 11

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Amanda watched in fascination as Barb was called over to where her mother was sitting with Julian and Sarah, an unmistakable gleam present in her mother’s eyes as the gears in her mind were no doubt in motion. A few words later Barb was walking a slightly bewildered but utterly coerced Sarah down the hall in the opposite direction and Sharon was staring hungrily at her now isolated prey. In only a moment they had slinked away from the party and disappeared into one of the rooms in the hallways opposite the one that Sarah had gone down with Barb.

Amanda wasn’t a moron, and these ‘diversions’ that were being carried out by the devious pair of sexually motivated older women was anything but subtle–at least from her perspective. But as she peered around the party at the others, she didn’t detect the suspicions of anyone else as to the true purpose of the pair of hasty exits.

Amanda was only really half paying attention to the banal banter between Chloe and Gene as they tried to engage her in small talk. She was far more interested in the purse that her mother had abandoned on the couch and the vial of white powder that she hoped was still inside. Amanda politely nodded to the pair and stepped away to claim her prize, swiping the black Chanel purse casually as she headed toward one of the house’s many guest bathrooms.

On the way to the bathroom Rich stepped into view and his gleaming white teeth flashed as he greeted her in a drunken, but still warm smile.

“Enjoying the festivities?” Rich slurred, his tanned skin flushed and eyes glassy.

“Very much, especially the cigar room,” she winked.

Rich’s eyebrows raised in surprise as a look of impressed appreciation spread across his face.

“You smoked one of those things and you’re still standing, huh?” he mused.

“Wasn’t my first rodeo, Tex,” Amanda replied in-kind.

Rich replied with a hearty belly laugh that Amanda had enjoyed since she was little.

“You’re a little firecracker,” he said as his laugh died down.

Amanda smiled warmly as the natural momentum of the conversation appeared to be concluding and she made a motion to begin walking again. As soon as she did though, Rich reached out with his hand and touched her shoulder softly.

“That your mom’s purse?” he pried with a smile.

“Yeah, I’m just heading to the bathroom to touch up my face really quick. I didn’t bring anything,” she lied breezily.

“So, you’re not heading off to do some lines in the bathroom?” he pressed, obviously keenly aware of more than it first appeared.

Amanda smiled wide and offered a ‘you caught me’ curtsy.

“That’s what I thought,” Rich chuckled, pausing for a sip on his drink, “I’m thinking the ladies have already gone through most of that though, so if you want to join me I think I can set you up,” he continued.

Amanda’s smile widened and her face revealed her obvious appreciation for this idea without even having to speak.

“Follow me,” Rich said, picking up on her willingness immediately.

They walked covertly down the hall to the final door, a large double that lead to the master bedroom and bathroom. Rich turned the two handles respectively and stepped inside, waiting for Amanda to follow him before closing them again and clicking the locks.

“I think we’d prefer to keep this party a secret?” he half-asked in a knowing tone.

“You’d think right, I’m sure my dad would not be pleased,” Amanda confirmed, already pining for the cool numbness of the coke.

Rich nodded and smiled again before stepping across the expansive ‘red room’ of the master bedroom that he shared with Barb. It had to have been Barb’s idea, Amanda thought, to paint the entire room a dark red crimson color. It was lavishly furnished with everything you’d expect to find in an upscale bedroom, but Amanda was barely able to process it as her attention pulled her to the attached master bathroom and Rich tapping his own vial of coke onto the countertop.

Rich tapped his black vial against the gold-flecked bronze marble until a rather heaping pile of white powder had accumulated. He pulled open a drawer and extracted a razor blade and a glass straw next, placing the straw next to the coke as he began separating it into several thick lines. In all, the mound of cocaine had been split into 5 healthy rows of a few inches and Amanda was practically salivating.

“Ladies first,” Rich smiled, holding the glass straw in Amanda’s direction.

She was more nervous than she expected to be as her hand visibly trembled as she took the clear, glass tube from Rich. She stepped up to the counter and breathed deeply, focusing in on the first of the rows closest to her. She bent gingerly at the waist and over the counter, angling the straw in her right nostril with her right hand and steadying it toward the line with her left. After she’d properly adjusted her angle of attack, she snorted for all she was worth as she traced the disappearing powder to its end.

The numbness splashed across canlı bahis the back of her throat and coated her sinuses before a shockwave of pleasure shot through her central nervous system like a bolt of lightning. Amanda surmised that this coke was far stronger, or at least purer, than the previous stuff her mother had given her. It propelled her to switch nostrils and go after the next line immediately, her previously trembling hand now shaking in jittery excitement.

She bent over the counter again, this time with the glass straw positioned in her left nostril and angled herself toward the next fat line of white powder. As quickly and efficiently as the last time she suctioned every granule of the gleaming white line up her nose with glee. She was starting to see why her mother was spending every spare moment of her free time hoovering this stuff up and a pang of jealousy nibbled at her subconscious.

“Pretty good?” Rich chuckled from his vantage a few feet behind her.

“It’s fucking awesome,” Amanda practically moaned.

That elicited another hearty belly laugh from Rich who seemed to be enjoying himself immensely.

“Here, have some sips of my whiskey while I take a crack at it, you’ve probably got a nice drip going,” he mused, handing Amanda his half-full tumbler of dark brown liquid, and replacing it with the glass straw.

“The drip, yeah, I didn’t know it had a name but that definitely makes sense,” she replied, noticing her sinuses dripping a cool, numbing sensation onto the back of her throat.

As Rich snorted his way through the next two lines, Amanda relieved the slightly uncomfortable feeling of ‘the drip’ with small, tasty sips on his whiskey. By the time he was done, she’d downed most of it and was feeling utterly fantastic.

“You want the last line?” Rich offered, extending the hand holding the glass straw in Amanda’s direction.

She didn’t even respond–instead just accepting the straw and stepping back up toward the countertop in anticipation.

As she bent over and focused on the line of coke that was about to disappear up her nose, she was faintly aware of rustling sounds coming from behind her where Rich was standing. As she finished her line and spun around, it became immediately apparent what the sounds had been.

Rich was standing and staring at her with his fly unbuttoned and his giant cock slicing through the slit in his boxers menacingly. It was only partially erect but even still Amanda was utterly amazed at the size and girth of it as it presented itself so brazenly before her. Along the top of his phallus was a hastily drawn line of white powder that beckoned to her as her neglected left nostril cried out for the same attention that her right nostril had just received in the form of a thick line of coke. The significance of the odd number of lines had now revealed itself to her in that moment and she silently appreciated the hustle.

“One more for the road?” Rich teased, his intoxicant blunted brain operating more on instinct than reason.

Amanda smiled carnivorously, the flames of her innate attraction to older men being stoked to an inferno and being further fueled by the accelerant of the coke and alcohol swimming through her bloodstream. Without a word she dropped to her knees and carefully snorted the coke from his ever growing erection. Once she was satisfied, she dropped the straw and took his length into her hand, giving it a few pumps for good measure.

Amanda wrapped her lips around the head of Rich’s massive penis and snuck her tongue out and around to entice him. A soft sigh escaped his throat as the warm sensation of her tongue exploring his length sent ripples of ecstasy through him. Amanda had never attempted to suck a cock this large and if she weren’t so wasted, she might have felt a tremor of intimidation instead of the hungry desire that had welled up inside of her instead.

She began working the massive rod into her mouth and toward the back of her numb and tingling throat. It occurred to her that the coke might assist her in subduing her gag reflex and she tested it by taking Rich tonsil deep. When she was satisfied that she wasn’t going to yak all over his expensive slacks, she let her throat relax and accept him deeper and deeper until she could feel the head of his cock press against the very back of her lower throat.

At this point, it wasn’t his length or her gag reflex proving to be the limiting factor, it was simply the natural curve of her neck. Even still, she worked Rich’s cock vigorously–bobbing on his length until no more than a couple of inches remained, and she was satisfied. Amanda paid little attention to the drool leaking from her mouth uncontrollably as she sucked and slurped like a woman possessed. There was something about the cocaine that had supercharged her already powerful libido to unprecedented heights. Coupled with an older man’s giant cock at her disposal–she was positively rabid.

Rich had leaned back and jutted his pelvis out toward bahis siteleri his best friend’s 18-year-old daughter as she deepthroated his bulging cock mercilessly. He had known her since she was in pre-school, he remembered when she was a mere infant of infinite innocence and fragility–and now he had his cock stuffed balls deep down her throat. The strangeness of the moment did nothing to dampen the feelings of pleasure that washed over him in waves. It was at that moment that he knew he had to have her tight little cunt squeezed around his dick.

“Stand up sweetheart,” he purred, encouraging Amanda to begrudgingly relinquish her throat’s encapsulation of his meat stick.

She didn’t need direction–she had taken plenty of cock standing up and pressed against or over something to know the next move intimately. Hiking her tight aquamarine dress up above her thick thighs and ass required a lot of jiggling and shaking of her hips–which she knew must’ve had Rich practically salivating as she watched his eyes bore into her through the reflection in the mirror. She couldn’t see his cock in the mirror that stopped at his mid-belly, but she knew that it was rigid and prepared to tear her up in the best possible way.

Fucking her father and her father’s best friend in the same day was definitely something Amanda never expected to accomplish–although she admitted to herself that it felt devilishly satisfying to be mere moments from doing exactly that. She peered at Rich through the reflection in the mirror and opened her mouth in lust-filled anticipation of his engorged member filling the deepest regions of her quivering hole.

“Don’t make too much noise honey, we don’t want any special attention,” Rich cautioned as he stepped forward and took his position directly behind the thick, meaty ass of the 18-year-old woman he’d watched progress from diapers to thongs before his very eyes.

Amanda smiled in response but as soon as the head of Rich’s cock parted the lips of her welcoming labia it became apparent to her that keeping herself quiet was going to be quite a challenge. As each inch of his enormity continued to enter her tight, young hole a new threshold was broken. Each time it felt like she couldn’t possibly get any more stretched and filled the relentless pressure of Rich’s measured thrust tested and broke that theory.

Just as Amanda reached her limit of pain, pleasure, and indescribable fullness the hilt of Rich’s pelvis pressed itself against the meaty cheeks of her ass.

“You know how to take a dick girl,” Rich moaned.

Amanda was not currently equipped to offer an intelligible response and instead moaned and released a breath that she didn’t know she was holding as Rich began to find a slow rhythm of impaling her insides.

“That’s it, I’m going to fill you up honey,” Rich continued.

His hands finally found their way to her wide hips and the soft flesh that accumulated there as he gripped her tightly and picked up his pace. The soft slaps of their bodies colliding reverberated off the hard surfaces of the bathroom and Amanda picked a hand up off the countertop and placed it over her mouth as the combinations of pain and pleasure threatened to compel an involuntary shriek to escape her open mouth.

Rich began to lose the battle between his cautious and carnal selves, increasing the pace and ferocity of his thrusts until he was humping his god-daughter like she was a cheap whore in the back of a rub-and-tug. Amanda’s stifled moans and shrieks were proof of the knife edge of pain and pleasure that Rich was currently treading, and he only briefly considered how audible they were to those throughout the rest of the house in the midst of bearing down even harder.

Amanda’s entire body was tensed in an uncontrollable tightening of muscle and nerves that hadn’t relented since Rich had begun plowing her. With each thundering crash of their bodies Amanda felt the womb of her cunt stretch to accommodate the meat missile that fired into her, accompanied by an indistinguishable mix of ecstasy and sharp pain. It was the most incredible sensation that she’d felt in her young life and it was no doubt being buoyed by the potent cocktail of cocaine, alcohol, and THC she’d ingested.

Rich wiped a healthy layer of perspiration off his forehead with the back of his left hand and prepared for his final assault. His balls had already begun tingling and he longed to fill the second Weaver woman of the day with his seed.

“You want my cum honey?” he panted.

“Mmhmm,” was all Amanda could muster behind the palm of her hand which remained pressed over her mouth.

All at once the final distance between approach and arrival was vaulted as Rich’s legs tightened to an uncomfortable degree and he lost his rhythm. He moaned involuntarily as the base of his shaft flexed painfully to ejaculate harder than he could ever remember. Incapable of resuming a series of thrusts, he instead reconciled himself to planting himself root deep and blasting bahis şirketleri away. Amanda’s response was almost indistinguishable from crying as her eyes closed tight and she became overwhelmed with the surging phallus of Rich’s gargantuan cock and the onset of her own torrid climax.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck,” she moaned in a low rasp that she didn’t even recognize as her own voice.

After breathing out everything in her lungs, a sharp and desperate inhalation was marked by an inward cry of physical overstimulation that sounded like relief and exasperation fed through a filter of pure euphoria. It was a primal and uninhibited sound that rang out like gunfire in the bathroom and preceded Amanda’s entire body going rigid and convulsive as she approached a state of blacked-out delirium.

Even amidst the final jets of hot semen being pumped from his emptying ball sack and into the near catatonic young woman at his mercy, Rich was able to wrap an arm around her waist and keep her upright. After a few more moments Amanda was able to resume breathing and eventually hold herself up through her own faculties.

Both parties remained panting and sweaty in the bright light of the bathroom–unspeaking and unmoving–for nearly a minute before the soft ‘plop’ of Rich’s softening phallus slipping out of the leaking cavern of Amanda’s cunt compelled action.

“Jesus, you wore me out honey,” Rich panted, still breathless.

“I’m gonna be leaking your cum for a week. I think you shot it into my brain,” Amanda hyperbolized.

Rich laughed weakly; his true amusement subdued by his exhaustion.

Amanda began slowly straightening and adjusting her dress, not even bothering to clean her pussy which was no doubt utterly wrecked. She felt hot cum leaking down her thighs from her battered slit and dismissed it outright as squarely ‘not worth the effort’ to clean. As she shook out her hair and checked herself in the mirror momentarily, she had an idea.

“I’m gonna need some for the road,” she stated plainly.

Rich laughed again, a bit more meat to it now that he had caught his breath.

“I figured I’d be paying for that one way or another,” he mused, already accepting the apparent terms of her silence.

Amanda turned to face him and smiled, reminding him of the quirky young shit that had always been his cute little god-daughter before she became his sperm receptacle.

“Maybe we can do this again sometime, as long as you keep it coming,” Amanda’s smile widened.

Rich rolled his eyes playfully but fully intended on satisfying his end of that particular bargain. Secretly he hoped she’d have a large appetite for the nose candy, because he was going to want to collect on a very regular basis.

“I’m sure we can work something out,” he replied, handing her a fat sack of white powder from the back of a drawer.

Amanda tucked the baggy into the top of her dress and down to her breast, sure that no one would be able to tell that her already bulging tits were bulging asymmetrically–and if they did, they wouldn’t say anything.

“Later daddy,” Amanda squeaked, kissing Rich on the cheek, and adopting a sugary sweet tone meant to play on repeat in his mind until she needed him again.

Sharon lit a cigarette with a quick flick of her wrist and a hard pull like she’d been doing it for decades instead of only weeks. Having scampered off to the bathroom across the hall she’d intended on straightening her make-up and hair and only the most egregious cum stains before rejoining the festivities. But that was before she realized that she’d left her purse on the couch, and now she was smoking one of Julian’s Marlboro Red’s and touching herself up with a licked finger. She was also fiending for a bump and an uncomfortable creep of pain at the base of her skull was reminding her that it had been far too long.

Sharon took another strong pull on the cork-filtered cigarette and inhaled it deeply, enjoying the harshness of the smoke against the back of her throat and the heaviness of it in her lungs. She might consider switching brands–she very much enjoyed these stronger cigarettes. She hastily exhaled a lazy stream of smoke at herself in the mirror before taking another powerful drag and inhaling to her toes.

Her make-up was a fucking mess. She was so obviously wasted and freshly-fucked that anyone with eyes could see what she’d been up to. Her eyes were glassy and bloodshot, and her hair was a mix of unruly and matted. There had been a lot of cum splashed into her locks by Julian and his firehose of a cock, aside from wiping it off and trying to smooth it out there was nothing she could do at that moment to conceal that fact.

Her lipstick was gone entirely. Cock, cigarettes, drinks, and sweat had claimed it. Luckily her obscenely expensive concealer had remained mostly unmolested and still imbued her face with a flawless canvas of poreless beauty. Her dress, however, was unmistakable. Splashes of pale white adorned her neckline and were a dead giveaway of her misadventures. In a way she didn’t care. There was a version of herself that existed not too long ago that would have been horrified by the prospect of appearing as anything other than classy and elegant.

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