Famous Anus

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She had always been a slut. A brazen slut at that. Even as a child she was flirting with older men, trying to get attention any way she could. Now she was 18 with curly, dark red hair and a perfect body.

She was five foot three with D cup tits and an ass that literally stopped traffic at times. It didn’t hurt that she wore either lulu Lemon, skin tight, jazz pants just about every day with her G-string sticking out the sides. She usually had dark eye makeup, sparkly lip gloss and put her hair into pig tails.

She had let the entire football and wrestling team at her high school line up in the locker room and fuck her mouth before big games. She even rode on the bus with both teams to away games. There were rumors that the coach was in on the action. Her name was Kathryn, but to her adoring fans on the internet, she was Famous Anus.

Her most depraved lover was named Charles. He was the one who had developed her adult website and its niche market.

Night and day Charles was hovering over her doing squats with free weights.

“You want an ass like Kim Kardashian?” He would yell. “It starts here bitch!”

“Yes sir.”

He now had her calling him sir. Or master. Or king. Occasionally even God, but that was usually reserved for when he had sunk his powerful phallus into her quivering butthole.

He also had her on a liquid diet in order to facilitate the greatest frequency and ease of anal sex with her. She had long forgotten what intimacy felt like after years of every sexual encounter being filmed and sold online.

When her bowels were overflowing with jism, as they usually were past noon, she would instruct her partners to fuck her ass, but finish on her face, tits or in her hair. This might sound odd, but Charles had figured out that hardly any pornstars would claim to want guys to cum in their hair, and since much of the point of pornography is to degrade women in new and interesting ways, it seemed the obvious choice.

It was Charles who then begrudgingly had to patiently bursa escort shampoo and brush the dried semen out of her mop-top that night. More and more he began to despise this wanton skank. More and more he began noticing the smell cock on her breath and being too revolted to get a hard on from it.

Kathryn was now just a way to make money to him. She still begged him from time to time to pound her shit-box with his donkey dick like he used to. Creative phrasing like this usually overpowered his higher level mental functions and tapped into an ancient part of male sexuality which responds to absolute depravity.

Little conversation of much substance went on between the two of them for months until one night Kathryn was waiting for him to return home from work. There she was, sitting in a French maids costume on a chaise lounge surrounded by five muscular black men.

“Here he is boys” Kathryn cooed.

Charles was grabbed and propped up facing his former ward.

“I’m leaving you and your baby dick Charles. Only these dumbass niggers can keep my asshole stretched the way I want- the way I need it.”

“Bout time!”

“I figured you’d react this way. Your overinflated view of yourself is such that you’d never allow yourself to feel loss over a girl who acted as trampy as me. But the truth is you’re going to miss me the second I walk out that door. I’m going to be the love of your life. The one who got away. And do you know how I know that? Because you’ve already sewn all your wild oats. You’ve fucked me and watched me fuck so many people and things that it all seems commonplace to you now. And so will every other relationship you have for the rest of your life by the way. Especially compared with what I’m about to do.” She ended and her voice went up about three octives into a high/dumb bitch imitation.

“Hey girl” One of the black studs said.

“Hahaha, what?” She couldn’t help herself. Charles had told her that men respond to giggly, flirtatious laughter and girls who bursa escort bayan appear to be naïve and stupid.

“Easier to fuck ’em.” Charles always said.

Those words were now coming back to haunt him as this act ended with the darkies tongue visibly snaking its way down past her tonsils into her esophagus. Charles could even see a bulge in her neck which gave him an instant hardon.

The two blacks holding him laughed at this and started punching him in the face and stomach.

“That’s right gangstas. Beat the shit out of that honkey sonovabitch. He can’t please me the way your monkey fucks can.”

Charles lay on the floor, crying in the fetal position watching the five niggers violently gangfuck his former prodige.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!!!” She screamed. Probably alerting the whole neighborhood of how badly her asshole hurt. Then a black cock was inserted in her mouth to muffle the noise.

“Mmmmmmmppppphhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnllllllll” She kept moaning jibberish into the cock in down her throat.

One of the blacks was in her pussy and the other two were getting stroked off into her face and hair. Soon she was completely covered in jigaboo smermatazoa. She panted and let out moans and fucked up requests under her breath.

“Breed me you dumb nigger bastards…” kept popping up even though this was impossible since Charles had paid for her tubes to be tied years ago. “I wanna fuck the cum out of your balls.”

They all switched places, taking turns on each of her dirty holes in turn. Her eyes were shut from being covered in cum.

“Charles?” She asked “I can’t see you and I don’t really care to. But I just wanted to let you know that, in my humble opinion, you’re going to hell. That may not seem like much coming from a cock-whore like me, but I felt like someone ought to tell you. Oh and when you realize how much this little show I’ve just put on turns you on, and you feel like coming back to me and trying to win me back…. Don’t. I don’t love you any more. escort bursa I only love nigger meat, money, and drugs now. In fact, the only way I want to see you from now on, is if you ever feel like buying me jewelry and a sexy outfit for me to wear for my black boys, I guess I could model it for you in the store before I take it home.”

With that a black stud led her over to where Charles lay on the floor, she squatted over his head and let loose a loud fart and simultaneously pissed and shit out several loads of darkie cum all over his bloody face.

When I came to I was incapable of producing any more tears. I screamed myself to sleep that night, knowing that deep down she was right. I was now obsessed with her using her asshole to make those blacks her slaves. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen up until that point.

A week later he showed up at her new apartment. He carried a box of her old things she had left at his place. Otherwise he would’ve never gotten past her new boyfriends.

When he saw her he dropped the box and fell to his knees. He pleaded to her like she was a Goddess.

“Oh please let me live here. I’ll do anything. I just need to keep watching you fuck these other guys. These better men than me, with bigger cocks. I’ll cook, I’ll clean, I don’t need to participate. Just let me stay here, please.”

She immediately erupted in evil laughter and I got the shit literally kicked out of me for twenty straight minutes. Without even a word of explanation of I was ejected from paradise into the dark alleyway.

Now all I have is a hard drive full of old videos of her. Oh and I can see her new exploits twice every month. Last I saw, her men had paid for her to have a complete plastic surgery package including ass implants, double FF completely fake looking tits with long bullet like nipples, giant fish lips, and vaginal sculpting.

Now she is the only thing either mentally or physically that can possibly make me cum. I’m in hell. I’m alive but in constant suffering. I’m planning to kill myself in some grand way which will finally show her that I truly love her. Then again she would probably think of this as high comedy knowing her. My guess is she’ll just fart shit and cum all over my fresh grave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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