Chris , Miranda

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Miranda was very tired today. She had been running around all day and here she was at the mall and her feet were killing her. She sat down for a minute and slipped off her right black high heel and rubber her foot. She slipped her heel back on and decided she would just go to the grocery store and then home.

As she got to her car she slipped off her heels. As soon as she got in her car a girlfriend of hers called her on her car cell phone and asked if she could go to the local race track and place a couple bets for her. Miranda said ok as she knew her friend was good for the money.

She then decided to skip the grocery store and just place the bets and go home. As she pulled in the track parking lot she slipped her heels back on and went in to the track up to the main floor.

She went up to the bar and had a drink. By now her feet were killing her again as she stood at the bar and sipped at her drink. She kept slipping her feet in and out of her heels while standing. She didn’t think anything of it until she saw a young man about 32 staring at her.

She had good eyesight and could see he was staring at her legs, as she caught him he quickly moved away. His face got all red she noticed. I wonder why Miranda thought to herself.

She stood at the bar and at this point her feet were killing her so bad that she slipped her heels off and left them on the floor as she finished her drink. She finished her drink set the glass down and bent down and picked up her heels and walked across the floor to make a bet.

It was a late afternoon on Monday so the race track wasn’t very busy. Miranda walked around until she found a teller and placed a bet. She then walked around and found a seat. She put her black high heels down and put her feet on the ground. Her feet hurt so much she grinded them all over the ground as she thought to herself it felt pretty good. Her friends race went off and she lost. Miranda left her heels under the seat and went and made another bet.

Her soft feet touching the dirty floor with every stride. She made another bet and then because the track was so empty at this time grabbed another chair and propped up her feet on the end of the chair.

She didn’t notice the same guy was staring at her. Miranda was deep into looking at her program but then out of the corner of her eye she saw the same guy staring. She continued to pretend to read her program as the gentlemen came closer.

She kept noticing him and she kept looking at his eyes. He is staring at my feet Miranda thought to herself. She really didn’t think men were into woman’s feet. She put down her program and the man turned beet red in the face as he was caught again. He quickly sat down and buried his head in a program and hoped she wouldn’t notice, but Mirada did notice and she was turned on by the fact this guy was staring at her feet.

Her pussy started to get wet. She wanted to make sure he was into her feet. There was nobody else in her section so she pretended to go to the bathroom and left her heels under her seat. She cracked the door a bit and sure enough the guy came over and looked around and put his nose quickly inside her heel and took a quick sniff of both heels before putting them down and returning to his seat.

Wow Mirada said to herself he really is into feet. She looked down at her filthy bottoms.

(I have 2 great pictures of Miranda. Just say sent the Miranda pictures. She is hot and this is my fantasy story about me and her-chris)

She was in a playful mood and she planned to tease this foot guy to death. She wanted to give him a little show he wouldn’t forget. She came back out and propped her feet up on the seat exposing the now black filthy soled bottoms. As Miranda sat there she thought up a few ways to tease. This will be fun Miranda said to herself.

Miranda put her feet up on the end of the bench and began to massage her feet with her long fingernails. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the man watching and it turned her on so much that he was watching her feet.

She rubbed down the entire shaft of her foot and then in between each toe. She then looked at her feet and began to shake her head like she was upset. Then she had another idea.

She put her feet down and went to make another bet. The guy had sat down a few benches down away from her and Miranda got up and pretended to watch another race and then dropped her heels on the floor so the guy would hear and she put her feet back on the bench and her feet were only a few yards away from the man who was sitting down.

Miranda pretended to be really studying the race program as she caught the guy sneaking glances at her feet. She then out of nowhere asked the guy who he thought would win the next race. The guy turned his head and his eyes focused right in on Miranda’s dirty feet.

He tried to get out a few words, but he couldn’t even get the words out. Finally he said the 4 horse as he finally looked at her.

“I hope my smelly feet aren’t bothering you” Miranda bursa escort said as the man turned around again. “It is these damn shoes” Miranda said as she held them up.

“I just brought them yesterday and I broke them in today. They were killing my feet so much I had to slip them off and I had to walk around on this disgusting dirty floor and my feet, look at them they are filthy dirty” Miranda said as she lifted one foot high up in the air before placing it back down on the bench.

“No, they don’t smell at all, at least from where I am sitting” the man said.

“Oh that is good” Miranda said.

“By the way what is your name? Miranda asked

“Chris ” the man managed to stutter out.

“Good Chris I wouldn’t want my smelly feet to ruin your day.” Miranda purred.

“No, they aren’t, actually they look very nice” Chris slipped out the words and began to read program his face turning red.

“Oh really they look nice, but they are all dirty and stuff” Miranda shot back.

Chris looked up from his paper for a second

“I meant when they would be clean I bet they would look nice.” Chris said as he went back to reading his program as Miranda got up and moved to the bench directly behind Chris and silently propped up her dirty feet so they were a mere inches from Chris’s face.

If he turned around they would be in his face. Miranda just sat there as she saw Chris take a deep breath and saw his pants started to grow. She knew then that her dirty foot aroma was getting him hard.

“Chris I need to ask you something?” Miranda whispered as Chris quickly turned around and Miranda’s dirty feet were right in front of him.

“Aaaaahhhh, yes can I help you? Chris asked.

“I want to know if my feet smell Chris, take a whiff and let me know” Miranda said as she leaned over. Chris took a breath and his dick began to really grow as his face was now beet red.

“My name is Miranda Chris, my feet say hello” Miranda said as she wiggled her toes at Chris. Chris was totally dumbfounded at this point.

“So do they smell Chris.” Miranda asked

“No Miranda they don’t.” Chris uttered barely able to talk.

“Well I really need to have these feet cleaned. They are so filthy dirty ya know” Miranda purred.

“I can do that.” Chris said as he ran into the bathroom and got some wet and dry paper towels.

“This should get the dirt off Miranda” Chris said as she handed her the paper towels.

“Could you do it for me honey, I am so tired today” Miranda asked in a real sexy voice as she handed Chris the towels.

Chris began to put the wet paper towels toward her feet.

Miranda stopped him and threw the towels to the floor.

“A real man doesn’t use paper towels.” Miranda whispered in Chris’s ears as she stroked his chest with her nails. “I want you to use something else and I think we both know what that is.” Miranda said as she moved away from Chris’s ears and wiggled her toes.

Chris almost fainted at this point.

“I know what you want” Miranda said as she stood up and curled her toes inside and her feet arched up causing Chris to let out a groan.

“What is the matter big boy, my dirty feet too much for you? Well, I tell you what let’s go hop in my car if you do a good job cleaning my heels out on the way home I”ll let you have these” Miranda said as she curled in her other foot.

“Now get down there and pick up my heels” Miranda said.

Chris bent down and picked up the heels and gave them a deep smell inhaling the foot odor.

“God they smell so good” he replied.

“I hope so.” Miranda said “I have been in them all day.”

Miranda then got up and out the door they went and soon they were near her car. Miranda spotted a nice oil stain and when Chris wasn’t looking she slide and wiggled her feet in it and rubbed them all around in it before Chris turned around.

“You can drive.” Miranda said as she hid her dirty feet from Chris’s view.

Chris started up the car as Miranda said “open up” and Chris did just that as Miranda stuck the silver end heel tip of her black high heels in his mouth.

“Give my high heel a blow job” Miranda said as she reached over and started jamming the heel in and out of Chris’s mouth.

“You men like woman to give blow jobs, now how does it feel giving one in return” Miranda said as she jammed the whole point of the heel down his throat.

“That is it your very good. You take it well baby.” Miranda said as she slid the heel in between his lips.

“Now take your tongue and swirl it all around the tip. Make it shine baby.”

Miranda watched on as Chris slid his tongue around the point end of the heel like an exotic dancer on a pole.

“Now do the bottoms. Get all the dirt that is on the bottoms from the miles of walking I did on these heels. You men want us woman to wear heels well it is about time we get a little revenge” Miranda said as she watched Chris’s tongue suck and slurp at the bottoms getting bursa escort bayan pieces of grime and anything else that was on the bottom.

“Your doing a good job now don’t stop” Miranda said as Chris cleaned off her bottoms.

“Now do the sides make them shine. I want these heels do look like they are brand new. That is it lick the sole of the leather make it spiffy make it shine soldier.” Miranda ordered.

Chris got his tongue wet and cleaned the rest of the heel. Miranda had a big smile on her face as they were almost home and made him clean the insides out as well.

“Make sure you get in real good where my toes go baby.” Miranda said as she watched.

Soon Chris was finished with the right heel and onto the left one. At a traffic light Miranda decided to help.

“We are almost home use this to clean them off” Miranda leaned over and like a waterfall let fall a nice big wad of her spit.

Chris let it slid on his tongue and then laid it out on the shoe and continued to polish the shoe.

“Keep licking we are almost home.” Miranda said as she then bent over after Chris was done and let loose another wad of spit.

“Drink it, swallow it.” Miranda said and Chris did just that. Miranda thought to herself. I wonder what other things he will swallow?

Once inside the house Miranda grabbed Chris and led him to the bedroom as she slipped off all her clothes.

“I want you to eat me Chris. I want to feel your tongue on my pussy. Don’t think I haven’t forgotten my feet. I’m so hot right now I need my pussy licked.” Miranda said as she incerted a finger inside her pussy and jammed the wet finger in Chris’s mouth and he quickly cleaned off her finger in record time.

“Come and get it” Miranda said as she laid down in bed and spread her legs. Chris followed her and lightly and gently and ever so slowly he kissed all 10 of her black toenail polished toes and then past her toes up to the soles of her feet and then to her ankles, past her right ankle bracelet up to her calves paying special attention to the ankle bracelet as he went back down for a second making circles around her muscular calves and then up to her knees and then her thighs.

He could smell the pussy juice from here as here was a woman on fire. He kissed ever so slightly on her thighs and then he teased her by kissing all around her pussy, but never actually touching it. Prolonging the agony just a bit more he moved down past her pussy and planted one kiss directly on her asshole before licking right across her now wet pussy.

Finally Miranda could take it no more and grabbed Chris and shoved his head in between her legs and he quickly shoved his tongue deep in her pussy and began to lap at the juice and swallow as much as he could. Miranda knew she couldn’t keep his head buried between her legs long so she silently leaned over without disturbing Chris.

“Lick my pussy Chris, get your tongue in deep you bastard.” Miranda said as to offset any noise she was making. She opened up her drawer and got out a brown paper bag. She let it fall to the floor beside her as Chris continued to lap at her pussy.

Miranda opened up the bag and pulled out the first item out of the bag and laid the object next to the bed. She then turned her attention toward Chris.

“Lick my pussy suck the juice down my throat. Drink it all down baby.” Miranda snarled.

Chris continued to lick with the fury of a charging bull. He stuck his tongue deep and lapped at the juice and quickly deposited it down his throat.

“Mmmm Chris I bet my pussy juice tastes good as I see you drinking it.” Miranda said as Chris finally got a hold of her clit and ran circles around it biting on it very lightly. Teasing Miranda.

“Ooohhhhh you little bastard bite my clit, suck on it I want to cum a river down your throat.”Mirnada screamed as she grabbed Chris by the hair.

Chris wrapped his tongue around her clit and began to lap at it super fast. He could feel Miranda shake as she approached orgasm.

“Faster, faster you bastard” Miranda screamed as her whole body was shaking at this point.

“Here it comes open wide and get your drink” Miranda screamed as she let out a huge “aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” and she grabbed Chris’s hair and kept his head between her legs.

Chris felt the wave of cum as Miranda’s body shook and the flood gates came out. Chris stuck his mouth open wide and continued to lick at her clit as he drank wave after wave of the pussy juice and quickly let it slid down the length of his tongue and down his throat. Miranda quickly came down a bit from her orgasm and let Chris lightly lick her clit as she calmed down.

Miranda then lifted herself up and got on her knees.

“Give my ass a rim job now and don’t look at my dirty feet you will get them later.” Miranda ordered.

Chris quickly moved up behind her and began to lick her upper back and slowly slid his tongue all over her back like a snake.

“Mmmmmmmmmm that feels so good Chris” escort bursa Miranda said as Chris took his tongue all over her lat muscles and worked his way down toward her lower back. He started to pepper the top of her ass with little kisses and he worked his way down and all over her ass. He approached her puckered beautiful asshole and he took a few laps at her pussy juice and he spit it right on her puckered hole.

“Come here.” Miranda said as she went over and had Chris open his mouth up and she spit a wad of salvia on his tongue.

“Spit it on my asshole, I want your tongue in deep.” Miranda said as Chris spit the salvia onto her asshole and then dove right in.

He licked lightly right at her hole as he felt it open up with combination of the pussy juice and salvia and he jammed his tongue in and out.

“Jam it in there like a small cock.” Miranda yelled.

Chris did just that as the asshole opened up to accept his tongue. He swirled his tongue all around inside her asshole before jamming it out and then back in. He also was kissing her asshole at the same time.

“Jam my ass lick it good.” Miranda said as she moved her ass back and forth as she fucked Chris’ tongue with her ass.

“Ooohhhhh it feels so good my ass is on fire. Put your hands underneath my pussy” Miranda squealed.

Chris did that and a squirt of pussy juice fell from Miranda’s pussy and onto Chris’s hand.

“Bring it up here” Miranda said.

Chris did just that and as he looked directly into Miranda’s eyes as she leaned over and lapped the pussy juice right out of Chris’s hand and then leaned over and they tongue kissed.

A real deep kiss as Miranda slipped a bit of the juice into Chris’s mouth.

“mmmmm my juice tastes so good.” Miranda said as she leaned over and grabbed Chris’s cock.

“I need to suck this before you enter me.” Miranda went over and started to suck on Chris’s dick. She twirled her tongue around the head making sure it was nice and wet. Then worked her way around the whole shaft. To Chris’s amazement she deep throated the entire length of his cock and licked at his balls. She then began to fuck him with her mouth and she went up and down on the entire length.

She then whispered in Chris’s ear “it’s time baby.” Miranda said as she took Chris’s cock out of her mouth and spread her legs wide. Chris took the head of his cock and slipped it in Miranda’s pussy.

It went right in as Miranda’s pussy was wet as the ocean. The rest of his cock quickly went in and Chris teased her by slipping it in one inch at a time and then pulling out. Miranda couldn’t take it any more and she decided to reverse the teasing. She took her feet and shoved them directly in Chris’s face.

“Smell them, but don’t lick them . I want to save my feet for you later.” Miranda snarled as she pushed her feet up and down the length of Chris’s face. She let out a big smile as Chris inhaled her dirty foot aroma.

“How does it smell Chris? Do my feet smell good to you?” Miranda asked.

She got her answer as Chris started to fuck her faster and with more force.

“I guess that means you like my dirty, smelly feet. Chris when your done fucking me I want you to clean my feet get in between each toe get off this precious dirt off my feet. Slip your tongue all over my black toenails.” Miranda squealed as Chris was really pounding her now, his balls slapping against the walls of her pussy.

“Feels so good don’t stop.” Miranda yelled out as Chris slammed his balls hard against her ass.

“Ram me hard baby get your cock in deep.” Miranda yelled and Chris complied to her wishes as he slipped his whole cock out for a second teasing her and then jamming his cock right back in. Miranda put her feet up on his shoulders.

“Stare at my black toenails as you fuck me.” Miranda said.

Chris stared at the black toenails as he shoved his cock deep into her wet pussy.

“That’s it baby fuck me good. Don’t you dare cum cause I want to taste it later. I want your load in my mouth. Keep fucking me I want to cum while your fucking me.” Miranda yelled as Chris upped up the tempo as he could feel Miranda approaching orgasm.

Her body started to shake and her feet started going up and down as Miranda began to go crazy. She lost all control at this point her whole body went into convulsions and she let loose with a more intense orgasm than her earlier one.

Chris could feel her pussy juice fly out and go all over his cock as he continued to ram her pussy hard. Miranda then relaxed and Chris popped his cock out for a second and jammed it back in making sure his cock was nice and wet with pussy juice. He then lifted Miranda up for a second and aimed his cock a bit lower and pushed the head around Miranda’s asshole.

Miranda was still coming down from her orgasm and had no idea what was going on. Her asshole opened up and was already wet and her asshole expanded to let the head of Chris’s cock in.

Before Miranda could react Chris had 2 inches of his cock deep in her ass and was getting deeper with each thrust of his cock.

“What do you think your doing…ooohhh my ass I can’t believe you got in my ass. Who gave you permission to jam it in there?” Miranda asked.

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