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“Yes that’s it baby fuck me up my tight bunghole!” Amber screamed at her boss. It was another lunch time romp at work and Amber was getting shafted.

Not the type of shafted one might get to experience from their employer though. Amber was presently bent over her boss Taylor Watson’s desk. Her tartan blue skirt hiked over her humungous ass, his cock buried deep in the tight hole. It had been that way since she first got hired. Every Friday Taylor would call her in his office just before lunch and proceed to jam all nine of his hard thick inches up Amber’s tight rectum. It was quite a perk; one she made sure was available the day she was interviewed for the job.

Amber had been down on her luck. A recent graduate from Queen’s College, her B.A. was taking her nowhere. Every job she applied to was being filled by women much prettier than her. Amber’s fridge was empty and her rent was coming due again. She guessed she would just have to fuck old Mr. Olsen again to get the rent straightened out. He was a 62 year old man but besides his wrinkled skin Amber knew it was worth not getting kicked out.

Amber really loved to get fucked, she even thought about becoming a call girl. She knew there wasn’t much call for a 5’3 240lb mousey haired ugly duckling though. She knew if she got a few clients she would have been set. Every guy she ever got laid by told her she was the best fuck they ever had. The problem was no guy wanted to be seen in public with her. She knew the old adage was true; it might be fun to ride a moped but nobody wanted to be caught on one! She felt like a moped. Many lovers enjoyed canlı bahis the ride but they wanted to be seen with a Harley Davidson.

She was sick of the pretty tarts beating her out for jobs when she knew she was more qualified. She was also sick of eating Mac and Cheese! She could feel her heavy gut getting tight from the hunger and she hated it. One thing she loved in this world was eating and if she didn’t get a job soon she was afraid she was going to waste away.

Amber decided that today was the day it was all going to change. She had a scheduled interview and she was going to make the most of it. There was no way some stupid bimbo was going to beat her out this time. She was going to make an offer to who ever was hiring her that they couldn’t refuse!

Amber drove to the office building ready for the interview. She had on her fuck me shoes, spiked four inch black patent leather heels. Her black skirt barely covered her gigantic ass, which left the majority of her thick legs exposed. She had them covered in nice stockings with matching garter belt. She made sure to leave her panties at home, if she sat just right her freshly shaven pussy would be on display. She parked the car and made her way to the office building. The interview was on the fifth floor and Amber could tell from all the stares she was receiving that her attire was having the desired affect. In the elevator two men had their eyes bulging out as they stared at her massive tits spilling out of the low cut blouse.

She made her way into the reception area. There she saw three other ladies waiting to be interviewed. For a brief bahis siteleri moment panic swept over her, the three girls were all mirror images of each other. All three were blonde, thin and very pretty. She cast the panic aside because she knew she was going to give her future boss a reason to hire her. At the end of the interview she was certain she would be the best candidate for the position. She waited and waited while all the blonde bimbos took their turns being interviewed. Amber was the last one called and was pleased there were no others left in the reception area. She took a deep breath then opened the door.

Mr. Watson introduced himself and shook Amber’s hand then told her to take a seat. Amber made sure to have her legs in such a way her pussy would be open and bare for inspection. Sure enough by the time he was asking her the second question his eyes were no longer focused on her eyes. Mr. Watson’s eyes were now battling time between her colossal chest and her smooth pussy.

“So what do you plan to get out of this job?” Taylor asked Amber his eyes still laser beamed to her cunt. He expected the routine answer and his jaw nearly hit the floor when she told him…

“Well what I hope to get out of this job is your hard cock up my tight ass, while I am bent over your desk right there. And I want to be getting it at least once a week!” Amber could see she stunned her potential boss into silence. Amber wasted no time and got up from her chair and got down on her knees in front of Mr. Watson and unzipped his pants.

Taylor just moaned as Amber engulfed his nine inch cock. Her wet lips bahis şirketleri felt heavenly around his thick hard shaft. He looked down at her chubby face with the overdone lipstick and watched as her crimson paint left a trail with her spit all the way back up his rod.

“Mmmm…you taste so good! I can’t wait to feel this monster deep in my ass! I want it now.” Amber wasn’t kidding either. She loved cock in her butt. She preferred fucking that way; the orgasms were much more intense when she had a hard shaft tickling her bowels.

Amber took the sloppy erect penis out of her mouth and bent over the desk. She took each hand and put it on a hefty cheek, spreading the massive rear to present a target for her lover. She looked over her shoulder and said in her slutiest voice, “See that tight rosebud winking at you? I want you to bust it open with that nice cock. Ya come on boss fuck your new secretary deep in her tight ass!”

Mr. Watson didn’t wait another second and spit on his cock for lube as he got in behind her and slowly fed his beast into her shit hole. It was warm and tight and felt so good around his cock. He could feel his breathing picking up as he started thrusting faster and faster.

Amber couldn’t believe he was getting so close so soon. It was barely going to be a workout for her. She drove her hips back to match his thrusts encouraging him to drive deeper.

“Your…ass…is…so…TIGHT!” He jammed her harder. “Once…a…week?”

“Yes! Boss …sometimes more…if…you fuck…my…ass…this… GOOD! Oh yes I’m…cumming! Yes…cum…with…me! Yes…God shoot your hot cum deep IN…MY…ASS!” Amber screamed at him.

“YOU… ARRRRREEEEEE… HHHHIIIIIIIRRRRRREEEEDDD!!!!!” With that Taylor Watson emptied his balls shooting his seed deep into his new employee’s big tight ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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