An Anal Magnificence

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Mary is arguably the sweetest girl I have ever met. She is thirty years younger than me and is an absolute ball or fire and energy. We first met in a bar in Holland and then again, quite accidentally two weeks later at a party being hosted by a friend of mine. We were formally introduced and just took it from there. By the end of the evening it was clear that we were going to be spending the night together. Mary took me back to her apartment and showed me what real Dutch hospitality was like. She was just, quite simply, outstanding. Tall, slightly overweight, ginger haired and with large breasts, it was hard to avoid not seeing her.

Our first week together was like a dream come true. We were making love up to twelve times a day and tried just about everything together. The one thing that was not attempted was anal sex. Neither of us had ever tried it before, we were not sure how to go about it and, to be perfectly honest, I think that we were both a little scared that it would hurt.

We finished work on the Friday afternoon and met up at her apartment. As Dutch housing goes, this was a fairly small place with only a single bedroom, but an enormous bathroom. I got in a little ahead of Mary and ran a bath. It was delicious just to lay there in silence soaking away the cares of my working week and looking forward to a weekend of relaxation. I heard the key go into the lock and a second later Mary came into view. She looked stunning. Having been to the hairdresser, she had decided to buy a new outfit that really showed off her figure to its best.

‘How about getting out of there and letting me have a soak for a while?’ said Mary.

‘That’s fine with me, providing you strip off in front of me first,’ I said.

With a rye smile on her face, she put down her bags and proceeded to slowly undress. She really did take her time. As more and more clothing was canlı bahis removed, my dick was getting harder and harder. She tantalised me by making a big show of taking off her bra and pants even slower than the rest of her clothes. Needless to say, that by this time I had grown a penis that was fit to burst.

Finally she was standing in front of me naked and I noticed that there was something very new about her appearance.

‘When did you do that?’ I enquired.

‘What do you mean? She said shyly.

‘You know damned well what I mean, you have shaved yourself – but it looks terrific.’

She was now sporting only a tiny little triangle of hair between her legs and the rest was completely bare and smooth. As she moved forward I ran my fingers over her mound, then I slid my fingers gently between her legs and felt the softness and heat of her vulva. This was all Mary needed. She reached between her legs and opened up the lips, gently guiding my fingers inside. As I began to stroke and rub her clitoris, so she leant forward and took my dick in her hand.

In a few seconds she was in the bath with me, my tongue now buried between her legs. Next, she was sucking my throbbing dick and then, in an instant she had turned around so that I could enter her from behind. This was the first time that I had actually seen her anus close up. It looked just so very inviting, but I knew that this was not the time, so I slid my rod inside her pussy until it would go no further.

I managed to get one hand around in front of her, so that I could rub her clitoris and this relaxed her no end. I then started to use my other hand to massage her back and buttocks and I was rewarded with a deep purring sound. Before long my hand was running between the cheeks of her behind and each time my fingers ran over her anus, there was another strong murmur of delight.

Taking this bahis siteleri as a sign of ascent, I started playing with anus and eventually managed to get a finger inside her. I had no idea that it was going to be so tight – or so hot in there, but it was obvious from the sounds that Mary was really enjoying herself.

It was no surprise to either of us that we were going to cum fairly quickly. Just the feeling of having my finger buried in Mary’s arse was enough to make me cum. When Mary came, it was in a rush and, for the first time, I felt her anal muscles tighten around my finger in spasms. What a delicious feeling. Slowly I slid my finger out, and even slower, withdrew my limp dick from her love tunnel.

‘Enjoy that?’ I enquired.

‘You bet,’ Mary replied ‘I think that we will be doing some more of this, it was wonderful.’

I threw on a towelling robe and left Mary to enjoy a soak in her bath, whilst I went into the kitchen to start organising our dinner. I kept smiling at the thought that I had experienced a real close-up of Mary’s brown hole and had even managed to get a finger inside it. This, I thought to myself, would have to be repeated. My thoughts were interrupted by a call from the bathroom ;

‘Honey, can you bring me that new tube of moisturiser that is on the cabinet?’

‘Sure thing’ I replied

Ever obedient, I took the tube of cream to the bathroom for her. Mary was standing in front of the mirror applying some makeup.

‘Be a love and rub some of that stuff on my back would you? Mary asked.

‘That would be my greatest pleasure,’ I replied.

Using a little at a time I gently rubbed the cream into her skin, starting with her neck and shoulders and then slowly working my way down her back. After about five minutes of this I became aware that Mary was starting to purr again. She opened her legs a little further bahis şirketleri and I started to massage the cream into her gorgeous behind.

Looking back on it, what followed was almost inevitable. My fingers strayed over her anus once again and, as before, Mary would grip the side of the basin and moan loudly. This was my queue to use a bit more cream and put my finger back in her anus. It was accepted in silence and this time went in really easily and smoothly.

‘Please, would you try two fingers?’ Asked Mary.

I did not need to be asked twice, so in went the second finger and, shortly after that, a third. She did not appear to be as happy about three fingers, so I slowly withdrew them. Moving closer, I put me hand around her and started to massage her breasts and nipples. Next I moved even closer and used one free hand to rub her clitoris. Mary was purring with contentment and my dick had, once again thickened and was pointing at the sky.

I did not consciously put my dick against her anus, but it was there nevertheless. Mary moved slowly against the thickness of and pushed back towards me. By now the head of my dick was right at the entrance of her anus and it took only a little effort to guide it in. Neither of us spoke a word. We were both panting like mad. Eventually the head of my dick found its way passed the tight muscle and I was able to gently push it all the way in. We both breathed a sigh of relief. No pain, a little discomfort, but a lot of joy for us both. What a wonderful feeling, being buried deep inside that forbidden place. I wanted it to go on forever, but I had a screaming need for release.

Mary and I moved gently and cautiously and finally we were rewarded with the most fantastic orgasm that either of us had ever experienced. As it subsided, we turned to face each other and held one another in an embrace that I can remember to this day.

Since that time we have repeated anal sex on a regular basis and enjoyed every minute of it, sometimes introducing toys and other things into our private playing. But that, as they say, is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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