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This story is another in a series of (mostly) true stories about my wife, Erica. Please enjoy!

Fast forward from our honeymoon. We are now married, I am on active duty, and we are at our first duty station in North Carolina. Having dated all through college, living together was not much of a challenge. We loved exploring our new “home” state and living together as a married couple.

We had been married a little over year when my first temporary duty (TDY) happened (TDY is a fancy term for a military business trip). I had to go to Nellis AFB for two weeks for an exercise. I was totally pumped about going on my first trip. We took our squadron of A-10s to Nellis for Red Flag, a major multi-national air exercise. It was hot as hell, but I loved seeing our Hogs take off and return.

When I returned, the two-week absence made us just that much hotter for each other. We were in bed, making out and touching each other. Erica was wearing my favorite lingerie, a white lace see through bra and a white lace see through thong. I love Erica in thongs…I just find her to be so sexy in them. Erica also had another surprise for me. She had shaved her pussy…bald. I absolutely loved it. Her bare pussy made her look that more sexy.

I was on top of her, and my hard cock was in her thigh crease. I rubbed against her, my pre-cum smearing against her. I then reached down and pulled her thong to the side and pushed my seven inches inside her. We fucked with abandon. Me on top, her on top, spooning…

I was on top of her when she said something that blew my mind: “do you want to do me in the ass?”

Whoa! Now, if you have read my previous stories, you know I am an ass man. I have rimmed Erica, and she has rimmed me. I had asked for anal sex before and been turned down. In fact, while in college, we were returning home from a weekend with friends at a lake house. On the drive back, we masturbated each other in the car. She was driving and I finger fucked her to orgasm pendik escort and she jacked my cock until I spewed all over my shirt. While she was jacking me, she told me that I could have anal sex with her when we got back. I was ecstatic.

However, when we got back, she got cold feet. She agreed to let me try and she stood by the bed, bent over holding onto the mattress. I pressed my dick against her little asshole but she squirmed and refused. I was disappointed, but she made me feel better with a blow job.

Back to the story. Erica asked me, “how do you want me” in the sexiest tone I’d ever heard. I told her “get on all fours.” Erica took off her bra and thong and got up on her hands and knees on the bed. Her beautiful 34-C tits were hanging gloriously down, her pink nipples hard and erect. I got behind her and moved behind her ass. Now, Erica has a beautiful ass, even now. It is firm and round and sticks out just right. Not a J-Lo ass, sticking way out, but just right for me.

I told her to put her chest to the bed. She moved her arms forward and laid her face to the bed. She looked super sexy this way…her ass sticking way up, in a super-submissive position. Also, when she did that, it caused her ass cheeks to open up. I got a glorious view of her wet slit and her tight, crinkled asshole. Even better, when her cheeks opened up, I was greeted with a delicious, sexy smell. I might be a sick puppy, but I loved the mixed smell of her ass and aroused pussy. I also loved how her pussy lips parted slightly, exposing her labia minora and her pussy hole.

I took my hard dick and put it in her ass cheeks, rubbing it up and down. My pre-cum was dripping like a faucet. I then moved back and little and took my cock by the shaft and moved it down to her asshole. Erica whispered to me “put it in my pussy first.” I obliged and moved my dick down to her wet slit and slid in. Erica has a tight pussy, and she practices her Kegels so she milked my cock while inside her. escort pendik Her vaginal walls gripped my cock and I could feel her intimate ridges running along my shaft. I fucked her doggy style for a couple minutes, holding her hips as I pumped into her. But…

I had the promise of anal sex.

So I pulled out of her pussy and put my tip at her anus. We had never had anal sex, so we were learning as we went. Fortunately, my pre-cum acted as lube, but it also made my glans keep sliding up and away from her asshole every time I tried to penetrate her. I took my cock and held it right behind my tip. This time, I pressed it against her asshole and my glans slipped in. Erica let out a loud groan. I could not tell if it was pain or pleasure, but I knew enough not to jam it all the way in and stayed like this.

“Stay still for a moment and let me get used to it” she hissed. I held still for a few moments and then she said, “Ok, go slow…please.” I pushed forward and my cock slid deeper into her ass. I was about half-way in when I paused, and Erica said, “you can go all the way in.” I was in heaven. I pushed all the way in and seated my dick as far as I could in her tight little asshole. My hips were pressed against her ass cheeks and I stayed motionless for a moment, just marveling in seeing my dick so deep in her ass. I loved seeing her tight ring wrapped around my shaft. Then I felt her start to move. She was actually moving forward and back slightly, fucking my dick in her ass.

I had taken her pussy virginity, now I took her anal virginity.

Then I began to pump her. I moved my hips back and started to thrust inside her virgin asshole. I did not ravage her, but gently moved my hips back and forth, reveling in the tightness of her asshole. Erica moaned as I fucked her ass. She was really getting into it. I was surprised that she did not seem to experience any pain at all. You hear so many stories of people’s first anal involving a lot of pain for the woman, pendik escort bayan but Erica, after the initial intrusion, took it like the proverbial champ.

Erica hissed at me “rub my pussy.” Eager to please her for giving me the gift of her ass, I leaned over her back and reached my right hand around to rub her pussy. I must admit, it was awkward. I did not feel like I could reach far enough, but Erica’s moans of pleasure showed that I was hitting the mark.

Her tight ass gripped my cock like a sleeve. I loved the feeling of how snug it was, along with the “naughtiness” of it. Soon, I could feel my orgasm rising in me. I could not help myself and I leaned back up, removing my hand from her pussy. I grasped her hips as I stroked myself harder in her asshole. “I’m going to cum!” I cried.

“Do it baby, do it, do it…cum in my ass!” she said back to me. My orgasm bubbled over. I moaned loudly as my cock shot stream after stream of my hot, white cum into her bowels. I pushed into her as deep as I could and stayed still, my cock still pulsating in her rectum.

Finally, after leaving it in for a few moments to enjoy the feeling of my cock in her tight hole, I pulled out. My dick softening as it “popped” out of her ass. I looked at her asshole, needing to see what it looked like. It was slightly dilated, with her outer sphincter a dark pink from the fucking. My white cum was oozing out of her tight hole. She fell forward and laid on her stomach before turning to her side. I collapsed next to her on the bed. “That…was amazing” I told her. She gave me coy smile and said, “it wasn’t too bad for me either. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it didn’t hurt bad. It really stretched me out, though, and I felt so full.”

After a bit, she went to the bathroom. I could hear her evacuating her bowels, sounding very liquid. Again, talk about being a sick puppy, but I was actually kind of turned on by hearing her push my cum out of her ass into the toilet. She came back and we talked more about our first venture into anal sex and she again said she enjoyed it, but next time she wanted me to wear a condom because my “cum irritated her bowels.” I was ecstatic that there would be a next time…

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