A Lust for Life Ch. 02

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‘This story series is a continuation of a couple and their family’s exploration of their sexual boundaries… or if they even have any.’

‘Trigger Warning: these stories go places and involve taboo themes that some people will not like.’



Why cant I just sleep?

I was in the kitchen standing like a zombie, rubbing the spot on my head I banged on the cupboard door, wondering how I’d managed to forget to put trousers on again.

“You should pay attention,” Andrea laughed at me as I walked into the kitchen half dressed, “one of these mornings you’ll walk downstairs with your cock hanging out,” her voice simultaneously mocking and erotic.

I laughed with her, enjoying how she makes my groggy dull mornings that much brighter.

“Yeah I probably will someday” I replied, “Danielle would die of embarrassment, she seems to be embarrassed by us so easily these days, especially if Lucy was here…as usual”

Danielle, our daughter, just back home with us from college with friend in tow, seemed to have developed the ability to get embarrassed by us all the time, especially when Lucy was around.

We didn’t mind, after all we both remembered how embarrassing our parents had been when we were teens.

Lucy I couldn’t work out, she was polite and conscientious, not shy as such, but with a quiet confidence that did not need to announce itself; sometimes though, I swear I caught the same troublesome glint in her eye as my wife.

She was a sweet girl, only about 5’5 and with features that all seemed slightly too rounded. Her face had a roundness to it as did her light green eyes, her short dark hair cut into a severe bob only accentuating it.

Lucy’s breasts, seemingly much too large for her small frame had an ability to stick out almost too proudly, nipples hinted at through whatever top she wore. The sort of tits I dreamed of wrapped around my cock, the sort of tits that make me want to tear her top off and feast on them.

The curve of her hips and size of her ass also make me want to do bad things. I had to resist the constant urge to drop to my knees every time I was behind her and bury my tongue in between her beautiful ass cheeks.

My thoughts drifted, at how Andrea towered over Lucy when they stood close, Lucy’s face level with my wife’s breasts, how her gaze seemed to drift and snatch glances at Andrea’s cleavage. Andrea noticed of course, both Lucy’s gaze and my my arousal at this young women checking her out, and she delighted in teasing me by shamelessly and elusively flirting with her.

Only a few days ago Andrea found an excuse to comfort her, pulled her in and hugged her, taking the opportunity to squash Lucy’s small round face to her bosom. Andrea’s wink at me as she she ran her hand through the back of Lucy’s hair and mashed the teenage girls face innocently between her breasts, and how Lucy had been flushed red when she emerged.

I swear Andrea reads my thoughts.

“You’ll probably do it on purpose now, you’d get off showing your cock to a fuckable little thing like Lucy!”

“Andrea!” I blustered, using her name in a way I only do when I’m on the losing end of an argument.

She laughed again, “yeah I’ve seen you ogling her tits when you think I’m not looking. I know where you’re minds at. You’re probably thinking of groping those gorgeous young breasts, or having that young teen ass of her’s sitting on your face”.

“No…” with far less believable bluster.

“No?” my wife asked striding across to where I stood in my underwear “Well then,” she said her fingers stroking the obvious bulge that was growing “you were thinking of those young fat tits wrapped around your cock?”.

I groaned, caught. Andrea laughed. “I thought so,” she said deftly slipping my cock out of my boxers, wrapping fingers firmly around it. “that’s what you’re thinking about isn’t it, you dirty old perv…titfucking our daughter’s teenage friend”.

She laughed, emphasizing ‘teenage’ and squeezing my cock as she slowly worked her hand up and down.

“You’re a dirty old man, I’ve seen you, practically drooling.” She laughed again. “Oh! Mr. Owens! What are you doing?” Andrea teased in a mock cutesy voice.

I wasn’t about to let her win that easily though. “wrooong” I groaned “I was thinking of Lucy on all fours, I’m face-fucking her…while you fuck her in the ass with your strapon… ” I smiled as Andrea caught her breath ever so slightly.

I grinned at Andrea as her cheeks subtly reddened, a telltale sign of her own growing excitement, “I’ve seen you checking out her ass and I know how much you like to take advantage of young women; how wet you get thinking of spreading those cute cheeks and running your tongue over her tight little asshole, how desperate you are to slip a wet finger in, feel that tight hole clench around you, especially a young innocent one like hers!”

Andrea dropped to her knees in front of me “you are a dirty perv” she breathed hotly on the head of my cock “So you want to face fuck an 18 year canlı bahis old do you?” Her tongue lashed out and teased the veins around the head of my penis.

“You know I’d love to see you with your cock in such a beautiful young mouth. Of course, I don’t think little Lucy would be able to even get this monster in hers” pausing to slip her hot mouth over the end of my cock, lips sliding and tongue swirling as she slides her head down, “let alone be able to handle getting face-fucked”, she chuckled pausing for breath,” though I wouldn’t mind watching her struggle”.

Andrea expertly sucked my cock into her mouth, staring me in the eyes, not stopping till her lips nestled in my pubic hair. I reached my hands over her head and ran my fingers gently through her hair; grabbing a handful I pull my wife off my cock.

“uhuh” I admonished, holding her face just out of reach of the end of my cock, stroking it with my free hand.

“Maybe I should teach her, I’d be willing to sacrifice myself so she could practice”

“Dirty old perfgh…”

I pulled my wife by the hair and muffled her reply with my cock. She made the sound of annoyance and delight as I start to slide my cock in and out of her mouth.

“You like my teen mouth, then do you Mr. Owens” she playfully gasped coming up for air. I speed up, getting more forceful.

“Are going to put you fat cock in my tight teen pussy?” getting a bit cutesy now. I shove her back down on my cock, the thought of my cock plowing into that young innocent pussy as I build up a rhythm. My wife gags and gasps, “you dirty bastard, are you going to stretch my pussy out? fuck me hard? Make me scream?”

I carried on roughly shoving my cock into her mouth, driving my cock down her throat, face-fucking her now, imagining Lucy on her knees in front of me.

Her eyes laughed at me.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and holding her hard by the hair I slapped her across the face with my cock, she gasped with delight.

“You should be careful what you wish for”, I growled stroking my throbbing cock directly at her face. “little girls who tease get punished”, in my most authoritative voice, my cock getting angrier.

“Oh, Mr. Owens please, I’m sorry” my wife’s voice an even higher falsetto, fluttering her eyelids at me.

“What are you going to do to me?” Andrea challenging me now, using both her hands to jack me off, her fingers corkscrewing around me.

“You’re not gonna stick that thing in my ass are you” Andrea asks in mock horror “my virgin little hole is too tight for such a monster”. Too much, imagining the look on Lucy’s face as I buried my cock in her ass was too much.

My orgasm burst angrily from my cock, taking us both by surprise and spraying across Andrea’s face and down her front, I groaned heavily and slumped slightly ashamed.

“you… dirty… old… pervert…” Andrea chuckled, “should I be worried about going to work first and leaving you alone with little Lucy?” flicking my ever shrinking cock.

I laughed, “I think I’m pretty spent now, though I promise to give her my best shot if shes asks.

My wife kissed my cock lightly then got up and wiped her face with some paper towel, “all gone?” she asked turning to me, her work shirt mottled with blotches. “Eh no” I replied pointing down.

“Goddamn baby, your really got excited thinking about her tight ass didn’t you.” She kissed me warmly on the lips, “tell you what when I get home I’ll have a treat waiting for you, meet me in our room.”

“OK?” I asked quizzically my mind racing to Andrea presenting me Lucy. The thought of her in our room, bent over our bed, my wife’s hands spreading her ass cheeks for my pleasure, presenting me her virgin asshole was exhilarating.

Andrea laughed at me, once more reading my mind, “uh oh, you’re not getting to defile that young girl, ” she said disappointing me. Seeing my slightly crestfallen look she continued lightly, “the lights will be off and I’ll be ass up and waiting”.

“I want you to use me as much and however as you want…on one condition…”

For this I’d say yes to almost anything, I nodded.

“…call me Lucy” and she strode out of the kitchen door towards the stairs.



“oh morning Lucy” my wife’s voice said a moment later, a bit too loud, followed by mumbling. I heard Andrea say something about spilling, then “John is in the kitchen… he said he wanted to give you something special for breakfast. Just remember to ask nicely” her voice trailing off.

I looked down at my groin, my boxers soiled with saliva and cum, ducking behind the counter as Lucy walked in.

“Good morning Lucy” I welcomed her way too formally, trying not to make eye contact as if she might also be able to read my mind.

“Morning Mr. Owens,” she said walking over and leaning on the counter opposite me.


She was only wearing a tank top and a extra long loose shirt over the top. As she leaned forward on her arm her huge young breasts were squeezed up towards me into an obscene cleavage bahis siteleri and her face seemed oddly flushed.

“Mrs. Owens said you had something special you wanted to give me…” she trailed off innocently, her breast seeming to squeeze and heave by themselves.

I’m sure Andrea thought she was hilarious, I’m sure I went bright red.

Lucy giggled, her cleavage shaking gently, my eyes were stuck.

“Mr. Owens…?”

“Mr. … Owens…?”

Eh…what? My eyes shot up catching hers, ‘busted’, and there’s that glint again, a cheeky smile.

“Mrs. Owens said you wanted to ‘give’ me something?” She repeated

I swear she emphasized the word ‘give’ just as my wife had ‘cock’ only ten minutes earlier.

‘You’re not gonna stick that thing in my ass are you’ her eyes said.

My cock had definitely woken up again and I could feel it straining against the material of my boxers.

For a moment I see myself striding round the counter, my cock leading. I see Lucy gasping as I push her down over the counter with my strong hands, the sound she makes as I throw her shirt up revealing her ass. how she feigns struggling as I rip her underwear off.

The intake of breath as I sink the head of my cock between those cheeks, her body trapped between the cold counter and my cock, the sensation of her virgin asshole stretching around the intrusion, her eyes bulging with surprise.

What sound would she make as I slowly sink into her inch… by… inch…

I snapped back to reality, grabbed the apron from the hook by the cooker and said “I’ve been meaning to make you my world famous pancakes,” bringing the morning back to some sense of decency.

“With extra cream?” she coquettishly replied.



Lucy woke up again in the spare room, the soft morning light rippling through the window.

She liked waking up in the Owens’ house, the spare room had a large window overlooking the oak tree in the back garden that bathed the bed in a gentle morning glow, the room was big and comfy, bigger than her room at home.

‘Urghh..home…’ Why did her parents have to be so terrible to each-other, Lucy was so over the constant fights. The muffled cursing and raised voices though the bedroom wall, and then the feigned normality and niceness.

It wasn’t like the walls were any thicker in the Owens’ house but Lucy was thrilled every time she heard Danielle’s parents shouting through the wall.

There was certainly cursing, and it was filthy.

Not hearing anything she pulled herself out of bed, pulled on a low cut tank top and threw a long loose shirt over the top, the shirt barely covering the bottom curve of her ass cheeks and she liked the way it hinted at her shape.

Looking at herself in the mirror she saw the deep cleft of her cleavage and doing a little twirl was pleased how the shirt rode up revealing her g-string. ‘yup’ she thought, ‘that will do’. Lucy felt a tingle at the thought of revealing a little too much for Mr. and Mrs. Owens, how Mr. Owens couldn’t stop his eyes darting to her cleavage or how Mrs. Owens more subtlety would find ways to be a little too close to her, and her ass. Lucy loved the thrill she got when she was around them, how they seemed to unashamedly enjoy their sexuality and flirt with her, she enjoyed the unspoken game that they seemed to be playing.

She was heading downstairs when she heard a loud thud and Mrs. Owens laughter drifted up from the kitchen.

Poor Mr. Owens obviously wasn’t sleeping again, Lucy thought, maybe she should suggest the sleeping pills that had helped her out so much lately.

She was about to round the corner into the kitchen and announce herself cheerily when Mrs. Owens’ words stopped her in her tracks.

“…get off showing off your cock to a fuckable little thing like Lucy…” Lucy’s breath caught in her throat.

“…your probably thinking of that beautiful teen ass of her’s sitting on your face…”.

Lucy’s pulse quickened, her heart thumping in her chest so loud she thought they’d have to notice.

She inched forward and peeked her head slowly around the corner; looking she had to snatch her hand to her mouth to stop herself shouting out loud.

Mr. Owens was facing almost directly towards her, leaning back against the kitchen counter.

From the waist up he looked perfectly ready for the office, shirt and tie neatly set, but from the waist down he only wore a tight pair of boxers that could do nothing to constrain his cock which Mrs. Owens was pulling out with her hand.

Mrs. Owens’ fingers stroked up and down the shaft, delicately tracing the thick veins that ran it’s length. Lucy could almost feel them pulsing under her own fingertips, the silky soft flesh and the hot firm size of him throbbing in her own grip.

Mrs. Owens began to slowly work her hand up and down, the skin around the top of his penis pulling back to reveal the swollen head of his cock.

“…that’s what you’re thinking about isn’t it, you dirty old perv, titfucking our daughter’s teenage bahis şirketleri friend…”.

Lucy’s free hand moved by itself and slipped silently into her own underwear.

Her fingers traced the wet folds of her labia, running along the ridges sending shocks through her inner flesh. skirting around, taunting the small hood of her clit that cried out for attention, knowing if she relented she would scream uncontrollably.

“…I was thinking of Lucy on all fours, I’m face-fucking her…while you fuck her in the ass with your strapon…

Lucy thought her legs would buckle there and then, sending her sprawling onto the kitchen floor, a hand autonomously jack-hammering into her pussy.

“I know how much you want to spread those cute cheeks and run your tongue over her tight little asshole, how desperate you are to slip a wet finger into that tight hole, especially a young innocent one like hers!” Mr Owens taunted them both unknowingly.

Her pussy felt on fire, hot under her touch and dripping with expectation. Her fingers slid down, off the lower edge of her pussy. Minute shocks seemed to emanate in front of her fingertips as they slowly inched further downwards and back, running along the tight skin until they reached the ruffled edge of her anus.

Lucy imagined Mrs. Owens, dressed so smartly roughly pulling her young ass cheeks apart, her most sensitive places exposed.

She could almost feel Mrs. Owens’ warm breath tickling around her anus, that first shock as a wet tongue tip flits across it’s surface. How Lucy would push back against that tongue, ravenous for it to work it’s way in, that squirming feeling it would give her deep down in her belly.

Lucy’s finger slick from herself pressed insistently against the tight opening, nudging inside and sending ripples of pleasure shivering up her body as her first climax started to roll over her.

Lucy watched as Mr. Owens’ cock slowly slipped into Mrs. Owens’ mouth, the way her lips enveloped the head, her tongued darting out and caressing the underside of his shaft.

Lucy held her breath as it slowly disappeared into her mouth, her cheeks expanding with the girth, her throat opening as she took his full length.

Mrs. Owens was right, the thought of something that big invading her mouth both terrified and thrilled Lucy but she felt a desperation for that violation.

Lucy slipped two then three fingers from the hand covering her lips into her own mouth. She added a fourth, plunging her hand in and out of her mouth in time to Mrs. Owens’ movements, sucking hard on her fingers as the sense of panic caused by the hint of her own gag reflex excited and shocked her.

“You like my teen mouth, then do you Mr. Owens” said Mrs. Owens in a cutesy young girls voice.

Lucy started to cum again, her hand in her mouth stifling her screams as the other started to rub from her anus to her clit.

“Are going to put you fat cock in my tight teen pussy?” sounding even younger and innocent, Lucy’s orgasms became waves, undulations of pleasure.

She marveled at Mr. Owens’ control, she felt like she’d climaxed at least three times now without the help of Mrs. Owens obviously talented oral skills.

Lucky’s hand rode down and back again, two fingertips now pressing against her tight asshole. Her anus relented and sucked them in, the muscle clenching tight around them as Lucy rode the waves of another climax.

Mrs. Owens released the cock from her mouth with a pop, a tangle of drool tracing from the tip to her mouth.

Lucy could see her looking up at Mr. Owens when she mocked “You’re not gonna stick that thing in my ass are you? my virgin little hole is too tight for such a monster”.

Lucy jammed her fingers in her mouth and ass as she watched Mr. Owens’ cock seem to swell from the base and then explode over Mrs. Owens shocked face, thick streams of pale cum splattering over her face and shirt.

Lucy’s movements juddered, her muscles twitching before slowing, the buzz of blood rushing around her head slowly easing back and the sounds of the morning returning.

Mrs. Owens was cleaning her face when Lucy realized that if they turned round they might catch sight of their young teenage guest, hands stuffed in her own mouth and ass.

Lucy dashed back up the stairs just as she heard Mrs. Owens starting to come her way. Trying to breath normally she pretended she was just leaving her room, practically bumping into Andrea coming round the corner at the top of the stairs.

“Morning Lucy” Andrea tried to say as normally as possible, looking at the young girl in front of her, whose over-sized chest seemed to be heaving like she’d done a marathon. Andrea’s nostrils flared imperceptibly, she could swear she could smell, almost taste the scent of young pussy and ass mingling in the air between them.

“Are you ok this morning? You look a little flustered”.

“‘I’m fine'” Lucy managed to make herself say, trying to ignore the unmistakable smell of cock and cum that was emanating between them.

For a moment the two women stood silently opposed to each-other breathing in each-others aromas. Lucy could feel the energy in that moment and wondered what would happen if she turned around, bent over and spread her ass cheeks for Mrs. Owens.

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