A God Among Ordinary Men

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Welcome to my world. I am Jack Sly. Charmer, Trickster and Renovator. The one with the awesome power to bring about change no matter where he is. That’s me in a nutshell. A tall, good-looking black man in his early thirties. I am currently the Athletic Director at Bruno College, a small private four-year technical College located in Central Oregon. Bruno College was the first place to hire me after I got my Masters degree in Business Administration from the prestigious Boston University the year before. I’ve been looking for a job in Sports management but they’re hard to come by. I didn’t have a long list of contacts. I did play College basketball a while ago, but I wasn’t picked for the pros. When I came along, Bruno College was a small private school with an almost laughable Sports program.

They offered Men’s Intercollegiate Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and Cross Country. They also offered Women’s Intercollegiate Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Cross Country, Swimming and Field Hockey. These Sports made no money and there was even talk of cutting them because they didn’t generate sufficient revenue. Bruno College Sports Teams competed in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s lowest tier, Division III. For those of you who don’t speak the College Sports lingo, that means the students play Sports because they want to, not because they receive scholarships. The school was sixty percent female and forty percent male. I set out to change things. I’m a firm believer in balance. If that makes me politically incorrect, then so be it.

I talked to the College president, Mr. Hanover and told him that if he were to take a chance with my plans, we could revolutionize athletics at the school. He was reluctant, but went along with my plans anyway. The following Summer, we set up a press release announcing that we started a Football Team at Bruno College. What do you know? Male applicants came to the College by the droves. The school originally had six thousand students, and more than half of them were women. Well, all that changed when we added a Football Team. Suddenly, Bruno College was now fifty percent male and fifty percent female. That’s what’s up, holler!

One hundred young men from high schools around the state joined our Football Team. The first Football game, against nearby Hancock Technical Institute, was attended by almost eighty percent of the whole town. With an even number of men and women on the College campus study body, I could now move more freely as Athletic Director. My plan was to revolutionize canlı bahis the Department of Athletics. The Football program attracted corporate sponsorship, and generated tons of revenue. You had to be there. I mean, it boosted student morale and also put Bruno College on the map. With the new funding we received, I added new Sports. We started a Men’s Wrestling Team, along with Women’s Volleyball. The new Sports Teams quickly filled up with good rosters due to heavy recruiting. We also added Men’s Volleyball and Women’s Ice Hockey. Not long after, we started a Men’s Ice Hockey Team. How about that? Bruno College now offers sixteen Varsity Sports, eight for men and eight for women. And our Varsity Football Team is the pride of the school as well as the entire town.

Over the next couple of years, I watched the Athletic Department grow. We added a Men’s Swimming Team and a Women’s Rifle Team. These Sports didn’t really bring in much money but we could afford them. Having beefed up the Football and Basketball Teams, we saw a whole lot of money flowing in. A nice reward for our efforts.

I was a lot more interested in these core, extremely popular Sports than other, trivial ones, to tell you the truth. However, students kept wanting to start Sports Teams and we had to find the money to support them. Thus, we added Men’s Tennis and Women’s Tennis, along with Men’s Golf, Women’s Archery and Men’s Rifle. Later, we added Men’s Archery along with Men’s Bowling and Women’s Rugby. You have to understand that the College campus was somewhat diverse, but not the best it could be. The school was eighty percent white and only twenty percent minority. Most of the black male students played Football, Basketball or ran Cross Country. The black females were on the Women’s Basketball, Cross Country and Soccer Teams. I sought about getting more black and Hispanic students to attend Bruno College, but to no avail. Oh, well. I’d do the best I could with what I had. Since I was practically the only black faculty member on campus, the black students, both male and female, often came to me when they had issues. I liked talking to them and giving them advice. However, I wasn’t a professional. I was just a man who was sometimes overworked. So, what’s a brother to do? I asked the Dean of Students and the College president about opening a Minority Student Center. Out of six thousand students, there were three hundred black students on campus, along with one hundred and ninety Hispanics. They agreed, and thus the MSC or Minority Student Center bahis siteleri was founded. It was operated by Lionel Brown, a former psychology professor.

Well, my work at Bruno College was done. All this was done within the first two years of my administration. I had done well. This brother needed a vacation. When Spring Break came during my third year, I went to Bermuda. There, I had so much fun it’s not even funny. I was on a cruise ship, flying solo. There were lots of sexy men and gorgeous women on the cruise ship. We had ourselves lots of fun. How could any of them resist a six-foot-three, good-looking and well-endowed black man with lots of money, a clean record and a college degree? Yeah, it’s what I thought. I had all the femmes over me. I’ll tell you about the wild times I had with some of them.

First, there was Sylvia Shay. A tall, blonde-haired, lean and muscular female bodybuilder type. She had the biggest tits and ass I’ve ever seen on a white female. Yeah, she was into me. We clicked at a dinner on the cruise, and later, fucked. I’ve never been with a female bodybuilder before. Sylvia was fine-looking, with a firm body and terrific, curved and toned ass. We went back to my room for some fun. And fun we had. We undressed hastily, and she feasted her eyes on my fabulous black masculinity. I stayed in shape, and kept myself pretty. Also, I was packing twelve inches of long and thick, uncut black man power. She knelt before me and began sucking on my cock while fingering her wet pussy. I stood there, smiling as she sucked me off. I’ve done this before, but it’s almost always fun. Sylvia was a really good cock sucker. I’ve never been sucked like this before. She was both talented and eager. You could tell that she loved what she was doing. She milked me dry. When I came, she drank my manly juice. Gulped it all down. How about that?

Afterwards, I returned the favor. She spread her legs while lying on my bed. I looked at her hairy blonde pussy. Definitely inviting. I wanted some of that. So I dove in. I began licking that pussy like oral sex was going out of style. Sylvia moaned as I tongued and probed her pussy. Hey, I’m not like others who try it half-heartedly. I really go to town on her. I like eating pussy. Why? Cause I’m a talented brother with skills you can’t imagine. I probed her, licked her and drilled her with my fingers and tongue. By the time I was done with her, she was howling in pleasure and dangerously close to start speaking in tongues. What can I say? I’m the talented man!

Next, bahis şirketleri I wanted to tap her ass. And she was totally down with that. Sylvia got on all fours and spread her sexy ass cheeks wide open. I came up behind her, and applied some lube all over her ass. I rubbed some lube all over my cock too. Then, I pressed my awesome rod of power against her puckered little asshole, and pushed it inside. I’ll say this about Sylvia. She’s a strong woman. As I held her by the hips and thrust my cock deeper into her asshole, she didn’t whine, whimper or howl like so many others had. She took it like a champ. Man, I was loving every moment of it. I mean, she had such a wonderful ass. It was both warm and tight, and held onto my cock so strongly.

I’ve fucked a lot of asses in my day, but Sylvia’s took the cake. Oops, booty cakes. No pun intended. Yeah, her ass was so damn right. I mean, her booty hole wasn’t too tight like an anal virgin or too loose like some chick who took it up the ass one too many times. Nah, Sylvia’s booty was just right. And I loved fucking it. While I was drilling my cock into her ass, she undulated her bottom, moving about sexily. She kept grinding that rump against my groin, driving my cock deeper into her asshole. Man, this woman was a sexual being! And she was giving as good as she got. I’ve had anal sex with women for whom taking it up the shiner was a chore. I didn’t enjoy myself with them. I’d rather be with someone who’s as into anal sex as I am. It’s a combination that works for best results. While I fucked her, Sylvia made sexy grunting noises while begging me for more. I gave her all the cock I had, and then some. We happily romped away, with me pumping my cock into her rump for the better part of an hour. The woman was amazing. Grunting and growling in a sexy, primal way while getting drilled. I couldn’t get enough of it. When I came, sending my hot manly seed deep into her ass, both of us screamed passionately. Man, it was that good.

Afterwards, we lay on the bed, entwined passionately. That’s when pillow talk took place. Sylvia was a bodybuilder by passion and an amateur boxer by profession. Impressive. I knew she had to be some type of athlete. She’s in great shape and she’s one of the best lays I’ve ever had, to tell you the truth. We had a lot of fun together during the rest of the cruise. We dined together, danced and even swam together in the pool. And we had sexual marathons. Yeah, a good time was had by all. When the cruise returned to America, we parted amicably. She had a career to get back to and so did I. I returned to Bruno College refreshed, replenished, rejuvenated and happy. I was ready to take on whatever the worlds of academia and collegiate athleticism had to throw at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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