A Dirty Dog Doggin’ Around Ch. 02

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Having just returned from overseas assignment in Germany, I was sent to a military post that is often euphemistically referred to as being lost in the woods. Not that I didn’t like fishing and hunting, but having to drive 30 miles for a decent steak and a bottle of wine was like living in purgatory.

Our friend Elvie had only been gone a couple of weeks as Mandi and I continued to settle into a rental house about 8 miles from work. We got acquainted with a few of the neighbors, and early one hot July evening, several people that knew the neighbors were visiting. Among them were a couple of local girls who were sort of cute in a redneck, slutty way that I liked occasionally.

One of them was a big girl, long black hair, who wasn’t exactly fat as having large proportions. Now I’m sure she would have been happy weighing about 40 pounds less but she was actually fine looking. Her name was Timmy.

I have been known to enjoy rubbing nasties with a big girl or two, and God knows I just love nothing better than to be balls deep in a tight asshole nestled in between two big round butt cheeks being spread apart by a plump babe nasty enough to let me do it. I hoped Timmy would be one of those.

I picked up mass quantities of beer from on post, iced it down and we proceeded to have an impromptu party. As it got dark, I found myself alone with Timmy out on the back deck and decided to see what her frame of mind was, especially since she had a few beers under her belt and was acting really friendly. I got close to her and smiled, talking about mundane things, and chatted for a few.

She was in a jolly mood and I noticed that she had a couple of buttons on her blouse unbuttoned that had been tightly buttoned before. I got a really good view of some deep cleavage and what were obviously some big, no, really big breasts.

When she saw me obviously looking, she asked, “Do you like what you see?”

I couldn’t help myself, and answered, “Why, very much, thank you, and when will I get to see more?”

Hardly taken aback, she replied, “Whenever you want!”

I was eager to see if this big momma was serious, so I strolled back around the house and out front, making an appearance and checking to see where my wife, Mandi, was located. She was busy with a neighbor across the street and asked if wanted to go over there for a few minutes to see her new couch. I declined politely, and eased back into the house, finding Timmy coming from the bathroom.

“Let me get you a refill and then walk with me to take my dog for a walk,” I told her.

She said that sounded fine and we got refills, put the dog on a leash and headed out the back to walk down to the end of the neighborhood. The street, if you want to call a half paved, half gravel one-lane trail around the houses a street, circled behind the house, down through trees past a couple of empty lots, past a couple of mobile homes at the far end, and back. There was a nice, well screened area partially lit by someone’s outdoor lights at the end of the street.

We got to the secluded area at the curve and I stopped, took a sip of beer, and asked, “Were you serious about letting me see some more of those luscious breasts.”

She giggled and said, “I shouldn’t, you know. Besides, you’re married.”

“I’m not dead, and you have beautiful breasts that I would love to see, touch and kiss,” I retorted, and eased close beside her.

I sat my beer down on the ground and reached over to gently feel one of those pendulous breasts hanging in her bra. They felt large, yet teasingly soft.

She backed away for a moment, but then said, “You really want to see them, don’t you.”

I told her, almost too quickly, “I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t.”

She smiled softly and said, “Well if you really want to….”

She started pulling her shirt out of her pants waistband. She unbuttoned her shirt as my dog yawned and laid down. Pulling her shirt back, she popped the front clasp of her bra loose and good gawd almighty out popped some of the biggest tits I had ever seen in my life.

They were creamy white and had large areola topped by small, rock hard nipples. And they didn’t hang like I thought breasts that size should, but sat up reasonably well on her chest.

“Beautiful,” I gushed.

“Thanks,” was her brief reply.

I took the beer from her hand, sat it on the ground and leaned in and kissed the nipple of her left breast. She laughed under her breath, and then let me explore further. I gently kneaded her breasts and kissed and sucked, trying to get as much of that fabulous tit in my mouth as possible. She enjoyed the attention, sharply increasing her breathing and I noticed her head went back and her eyes shut.

I took advantage and went to the other canlı bahis breast, working my oral ministrations to their maximum. After a few minutes, I began working my hand into the crotch of her pants, slowly rubbing along the outside to put pressure on her clit. She opened her legs for a moment, gasped a couple of times and then suddenly roused from her reverie.

“We better head back, “she cautioned.

I broke away unwillingly, but watched as she gently sheathed the monsters and buttoned her shirt. We headed back to the house and she left shortly.

Two weeks later, we had a small gathering of folks for a hot summer barbecue and “Tho-down.” Timmy and her friend arrived later in the evening and brought some wine. The whole soiree turned into a drunken brawl for the most part.

I stayed sober, sipping a light beer, in case the party tried to get out of hand. Most of the serious drunks got rides home, but later, after Mandi had crashed from way too much wine, I found myself with Timmy out on the back deck again, and her friend had left her there. I asked her how she was getting home and she didn’t know. I shooed the last of the party goers out the door, put some food and water in the dog bowls and offered to drive her home. She gladly accepted.

It was a short drive of about 12-15 minutes in my classic VW Bug. Not long after we took off, I reached over to give her a hug and pulled her closer to me. She had drank a few glasses of wine and wasn’t hurt but wasn’t sloppy either. As she leaned over, I thought she was going to lean those breasts up against me, only to have her keep going into the crotch of my pants.

She clawed my zipper and reached inside (I wasn’t wearing underwear), and pulled my cock free. She swallowed it in one gulp. Now this was quite a sight, watching this big girl twisting around in the front seat of a VW Bug, but what wasn’t amusing was what she was doing to my cock. She had a mouth like a Hoover vacuum. Damn she could suck a cock. I was hard in about 5 seconds and was totally engulfed down her throat in about 7 seconds. It was the first time I had anyone take the whole thing all the way down their throat.

When we arrived at her house, I inelegantly stuffed my hard on into my shorts, leaving an obvious tent, but no one was around to see. We dashed in to her house, and immediately began kissing and clawing at each others’ clothes like two sexed starved monsters. We undressed on the way to the bedroom, and I got one last glimpse of those beautiful breasts was as we wandered into the bedroom. She locked the door.

“What’s that for?” I asked.

“In case my roomie comes home,” she replied.

Oh well, I was still wanting to bounce the big babe around. I asked to light a candle, turn on the bathroom light, anything to let me have a better view of this Ruebenesque momma in all her glory. Unfortunately, she would have none of it.

When I asked what she was hiding, especially since I had seen her breasts, she simply replied, “I just don’t like for anyone to see me naked.”

Well, since indulging my voyeuristic instincts was apparently out of the question, I set to the business at hand, sending Timmy to the moon. I kissed my way around and over those magnificent breasts, and this time I wasn’t stopped when I got a finger or two into her crotch. I got a nice handful of pussy juice and lubed her pussy until I found her clit. I gently rubbed while I continued to suck her breasts until out of the blue, she made a brief shudder and gasped for breath.

I was at a loss for a moment but kept going. She settled back down and began moving her hips around. In just a couple of more minutes of finger work on her clit, she again shuddered and gasped slightly, and then settled back down. I worked my way down her stomach, kissing and licking while she guided my head to the promised land. She smelled wonderful, hot, juicy and horny. I love the smell of pussy that has been excited to the point of free running juice.

I figured she was already primed so I took no time at all in getting to her pussy with my trademark clit action. I sucked her clit, and a really big clit at that, between my lips and thrust it back out with the tip of my tongue, only to suck it back in again. This effort set her to a hip thrusting wiggle, but she made little sound. Then, without warning, another little gasp and shudder. That’s when it dawned on me that she was having an orgasm.

I had not really encountered someone this quiet for quite some time. But I decided to see how long she would go before one of us gave up. I worked a finger into her pussy, then two. She squirmed around but the squirm was for more fingers. I worked a finger into her asshole, and then two, until my hand was pretty much engulfed in her pussy and ass. After that she bahis siteleri really got her pussy grinding into my face and her ass onto my fingers. She had two or three more of her little shudders and that’s when I found out who would quit first. It was me.

After rocking her through about 5 of these minor shudders and gasps, my tongue started getting tired and my hand and arm got tired, especially since I was holding a large amount of her weight. I slowly backed off, drew my fingers out and regained normal breathing.

I worked my way back up that big, plush body, pausing to pay more homage to the tits, and found my cock probing at the entrance to her pussy. Before I could bury it, though, she whirled around and engulfed me in her mouth again. She swallowed me to the hilt several times, and I found myself about to come down her throat. I probably would have blasted a load of cum down her throat if I could have seen what was going on.

I stopped her, rolled her back onto the bed and threw her legs back onto her stomach. With no hesitation, I slammed my cock balls deep into her pussy. She was surprisingly tight, considering the amount of pussy juice running in rivulets down my legs, and pleasantly hot. I started stroking with a steady, hard rhythm that had her doing the gasp and shudder in no time. Damn this girl could cum, albeit quietly!

I went at it for several minutes until I decided to take a break, so I turned her over onto her knees. I slammed back into that pussy, really pounding away. I was going at it so hard I didn’t notice if she had any more orgasms. I slowed down, and noticed that my eyes had grown accustomed to the darkness, and there was more residual light from the neighborhood than I had first noticed.

There in front of me was a big, beautiful white ass, and every thrust sent a ripple all the way to her waist. I eased back a moment to savor the view, and stroked for a while longer. Then, hoping for the best, slid all the way out and back in, slowly, until after a few tries slid on past her pussy and up to her asshole. I couldn’t see it but I felt it, and with a split second of hesitation, slowly eased it in her asshole.

I managed to work my cock all the way in when she pulled away and suddenly and said, “I can’t.”

She spun around and sat up on the bed looking at me, and I asked why.

“I just can’t. I’ll do anything else you want, but I just can’t do that.”

I didn’t feel like pressing the issue, so I asked her to wait a minute. I went into the bathroom, found some toilet paper, and quickly gave my cock a quick wash. She stayed sitting on the bed that entire time as though she could actually see me.

I returned to the bed, had her lay on her back with her head hanging over the edge, and worked my cock into her mouth. Someone nearby must have turned on a porch light about that time, because more light entered the room. I looked down at those big, bouncing tits and proceeded to throat fuck her. I leaned over a bit and began fingering her pussy, and she grabbed my hand to guide it to the right spot.

She continued holding onto my wrist as I picked up the tempo until I felt that wonderful feeling and thrust my cock as deep as my balls would let me down into her throat, and let loose a blast of cum. I held it for a few seconds as the spasms kept coming, and then gradually pulled out of her mouth. She went through a couple of gasps and shudders about that time and I figured that was about enough orgasms for one night. She rolled back onto the bed, and lay there breathing lightly.

I asked how she felt, and she said simply, “Wonderful. I needed that.”

Just to be sure, I asked what the little gasp and shudder was, if maybe that would happen to be an orgasm.

“Oh yeah,” she said. “I like having them like that, over and over.”

I asked about having any light, and she just said, “I’m not comfortable with anyone seeing me naked.”

“But I love a large, voluptuous woman like you,” I protested.

“Sorry, but that’s just me. Same with having you in my bottom. I just can’t do that even if I like it.”

Perplexed, I pressed on. “But if you like it, why not?”

Well, she went into an explanation of how she heard about a bad disease coming from anal sex, and she was scared it would happen to her, so she decided she wouldn’t put herself at risk for a disease that could kill her.

“Do you know what disease that is?” I asked incredulously.

“I’m not sure.”

I gave her a brief explanation about AIDS, how it had been discovered, how it worked, that it didn’t just result from anal sex, and if both parties were clean, anal sex could be quite nice.

“Well….. it felt nice after a couple of seconds,” she acknowledged.

“Then why not enjoy it?” bahis şirketleri I asked.

“Well, are you sure you can’t get something bad from this?”

I thought to myself that I had fallen into the twilight zone.

“You mentioned that you just had a physical. Were you tested for any diseases of any kind?”

She replied, “Yes, and the doctor said I was squeaky clean. I don’t have sex very often, and he asked me about that. But yes, you can be comfortable knowing I don’t have anything you can catch.”

Thank god dumb isn’t contagious, I thought to myself.

“Well, I get tested on a regular basis because of regulations, and I am clean as a whistle. So why not try something you might enjoy?”

She thought about it for a minute (I swear I thought I saw some light coming from her ears) and said, “Well, if you think it won’t be any trouble!”

Trouble! Sliding my cock up your ass and loading it full of cum is no trouble at all, I thought to myself. So I went back to the bathroom and with the small amount of light that reached it, I saw what appeared to be baby oil. I asked and she said that indeed, she had some baby oil in the bathroom.


“Just to keep things slippery,” I told her.

She had a low chest at the bottom of the bed with a padded top (I was finally able to make out details in the room) so I had her get on the chest on her knees and lay her upper body on the bed. That big, beautiful white ass was spread out in the dim light for me.

I started eating her pussy from behind, slowly licking from her clit up to her butthole and back. This got her started again, wiggling her butt and sighing. I took a little baby oil and poured some on my fingers, and worked one into her butt. Her asshole was tight and warm and I slipped a finger in easily. She wiggled some more and I slid another finger in.

I got a thumb of the other hand on her clit and began a slow massage, pumping my thumb around her clit as I stroked her butthole with my fingers. She spread her legs wider apart until her knees were almost at the edges of the chest. Damned if she didn’t have another one of those sneaky little quiet orgasms again. Without a word, I stroked my cock back to a full hard on and slowly stroked her pussy and ass with the head.

After a few seconds of this, I slowly slid the head down her ass crack, pausing as soon as I felt her butthole and pressed in. My cock slipped in so easily I thought at first I missed and went into her pussy.

I knew better in a second when she blurted out, “Ohh, does that feel nice.”

I decided that she wasn’t going to need any adjustment time so I began stroking in earnest. I watched to see if she had another orgasm but apparently she didn’t. I went after her ass with a relish, loving the feeling of a tight, hot, slippery asshole gripping my cock like a small, delicate hand.

After a few minutes, she said, “Are you going to cum?”

I said that was very likely but I needed her help.

“What can I do?” she asked.

“Just reach back and grab both those beautiful buns and hold them wide apart for me so I can get every bit of my cock in.”

Merciful heaven she reached back with both hands and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them wide open. I started stroking her asshole in earnest now, enjoying the view and hoping beyond hope that her neighbor didn’t turn off the porch light that was giving me such a wonderful view. I ratcheted up the stroke and was really pounding into her when I noticed another one of the gasp, shudder orgasms.

Well, that helped my cause and within another minute I was emptying my second load, albeit small, deep into her rectum. I finished up and slowly withdrew from her ass.

She turned around and sat down on the chest, and with a small smile, said, “Was that okay?”

I gently leaned down and kissed her lips and told her she was absolutely wonderful. When I told her she was a true 1% lady, she was curious. I explained that according to statistics, only 1% of women can take a cock balls deep in all three holes. She was flattered.

I didn’t notice that she quietly slipped on a robe and by the time I was through cleaning up, she said she had better get some sleep since she had to work the next day. I gave her another kiss and drove home.

When I got home, Mandi was still dead to the world, safely in dreamland. I tucked in next to her and quickly went to sleep. The next morning, Mandi woke with a hangover, and out of the clear blue sky, asked me if I had fucked her ass the night before after she passed out.

“I smell oil and shit! Did you sneak in my ass last night?”

I decided right then that it was time to take a shower and get her a bit of the hair of the dog to sip while I showered. I denied everything, asked if her asshole hurt (it didn’t) and she was none the wiser.

I saw Timmy a couple of times after that but never got another chance to slip between those big, beautiful buns. Not that I didn’t try though!

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