Midas and the Elf

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Amy Brooke

Tetra the elf sat in the corner of an inn, alone at a table by herself. She was a beauty, tall and slender, with long blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes. She wore a light and thin midriff bearing leather top and shorts made of somewhat elastic material for mobility. She wrapped herself in a long, grey cloak with the hood up to hide her pointy ears. Her arms were on the table with her head in her hands, staring down at a small brown pouch that contained the meagre remains of her finances.

“Should have never come here…” She muttered to herself. She had come to the small town of Rendell due to rumors of an ancient crypt that had been found, and the possibilities of riches. As a master of locks and traps, it should have been easy pickings for her. Unfortunately, she was not the only one who thought so, as numerous adventurers from all over had come pouring in.

Tetra slammed her fists onto the table. She had been there for a month now and had spent nearly the entire time fucking. There were just so many high-class adventures with incredible bodies that she could not contain herself. Plus, with her being an elf, an extreme rarity outside her homeland, all she had to do was show off her long ears and tall, slender form, and she had all the cock and pussy she could handle.

The worst part was, with so many people here, the only inn in town had raised their rates. In the month she spent riding and being ridden, the crypt had been cleared out while she dropped all her coin on room and board.

“Right. Let’s do this.” Tetra muttered to herself as she put her coin pouch into her backpack, put it on under her cloak, and stood up. Her specialty was traps and lockpicking, along with being well practiced at sneaking, but what really got her far was her perception and intuition. She could without a doubt find something the others had missed. “I’m leaving now. Let go-ood lord, those abs…”

A young human warrior had just entered the inn, her battle axe resting on her shoulder. She was rippling with well-defined muscle, none of it hidden by her armor, which consisted of a leather wrap to keep her breasts in place, and a large, protective iron codpiece.

Tetra slapped herself.

“No! Bad!” She muttered, scolding herself. She could feel the legs of her shorts getting tighter as her two cocks started to swell, pressing into her inner thighs. She had to go now as she would be out of money within the next three days and there was no more time for sex. Pulling her hood down tight and shielding her eyes from all of the fit, sexy, fuckable adventurers, Tetra exited the inn.

She quickly left town and headed north along what was now a well-worn path. Traffic had fallen to a minimum as everyone had already come and gone, and she made the hour long walk without passing almost anyone.

At the entrance of the crypt was a small group hanging out. Tetra waved at them and passed by, heading down the steps. Stopping to talk would have been dangerous, as the wolf girl she had recently fucked was with them. As much as she wanted it, she did not have time to spend getting knotted by the girl’s smooth, slick cock, her knot ballooning inside Tetra and stretching her drooling cunt until her legs went numb.

“Stop it.” Tetra muttered to herself as she shook the thoughts away.

She descended the steps into the crypt, and at the bottom it opened up into a musky, dimly lit main area with many side rooms. She pulled out a jewel-studded headband from her pouch, put it on, then reached up and pushed in the small gem on the side. With a click the jewels all lit up, shining light wherever her head turned. She did a quick walk through the many rooms, and, as expected, it was cleaned out. The caskets were open, things were gone, the undead who had risen to walk again had been crushed into bone dust, and nary a crack nor crevice had not been combed over in search of secrets. All said and done, the place was now actually quite clean, which was bad for Tetra.

“Shit…” She mumbled, cursing her addiction to beautiful bodies. She kept telling herself she would go in after the initial rush and find the real stuff, but it seemed the low danger of the crypt given people plenty of time to search.

Tetra spent the next few hours going through each room, rechecking absolutely everything. Every cold stone wall, the entire dusty floor, even the cracked ceiling. With the day wearing on and her motivation waning, she sat down on the bottom step of the stairs to take a break.

She racked her brain as she tried to think of what could have been missed, unconsciously squeezing one of her cocks as she did. She scanned the main room once more, but nothing came to her. She sighed and rubbed her eyes, thinking of the stairs behind her when she had an epiphany.

Tetra got up and ascended the stairs. She stood at the top looking down, then descended again. The stairs were tight, wide enough for one person, and broken into three sets with a small flat area between each set. canlı bahis She went up and checked the ancient stone walls on both sides of the first flat area. She dusted away cobwebs and dirt to find that the bricks were solid and matched perfectly with the rest on both sides. She pulled her hefty knife from the sheathe on her lower back and hit the wall with the handle. By the sound she could tell it was solid behind the bricks, and nothing was out of place.

She moved down to the second flat area to do the same, and after dusting away some dirt, immediately found what she was looking for. The bricks making up the wall to the right were laid differently than the rest around them, and did not interlock at all with the rest of the wall. Somebody had put them in after the fact. She wacked the wall with her knife, and could hear a hollow echo behind it.

“And there it is.” Tetra said with a giddy smile. Everyone always explored as deep as possible and, while often that was where the best stuff was, would overlook the things much closer.

The next step was getting past the wall. She looked behind her, then stepped back, putting her back against the opposite wall. She raised her leg and put it against the suspicious wall, then did the other, now holding herself up. With her feet on the suspicious wall and her back on the other, she pushed. After a few minutes of excruciating effort and cursing, it buckled. She readjusted herself and pushed again, and the wall fell inwards with a loud clatter of bricks, revealing a side passage.

Tetra’s heart started pounding at the possibilities. She adjusted her light and warily made her way down the dark hall, then down another set of stairs, constantly looking for traps. As she went, she had her bag open and stuck small, magical coin lights to the wall every so often to illuminate the way back. She turned a corner and found a solid wooden door. She spent a minute going over it but found nothing suspicious, and, to her surprise, it was not even locked. With a turn of the handle, it swung inward.

Tetra’s jaw dropped as her light lit up the room. It was a large empty room, completely bare except one thing. Leaning against the far wall was a large statue that looked to be made out of solid gold.

“Oh, ho ho ho… Yes!” Tetra threw her hands up with glee. Bursting with anticipation and excitement, she stepped back, stood up straight, and took a long, deep breath.

She needed to calm herself. Her excitement was getting the better of her, and that was when mistakes happened. Fatal mistakes. After taking a moment to cool her head, she stepped into the room.

Ignoring the statue, she first went along the sides of the room to search for traps and put up more coin lights. The walls were solid brick, and as far as she could tell, nothing was behind them. After going over it twice, and adequately lighting up the room, she found nothing. Strangely, it seemed this was just a plain old room. An unlocked door to a plain empty room with a golden statue in it only made her more wary.

Tetra turned her focus to the golden statue and approached it. It was a strange, waist high amalgamation of gold with a bizarre yet familiar shape. Embedded into the top and resting against a somewhat heart shaped backing was a golden rod that looked like a handle. At the base of the statue, leaning against it, was a stone tablet with a message engraved on it. She dusted it off and read it.

Beware! This item induces the most intense pleasure ever known, but will petrify you if you orgasm from it. Do not use it!

“Huh.” Tetra said, scratching the back of her head as she read it. Usually, things like this were more cryptic, but who ever made this sign was pretty blunt about it. “Hmm…”

Tetra reached out and grabbed the object, pulling it out from the statue with a wet squelch. Surprised by the sound, she jumped back. She quickly scanned the room, looking to see if a trap had activated. After a moment of nothing happening, she let out a sigh of relief.

Tetra looked at what she had pulled out, and was in awe. In her hand was a golden dildo shaped like a drakelyn cock. It was bulbous at the base with a flared, triangular head and dull, spiky bumps running up and down the shaft. The craftsmanship was impeccable, with every detail captured perfectly, from the bumps to the veins. It was like someone had taken a real drakelyn cock and turned it into gold. She ran her fingers up it, shuddering as she remembered the few half-human, half-dragon drakelyns she had fucked. Tetra knew from personal experience how amazing their cocks were.

Turning back to the statue, she slowly approached it and reached out. Her fingers touched the hole to find it was warm and wet, and her fingers sunk in. It was as if she was fingering a real pussy. Pondering the possibilities, Tetra began to believe she had stumbled upon someone’s ancient masturbation tools.

Tetra read the sign once again, trying to determine if it should be heeded. She had bahis siteleri heard of petrification before, but that was only if you came from a gorgon cock. Also, the cock lost its effect if the gorgon died, so severing one and trying to use it would not work. After considering it for a moment, she decided not to try it out. As enticing as incredible pleasure sounded, she knew better than to ignore an obvious warning. It may just be a normal dildo, but that was a chance she was going to leave up to the buyer.

Tetra set the dildo back in the statue then wrapped her arms around it, attempting to lift it with no success. It was so heavy she could not even get it to budge, which meant it was likely solid gold the entire way through. She would have to come back for it as it was too heavy for her alone, so she needed to go make her claim. The golden dildo would be proof enough that she found the statue, even if someone else tried to claim it. With a quick search of the room to make sure there were no more hidden secrets, Tetra pulled out the dildo and started to leave. She stared at the beautiful golden dildo as she walked, and the moment she set foot outside of the room, it disappeared.

“What?” Tetra was stunned. It just disappeared. She jumped back, but did not see it on the ground. She spun around, feverishly looking for it when she noticed the statue. The dildo was back in it. She looked towards the hallway, then back to the statue. She walked back over to it, pulled the dildo out and sprinted towards the door. The moment just before she entered the hallway, it disappeared again.

“Okay, not a time thing.” She muttered, trying to figure out what was happening. She pulled the dildo out of pedestal again with another squelch, then walked back over to the door. She held up the dildo and slowly reached out with it. It disappeared again.

Tetra sighed, turned around, and trudged back over to the pedestal once again. She pulled out the dildo and stared at it.

“Are you kidding me!?” Tetra threw the dildo at the wall as hard she could, only for it to not hit, but instead, once again, instantly reappear in the pedestal, frustrating her even further. “Seriously…”

She crossed her arms and grumbled, quietly bitching and moaning over the situation as she paced around the room. She had found something great, but could not leave with proof. Since the dildo was attached to the pedestal, it meant that she would have to wait for someone to come and find her, help her move it out, and then give the person a cut. If she left, someone else could claim it, and she would have no say.

Tetra sat against the wall beside the pedestal and decided to wait. She took off her cloak and set her backpack aside to get more comfortable. As she waited, her frustration slowly turned into boredom, which quickly turned into horniness. She slowly stroked her half erect cocks through her stretchy shorts, one running down each leg, creating visible bulges. Her thoughts kept turning to the golden dildo. There was an obvious warning that would be stupid to ignore. She knew it was better to let someone else find out if it was true, but as time dragged on and she became more bored and more horny, the less stupid ignoring it seemed.

Tetra stood up and slid her shorts down to her ankles, her now erect cocks hanging out, side by side. She grabbed the golden dildo and sat back down against the wall. She looked at it while playing with herself, stroking one cock, then the other, then squeezing and rubbing them against each other. Slowly but surely, overcome with arousal, the dildo inched ever closer to her glistening pussy. She teased herself for a while, rubbing the underside of her balls, then, with doubt and reason sufficiently degraded by arousal, she rammed it up her drooling pussy as far as it would go.

“HNNNAAhng!” Tetra sputtered in shock as an explosion of orgasmic pleasure and heat bellowed up from her pussy, rocking her entire body. Her cocks swelled and stiffened to their peak hardness, her juices gushed, and her nipples became so hard they felt like they were going to cut through her top. Every inch of her insides felt like an aching pussy being ravaged by the thickest, strongest, cock imaginable, hitting sensitive spots she did not even know she had.

“OH GOD, YES!” Tetra howled in ecstasy. She leaned back against the wall, her hands behind her head and legs spread wide as her hips involuntarily rose into the air. She closed her eyes for a moment, focusing on the intense, full body pleasure she was experiencing just from having the dildo inside her without even moving. She lost herself in the ever-building pleasure, her body getting hotter and hornier, then shuddered violently. “Oh, ho ho ho, shit!”

A huge orgasm was rapidly building and she was already on the edge, about to cum. Not wanting to actually risk the warning. She decided to stop.

“I better not-huh?” Tetra’s heart stopped. She could not move her hands from behind her head. In fact, she could bahis şirketleri not move most of her body. “No. No, no, no! NO! NOOOO!”

Tetra panicked as she looked at herself. Her body was petrifying. Her legs and arms were already solid gold, and it was quickly spreading over her torso and up her bulging, veiny, precum spewing cocks. She tried to throw herself off the wall, move her legs, fall over, anything to get the dildo out of her convulsing pussy, but it was hopeless. She was stuck. With the dildo still deep inside her and the immense orgasm becoming harder to hold in, the only thing she could do was scream.

“HEEEEELP! HEEEELP!!!” Tetra screamed and screamed as loud as she could, her voice echoing out. As the petrification moved up her neck, her voice choked out. Tears ran down her face and fear set in as the intense stimulation abusing her pussy just would not stop, and there was nothing she could do about it. She was going to become a statue. More than just her painfully swollen cocks and balls or her aching, quivering pussy, her body began to hurt from holding it in. Gritting her teeth, she struggled against the pleasure, fighting as hard as she could to keep the massive orgasm down. “Heeelp…”

Her voice was muffled and her head was now stuck in place. All she could see were her own cocks, both now a fountain of precum spilling down. She held on, unsure if minutes or just seconds were passing, but it was a losing battle. Her balls were tightening up, and the pressure was becoming too much for her to hold back. Her endurance was at its limit, and she was going to explode. She did not want to become a statue.

Out of the corner of her eye, something moved. It was coming towards her.

“Remove! Dildo!” Tetra gasped in desperation, unsure if anyone was even there. A hand plunged between her legs, and the golden dildo was ripped out of her.

For a moment, everything went white as an intense spark shot through her body. Precum spouted, fluids burst from her pussy, and breast milk soaked her top. Her entire body felt like it was about to explode out of her cocks.

“You got this. Hold it in. Imagine that load sinking right back down into your balls. Relax your cunt, don’t let it spasm. Don’t tighten up, just relax and breathe.” The voice said.

Tetra closed her eyes and did so. Just as she thought she was over the edge and done for, she was back on it. Her cocks throbbed painfully for a few moments, protesting the denial, then began to calm. Her precum slowed, and the shuddering in her loins that was about to explode into a full-blown orgasm lessened. She had held it in, but was still about to burst. Even the weak draft in the room was stimulating her golden dicks.

“There you go. Now, focus on calming down. The petrification is tied to your arousal.”

“Okay.” Tetra tried to nod, but could not. Her heart was pounding and she was still scared, but very slowly her arousal started to dissipate. “Hnnnn…”

Tetra moaned, her body screaming at her to cum, an urge she fought with all her might. Her balls ached as the massive built-up load settled back down into them. Her insides still quivered from the unfathomable pleasure the dildo had unleashed on her body. Coming down from it all without orgasming was one of the most uncomfortable, if not painful, things Tetra had experienced.

“Can you move your head?” The voice asked after a few minutes.

“Uhg…” Tetra groaned, then gasped as she realized her head was moving. The petrification really was wearing off. She looked up at her savior.

Standing above her was a fiery red-haired human with freckles and strange silver eyes. The rest of her body was covered in a large cloak.

“Looks like you can.” The girl said.

“Thank you… for saving me.” Tetra said, wishing she could wipe the tears off her face. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The girl said. She crouched over Tetra’s petrified body, examining it.

“I’m serious.” Tetra said, regaining her composure. “I’ll repay you. I’ll split the golden statue with you, fifty-fifty.”

“Sorry, but you’re not selling the statue.” The girl reached out towards Tetra.

“Hey, I may be petrified, but I found it fiRRRRNNNSSSS!” Tetra moaned and her face contorted as the girl ran a finger up the shaft of her right cock, shooting intense sparks of pleasure through her body and causing her to let loose a fresh squirt of precum. “Stop! You’ll make me cum!”

Tetra’s body began to repetrify, and she could no longer move her neck again. Even though the dildo was out of her, she really was going to still petrify if she came. She began to panic.

“Okay! Okay! You can have it! Just please don’t make me cum! Please!” Tetra begged, eyes wide with fear and tears running down her cheeks again as the fear of imminent death was reignited.

“Sorry, sorry, didn’t mean to do that.” The girl moved her hand away without looking away from her cocks. “Interesting, you can still feel even though its petrified…”

“Yes! I can! So please don’t-“

“I won’t, I won’t. I’m done touching you now.” The girl stood up and stepped out of view. There was a pause for a moment, then she spoke again. “Wait, you’re an elf?”

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