Elemental Experience

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The night was young at the campout in the mountainous woods east of Seattle. Unlike the average camping experience, people from all walks of life gathered to celebrate their kinkiness, attend workshops to improve their knowledge, hone their BDSM skills and get lots of play in on the various instruments sprinkled around the area. It was early autumn, and though the deep night held a cold bite to it, the rest of the days were nice and temperate.

Having just finished dinner at the main pagoda, Chloe and her lover, Ryan, had been debating on joining everyone at the makeshift stage to watch a burlesque performance when a friend of theirs walked up to them and looked directly at Chloe.

“Wanna get set on fire?” she asked bluntly, smirking.

Chloe’s eyes went wide. Fire play had always been a secret kink for her, but she had always been too nervous to actually try it. “What?” she asked, to make sure she’d heard right.

“Do you want to be set on fire? I’m doing a fire scene up at the pool and I’m looking for more people. I light you on fire then you jump in the pool,” Lori said plainly, with a small smile. Lori was renowned in the community for her mastery of fire play and there were few others that Chloe would have trusted to play like this with.

Though she was terrified, she also knew this would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Giving a glance to Ryan, who just grinned in support at her, Chloe turned back to Lori and nodded. “Alright, let’s go.”

With a big grin, Lori waved her hand and headed up to the pool at the building atop the hill. Originally this place was a vesuvian retreat, but over the years the area had been developed to be more of a camping event site, complete with a dinner pagoda with a basic kitchen, a stage for performances, a longhouse up on the hill with an indoor pool, and multiple hot tubs sprinkled around the area.

Chloe and Ryan followed hand in hand, excitement building in her chest as shivers went down her body. They passed numerous people in all forms of dress. Some were fully clothed while others wore only sarongs of fabric wrapped around their waists or chests. Others were completely naked or padded around in intricate Shibari ropework masterpieces. It was quite a sight to behold.

Chloe and Ryan both, themselves, were dressed in sarongs. Ryan’s had a red hibiscus pattern, and wrapped around his waist while Chloe’s was a bright green foliage piece that bound itself around her chest with a decorative knot between her full breasts, drawing the eye easily to her ample cleavage. Both of them wore flip flops and nothing else.

As they reached the pool house at the top of the hill, Chloe was trembling with excitement. This was a dream come true! Stepping into the building, she looked around at the large number of people who had gathered to join the spectacle. Most were in the pool, either in bathing suits or simply naked. Others, dressed similarly, were lounging on the poolside. Across from the doors, a handful of men and women stood next to a table with some supplies on it.

Lori escorted Chloe around while Ryan took off his sarong and slipped into the pool to get a front row seat to the show. Standing with the others, she took a deep breath. “Alright everyone, take off your clothes and set them over to the side. We don’t want them catching fire,” Lori said, once everyone was gathered.

Stepping over to the side, Chloe unknotted her sarong and let it fall off of her lithe body, sliding it over the round of her pert ass before drawing the light fabric around the front of her to cast off onto one of the pool chairs. Turning around, she looked for Ryan and smiled when her eyes caught his. In the light of the pool, her nipple piercings glittered in the light. She gave an excited grin then looked to Lori.

The woman smiled to everyone then gave the directions and a run down of what was going to take place. “First, this is an official event and the participants will be photographed. If you do not want your photo taken, just let us know beforehand and we’ll make sure not to. Now, onto the event itself. You’ll jump in the pool and get yourselves nice and wet. Then you will come line up by the edge of the pool. As you come up, you will stand, facing me, and you will tilt your head back as far as you can. I will then pour the alcohol on you and count canlı bahis to three. On the count of one, I will light you on fire. You will then immediately jump backwards into the pool. Any questions?” she asked, looking around.

No one replied and some, like Chloe, even shook their heads.

“Alright, if there are no questions then jump on it and line yourselves up,” Lori directed, stepping over to the table that held the rubbing alcohol, small cups, a long lighter, and a fire extinguisher. Two men stood by, each holding fire blankets in their arms. Every measure of safety had been accounted for and they were ready to proceed.

Joining the mass of other participants in the fire experience, Chloe jumped in the water and remained until her long blonde hair was soaked thoroughly. She then climbed out of the pool and got in line, finding herself in first place. Water glistened and dripped over her nude body, giving a lovely sheen to her exquisite lines.

She was nervous about going first, having wanted to watch others to see how it went, but when Lori beckoned her to step up, she went without hesitation. Standing as close to the edge of the pool as she could get, she gave Lori a smile then tilted her head back as far as it would go. She closed her eyes for a moment as she heard some rustling and the sound of liquid being poured.

Cold and sharp to the nose, Chloe shivered as she felt the cup of alcohol pour down over her chest, dripping from her breasts and trickling down her abdomen and thighs. This was it. The moment had come.

“Three…two…” Lori counted down.

Chloe held her breath.


Chloe waited only a couple seconds before jumping back into the pool.

Opening her eyes, she looked down at her body as time slowed to a standstill. The whole of her naked flesh was covered in beautiful blue flame, from her chest to her knees, and it was a sight that took her breath away as she hovered in the air moments before plunging into the pool. She had never seen anything more spectacular.

As the water engulfed her, putting out the fire, Chloe was welcomed with a whole new sensation. Her whole body could feel every current, every molecule, of the water surrounding her. Her piercings were warm, sending a heated tingle through her nipples. It was as if the fire had alighted her senses and made her skin extremely sensitive.

It was exquisite. She could see why people did this.

Bursting from the water, she grinned and swam over to Ryan. For it being an experience that only lasted mere seconds, it was seared into her memory forever. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she pulled him close and kissed him deeply. The feel of his skin against her body was something wholly new with her heightened sensations and she wanted more of it.

Ryan was just as eager to hold her and kiss her back, having enjoyed the show she’d been a part of immensely. It was clear they both wanted each other, but they decided to stay for the show to support their friends.

Turning around, remaining in each other’s arms, Chloe and Ryan watched the rest of the participants experience exactly what she just had. It was curious for her to watch it from this perspective, wondering if it had looked like that with her. The blue flames were beautiful with the way they encompassed the bodies moments before its beauty was extinguished.

It took all of about ten minutes before the event was done. Getting out of the pool, they went over to Lori and congratulated her on a successful event, each grabbing their sarongs and wrapping them around themselves. The fabric of the sarong felt coarse against her skin and rubbed her in all the right ways, acutely accentuating her mounting arousal.

“That was incredible, Lori! Thank you for inviting us!” Chloe exclaimed to her, grinning like a madwoman.

Lori chuckled, “My pleasure dear. You were radiant with it. We even got a picture of it before you dove in. I’ll send it to you later when we get it uploaded.”

Chloe’s eyes went wide, and her grin grew even more. “Yes please!”

Lori nodded.

Chloe and Ryan both nodded back, then left Lori to her work after giving her a hug, heading out and down the hill. It still felt like she was on fire, albeit not with heat. She was alive and excited. Looking at Ryan, she gave him a seductive bahis siteleri little look before dragging him off into the more secluded area of the woods where she knew there was a small grassy clearing. Ryan knew what she had planned and already he was growing hard once more knowing what was to come.

Entering the clearing, Chloe let go of Ryan’s hand and gave him a sultry look as she stepped forward. Reaching up, she once again untied the knot between her breasts and let the fabric fall over her body. She shivered as it did, feeling every thread as it caressed her body and sent tingles directly to her core, making her wet with anticipation. Laying it down on the grass, she sank down to her knees and beckoned her lover over with a crook of her finger.

Within moments, Ryan’s own sarong was down in a heap on the ground, and he was beside her, kneeling on the fabric as he pulled her against him. Both of them were still damp from the pool, and their bodies clung together with the faintest smell of chlorine as it mixed with the earthly, woody scent of the forest around them and the grass beneath them.

He kissed her, hard and deep, as he cradled her wet hair in his hands, the long tendrils dripping down her back and onto the ground. She moaned into the kiss, his body heat reigniting with the same heat she had felt from the fire. Every cell down the front of her was heightened like never before. She could feel everything, no matter how small or insignificant, and each sensation only served to drive her arousal higher.

“I need you,” she rasped against his lips as her tongue danced with his, her pierced breasts pressing against his hard chest. She never thought her already sensitive breasts and nipples could get more erect or aware, but they were – incredibly so.

“As my lady desires,” he said, breaking his kiss from her lips and moving to kiss down over her jaw and neck. While he didn’t move fast, he moved with purpose as he kissed his way down her body. While it was lovely, it was nothing compared to when his lips crossed the threshold of where the fire had begun. It was like every kiss, every press of his lips, seared into her skin anew and lit an electric fire where he touched.

Bringing up his hands, he sensually caressed them down her arms as he kissed lower, capturing her pierced nipple into his mouth and sucking hard on it, like he knew she liked. She gasped aloud and arched into his mouth as she bent her head back, closing her eyes so she could focus on every sensation. It was like he shocked her moments before engulfing her in this warm wetness that threatened to pull her under like a wave.

“Ryan…” she breathed out, her sex weeping with arousal as she felt her juices trickle down her thighs. One hand came up to the back of his head while the other came to his shoulder, pulling him into her. She wanted him and more of the sensations he brought to her.

“Sit back,” he encouraged her, bringing his hands to her hips to help her sit back on her bottom on the sarong. “Spread your legs.”

Moving as he directed, she sat back further on the fabric and spread her legs as she was told, the scent of her arousal filling the immediate air around them. She was wet and wanting, that much was clear. Swallowing hard, she leaned back on her elbows and propped her legs up as she watched him.

“Good girl,” he purred, then his lips returned to her breast. He avoided her nipple but instead kissed the swell of her bosom and down the inside of her cleavage. Her eyes remained locked on him as he got on his hands and knees and began kissing further down her body. Small nips here and there brought more gasps and moans to her lips as he trailed her sensitive skin. Little pricks of sensation, like miniature lightning strikes, lit up all down her body as he went. She’d never felt anything like it.

Finally, he had kissed his way down to the apex between her thighs. Breathing her in deep, he gave her a cheshire smile and bowed his head down. In one motion, he captured her clit between his lips and suckled on it till it was fully inside his mouth. Moaning at her taste, he clamped his teeth down around it and nibbled lightly before dragging his mouth off her, scraping along the short length of her clit. The groan that left her lips was positively exquisite as she sunk her fingers more into his hair.

Reaching bahis şirketleri down, he spread her lips apart as he dipped his tongue down along her slit, running it up the length of her and tasting all she had to give him. It was nectar of the gods to him and with just that taste, he was driven into a mad frenzy. He had to have more.

Bending down further, he plunged his tongue deep into her depths as he gripped her hips and pulled her into his mouth. Thrusting into her, he rolled and curled the tip of his tongue to reach all those sweets spots he could while the tip of his nose ground into her clit. She cried out softly, her head dropping back as her eyes closed.

He tasted her for what seemed like an eternity, savoring her essence and drinking deep of her until she was writhing putty in his hands. Only when she seemed on the edge of her release did he stop suddenly and grin up at her. With a groan and pouty look, she lifted her head and looked down at him with a hooded gaze, her entire body flushed in the moonlight.

Sitting himself up and back, he pulled her onto his lap and beckoned her legs to wrap around him. Desire-laden as she was, she could only obey as she moved to straddle his hips, pressing his hard, aching length against her wet slit. It took only a moment of adjustment before his tip slipped into her entrance and his hips shifted, planting him as deep inside her as he could in this position.

“Ride me, my sweet,” he commanded, holding her close with one hand on her mid-back and the other on the round of her ass.

Biting her lip, Chloe merely nodded before she started to lift and roll her hips atop him. Between her body already being sensitive because of the fire, the coarse movement of her body sliding against his, enflaming her desires, and his mouth having done quite a thorough job at alighting her pussy, his cock was the only thing saving her from being engulfed by its flames.

Moaning into the cool night air, she rode him as he commanded, undulating her hips in a way to stroke him, bringing them both the most from the experience. It was passionate and sultry and deep, and it connected them in an erotic way they had never experienced before with their previous sex. Everything was new, heightened, exotic.

Before long, both were panting as the movements grew hastier and more urgent, the ache they both felt burning into their very souls. They both knew the only satiation for the ache was to be found in each other, so they took one another with all the passion they could muster, their hips grinding to reach the pinnacles of pleasure.

The sensations, heightened as they were, were too much for Chloe to bear and, especially after the wonderful ministrations of his mouth and tongue, all too soon she felt the rush of her orgasm approaching. Clinging to him as if for dear life, she prepared her body for the onslaught of ecstasy.

When it came, it came in an almost painful rush that captured her and consumed her to her very core, her body tensing and riding the electric waves that pulled at her. Crying out loud, not caring who heard, she clamped down around his cock fiercely. It was the last straw for Ryan as he groaned loud and buried himself to the hilt inside her as his balls tensed and his cum rushed down his length and filled her to the brim. Riding a few more thrusts, he rode his own waves of pleasure until at last, his hips dropped down and they let the feeling of euphoria rush over the both of them.

Holding each other in a lover’s embrace, Chloe bowed her head and rested it on his shoulder as he did the same to hers. She would later swear she had never had an orgasm as intense as that before. Even now, spent from their joining, she was still hypersensitive and could feel everything; from the sweat trickling down his chest to the forest breeze that caressed her back.

In silence, they sat there, simply holding each other as they languished in the residual pleasure they felt, his cock still buried deep inside her. Neither knew how long they held each other there. It was but a momentary reprieve though as, eventually, Ryan began to re-harden inside her at the feel of her warmth and her muscles that spasmed around him in little aftershocks of pleasure.

Shifting her hips, he laid her down on her back and rose over her, looking down as her blonde hair, almost brown with its wetness, splayed around her head and shoulders like a halo.

Oh yes, he was far from over with her and by the look in her eyes, she was hardly done with him…

– Fin –

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