Drust on the Prowl Ch. 05a

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Drust on the prowl Ch. 05a

Drust is seduced by Fae and wives and Nuns

WARNING: This story involves scenes of seduction, domination, mind control, oral sex, incest and anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. The sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old. Read Chaucer’s prologue to the Wife of Bath’s Tale where the ‘C’ word (queynte) is used — yes it is that old. This story got very long so I broke it into two parts. The second part will be submitted in a fortnight.

My name is actually Drust but I seldom tell the women I seduce my name. Drust is an ancient Celtic and Pictish name probably derived from the Celtic word ‘drest’ meaning “riot” or “tumult”.

I am over five hundred years old. I had turned eighteen as rumor spread that Henry and Charles would jointly invade France. I went to the village to experience a woman for the first time before having to go to war. It was after my first time spending my seed within a woman that my special powers appeared. I can mind read women of their sexual desires and like a vampire I feed off their life-force filling me with their energy.

To whatever God or Goddess you pray to this first story really happened to me. It was a long time ago when the world was not modernized and the ‘old ways’ were still prevalent. There were rumors of armies building for the Crusades so I kept to small villages and hamlets and walked in forests and back ways to avoid being conscripted. My powers let me regenerate from my age but could not cure a sword thrust through my body.

I was traveling through a forest and came upon a small glade. It was already late after midday sun. In the glade there were edible mushrooms and bushes with berries. I ate my fill then looked about. A pool of water beside a huge old oak tree sparkled in the late sun. I touched the surface and it was warm perhaps fed from an underground hot spring. I striped and sank into the pool and soaked my sore muscles from my long trek.

Birds were trilling and small animals were about, rabbits and foxes and squirrels. It felt unworldly, serene and peaceful. The air was rich with sweet fragrances. I crawled out and lay upon the soft moss with a warm sun filtering through the overhead branches. I was naked in the glade without a care feeling safe from harm and I fell asleep.

I dreamed of various women that had given their body for my pleasure. By now my cock had been within hundreds of adult women of various ages and sizes. I had many experiences to dream about. My long fat cock must have hardened and I felt soft kisses upon my cockhead and along the shaft. I heard buzzing like a bee close to my ear. I looked down my chest and creatures about a foot long were caressing my cock.

They were female in appearance naked with tiny breasts and darkness between their legs. Some were still alight with their wings buzzing as they hovered above my groin. Some of their sisters were hugging my cock and licking along the shaft with their long pink tongues looking like humming birds. When one female licked along my cockhead gathering some pre-seed it would fly off and hover with another sister taking her place.

This seduction went on for some time as the tribe came and fed from my dripping cockhead. From the old ways I would have to say they were fairies, forest fae with all coloration of browns and green but white tiny breasts. Some of those females had landed and were licking my ball sack and hugging my eggs. They were swarming my cock drinking from the copious pre-seed they were causing to leak from my cockhead.

Tiny pink tongues dipped into my slit seeking their fill of my pre-seed. One sprite landed on my palm and rubbed her tiny breasts across my thumb. Her wings shimmied as she then rubbed her dark triangle along my thumb wrapping her legs around the base of my thumb. She stayed there hugging my thumb tightly as her tiny body shimmered against me. Her wings had slowed but when her body trembled her wings buzzed rapidly causing her body to ride my thumb. She then hovered close to my face and licked my lip with her humming bird tongue. The sprite had a very pretty face and bright sparkling eyes. There was some moistness left on my thumb and a tiny dew drop rolled down into my palm. I tasted her moistness and it was like nectar, sweet and thick.

That one fairy’s boldness caused the other ones to also seek there pleasure upon my thumb also leaving me their nether dew and then tender kisses. I licked each of their female droplets of honey. They buzzed my face playfully and went back to my cock to get their fill of pre-seed. Some landed on my chest and some on my groin before licking me with their tiny long tongue then flitting away. I thought that strange seductive happening was all over until I saw a large light flit through the trees and settle at my feet.

The ball of light dissipated and a beautiful naked female sat on my legs. She had human appearance but her skin shimmered in a pale whiteness pendik escort and her long white hair fell to her lap. If she stood she would have reached just to my chest. I would speculate she was a young adult as her breasts were full and her mons was covered in almost pure white curls.

In my hundreds of years of seducing and being intimate with women of all ages I could visually confirm if a young female was of age. I stared at my strange female reading her body development, face, breasts, sway and fullness of hips and a display of feminine curls between her legs. I did not yet know if intimacy would occur but she ‘was of age’.

She crawled up my thighs and settled over my crotch and pushed my long cock flat on my belly and settled her wet labia on either side. She rocked her warm wet woman lips along the underside of my cockshaft sounding her pleasure by moaning softly. When her pleasure knot rolled across my corona her body pulsed with white light and she made the sweetest sound. The little Fae buzzed her face licking her cheeks and touching her tiny dark nipples which hardened from the attention.

She rode back and forth wetting my cock with her moistness as her moaning rose and fell with her sweet sounds. Her dainty fingers came up and tenderly touched my cheeks then ran them across my nips. Her thighs tightened on me and her juices dripped out as she whimpered and shook. A huge smile spread across her face as she lowered her thighs even more and my cockshaft was surrounded in her warm moistness. Her honey coated my cock and ball sack as she trembled several times.

She laid upon me the moistness of her purse continuing to coat and warm my phallus. Her young woman’s breasts lay firm upon my chest as she nestled her face to my neck kissing and cooing her pleasure. She leaned up and kissed me with her tender young lips slipping just the tip of her tongue between my teeth to play inside my mouth. She trilled and cooed as her female lower lips rode slowly up and down my shaft. She sat up and her body glowed as her purse applied more caress to my cockshaft. She moved slowly down my legs wetting my ball sack with her dripping juices.

She slowly stood and reached down a hand to help me stand. She moved forward and hugged me pushing her young adult body against me. Her breasts were warm against me and her hardened dark nipples poked into my chest. I ran my hands through her long white hair ending on her butt cheeks which I gave a hard squeeze. She laughed and wiggled out of my embrace. She took my hand and walked me deeper into the woods. The Fae buzzed their escort through the woods hovering around the young adult female. We walked for a bit then came to an open meadow.

At the other side was a quaint cottage set back against a corpse of oaks. There were some standing stones in the center. As we approached the cottage I saw vegetables and herbs drying on the eves. Two naked females walked in and out the cottage hanging new plants or taking some inside; their long white hair their only covering. My young adult guide trilled a greeting and the older females turned towards us. They did not speak but trilled like birds the pitch rising and falling.

The two older females were equally iridescent pale white in colour with their own long white hair. The curls between their legs were slightly darker and their breasts fuller. They had dark rose aureoles circling the fullness of their globs and almost cherry red nipples. They broke into wide smiles and led me into their cottage leading me to a chair by the hearth. They seemed unfazed by my being there nor my nakedness.

The eldest female perhaps the grandmother brought a bowl of warm water and clothe and kneeling cleaned my crotch of the juices from the young adult female. Her older breasts hung down effected by time and swayed when she went about cleaning my long fat cock and ball sack. My cock hung down between my thighs and pulsed when the cloth ran over my leaking head. When all clean she leaned forward licked my dripping slot and took my cock into her mouth. She took my shaft inside until it tapped the opening of her throat. She looked up at me and her ice blue eyes twinkled as she slid my cock out across her lips and kissed my knob again.

She took my hand and led me to the large bed. It was obvious all three slept together. She laid me down tenderly then crawled upon me. She held her nether lips open and placed it over my swollen cockhead and slowly took my hard cock inside the vestibule of her mature vagina. She rose and settled on my cock over and over leaking her juices onto my groin and ball sack. She hummed and smiled as she took her pleasure on my long fat cock.

I reached up and took her old breasts in my hands. Her flesh and globes were pliant like bread dough as I gripped them sliding my fingers onto her hardened teats. I pulled one down and placed my lips around her nib to add to her pleasure. I was surprised when breastmilk flowed across my tongue. I stayed on that teat until the milk stopped flowing. escort pendik The milk was sweet with an undertone of honey and a fragrance of wildflowers like nectar was infused into the milk. Grandmother then moved her other breast to my lips and sighed when I latched on her hard nib and pulled her milk across my tongue.

The eldest female started riding my cock leaking her warm juices down my cock. She kept up her pace until her cavern tightened on my shaft and she trembled. She knew how to give herself and me extreme pleasure. Her face tightened as she sped up on my cock taking me deep even tapping the roof of her purse. She trilled a high pitched song as she reached her completion. Her inner heat pulsed over and over caressing all along my fat cockshaft. Her hot upper reaches of her cave, the doorway to her womb, rubbed across my cockhead and brought me to a crashing completion.

My seed shot out and coated her upper reaches searching for her womb as pulse after pulse emptied my balls. She tightened her sleeve and pulled my seed up my shaft and out my cockhead. She leaned forward pushing her mature breasts against my chest and kissed me tenderly. She rode my cock thusly drawing more seed from my cock. Her own pleasure knot rubbed my cockshaft releasing her hot juices between us. She trembled on my body for some time then buried herself against my neck. She kissed me there softly trilling in a sing song way very tenderly. She rose up and slid off my softening cock then rolled beside me breathing heavily.

I felt pleasure on my cock and looked down and the young adult female had my cock in her mouth. Her tongue bathed my cockhead cleaning it of my own seed globs and her grandmother’s juices. Her tongue slid up and down the sides of my softening cock then licked my balls. She took each egg into her warm mouth and cleaned them of her grandmother’s juices and the last of my spent seed.

She then moved between her grandmother’s thighs and cleaned her of my leaking seed. She must have also sucked on that pleasure knot because grandma moaned and shimmied her body and held that young adult face tight to her lower wet lips. This adult female brought her grandmother to another completion drinking the fluids that flowed from that aged purse. Grandmother trilled loudly as her aged body shook from her pleasure.

When the young adult was finished her grandmother pulled her upon her body and kissed away her own fluids from her granddaughter’s lovely vibrant face. She slid off breaking the embrace and led me to the table and plated me vegetables and nuts and nourishing drink. Whatever was in the drink invigorated me and my cock started to rise again.

The sun went below the horizon and the little cottage became dark lit only by a cooking fire in the hearth. The middle aged female, I speculated to be the mother came to stand in front of me. The fireplace lit her firm full breasts and dark hard nipples. She knelt and took my cock into her mouth. It was warm and wet within there as my cock slid across her tongue and tapped the back of her throat. She kept me inside as the entrance to her throat massaged my cockhead taking whatever pre-seed leaked out.

Her lips closed tight and moved along my cock until my fat cockhead was locked behind her lips. She rode my cockshaft tapping my corona against the tightness of her throat. Her tongue circled my cock as it was held within. She pulled back and sucked just my crown feeding on my leaking pre-seed. She knew what she was doing and brought me to the edge of completion multiple times but would grip the base of my cockshaft to shut off my desire. The mother gave my slit a strong suck and got a glob of pre-seed.

The mother stood then moved onto my lap and showed me my seed on her tongue. She kissed me deeply sharing her tongue with mine. We breathed each other as our kissing deepened. The mother reached between us and centered my cockhead between her wet warm lower lips and slowly took my hard long fat cock inside her. First she moved left and right opening herself to just my fat cockhead. It breached her vestibule and she took it inside with some of the shaft. She brought her pale lips to mine and kissed me again as she made a purring or moaning noise and took more cock.

She rose up off my lap and her wetness dripped down my shaft and she used her warm juices on me to take all my long fat cock back inside her. I filled her sleeve

and she made that trilling sound as she put my hands to her firm full breasts. Her dark nipples hardened against my palm and she made a loud noise as I gripped and pulled on her breasts. She rode my cock up and down from my heavy balls to my fat cockhead.

She let go of the strength of her legs and her wet female lips kissed the base of my cockshaft and ballsack. She grabbed my hair and pulled as the hot roof of her sleeve rubbed across my cockhead. She had me all inside as I felt her hot sheath pulse all along my cockshaft. She pulled my head to the side and bit my neck. I thought she would feed pendik escort bayan on my blood but it was just a nip from loss of control and unnatural pleasure.

The mother sat on my lap my cock fully imbedded inside her sheath and breathed deeply. Her body shone in the firelight especially between the hills of her heaving full breasts. She dropped her feet to the floor and pulled me forward. She was indicating for me to lift her with my cock deep inside her. She wrapped her legs around my back and put her chin on my shoulder kissing where she bit me.

Her daughter, the first young adult from the woods pushed me towards the large bed. I again guessed all three females slept in the same bed as the grandmother still lay there from my previous mating. The daughter stopped me and her mother dropped her feet to the floor then slid off my cock. My long fat shaft shone in the firelight dripping the female juices of the mother. The mother knelt on the bed and slapped her arse several times then looked back at me then smiled and licked her lips.

I got the hint and knelt behind her and ran my tongue through her pale nether lips letting her nectar roll across my tongue. The mother pushed back as my long fat tongue entered her wet opening. She had a large pleasure knot which I took between my lips and sucked until it swelled causing her to tremble. Her fragrant juices rolled down her inner thighs as I licked her purse and she shook with pleasure trilling and mewing.

I stood then brought my cockhead to the dripping cave and pushed all of my long fat cock inside. The mother trilled towards the ceiling of the cottage then trembled soaking my cockshaft with hot juices. I just started pounding into her cavern tapping the end and making her nether lips ride my cockshaft. I could feel her pleasure knot rubbing along the underside of my phallus causing her to tremble.

The mother’s inner sleeve gripped my cock and pulsed over and over as she shook and trembled. She fell to her belly and my cock slipped out. I crawled onto the back of her naked thighs and pushed her arse cheeks aside. Her open female vestibule was pulsing from her pleasure as my wet cockhead found that place. I fell upon her arse filling her with all my cock.

She made a high pitched trill as I started pounding my cock inside her mating place. She was trapped between my thighs and the bedding and had to take all my punishing cock. Her swollen pleasure knot had to be rubbing the bedding because she trembled and her hot sleeve pulsed all along my cock. I reached the tipping point and fell fully upon the pale skinned mother and my cock exploded my seed.

It was my turn to scream to the ceiling as her cavern gripped my cock and pulse after pulse of seed globs shot out the slit in my cockhead. I painted her depths over and over as I emptied my ballsack. I pushed against her arse cheeks rubbing my cockhead against her depths.

When I stopped trembling I rolled the two of us into spoons keeping my cock still inside the mother. I moved a hand onto one of her firm full breasts and she added her hand onto mine. The grandmother rolled pushing her pliant breasts against my back and tossed an arm over me holding me tight. We fell asleep linked together.

In the pale pale light of pre morning I felt lips on my hard cock. They moved up and down my shaft then across my fat knob and a tight mouth took my cock inside. She was cleaning my cock of the previous seed and female juices. Her mouth stayed on my cock for some time feeling for my hardness to be fully there.

The bed moved and I felt her on my thighs as her purse lips rode along my cock. Her warm wetness coated my cock as hot nether lips rode my cockshaft. I thought this would be again like beside the warm pool but my cockhead was captured just inside the doorway to her womanness. In my hundreds of years I know what the opening of a female feels like. The female on my cock had to be the young adult daughter.

The tightness that gripped my cockhead was not experienced but she still worked her hips side to side. Her own wetness was used to ease the passage of my fat cock further into the opening of her young adult purse. When my fat cockhead breached her female opening she trilled loudly. There was movement on the bed as her mother and grandmother came beside her making soothing cooing sounds.

They pet the young adult as she worked to take more cock inside her. She was trilling softly the older females echoing the sounds as the maiden moved her hips up and down. The tightness of her sleeve was causing me intense pleasure as I tried to hold off my completion. I finally felt her wet lips grip the base of my cockshaft. Her purse was filled curly lips to hot depths with my long fat cock.

I reached up and took her young adult breasts in my strong hands. I squeezed and molded them then pinched her dark teats until they stood out. Her entire aureole crinkled and formed a fat point with the hard teat on top. Her hot sleeve gripped me as she rose up my shaft. She reversed when she reached my fat cockhead then slid down my shaft until her lower lips kissed my base. She had watched me rut with her mother and grandma and now knew to ride my cock up and down and proceeded to do so.

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