My Holiday in May Ch. 02

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Life on an island off mainland Asia may sound like an idyllic paradise to some, but I assure you, it takes a lot of getting used to. I’d arrived at Aunt Lucy’s in the evening and she had dinner ready when we went in. That was fine, the food was great, but there was little else to do after that, so everyone turned in. At 8 o’clock! Man, that’s the time we usually get the parties started in the city.

There was worse to follow… I thought I should go to the toilet before they turned off the lights and asked to be directed there. It was an outhouse, just as I remembered it. The damned thing had no door, it was just a tiny little shed-like thing in the front yard that anyone could walk into. It was constructed with an angled wall so you couldn’t see right into the thing if you were walking past, but still… for a city dweller used to proper, lockable doors, it left me feeling a little vulnerable when I used it. To add to that sense of insecurity, the toilet was really just a hole in the dirt with a couple of planks on either side for you to stand on.

Altogether, it made for a very uncomfortable toilet experience, alleviated only by the thought that I could perhaps chance upon May while she was in here and get another glimpse of that luscious pussy.

After doing what I had to do, I made way back to the house, thankful that the outhouse wasn’t as smelly as I’d expected it to be. I went in just in time to see May in a white, almost matronly set of pyjamas walking into the bedroom she would be sharing with her mother. I was ushered to the other bedroom, where Uncle Larry was getting ready for bed.

“I hope you don’t snore, Charlie,” he grinned. His eyes were bloodshot, his face even more flushed and I realised that he’d been at the beers I’d brought over. Damn, I hope he’s not too drunk to realise he’s not sleeping next to his wife.

That made for a rather uncomfortable first night for me. That they woke up at 4 in the morning didn’t help either. That’s the time I usually go to sleep during the holidays! I would’ve grumbled if it weren’t for the fact that Uncle Larry was finally out of the house so I could resume my sleep… and also, that maybe, just maybe, cousin May was still sleeping so I could sneak a peek at her later on.

That was my last thought as I drifted off to sleep. All 15 minutes of it. I was rudely awakened from a dream about walking in on May peeing by the fully-clothed girl, raring to go. “Wake up, sleepyhead!” she laughed as she shook my shoulder. “Time to feed the animals! You do remember that’s what you used to do, right?”

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, groaned and nodded. I would need a holiday just to get over this one. And Dad would have to pay for that, damn it. The rest of the day passed without incident. I hardly saw May at all, she was busy with the vegetables and fruits and I had the relatively easier task of feeding the animals in the morning. We switched roles in the afternoon, with me picking through the produce for the spoilt fruit and vegetables that would go to the pigs, and May cleaning up the animals’ stalls. She wore the same loose cotton shorts under a big t-shirt, and damn, she looked good even with her hair a mess and streaks of dirt on her arms and legs.

Other than during the changeover of duties, the one other time I saw her, she was just coming out of the outhouse and I cursed my luck. If only I’d been a little quicker, I might’ve caught her in there with her pants down! Damn it!

Aunt Lucy and Uncle Larry came back with the evening tide, bringing with them the day’s catch. It was pretty impressive — eels, crabs, groupers, sea bass and some octopi. There was also a great number of farmed oysters and scallops which tasted great. Over dinner, they discussed their plans for the next day. Aunt Lucy and Uncle Larry would come back early with whatever they had in their nets before setting off for the mainland where they would sell their catch at the market. My ears (and willy) perked up at the news — it meant I would be alone at the farm with cousin May — especially when they said they would be back late. Then they listed a number of chores that we were to do while they were gone and my spirits sank. There was so much to do, and each of us had our own chores, so much so I wasn’t likely to see much of May tomorrow either. Double damn.

My second night passed somewhat better than the first — perhaps it had to do with me getting used to the brick bed we slept on, or perhaps I was too tired. Anyway, I was more ready to hit the sack at 8 than I was the previous evening, and more awake at 4 when Uncle Larry changed up to go out to sea. May didn’t come to look for me — she was outside having a small argument with Aunt Lucy. I only started listening to what they were discussing when it got louder, but it apparently had something to do with Lucy telling her daughter to wear underwear while I was around. May was having none of that, of course, and said so in as many words, but her mother canlı bahis was insistent.

I think at some point, they realised that they were getting a little too loud and that I might overhear the conversation, so they moved away and I couldn’t hear anymore. But that certainly woke me up alright. Good girl, May! I looked forward to more opportunities to see her beaver today.

When I walked out of the house, however, I was confronted with the sight of the three of them wearing their rubber waders, heading out the gates. “Hey, wait,” I yelled, wondering if I was supposed to join them and Aunt Lucy stopped and walked back towards me. “Sorry I forgot to tell you, Charlie, but you’re on your own today,” she said. “May, your uncle Larry and I will be going out to sea in the morning, so we’ll need you to feed the animals and help with cleaning up their stalls.”

I hesitated. Me, alone on a farm? That sounded a little iffy. My doubts must have been reflected on my face, because Aunt Lucy continued: “Don’t worry about it. We’ll be back before you know it, and May will be around in the afternoon to help with the rest of the chores.”

What could I say? I simply nodded my agreement, unable to believe my bad luck. I wouldn’t get to see her before lunch. Shit. By now, cousin May was some distance away, and she turned to wave goodbye to me before climbing into the boat. I waved back, sighing. I suppose it didn’t matter. We still had the afternoon together. Besides, going by what she had been discussing with her mother, there was an even chance I would get more glimpses of her lovely snatch when she was back.

The rest of the morning was uneventful, and to be truthful, I think I was getting the hang of the island life. OK, it was weird to go without the Net and I wondered what my friends were doing on Facebook and Twitter, but really, the amount of physical work I was doing made sure the time flew by.

Before I knew it, the boat was back and Aunt Lucy and Uncle Larry were hoisting a huge bucket over the side, into the arms of cousin May. I thought of going out to help but from their gesticulations, I could tell that it wasn’t necessary… May had the task well in hand. So, I turned my attention back to the pigs. I didn’t even look up when I heard May’s footsteps approaching. I tried not to look up because I knew she was in her rubber waders — big ugly boots that reached up to the waist — so there was really nothing much to see, and also because it didn’t sound like she needed help at all. Like I’ve said, May is a lot stronger than she looks.

Then I heard her stumble and curse — the first curse word I’d heard her speak — followed immediately by the sound of water splashing on the ground. I looked up and saw some fish flopping on the ground. May had set the large bucket down. Her shirt was wet and her nipples were showing through the material. I left what I was doing and walked over to her, picking up the fish as I went along, and tossing them back into the bucket.

“Shit,” I heard her mutter, and looked at her again. Her nipples were hard little knots as she struggled to fish an eel out from her waders. From where I was, it looked a lot like she was masturbating with the fish and I wanted to laugh at the sight. I continued to pick up the remainder of the fish on the ground while she wrestled with the eel and a number of other fish that had fallen into her waders.

Then I heard her exclaim once more. She had moved towards the table at the side and was leaning her butt against it when she did so. “Eeep!” she squeaked, and I looked at her once more. She had slipped her arms under the suspenders that held her waders up and shucked them off, so she was standing in front of me in her wet tee and loose grey shorts. Her shorts had slipped down, exposing her belly, but they were still hanging on her hips so I didn’t see what the fuss was about.

May was looking rather panicked, however, and that was when I took a second look and realised that there was a conspicuous lump on the front of her shorts. As I looked on, I noticed some grey fingers extending across the part of her belly that was showing and realised what was going on. Clearly, an octopus had slipped into her waders and under her shorts when she stumbled and spilled some of the contents of the bucket onto herself.

“H…help!” she said as she scooted her bum backwards onto the table and I saw why she was in such a state. Her shorts slipped down her legs as she did, revealing a fist-sized octopus, perched right on top of that beautiful brown mound of hers. I would’ve see her slit too, had it not been for one of the creature’s tentacles covering it completely.

“Oh! Charlie! Help! Get it off me!” she cried again as she clamped her thighs together. I think it was a protective gesture, to prevent the octopus’ incursion into her sex. As it turned out, that was not the right thing to do… as the space between her thighs narrowed, I saw the octopus’ tentacle sliding into her narrow, bahis siteleri unprotected cleft.”Ooh! Oh!” she moaned as her fat lower lips embraced its marine invader, obscuring the squirming grey appendage.

Realising her mistake, she flung her legs apart, but it was too late. I’d read biology so I knew all about octopi and their suckers. I had no doubt the little thing had attached its suckers on her sensitive pussy flesh. Maybe even on her clitoris. Man, that gave me a super hard-on straight away.

“Charlie, help me!” she pleaded as her thighs flew apart, not caring that I was now able to gaze directly at her plump labia. The tentacle was so deeply entrenched within it had disappeared into her puffy slit, and the only evidence of its presence was the thin tip squirreling about at the bottom, past her vagina and dangerously near her anus. Her thighs flexed and relaxed, as if she was tempted to close her legs again but afraid to do so. I wondered what if felt like for her, to have the tentacle squirming about in her most sensitive region, and got a reply almost immediately. “Ow! It… it hurts!” she cried again as she leaned back, leaving her crotch open while she waited for my help.

“I… um… I don’t…” I stuttered, admiring the view while I considered my options. Her pubic mound was really pronounced and she didn’t have much by way of a bush there, as I’d noticed the previous day. The few hairs she had were thin and lay flat on her skin, so it really looked like it had been shaved. I was transfixed by the sight of her labia moving ever so slightly while the tentacle between then continued twisting about. It’s kind of hard to think about what to do next when all the available blood rushes to my cock.

“Charlie! You must… help me. Oh!” she gasped as the its tentacle’s motion between her pussy lips became more violent. Her legs flung wider apart, and she scooted her bum towards me, inviting me to do something. Thus opened, her lips slid ever so slightly apart, and I was afforded the sight of the tentacle tip squirming its way into her tiny anus, drawing another squeal from her. “Oh! It… it’s… oh, help me, Charlie!”

“But it’ll bite,” I said. I knew that octopi had beaks that they would use to eat with… or bite with if they felt threatened. “I… don’t care, just get it off me,” May responded, and then screamed. “Oh fuck, it bit me!”

Damn it, the creature was taking liberties with lovely May. I stepped forward and picked it up by its head… and was rewarded with the sight of May’s pussy lips extending as its suckers held on tight to her tender flesh. Worse (for her), my supposition had turned out to be correct. One of its suckers had attached itself right onto her clit, so my action made her scream out loud.

I dropped it. Yeah, I know, I could’ve done it on purpose, but the truth was I was so aroused by the sight of the thing clinging on to her pussy and clit flesh and so surprised by her yell that I dropped it right between her legs. The octopus slapped right back down, its body right over her vagina. I saw more of its tentacles slide between her lips, pressing them apart as it struggled to find a hiding place in the slippery flesh.

“Sorry! Sorry! It’s slippery!” I said as she yelled again: “Charlie! Stop it!” I quickly grabbed at it before it could bite her once more, and pulled it away from her. Two of its tentacles retained their grip on her pussy flesh however, and I had to pick each one out of her now wet and squelching slit. I was as gentle as I could with the one on her clit, but she yelled out loud nonetheless when I removed it. Her clit looked raw and angry, the tiny little bud standing stiffly out from under its hood.

I’d thought that was the worst of it, but I was wrong. There was still the tentacle in her ass. I lowered my eyes and saw that there were now two inside, twisting away as the poor creature tried its best to escape my grasp. “Oh! Oh! Get it out, get it out!” May panted as I hesitated.

I grabbed hold of the two offending tentacles and pulled, noting how her asshole pouted before it gave up the two intruding probes.”Aaauuuww!” she groaned when I did so, then she fell onto her back on the table while I threw the octopus into the bucket. “Oh! It still hurts! Oh!”

I looked at the split of her groin. Her pussy lips looked even more puffy and red, and there were two blood-filled crescent-shaped indentations on the top of her mound, just milimetres away from the top of her slit. She was bleeding from the octopus’ bite, poor girl. She lay there on the table top, making no attempt to cover herself up or even bring her splayed legs together. Her breasts were rising and falling rapidly, nipples still stiff under the thin shirt she wore.

What else could I do? I squatted in front of her open groin, lowered my mouth to the bite mark and sucked on it, conscious of how close my lips were to her luscious lower ones. Then I turned to spit out the blood and did it again. This time, bahis şirketleri I did not spit… I just let the tip of my tongue brush against the top of her slit. Her thighs jerked, then fell apart as I did so. I took this to be encouragement, so I began lapping at the top of her slit.

After a few moments, May responded by pushing herself further forward, thrusting her vulva towards my mouth. Her hips were now at the table edge, her legs parallel to it as I continued licking, dropping my tongue further down and touching her clit. She jerked once more, closing her thighs around my head. I heard her draw in a sharp breath and stopped, but she relaxed once more and opened her legs, inviting me to continue.

I guessed that her clit was a bit too sensitive for direct contact, so I focused my attention on the fleshy lips around it, sliding my tongue about the slippery flesh. I think I might have tasted a little pee when I started, but as I went on, all I could taste and smell was the tangy, almost sea water-like musk of her cunt. After a while, I realised that she was sighing and cooing, especially when my tongue approached her clit.

I took the cue and brought my tongue closer and closer to the little nub of flesh, noting the trembling in her thighs as I brushed lightly against it. Suddenly, I pressed the blade of tongue up against the quivering clit, dropping my tongue tip to her vagina, seeking and plunging into the gushing orifice. She yelped as I did so, and I went back to licking at her labia, before attacking her clit once more. A few more times of this and she suddenly clamped her thighs round my head, her hands grabbing my hair as she tried to shove my head right into her convulsing pussy.

At least, that was what it felt like. I wasn’t able to breathe for a bit, but I didn’t mind. By that time, I’d released my cock from the confines of my shorts and briefs, and between slipping my hands under her shirt and rubbing her breasts, I was wanking off as well. When she came, the fingers on my right hand were holding her lips apart while those on my left were playing with the nipple on her left breast.

I could hear her scream even though my ears were firmly covered by her thighs. Dimly, I thought it was a good thing Aunt Lucy and Uncle Larry lived far away from anyone else, or May’s screaming would have brought the neighbours running. As it was, she continued coming for a good while, and when she was coming down off a peak, all I had to do was to move my tongue and she would clamp my head and scream again.

I don’t know how long it was before she stopped coming, but my tongue was certainly feeling the effects of prolonged action by then. I resisted the temptation to keep licking at her sopping wet privates because I could tell that she was getting hoarse… it wouldn’t do for either of us to have to explain to her parents what made her lose her voice, after all.

When her thighs finally released my head, I tried to stand up. I say tried because my knees were soft from squatting for so long. I sagged forward and had to place my hands on the table on either side of May to avoid falling on top of her. Panting, I looked down at the nearly naked girl beneath me. The angelic eyes were closed, her head turned to one side. Her shirt had been pushed up to reveal her small breasts, which were rising and falling with great rapidity. There were no tan lines on her body — not on her cute little boobs (which were the size of lemons), nor on her hips or groin. I suspected that she spent a lot of time outside naked when her parents were not around.

Oops. The table was slippery under my hands and I fell forward a fraction. I felt something soft and wet opening up around my dick head and looked down. My prick was positioned right at the entrance to her vagina, the head having already disappeared into her cleft.

May did not seem to notice or mind. “May?” I whispered. “Are you… alright?” She didn’t respond to the question immediately, and I waited for a few moments, until I saw her nod slightly. Her eyes remained closed, her breathing slower now.

I leaned forward a bit more, lowering myself to rest on my elbows. At the same time, my cock was pushing forward, probing deeper into her opening. She was so tight I could feel her vaginal walls pressing my foreskin back, her inner flesh providing weak resistance to my invading prick — it felt like a smooth, wet velvet glove curled around my erection. Then my cock hit an obstruction inside her. Clearly, May was still a virgin.

I didn’t want to force my way through when I wasn’t sure that May was ready for this, so I made to pull my aching cock out. Yeah, I know that ‘blue balls’ thing is supposed to be a myth — I certainly never experienced it before with Honey or that other girl — but with May, it was definitely different. My cock and balls ached for release.

But May was my cousin twice removed (her mom was the daughter of my grandpa’s brother), and I was a guest at her house. And I started having second thoughts because May didn’t seem to be reacting at all, other than a soft grunt when I hit her hymen. I might be horny, but I certainly didn’t want to be a selfish bastard. Not with cousin May.

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