The Seduction of Amelia Ch. 01

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I am now 59 years old, 5”11” tall with brown hair, green eyes and built like a 20 year old athlete. My best feature however is my 8” (20cms) cock with a diameter of 2 1/4 inches (5,6cms). I am married for 33 years to the same wife and have three children, two boys and a daughter. All three of them are working and out of home. Therefore, that leaves only my wife and me whose pussy I know so well by now that it is hardly an adventure to fuck her and our sex life has become monotonous. Wait until dark, go to bed, remove our cloths, and fuck missionary style maybe once a month.

As long as could remember, I wanted to fuck young girls. The younger they are the better just as long as they eligible to be fucked. After 33 years of marriage I had however accept the fact that I will never be able to fulfil my fantasy.

I had many fantasies about various young girls, starting with my sister who was 18 years old when I got married to my wife. It has changed through-out the years from her to the various daughters of my wife’s other three sisters. As soon as they got married I have however lost interest in any sexual overtures with them. My youngest sister had a daughter at the age of 23, which would also be her last. She is now 18 years old and in grade 12. Therefore, I am now down to my last fantasy of the family as there would not be anymore after her.

I dream and fantasize about having sex with her now for the past year and I am now getting frantic to fulfil my lifelong fantasy. Let me tell you more about this little goddess, because that is what she is to me.

Her name is Amelia and she is now 18 years old, about 5’6” tall, long blond hair reaching down to her middle and big blue eyes. She has a big mouth with nice full lips that just beg to be kissed. I have visualised my cock in that big mouth and between those full lips hundreds of times. Let me tell you that mouth is perfect to suck cock and I think mine is just the right cock to teach her. She has a nice full little figure with breasts that are nicely developed and a nice firm prominent little ass. She is a neat little package that oozes sex appeal and begs me to please come and fuck her. That is seeing it from my viewpoint.

She, however, is still a little naïve girl who does not even now what sex is all about. She grew up on a farm where her parents protected her from the negative influence of the world. She has undergone home based education and was never allowed to leave the farm without her being chaperoned by either her mother or father. She does not even know what sex is and what it all about because her parents has shielded her against the bad influence from the outside world. The only sex she has ever observed was that between animals. What a challenge to teach her the delights of the flesh and show her the depth of her own sensuality.

She has been increasing my blood pressure more and more the past year as her favourite position in front of the TV was to lie down on her back on the couch with her one leg on the backrest and her other one on the floor. Therefore, you can imagine the nice view I had of her pussy covered by her panty when she was wearing a dress Sometimes the panty also pulls to one side, which gave me a view of one of her pussylips. I had to move out of the TV room quickly to masturbate so that my cock could come to rest again.

I was frantic now to get her. I was dreaming of her every night and even my wife felt the brunt of my arousal, as I now want to fuck her every night when we visit her sister. I am afraid that she will notice something very soon.

Luckily and unplanned my chance come when Amelia’s mother decides to send her to us during the July school holidays. About a week after she arrives my wife decided to go and visit my sister for a week on the farm. Amelia will have to stay and look after me so that the two women can have a nice carefree get together and do not have to worry about the poor lonely husband.

The day after my wife left was a very hot day and I was dressed only in PT-shorts with no underpants, and Amelia was dressed in a t-shirt with no bra and a very short mini skirt.

This was my chance I had been waiting for. How to convince Amelia to take the giant step to have sex with me appears to be an insurmountable problem. That was a tantalising problem. The answer suddenly hit me. Amelia is hooked on Coke and likes to drink glass after glass of coke. So why not feed her coke spiced with a little brandy. I am sure once she is tipsy she will allow me many things, maybe even playing with her breasts and pussy. If that happens then I know that I will fuck her.

Amelia is strangely excited because this is the first time she is alone with her favourite uncle. She does not know why she is excited but she has a feeling that something might happen today because she has seen him looking at her often. She also knows that he wants to kiss her as he has tried many times before to kiss her. She is however afraid of being kissed because her mother told her she must not kiss boys because canlı bahis all they want is to play with her vagina and put their penis in her vagina.

“Do you want a coke Amelia?”

Yes please uncle Hennie that will be nice thank you.”

So I went and fill her a glass of coke and add a lot of ice as well as a tot of Brandy. I am quite sure she will not even taste the Brandy. I also pour me a double Brandy and Ginger ale.

I handed her glass and pray that she will not taste the Brandy. As it was a very hot day, it did not take her very long to empty the glass. She virtually put it in front of her mouth and down it.

She immediately taste that there is something added to the coke, whatever it is, it adds to the flavour of the coke. She will ask Hennie what he added to the coke to improve the taste so much. It tastes so nice that she empty her glass in virtually no time.

“Oh thanks uncle. I do not know why but this was the best coke I have ever tasted. I suppose it must be the heat.”

“Pleasure Amelia, do you want another?” I asked, hoping that she will say yes.

“Please I am still very thirsty.”

When her uncle leaves the room, she suddenly feels something happening to her. She does not now what it is but she suddenly feels very brave and daring. Her present fear of men is gone and she suddenly wonders how it will feel if Hennie kiss her. She does not even know how to kiss, oh what a big shame. What will she do if Hennie tries to kiss her?

I go and pour her another coke and add another tot. Another tot might just do the job of making her loose all her inhibitions and allow me doing naughty things to her. I had a raging hard-on by this time because I could not help to think about what might happen very soon. I was hoping she would see my hard-on and know what I want. She was however completely ignorant of a hard-on and does not even now what a hard-on is or means.

I hand her the glass of coke and sit down next to her on the couch. She took the glass and drank half of it in virtually one gulp.

When Amelia takes the coke, she notices the bulge in Hennie’s pants, but as her parents did not tell her anything about the male anatomy, she does not know what it is. She only knows by instinct that it must be something of importance and she suddenly became anxious to find out more about the interaction between male and female. The anxiety makes her empty her glass in virtually one gulp.

“Ahh, it is even better than the first one,” she sighs and looks at me with a glitter in her eyes. “I don’t know why, but this coke makes me fell nice and relaxed,” she said.

After emptying the glass she asked, “Are you glad I had to stay with you?”

“Yes my little Darling I am very pleased and am so happy that we can at last have some time together without anybody else with us.

“I want to stay as well because I like you a lot and are worried what will happen to you all by yourself. You know men can not look after themselves.”

Oh, I was hoping you stay behind because you want to spend some time with me alone. You know I love you a lot.”

“You know I love you as well. You know you are the only man I have ever kissed except my daddy and grand dad.”

“But that was not kissing little one. It was just a hallo and goodbye peck on my lips.”

“How could I kiss you, you stupid? We were never alone and by the way, I do not know how to kiss. I was afraid of making a fool of myself in front of you.”

I could see that the Brandy had a big effect on her. Her cheeks are pink all over and her eyes were shining like two bright lights. If I play my cards right she is going to be mine today and fot the whole week. Oh what a nice thought. My cock was now really straining to get out of my pants and my balls are beginning to ache.

“Why didn’t you ask darling. I will gladly teach you how to kiss. That is if you want me to.”

The talking about kissing has Amelia now in a frenzy to be kissed by Hennie. He has to kiss her know or she is going to shout. She has to find out why people want to kiss and why Hennie is trying, for how long, to kiss her.

“You will! Oh thank you! However, what will Aunt Mia say if she finds out? She will be mad if she knows we have been kissing when she was away.”

“But she need not know little one. I will not tell her. If you do not, it will be our little secret. Nobody needs to know about it. And one day you can impress your boyfriend with your kissing technique.”

“No, I will not tell her or mommy and I do not want to kiss a boyfriend. I want to kiss you and only you.”

Amelia suddenly knows there was something in the coke Hennie gave her. She does not however care as she is enjoying the feeling of adventure she suddenly experiences. She wants to make the most of it, as she is suddenly not shy anymore. She wants to experiment and finds out what happens between a man and a woman.

The brandy was now really working and I can see that she has lost all her inhibitions. She wants a kiss and she wants bahis siteleri the kiss from me, her favourite male friend.

I put my arm around her shoulder. Pull her towards me and say, “Well let’s not waste any more time. Let us start your training.”

She moved quite eagerly towards me, lift her head, and offer her lips for a kiss. I move my lips closer to hers until they are just touching. The moment I touch them I know she does not know how to kiss. Her lips are stiff and pouted like she used to kiss her mother and father.

Amelia is disgusted with her first kiss because it feels the same as if she kisses her father.

I move my lips away from hers and say, “You do not kiss like this. I am not your father or mother. If you want to learn to kiss properly, you must promise me to do as I tell you. Do you promise?”

“Yes, oh yes, please tell me what to do. I want to kiss you properly.”

“As a first lesson you have to relax your lips and open them slightly and do with your lips what I am doing with mine. OK let’s try again.”

This time she looks at me and opens her lips slightly like mine. When our lips touch, I feel a little shock go through my body. Her lips were soft and pliable against mine. I slowly and softly move my lips over hers and gradually increase the pressure. After a little while, I hear a soft moan from her throat and know she likes the feeling of a proper kiss for the first time in her life. I could not help to groan as well and have to use all my self-control not to tear her cloths off and fuck her there and then.

The moment her lips touches Hennie’s lips Amelia knows why men and woman wants to kiss. A shock goes through her body and her head begins to spin. She is only aware of the lips upon hers and the body next to hers.

Soon our lips are moving in frenzy against each other. I open my mouth wider and wider and eventually moving my tongue slowly out and around her lips. She did not hesitate one moment and I can feel her tongue against my lips. When I feel her tongue against my lips, I push my tongue inside her mouth and run it along her teeth and the inside of her mouth. She tried to do the same and very soon, our tongues are duelling against each other that result in a tremendous increase in the intensity of our kiss. Her first real French kiss.

Amelia suddenly knows she wants more than just a kiss. What, she does not know because she does not know anything about sex. She only knows her body wants some attention from Hennie. She feels her nipples become erect and she experiences a strange feeling between her legs.

After a long-long kiss, she moved her lips away from mine, sigh, and say, “Oh Hennie it is sooooo nice. If I had known it is so nice, I would have convinced you a long time ago to teach me how to kiss. It makes me tingle all over. Oh. I love you so much!” With that, she puts her lips on mine again and starts kissing me with more vigour than before.

By this time her breath is fast and deep and her one hand is pressing my head tighter against her while her other hand caress my chest from my neck to right down to my stomach. My hand that was around her shoulder in the meantime slowly move downwards her neck and under her t-shirt. It was not very long before I feel the slight rise of her left breast.

When Hennie’s fingers touch Amelia’s breast she experiences for the first time in her life sexual arousal. She suddenly feels herself getting wet between her legs and her whole body stiffen. The next moment Hennie’s hand is covering her whole breast and the movement of his hand over her nipple causes some more excitement in her body.

I feel her body slightly stiffen as no one has ever touched her breast except herself when she washes herself. I just carry on lowering my hand until I have her little breast in the palm of my hand and slowly start moving my hand over and around her breast. Very soon, I feel the nipple stiffen until it was eventually completely erect. I was quite surprised at the length of her nipple, at least a ½” that was very long considering the size of her breast.

She suddenly stops kissing me and ask with a smile, “Is this part of the training to kiss? If so, I have to tell you I enjoy it very much. It makes me tingle all over. Oh, I am so glad I stay with you. Please kiss me some more and keep on playing with my breasts and I want you touch me all over my body. Is this what kissing does to you?”

“Yes little one, this is what kissing is doing to you. The more you kiss the more want to give yourself to the one that is kissing you. Especially if you love the one that is kissing you, like I love you. I am glad you like it my little darling because I wanted to do this to you now for more than a year. I want to kiss you, play with you, touch you all over, and make you mine. I want you to touch and feel me all over as well. I want to give myself to you.”

“What does it mean to give you to me Hennie?”

“It means I am all yours to do with me what you want. To touch me, to kiss me, to make bahis şirketleri love to me or any other thing you want to do to me. You must only give yourself to somebody you trusts and who will not hurt you.”

“Is this the same as making me yours?”

“Yes my darling, as much as I want to give me to you I want you to give yourself to me, to love me and to make love to me.”

‘What do you do when you make love? It sounds nice and I think I might like it as I love you very much.”

“To make love is to have sex. Did your mother tell you about sex?’

“Not really, only that I must not let a man put his penis into my vagina before we are married. Do you want to put your penis into my vagina Hennie? But is it not wrong?”

“When two people love each other there is nothing wrong in making love. We love each other and therefore it cannot be wrong. Making love is the ultimate expression of love between two people. So how can it be wrong?”

During this whole conversation I was still playing with her breast and it was definitely having an effect on her as she was now squirming on the couch and her hand just want to go down and touch herself between her legs.

“I want you to make love to me Hennie. However, I am afraid because I have never done anything like it before. I do not even now what to do. Will it hurt?”

“Oh thanks Amelia for wanting to make love to me. I promise you I will be very careful and lead you all the way. There are still a lot of other things to do before we will actually make love. I will take it so slow that you will beg me to make love to you. Will you mind it I remove your shirt? It is unfair that you are still fully dressed and I am almost nude. I would also like to see and kiss your beautiful breasts.”

“Yes, please take it off. I want you to see my breasts because I am very proud of them. I want to see what you are doing to them because you make me tingle all over when you play with them, especially between my legs.”

With that she sits upright and lifts both arms in the air for me to take off her shirt. I begin to lift her shirt slowly until her breasts become visible. Oh, my, she has beautiful breasts. It must be an B-cup. I suddenly whip her shirt off and throw it on the floor.

“Oh my God Amelia, they are beautiful.” They beg to be played with and to be kissed. I bent slightly forward, take her one nipple in my mouth, and start to suck on it. My hand again takes her breast and starts playing with it. She throws her head back and keeps on moaning, “Ohhhhhhhhhh, Yesssssssss Don’t stop, keep on sucking me breasts, Ohhhhhhhhhh it is sooooo nice.”

I placed my other hand on her knee and slowly moving it up and down. Little bit higher every time until I reach the bottom of her mini. I move my hand to the inside of her legs and slowly move my hand higher and higher. As I pulled, her mini up she slowly opens her legs to allow my hand space to move closer and closer to the ultimate objective where her legs are joined. To touch her sweet, untainted, and pure pussy that was in her 18 years never touched by any male with sexual intentions. The thought of it makes me almost come in my pants.

Suddenly I feel the edge of her panty beneath my fingers. I slowly move my hand across her pussy from the one leg to the other and slowly back again. As I move back, again I stop at her pussy and slowly rub my fingers over her pussylips, which I could clearly feel through her panty.

Amelia is so taken on with Hennie’s hand on her breast that she did not feel his hand moving up her leg until it touches her pee-pee through her panty. The feeling was so intense that she could not help to push her pee-pee hard against Hennie’s fingers. She knows she wants more of this felling.

As my fingers touch her pussy I feel her pushing her pussy harder against my fingers while she moans, “Oh yes that feels so good. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

I take my mouth of her breast, pull her face closer to mine, and start kissing her again. This time the kiss is hot. She pulls my face against hers and her tongue invades my mouth by force. Her breath is now very fast and she is continuously moaning in my mouth.

As the sexual tension keeps growing in Amelia, she just knows that the bulge in Hennie’s pants has something to do with what they are doing now. She wants to know what it is and what it feels like.

Her hand that was caressing my stomach is now moving down to my pants and soon it is stroking over my very hard cock through my pants. She slowly moves her hand over it. Take it in her hand and slowly moved her hand up and down its length.

She moves her lips away from mine, looks down at my cock, and asked, “What is this Hennie. You did not have anything like this when we started to kiss.”

“That is my penis my darling. It has other names like dick, prick, or cock. It is what a man uses to make love to a woman. When a man and a woman starts kissing and necking as we do now it becomes erect like mine is now. In this condition it is ready to penetrate a woman’s vagina, also called pussy, or cunt. When he penetrates your pussy, you have sex, are making love, or are fucking. I am now ready to make love to you or in plain language to fuck you.”

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