My Day With Jabe

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It had been years since I had seen Jabe but in my mind I could see him clearly. He was always the beautiful one, with eyes that could stop the world. While visiting with an old friend from high school, his name came up.

“Man, would I like to see him again,” I thought to myself. Almost on cue, my friends phone rang- it was Jabe. Without telling him who was there, Sunshine, (that’s what I have always called her), handed me the phone.

“Hey Blue Eyes, take off those glasses.” That was all I needed to say, he knew instantly who it was. I had used this line on him for years.

After talking for a bit, we decided to meet, the excitement of it was burning a hole in my gut.

“Why don’t you come by here? I have to finish a few things and then we’ll go do lunch,” he said.

I got directions to his home and drove on over. Not knowing what to expect once I arrived, I stopped at a service station to freshen up. I was wearing a short black dress, sandals and panties. I slipped out of the later.

I had no trouble finding Jabe’s home…which I found planted in the middle of a Junk Yard. There he was, in the midst of all these Ford Broncos, covered from head to toe with grease. Between you and I, if not for those killer eyes, I would have never recognized him!

He approached my truck slowly, as if he didn’t have a care in the world, removing his glasses as he opened my door.

“One quick glance is all you get,” he said and then slid the glasses canlı bahis back over his eyes. Damn, I have always loved those eyes!

We stood there hugging each other and sharing pleasantries for a bit….”You look great”…..”you haven’t changed a bit” and so on. He held me close to him…..his hands sliding beneath my dress, just to the cup of my ass. Then he pushed me away and said, “Come on, I’ll show you around.”

I followed him into the shop — which appeared as if it had once been a barn. As I walked behind him I watched his ass…..thinking to myself that it was still damn nice after all these years. Suddenly, I was having flashbacks of a day when I pulled him deep into me by that ass. I felt my pussy quiver and my cheeks get red…..but the memories kept flooding back.

He was rambling on about his work….don’t ask me what was said because I was in another world! Jabe must have asked me a question, because when I came back to reality he was standing in front of me waving his hands in front of my eyes.

“Hello…..Damn Angel, where were you?”

“A million miles away! Sorry, what were you saying?”

“Well, if you’re not interested in my work….perhaps you will be interested in a little game.” He said this as he walked slowly up to me, brushing the hair from in front of my eyes with one hand and pushing me back against one of the broken down Broncos with the other.

“Don’t make a sound, Angel. You do remember the rules, don’t bahis siteleri you?”

Of coarse I remembered the rules…..I got one chance and that was it! I could have really great sex and enjoy the hell out of it as long as I did not make a sound!

Not wanting to waste my one chance with words, I simply nodded my head yes and gave into his game.

I felt his hand sliding between my thighs…grabbing my already moist cunt with force. Cutting his eyes down at me, laughing, he said, “No panties? You always were the Nasty one!”

Jabe dropped to his knees, his hands exploring my legs…my ass…my cunt. As he pressed his hands against the material of my dress, he slowly raised it to reveal my shaved pussy.

“Damn pretty toy you got here Angel…..always has been.” He said this as he covered me with his mouth. Cum erupted from me immediately as he sucked my pierced clit into him, sliding his tongue in and out of my hole with great force. Then those hands…those damned hands seemed to be everywhere…exploring every inch of my body.

Grabbing me by the waist he lifted me up and set me on the hood of the Bronco….spread my legs wide and began to fuck me with his fingers as he licked and sucked my erect clit into his mouth.

I remembered the “quiet game” well from the past….and had tried to keep my moans of pleasure to myself. Silly it seemed, being how the heat was burning in me…my juices flowing from me as a volcano erupts.

Unable bahis şirketleri to contain myself any further, the sounds of pleasure escaped my lips. Instantly, his hand was clasped around my throat…his hungry mouth removed from my eager cunt…..”You know the rules, Bitch….not a sound!”

He pulled me to the edge of the Bronco as I said, “Yes Sir…I’m sorry!”

With that, the sting of his hand was left on my face as he thrust his hard cock deep into my pussy. I arched my back into him as he pounded my cunt deep and hard…. keeping my moans to myself, like the good girl he had taught me years ago to be.

Grabbing the neck line of my dress, he ripped it open…my hard nipples exposed for him to see.

“Just as I remembered them…beautiful, round breast….hard just for me.” His mouth covered one as he pinched the other between his fingers. …Sucking me into him as he fucked my swollen pussy. It was so hard not emitting the sounds of my pleasure, but I knew I only had one chance left…after all, I did know the rules of the game!

Jabe removed his hardness from me and turned me over roughly on the hood of that ole’ Ford. Without warning, his cock was inside my ass. Pounding me deep and hard as he pulled me into him….one hand around my throat…the other tangled in my hair. He fucked me like that for what seemed to be forever before he pulled his cock from my ass and ordered me to turn over and swallow his cum.

He had taught me years ago to be obedient…so I slide from the hood of the Bronco, took his largeness in my mouth and swallowed every last drop of his hot cum.

I never made a sound…….the pleasure was too great to give up!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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