My Cowboy

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For a while in college, University of Alabama, I had a relationship with a boy I had come to know who was from Wyoming. He was almost out of place down there in Alabama. He was a country boy yes, but not a southern one. He was a cowboy, a rodeo guy who had done quite well on rodeo circuits around the country and even in Canada. His father had a huge ranch somewhere up there and he had grown up on horses, chasing cows, learning to rope and ride almost before he could read and write.

He was tall, lean, and handsome in a rough sort of way. Always wore jeans, plaid shirt, boots, and his old beat up cowboy hat. No matter where he went. He had a kinda beat up older pickup truck, but it ran well. He knew how to work on it.

He was not in any fraternity, probably had never been asked to pledge. I met him at a pep ralley before a football game. He stood out in the crowd with that hat. He seemed to be basically alone. We spoke. I liked his sort of slow drawl when he talked, his totally unassuming demeanor, and his friendly though canlı bahis piercing blue eyes. After the rally I asked him if he’d like to go get a hamburger or something. He said no, he had to go study. But if you give me a phone number I will call you. I gave him mine. We said goodnight. I didn’t sleep well that night thinking about him.

I got no call. But did see him on campus a week or so later, so went to him and asked him if he remembered me and the pep rally. He was a bit surprised but just casually looked at me and said yes, and that he had known he was supposed to call me, but had not because he felt I was someone he should not pursue. Why, I said. Because you are so well known here on campus and kind of a big person on campus. I said bullshit! Call me! And I walked away, since I had a class in 10 minutes.

He did call the next day, but I was not in. A girlfriend took a message. Luckily she got His phone number. So I called him back. Got him. We said hi, chatted, and agreed to meet that evening. Did. He took me in his bahis siteleri old truck to a country/western lounge he knew about where we could get food, listen to country music, dance, whatever. We had a Great time! Went over both our histories, families, interests, etc. Even danced the Texas Two Step, though he had to kinda guide me through that. Then he took me home, walked me to the door but did not try to kiss me. Just said he’d had a good time, thanks, and he’d call me. Shit! I’d had the time of my life, was by now hornier than a horned toad, and he is saying goodnight! I knew my roomate was not there that night so he and I would have been alone. But I just squeezed his hands, smiled my best smile, and said goodnight.

We began seeing each other. I had to lead him every step of the way! But finally we were alone in my place. By this time I knew he wanted me, but shyness, upbringing, or something held him back. So, in true Rodeo fashion I took the bull by the horns. I won’t go into a blow by blow account of that night but it bahis şirketleri was beautiful! We did make love, but again I had to lead him. Once I did, however, he must have gotten the message because he was Awesome! He was pretty well endowed I guess, but the main thing was that he didn’t’ stop when he came the first time. Just kept going. I was able to cum three or four times before he lay back after his second one and said something like “Give me a minute or two”. So we talked, him still inside me. Then he mounted me again and went at me like it was the first time! I came a couple more times! He finished, not as strongly as at first, but well. Then rolled off me and surprisingly said “Thank you, Sharon”. God! Thank me? It was me who should be thanking him! But I just pulled him close and kissed him, saying nothing.

He left in the wee hours, but from that time on, for the rest of that year, we were together. I had to talk him into oral sex, gently, but once he learned what was in it for us both he was enthusiastic. He was very good on me and I know I was good on him! Then he transferred to Colorado where he was offered a rodeo scholarship or something. I never saw him again, though we did keep in contact for awhile.

Anyway, he was my Cowboy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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