Friends Who Cum Together

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Big Tits

Finally, after months of getting off at the sound of your voice, I finally get to meet you. I couldn’t believe it when you agreed to send me a video last week. Thinking of you stroking yourself is one thing, watching you do it is another. God, my pussy is twitching and my panties are soaked just thinking about it.

Driving to the hotel to meet you, I can’t keep my hand from slipping under my skirt and into my panties…oh my God, I almost come the minute my finger touches my clit. So hard and so wet, I rub it thinking of you before I plunge my fingers in my warm, wet pussy. I better slow down, but I can’t help it…knowing that I will be fucking you in a matter of minutes has gotten me so hot, I can’t take it. I reach into my purse and get out my “special friend”. Mmmm… the buzz against my clit feels so good, but I have to feel all of it. One foot on the gas, my left leg bent, I fuck myself with my toy. I almost jump out of the seat, but I have to control myself and pay attention. I pull up to my spot in the hotel parking lot…thank God for tinted windows. Now with both hands free, I start rubbing my clit hard and fast with my left hand while my dildo is fucking my cunt…so deep, so hard. It doesn’t take me long to cum. Feels soooo good. Okay, time for some serious fucking.

I walk through the lobby and head straight for the bar. The bartender, cute as can be, not older than 30 smiles as I approach. He looks me up and down…yeah I know I look good today plus I just fucked myself silly so the “glow” was still there. Patent leather, 4 inch high, strappy sandals screamed “fuck me” from across the room, but the black skirt and sheer red blouse didn’t hurt either. My nipples were straining against the red lace of my bra, but I composed myself as I sat down to order a drink. Before I even had a chance to order, the bartender handed me a key and said, “Suite 726” and winked. I smile as I reach across the bar to get my key….now the fun starts.

As I open the door, my heart starts to race. It’s a beautiful suite, not too bright. I walk to the living room, and there you are sitting on the sofa, waiting for me. Suddenly, I get nervous like a teenager…what the hell am I doing here with a complete stranger? I stop in my tracks, unable to move. You get up and cross the room and look deep into my eyes, not saying a word, but your mouth finds mine. Soft kisses tuzla escort at first, but then a little more forceful…I feel your hands slide up and down my back and finally your left hand slides up and pulls my hair just a bit…I almost cum on the spot. My hands are on either side of your face, my mouth on yours, biting your lip, sucking on your tongue….I hear you gasp as my fingers find your nipples. I pull my mouth away from yours, kissing and nipping your neck down to your collar bone…gliding my tongue to your nipple where I flick it with my tongue. My fingers find your other nipple and I roll it gently between my fingers. I alternate licking and biting each nipple, feeling your fingers tighten their grip in my hair. Up I go again, kissing and licking, across your chest, up your neck until I get to your ear. As I lightly lick your earlobe, I feel you lift my right leg and your hand finds my pussy…I moan in your ear as you rub my clit, over and over again. You ask me if I like that…all I can do is moan and kiss and bite your neck.

You take two fingers and start to fuck me and I feel my knees start to buckle. God it feels so good…please don’t stop. I take my right hand and roam down your chest, into your pants and wrap my fingers around your hard, thick cock. God, it’s so hard. I have to taste it but you want to make me cum…your fingers fucking me so hard, it almost takes the wind out of me. “Please”, I beg you… take your fingers and suck them before kissing me hard.

I ask you to lean up against the table as your pants drop to the floor. I’m still standing, fully clothed in front of you. One last kiss before I head down south…my eyes never leaving yours, I take your cock in my hand and lick the head, get it nice and wet with my tongue. You taste so good….I run my tongue up and down your cock, stopping to take your balls in my mouth. You like it when I hum. My fingers are running up and down your chest, playing with your nipples, my mouth is bobbing up and down your rock hard cock and my pussy is dripping, thinking of you fucking me. God, you’re so big…I take all of you in my mouth…all the way to your base….you gasp and your ass comes off the table as you start to fuck my throat. Yes…pull my hair while you’re fucking my throat, one hand in my hair, the other around my throat. Mmmm…feels so good but I want more. I pull my head tuzla escort bayan up, not without dipping my tongue in your cock hole; I tell you that I have to feel you inside of me please. “Not yet” is your reply, “take off your clothes”. You stop me at when I try to take off my bra….you like red….a lot. You start sucking my nipples through my bra, sucking and biting, enough that you make my head spin.

You put me on the table on my knees…spreading my legs so far apart, it almost hurts. Once again, you start playing with my pussy, feeling how wet it is. Without warning your mouth is on me, licking, sucking, and biting me. You turn me over and make me pull my legs back leaving myself totally exposed. You dive into me, your tongue working my clit over and over, and then drilling deep into my pussy. I know I’m going to cum, hard…I grab your head and grind my pussy into your face while I cum. You lick up every last drop running down my leg. I can barely breathe when you take me off the table and put me on another table with my back against the wall. You throw my legs over your shoulders and fuck me fast and hard. You won’t stop, your balls slapping against my ass. It feels so good…you pull my hair back and kiss me while you keep fucking my pussy. “Open your eyes and look at me while I fuck you”. I open my eyes and see your cock sliding in and out, wet from my pussy and I almost come again. One hand on your nipple, pulling and the other on my clit, I’m rubbing hard while you continue to fuck me.

You could tell that I’m about to cum, so you stop. I open my eyes again and stare at you when you say, “You’ve taken it up your ass, haven’t you, you sexy bitch?” You pick me up and take me to a bar stool and make me sit and lean over a little bit. As you get behind me, you grab my tits and start playing with them and tell me to lean forward some more. Your hands drop to my hips, pull me back a little and then drill into my ass without warning. You stay buried in my ass while I moan, protesting. It doesn’t matter, you are going to own me, so you start fucking me, hard and deep. I’m trying to move and get away from this assault, but you won’t have it. You continue fucking me hard, telling me how tight I am and how you’re going to fuck me all night long. With your dick still in me, you pick me up and take me to the couch and sit down. Leaning back against you, escort tuzla I bounce up and down your cock…feels so good. All I can say is “fuck me, fuck me, harder, please”.

As I twist my head to kiss you, you take three fingers and shove them in my pussy. I open my eyes just for a minute and see someone walking over to us. You start fucking my ass harder; my pussy is so wet, dripping down my thighs, and onto yours. I open my eyes to see the very cute bartender standing in front of me. Oh shit…

He leans over to kiss me before getting on his knees in front of me…you spread my legs even wider to give him better access. His tongue finds my clit while you’re fucking my ass…your hands squeezing my tits, my fingers in his hair, it’s all a blur. Suddenly, you move down to the edge of the couch, making me fall back into you further and you yank my legs up and out. The bartender lifts his head and kisses me hard. He takes his thick cock out and start slapping my pussy with it, hitting my clit hard…it’s too much. He starts rubbing his cock up and down my slit, getting all wet. I can feel how hard he is and I know what’s coming.

You hook your hands behind my arms so I can’t use them and then he slams into my pussy and doesn’t move.’re not moving. I can’t catch my breath….it’s too much. Then he starts fucking me hard slamming into my wet pussy …you start fucking my ass..I can’t stop cumming…over and over. Everyone, everything is hot and slick..fuck…you’re pulling my hair, mouth on my neck while your fat cock is inside me. You tell me you’re going to cum right before your blow your load in my ass while he’s still fucking me. He pulls me off of you, puts me on my knees and picks up where you left off. God he’s pounding my ass so hard, holding my arms back, my tits swing back and forth. It hurts, but it feels so good, I don’t want him to stop. You’re watching me…stroking yourself.

You get on your knees and whisper in my ear, “You like taking that hard cock up your ass, don’t you my little slut?” Your fingers are on my clit…I can’t talk. You shove your cock in my mouth and start fucking it hard. One hard cock in my mouth, another pounding my ass…I can’t think straight. I can feel his cock slamming in me over and over while he slaps my ass hard…I scream, but you can’t hear me…you’re too busy fucking my mouth. I know he’s close to cumming…a few more thrusts and he’s there…the same time your cum hits the back of my throat.

We all collapse…cum everywhere. You tell me to shower up, round 2 is in 1 hour. It’s going to be a long night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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