The Room: Eighteen and One

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You know when you wake up after a night of drinking and your first thought is, “Please, no hangover, no hangover, no hangover…”? And then once in a while, to your amazement, your head’s clear. Your stomach burns a little, but that’s it.

That’s how it was on the morning after my 18th birthday. I wish I could say I had a good one, but I really don’t remember it. When my sister and I drink, we kind of egg each other on. My older brother Chris always says drinking with us has two phases: first tipsy and then dead. Oh well, you only turn 18 once.

I look over and see my older brother Chris in the next bed. We share a room. He’s still asleep. Oh well, he’s not really the one I want to see today.

I slip on a robe and sneak out of my room. You know when you’re the first one who’s awake on a Saturday morning and the house is silent? Maybe a heater or something running, but other than that: peace.

I remember thinking that I don’t hear this kind of peace enough. As far as I was concerned right then, I was the only one in the house. I could sit in silence like that and think forever, but silence like that is impossible to find, isn’t it? You can’t really plan for it, it just kind of runs across you.

But then, another thought. Lynn. My twin sister Lynn. I really wanted to share this quite morning after our eighteenth with her. I love my family, but Lynn and I have always had the closest relationship. We have that legendary twin connection and then some.

I crept down the hallway to my sisters’ room. Pushing the door open quietly, I peeked inside. In the bed on the left was my older sister Sara. To the right, my best friend, Lynn. She looked absolutely adorable while she slept.

I crept inside and kneeled over her. “Lynn,” I whispered softly. She reached up and touched my side. “Adam,” she whispered with a smile, “how are you feeling?”

“Better than I thought I would,” I said back, “You?”

“The same,” she said, “But I don’t remember a thing.”

“Yeah,” I said, “Me neither. Let’s go downstairs. We can talk.”

She slipped on a robe and we slid the door shut behind so we didn’t wake Sara. Our family’s living room was beautiful at this time of the morning. We have a huge window that faces east and if you get up early on mornings like this, you can see a sunrise unlike anywhere else in the world.

I made some coffee. We didn’t talk much, but Lynn and I are like that a lot. A lot of our thoughts and ideas are transmitted nonverbally. We know each other that wholly. We kind of complement each other, make up for each other’s shortcomings. That’s why I wanted to share this morning with her.

When the sun came up, I knew. This was the start of a new life. We were eighteen, adults. We were going to discover all kinds of new things.

I didn’t know how right I was.

“Hey, kids,” came the voice from behind. My dad, Al. He’s a police officer here in town. We live in a mid-sized town called Absalon, Colorado. It’s just small enough so that we live in a close community, but just big enough so there is some privacy.

“Beautiful morning, huh, daddy,” Lynn said.

“I know, it sure is,” he said. My dad is a nice guy. He’s really reliable and trustworthy. He’s nice, but also seems to be really in control. My mom, Olivia, followed behind him.

My parents aren’t exactly young. After all, they’ve had two kids and a set of twins. Still, they age really well. They’re the kind that always seem indeterminately young. They look really good for their age.

Soon, the whole family was downstairs, and we had breakfast. We all were still wearing robes and the like, except for Sara. I hate to say it, but she is kind of a tease. Everything about her screams sex and she knows it. Not that she’s promiscuous. Then again, I don’t really know. My family is pretty decent about sex. We usually don’t discuss it. It would just be awkward. Anyway, Sara in her usual form did away with the robe and just wore a bra and panties. And of course she couldn’t just wear something simple. She always wore something sexy. I tried not to look.

“So,” my mom said, “You two excited for tonight?” she said to Lynn and me. My parents always let us celebrate our birthday like kids on our birthday, but then as a family the next day.

“Yeah, canlı bahis mom,” I said, “but I wish you guys would tell us what it was going to be.”

“Just relax,” my dad said, “You guys are in for a treat.”

. . .

After breakfast I headed upstairs for a shower. About halfway in, I heard the door open.

“Sorry, Adam,” I heard Sara say, “I can’t wait.” I couldn’t see her through the curtain, just her form’s silhouette. Did that mean she could see me? I looked down and realized my cock had quickly hardened at the thought. I sure hope she couldn’t see my silhouette.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t listening, but I didn’t hear her go. She was there, but I couldn’t tell what she was doing. “You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said. But she didn’t just say it. She kind of loudly whispered it. She couldn’t have moaned it, could she?

She had my attention. I listened real closely and eventually heard her making a strange noise. Eventually, it was clear enough to hear. Just a quiet rapid breathing. She couldn’t be…

And then it was over. She got up and started to leave. “Thanks little bro,” she said, and left.

When I got out, I started to shave when I noticed I was stepping on something. I looked down and saw the panties Sara was wearing at breakfast lying at my feat.

. . .

That night I came down the stairs for our birthday celebration. It usually consisted of a nice dinner or something like that, but I was confused when I got to the bottom of the stairs. There were no lights on, nothing. As a stumbled around in the dark, trying to figure out where everyone had gone, I noticed a light on in the basement. “What could be going on down there?” I asked myself. No one ever went down there. There was just a bunch of junk.

When I reached the basement, I saw my mom sitting on an old couch across the room. She was wearing a beautiful dress, and she beckoned to me slowly. I went to sit down with here.

“What are you doing down here, mom?” I asked.

“Honey,” she said, “You’ve grown up a lot. It’s time for you to find out what this family is really about. Behind me is a door that’s hidden behind some plywood. There’s an extra bedroom behind it that you’ve never seen before. It’s time for you to see it.”

“Are you serious?” I asked, “I didn’t think anything else would fit down here. What’s so special about the room?”

“It’s not the room that’s special. It’s what goes on in there.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. My mom was acting…weird. Serious, yet extremely happy.

“Honey, do you think I’m beautiful?” she asked. Whoa, curveball. What is this about?

“Of course, mom,” I said. “I’ve never seen another mother as beautiful or in shape as you.”

“Do you think I’m sexy?”

“Umm…I guess.” This was weird.

“You guess, or you do?” She asked.

“I do,” I said.

“Do you want to fuck me?” She looked strait into my eyes. I had never seen her more serious about anything in my life. I was speechless.

“Because that’s what we do in there. All of us. You can fuck all of us. Me, Sara, Lynn.”

She grabbed my shoulders and kissed me. My tongue and my mom’s tongue rolled around in my mouth. Heaven.

She pulled back. “I guess that’s a yes. Come on in.”

She stood up and stepped over to the hidden door. Pulling it open I was greeted with a wonderful sight: Sara fucking Chris. They were well into it, too. They were at that point just before cumming where they both had to fight to keep their eyes from rolling back in their head and just screaming. A few seconds later he threw his head back and started pumping into her. Both of them rolled over onto their back, spent.

“Good show you put on, Sara.” I heard dad say. I looked over to the other bed and there he was lying on the bed naked. I looked around and saw that everyone but me had discarded their clothes and were keeping their cocks and pussies hard and wet. Next to dad on the bed was a stunning young girl. Nice tits and the kind of curves that made guys pant.

Wait, no way…it was Lynn. My twin sister Lynn was lying naked on a bed with my dad, slightly rubbing her pussy. It took me a few seconds to even recognize her, but once I did, she looked perfect to me. She looked like the bahis siteleri person I pictured in my mind when I thought of her. It was her nudity. The other girls of the family looked hot as hell naked, don’t get me wrong. But they inspired an animal lust in me, whereas with Lynn, there was that and more. Seeing her lying on the bed reveling in sexuality gave me insight into the only part of her I hadn’t explored before. I now felt like I knew her fully.

Glancing back over to Sara, I became mesmerized by her perfect tits rising and falling as breathed heavily, exhausted from her fuck session with her brother. She looked up and saw me staring.

“What you looking at, little bro? You want a turn?”

“Sara,” My mom stopped her, “You know what we agreed upon.” She was standing right next to me still and as she was talking leaned against me. If watching my siblings fuck themselves into oblivion hadn’t been enough to get my cock rock hard, my mom’s tits pushing against me was. She leaned in close. “I’ll try to hurry, Adam,” She whispered throatily, “I’ve been itching for your cock for years.” And she nibbled my ear a little before sliding her self away from me.

Walking over to Sara she said, “In the mean time let’s make sure none of my boys cum goes to waste. And she leaned down and started to like Chris’s cum out of my sister’s pussy. Sara moaned with pleasure as mom brushed her clit. When She got all of her son’s cum in her mouth she crawled up to Sara’s mouth and started kissing her as they traded Chris’s cum back and fourth until it was all gone.

“That’s about as much as I can take.” My dad said as he got up and crawled onto the bed with the others. He grabbed His daughter and pulled her legs apart getting ready to fuck her. Sara was ecstatic.

“Come on daddy.” She said in her sexiest voice. “Use your little girl until you cum.” Chris and my cocks twitched a little at such dirty talk from our sexy sister, but my dad seemed unfazed. He gave a knowing smile and shoved His cock into his daughter. By this point, I went over to sit next to Lynn on the other bed. It sounded like we weren’t allowed to do anything yet, but I still wanted to share this with her. She gave me a sexy smile, and snuggled up against me. We both set in to watch the show.

By this time, Chris had started grabbing mom’s tits and his dick had gotten stiff again. “Oh, my boy’s always so fast to please me.” My mom said. She climbed on top of him and got ready.

“I love you so much mom,” he said, “You’re always such a good fuck.”

When she plunged onto him, he got a look on his face I had never seen before. It was a combination of ecstasy and awe. He loved everything she was doing and couldn’t believe how well she did it.

My sister and I lay together and watched our parents fuck our siblings. Eventually both Chris and Sara let out their screams of pleasure as our parents made them cum. I saw pure orgasmic beauty on Chris’s face as he shot his cum into our mom.

My dad pulled his cock out if his daughter and started to cum over her stomach. As He did, she looked up at me from across the room and did this sexy thing where she licks her own upper lip. I could have just run a marathon, but if Sara gives me that look, I’ll be fucking her in just a few seconds. It’s her eyes. When she looks at me its like she’s whispering, “Little bro, I want you to do the dirtiest thing you can think of to me”.

By this time, my cock was so hard I was cringing and I could tell Lynn was horny too. She was squirming around next to me staring at our family fucking themselves silly. After dad finished cumming, he laid back on the bed and mom leaned down and started eating Sara’s pussy as dad’s cum was leaking off her stomach and over her young pussy lips. Just to add to the eroticism of the situation, mom stared intensely at Lynn and me while she was licking our sister’s clit. When she’d finished all of our dad’s cum she crawled up Sara’s lithe body and kissed her deeply.

Finally, mom and dad looked at each other and then at us. “It’s time”, Dad said.

Chris came over to Lynn and kissed her sweetly on the cheek. “You’re to cute, big bro,” she said. “I just watched you do the dirtiest things to our mom, and you still treat me like an innocent little girl.”

“You’re bahis şirketleri still my little sister, Lynn, no matter what happens,” He said. Lynn grabbed him by the back of the head and they made out deeply.

I was so mesmerized that I was startled when I felt a soft, sweet form brush against my cock. I looked forward and saw my sister. She had a very knowing grin on her face as my wide eyes took in her flawless curves. I moved hesitantly to kiss her, but then stopped for a second. Watching my sister do what she just did is one thing, but what I wanted to do right now was another. But she had other ideas. She grabbed one off my hands and put it on her ass, while she used her other hand to pull my face into hers.

As our tongues pushed against each other, I couldn’t believe this taste. She is what lust tastes like. She tasted like the finest of delicacies. She kisses you and you she makes you feel powerful and strong. You think of all of the things you want, and know you can have them. And you realize you want her. And then, she let’s you have her. That’s lust.

But not this first time. When Lynn and I had made out with our siblings for a few minutes they led us to the bed and our parents. We were guided to lay down on the edge and our parents crawled off and dropped to their knees.

Lynn cried out a split second before mom started in on me. I briefly looked to my right and saw my dad eating her out. Her face is what shocked me. It was hardly an expression. Just simple, perfect desire. A split second later, I knew why. I felt my mom’s lips wrap around my cock and begin sucking. I had been hard for about half an hour now and wanted to cum very badly. From the sound of it, Lynn was pretty close, too. When we were both close to climax, to my horror, mom stopped.

Lynn gave a sexy moan, “please daddy, don’t stop. I’m so close.”

“No, baby. It has to be Adam,” He said. Of course. That was their plan. We were to induct each other into this incestuous relationship. She looked at me and we gave one another a simple nod. This was perfect.

We moved to the middle of the bed as the others gathered around and began pleasuring themselves. I guess they didn’t want any distraction.

I climbed over Lynn and looked into my twin’s eyes. That moment is how I always see her when I think of Lynn: loving, waiting for me to make love to her. That was how we had always thought of each other even if we didn’t realize it until just then.

As I placed my cock at my sister’s pussy, my first thought was that I would be done before she even realized we had started. After the show my family had given us and the blowjob my mom just gave me, I was way to close to cumming to be just starting to fuck.

But then, I pushed into my twin sister, and all my worries went away. There was no pressure, just perfect pleasure. That’s how it always is with Lynn. To this day, I think I can fuck Lynn for as long as either of us want. She, however, was still close to cumming from our dad’s work on her pussy.

I heard my family start moaning around us, but they were a million miles away. It was just me and Lynn in the middle of The Room.

Soon I found out about my favorite part of fucking Lynn. When she cums, she makes the cutest little noises. My mom and Sara moan loudly, which is sexy as hell, but Lynn just bites her lower lip and makes the cutest little squeaks. It’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

She had cum twice and was close to a third time before she whispered quietly, “cum with me this time.” I gladly let my self go towards climax and at the last moment, I leaned down and, nose to nose with her, whispered quietly, as all of the others were distracted by their orgasms, “I love you.” And then we pressed our lips together and we came.

. . .

Later, we had all caught our breaths and were all cuddled together, me with Lynn, dad with Sara, and mom with Chris. My mom was even lightly playing with Chris’s cock, but there was no chance of him getting hard again soon; we were all spent.

“I love you all so much,” said mom to the family.

“But there is one rule,” Dad said, “We have the secret to pure pleasure here. But we must stay a family, or this could tear us apart. You fuck her, but she’s your mom. And Sara’s your sister. None of us are to fall in love in any other way. We are a family.”

That’s the rule? I thought to myself. One rule, and I can have eternal happiness. Who knew my 18th year would be so perfect?

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