My First Online Date

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I have to admit, I had never been on an internet blind date. Those dating apps just didn’t appeal to me…It’s a strange format to meet someone. You find yourself easily divulging your deepest secrets, maybe sharing a few seductive pictures or having a spontaneous webcam moment in an amazingly short period of time.

Something about the safety of the screen, the anonymity of the situation, lures you into a sense of security. And if you’re lucky, or maybe not so lucky, all this correspondence and banter culminates at the crossroads, do we meet in person? Or just call it a ‘fun’ time? Some part of me realizes, I have to admit, although I would never have a one-night stand in the traditional sense, I had been seduced into a few online moments that were the internet equivalent.

Technology…what can I say…changing our lives for the better, right?

This particular meeting was the result of a few weeks of chatting and photos with my online friend. I had to admit to myself that his choice of usernames left something to be desired – ‘toocool-,’ followed by an arbitrary number. But if his photos were genuine and not from his glory days in high school, I was willing to forgive him.

We were scheduled to meet for drinks at a popular bar located inside a local resort. I couldn’t believe how much time I spent getting ready. I picked a tight, little black dress that had a low-cut neckline in both the front and the back. The dress ended mid-thigh so my high heeled, knee high boots were displayed to their fullest effect.

The fact that I chose not to wear panties, to avoid panty lines (at least that was my reasoning even though I only wear thongs), made me feel a little naughty as I left for the bar. I was early…damn! I preferred to be late so that I had the upper hand, looking for him as I walked in. I chose a seat in a back corner and ordered a gin and tonic. I don’t usually drink but tonight I felt a little liquid courage would do me wonders.

As I sat there sipping my drink, trying not to look nervous or lonely, and a tall man slid into the booth next to me. I looked at him in frustration, “Excuse me?!”

He smiled and held out his hand, “Hi, I’m Tim.”

I had to admit although he was being presumptuous he had a great deep voice and the most stunning blue eyes.

I smiled reluctantly, “Hi, I’m sorry Tim but I’m waiting for someone.”

“No problem, but in the meantime let me buy you a drink?”

I couldn’t say if it was the fact that I was feeling a little naughty or that I was tired of feeling conspicuous sitting alone but I agreed.

“Let me order for you,” Tim said, “I think there is something that you will like.”

He disappeared to the bar for a few minutes. I beat myself up a little for allowing Tim to sit with me. Would this ruin my date with ‘toocool-‘?

Tim returned with a beautiful tall, berry colored drink. It was delicious, sweet and dangerous. He assured me there was very little liquor in it, so I asked for a second. Half way into my second drink I was feeling really comfortable, even a little sleepy.

I expressed this to Tim who just grinned and suggested we move our drinks to his room. A warning went off in my head but the voice was tiny and easy to silence in my hazy state.

Tim actually got us two fresh drinks and supported me with his free hand to the elevator. I had never stayed in this resort and when he opened the door to his room I was amazed by how plush and refined everything was. I collapsed into the soft sofa in the sitting area.

Tim made sure I had my drink handy, and then sank down on the sofa next to me…right next to me, thigh to thigh, shoulder to shoulder. His breath was warm and heavy with the sweet smell of alcohol.

He leaned in to kiss me and his hand moved from my knee up my thigh. I knew I should move or say something but it just felt so good. I let myself melt into him, while his hand pushed my skirt up far enough so that my panty-less state was exposed. His fingers grazed over my clit while he nuzzled my ear. How could he know that my ears are an erogenous zone?

My legs spread involuntarily. I realized I was wet and ready. He only had to move a little material aside to expose my breasts. In a double assault he bit my nipple while his finger slid deeply inside me. I moaned and arched my back.

I heard the bathroom door open but it didn’t really register. I was too involved in the sweet demanding rhythm of Tim’s fingers working my cunt.

I felt his lips on my cunt and I groaned, spreading my legs even wider. I reached down to grab his head and encourage him to lick me harder when I realized there was a lot of hair, long hair on the head between my legs.

I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful red headed woman gazing up at me from between my legs. She was thin and muscular, wearing a see-through chemise. I could tell, even at this angle, that she had full C cup breasts and her nipples were hard with excitement.

I looked to see that Tim had not left canlı bahis but was positioned under her licking her pussy with as much attention as she was mine, while she straddled his face. I normally would have protested but with the combination of the liquor and the sweet feeling of her soft lips on my clit, I couldn’t fathom her stopping. In fact, I wanted more.

I spread my legs as far as I could and pushed her face harder into my cunt. She moaned and went back to work with renewed vigor. My cunt was so wet, hot and needy…it hurt. I didn’t think I could take much more but I wanted the feel of a hard cock like I had been planning for all night.

I moved off the couch and couldn’t resist crouching in front of the red head. I kissed her lips gently at first, tasting my pussy juices all over her lips. I kissed her harder, shoving my tongue into her mouth, exploring the soft wet warmth of her mouth.

Her ass began moving more rhythmically on top of Tim. I grabbed one of her full breasts and squeezed. She gasped and moved off of Tim. She pulled off her chemise and straddled my lap, pushing me up against the side of the couch. She fed me each of her nipples in turn. They were hard and soft at the same time and I savored them, teasing them with my tongue. One of my hands drifted down to my cunt and I rubbed my clit.

She felt the movement and pressed her cunt down on my hand from the other side. I turned my hand to clutch her cunt and shoved a finger inside. She was so wet and slick. I slid another finger in and fucked her while I suckled her breasts. She moaned and pressed hard against my hand demanding harder, deeper penetration.

I realized she wasn’t getting the satisfaction she was craving so I moved and positioned her on the couch. I spread her legs and knelt on all fours in front of her. I had never licked pussy before but I thought I could replicate the good work she had done for me.

I licked her cunt softly at first and then began nibbling and sucking. She groaned and thrust in appreciation. I had almost forgotten Tim’s presence until I felt him behind me. In one motion his hands pushed my dress up all the way and pulled my hips back, plunging his cock deep into me. I cried out in surprise and pleasure.

This was the hard cock shoved in my cunt that I had been craving. He grabbed my head and pushed my face back into her cunt. Then he began fucking me in earnest. His cock was big and I could feel it deep inside each time he thrust. He would drive me wild, drawing it almost all the way out and then shoving it forcefully back in, over and over.

My cunt was on fire. I moaned and tried to meet his thrusts while focusing on the red head’s needs. She was playing with her tits while I licked her. At one point she couldn’t handle any more so she pushed my face away and began working her clit with force. It only took a few minutes for her to cum, arching her back and screaming in ecstasy.

Her cumming seemed to excite me and Tim more. He pulled my head back by the hair and turned me away from the couch. He shoved me face down on the carpet, leaving just my ass sticking up in the air for him to fuck my cunt.

He rode me so hard, I normally would have been shocked but right now all I could think of was more, harder. Suddenly he pulled out and shoved me down flat on the floor as he came all over me. He shot cum in my hair and all over my back and my dress.

My cunt was throbbing with the need for release. I waited a few minutes and then I rolled over. Tim was gone. He must have gone into one of the rooms off of the sitting area to change. The red head just smiled at me. She pointed to the bathroom and said, “Feel free to clean up before you leave.”

With that, she went off into another room as well. I shrugged, I don’t know what I expected, and although most women might be feeling a little used by now, I couldn’t really complain. I had enjoyed myself, if not thoroughly.

I stepped into the bathroom, peeled off my clothes and took a quick warm shower. The water washing over my cunt reminded me how needy it was still. I got most of the stains off my dress and redressed. I thought maybe someone would be waiting back in the sitting room for me but there was no one there so I let myself out.

My head was still a little hazy but visions of ‘toocool-‘ returned in a flood of guilt and apprehension. I looked at my watch. All that enjoyment had only lasted 30 minutes. Since I was early for my date, there was the off chance I could still make my original meeting. I headed back into the bar.

It was really starting to hop. There were some dancers, those who obviously had started drinking early and had ingested the minimum required to have delusions of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ I laughed and eased into a table in the back.

I ordered a gin and tonic and might have had a sense of déjà vu if it wasn’t for my throbbing cunt. I looked around nonchalantly. There he was ‘toocool-,’ 20 pounds heavier and with less hair than the photos I had received bahis siteleri but it was definitely him.

I picked up my drink and moved toward him. He turned and spotted me too ,”Hi, I’m Brian.”

I responded with a brisk, “Kat, short for Katherina.”

“That’s a beautiful name”, he oozed.

I mentally rolled my eyes and took stock again of the differences between real life ‘toocool-,’ and the one I had imagined. He was dressed in jeans and a nice button up green long sleeve shirt. He had decent taste in shoes, so there was one plus. Any man who feels tennis shoes are for every occasion is not for me.

Brian led me to a booth. It was empty of occupants but they had left signs of their time there. The table was full of empty and half empty beer bottles. He asked if he could buy me a drink but I just held up the one I had and he smiled.

He attempted small talk but I was distracted. I watched the dancers as they got more and more drunk and became more and more seductive in their moves.

“Do you want to dance,” I blurted out.

I blushed a little. I actually think he had been talking when I made my offer.

He looked a little confused but then said, “Sure.”

I gulped down the rest of my drink and he followed me out on the dance floor. He was a horrible dancer. I guess I should have checked his profile on that one before I got carried away. Instead of my original plan of bumping and grinding up against him, I found myself putting more and more space between us trying to give the illusion that we might not be together.

I was relieved when another man asked if he could ‘cut in’. I graciously accepted. Brian shrugged and motioned that he would be waiting back at our table. I had seen this new gentleman dancing all night and I knew he had some moves.

The next song was slower and I didn’t protest when he pulled me into his arms. He had to be part Hispanic due to his caramel colored skin. He smelled divine even after dancing all night. I let him mold me against him, grabbing my hips to move me with him.

I whispered in his ear, “Is your cock hard for me?”

In response, he made a move that pushed him up against me hard enough to leave no question in my mind. I could tell my cunt was already dripping wet.

I saw Brian had either met someone he knew or found a new friend. There was a man sitting with him at our table and they looked engrossed in something.

I leaned in again and whispered in my partner’s ear, “Do you know that dark little alcove off the main hall of the hotel…the one you pass on your way to the elevators?”

He nodded.

“Meet me there in two minutes?”

He nodded again.

I slipped off the dance floor, got another gin and tonic and headed back to the table.

“Hey, this is Dave from my work,” Brian said

“Hi Dave,” I said, giving Dave a warm smile and a quick once over.

Why couldn’t Dave be online, I thought. Then, I rationalized someone that looked like Dave didn’t need to be online.

“Brian, I’m going to make a trip to the ladies’ room.”

He smiled and said, “Sure no problem.”

I took the long way past the bathroom and slipped out into the hall. My Latin dance partner was already in the alcove. From this little dark spot, we would be unobserved unless someone came here on purpose.

I pressed myself back up against him, mocking our early dance moves. He grinned and grabbed my hips, thrusting against me. I maneuvered so my back was against the wall farthest from the hall and slid my dress up revealing my cunt to him. He lifted an eyebrow at me and then smiled. I could tell his cock was hard again. I grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him down to his knees.

Understanding my desires, he began licking my already wet, hot pussy. I rested my hands on his head and reveled in the pleasure his tongue was creating. I hadn’t had nearly enough when he stood up and unzipped his pants. His cock leapt forward. I was not disappointed, it was huge and thick.

He cupped my hips in his hands and lifted me a little as he positioned my hips to take him. His cock slid in gently but only because I was so wet and ready. It filled my pussy and I could feel my cunt stretched tight around it. He began slowly. His cock felt so good I thought I would go crazy.

“Harder,” I moaned.

He sped up and thrust harder, my hips smashing against the hard-tiled wall as he impaled me over and over. I could tell my nipples were hard as rocks and I wanted to cum desperately. Somehow while he was grabbing my ass he managed to position his hands to where he could slip a finger in my ass. I was a little shocked but that only made me tighten my muscles and that sent me cascading over the edge.

I arched against him and came so hard my whole body shook with the effort. I didn’t even notice when he pulled a handkerchief out of his pants pocket. As my orgasm subsided he made two or three more deep thrusts then pulled out and came into his handkerchief. I just bahis şirketleri smiled. At least he was being tidy.

He cleaned himself up, gave me a quick peck on the cheek and slipped off down the hall. I felt so good. I took a moment and ran my hands over sore still hard nipples and dripping wet cunt. With a sigh, I tidied up myself and went back to find Brian.

I hadn’t been gone that long but I was still worried he might have noticed. Luckily, he still sat at the table engrossed in conversation with Dave, just as I had left him.

“Hey, there you are,” Brian commented.

I smiled, “Yes, here I am sorry I took so long.”

“Oh, no problem. Listen, Dave is staying here at the hotel and has invited us up to his room for more drinks, while he shows me the latest specs on his new project. Would you mind if we did that?”

I guess I was feeling a bit guilty about abandoning him for a little while so I said, “Sure.”

Back down the hall, I was beginning to be really familiar with, and to the elevators we went. Dave tried to make small talk. It was obvious he felt that he needed to make me more comfortable. If he realized how much alcohol I had had tonight he wouldn’t have bothered.

I was beginning to feel the effects of my adventure and the drinks, so I propped myself up against the wall of the elevator and closed my eyes for the few seconds it took for us to reach the 10th floor. I smiled to myself.

Hmmm, this wasn’t my first trip to the 10th floor tonight. The 10th floor might have been a funny coincidence but when we stopped in front of door 1033, a million little alarms went off in my head. Of course, before I could decide in my stupor how I should react the door was opened by no other than Tim. Dave introduced us all to his other ‘colleague.’ I snickered softly to myself.

Here I was back in the sitting room, sitting primly on the couch that just earlier I had found myself bent over getting fucked by Dave’s colleague. I found in my drunken state the irony was just too much and I every so often I spontaneously broke out in the giggles.

The return of the tall berry colored drinks did nothing to improve this. I may have actually nodded off for a bit, because after I gulped down the first berry drink, I looked around and I was sitting alone. Hmmm, berry drinks.

I headed toward the suite’s bar and was pleased to see two or three already made and waiting. I scooped one up and sipped it while I roamed around, checking out this magnificent room. There were actually three doors leading off of the main sitting area. One I knew led to the hall. The other two…well it was worth investigating.

I heard a muffled scream from the door on the right so I decided to peek in that one first. I went into ‘stealth mode’…ok well, as stealthy as I could be at this point. I cracked open the door. There, tied down on the bed, was the red head from earlier.

She was completely naked and tied spread eagle. She had some kind of belt strapped to her that held a vibrator inside her. I was intrigued.

There was another woman I had never seen before straddling the red head’s face, force feeding the red head her cunt. She had long blonde hair and a tiny waist. She was facing the door so I could see her huge breasts bouncing and moving in response to her pleasure. Just as I was about to close the door I saw Tim emerge from the bathroom holding a remote in one hand and short riding crop in the other.

Tim dragged the crop over the red head’s stomach, down her thighs and around her cunt.

“Give her the whip,” demanded the blonde.

Tim raised the whip and struck the red head hard on her thighs three times. Even from a distance I could see the red marks. Then, Tim hit the remote and the red head moaned loudly, her hips thrusting. The vibrator had started working and I realized Tim was in control.

Tim gestured to the blonde, laying down the whip, he unzipped his pants. He had the blonde suck his cock while he whipped the red head between jolts and sessions with the vibrator.

I slowly closed the door. I had had quite a night and I wasn’t sure I was welcome or that I wanted to get involved.

I moved to the other door. The berry drinks were starting to take hold again and my stealth mode was less successful this time. As I opened the door, I stumbled in and found myself staring guiltily at Brian with his cock up Dave’s ass. I think I blinked a few times. Somewhere in my mind I was thinking of my prior experience ordering off the internet. You never knew what you were going to get, sigh.

Dave smiled at me and got off the bed. “Hi, Sexy,” he exclaimed, and I burst out in a fit of the giggles.

It wasn’t until he slid my dress off my shoulders that I stopped. He grabbed one of my tits and flicked his tongue over it. He took the berry drink from me and led me over to the bed. Brian smiled at me sheepishly.

“We could use some company,” Dave crooned.

Dave’s tight abs, blue eyes and sizable cock was all that seemed to register. He slipped off my dress and eased me onto the bed. Brian lay down on one side of me and Dave on the other. It was if they were each assigned to please one side of me and they did it well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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