The Resort – Fathers and Daughters

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Content Warning – Much like the last story, this one contains elements of mental influence via technology. While this could be interpreted as mind control, its use is to remove mental barriers and is presented to the characters as such. That being said, please be forewarned if you are sensitive to such topics.

This takes place at the same Resort as the Mothers and Sons story, and there are some very minor references to it, but it is not required reading to understand this one. As it is a standalone you may notice some repetition, but there are also many differences. The Guide and the exercises within it are somewhat different, for example. As before, however, this is primarily an erotic fantasy about such a place existing and what kind of things might happen there, and as such it might be a bit lighter on the story side than my work typically is.

Some who read the first story may wonder why I did this as opposed to continue with Marcus and Jessica’s story. This story is where my inspiration took me, but the Brother and Sister story will come, in time, as may others.

I hope that you enjoy your vacation.


Tara watched the whole argument unfold like a terrible accident, powerless to stop it. Not for the first time, she wondered what was happening to her family. Two years ago, she would have said that everything was perfect. Her husband, Alexander, was attentive and kind, an excellent father to their children. He was tall, with broad shoulders and a build that was still quite muscular even if he did carry a bit of extra weight. Tara thought that his shaved head looked masculine and sexy, and she was glad that he wasn’t concerned about the salt and pepper in his full (but neatly trimmed) beard. Jacob was growing up to be similar to his father, but perhaps more thoughtful and quiet, traits that Alexander himself encouraged. Jacob had dark brown hair and deep, soulful hazel eyes, but had yet to grow into his frame.

Meghan was smart and reliable, and considerate. Tara was proud of her and could quickly see her daughter exceeding her own accomplishments. Meghan and Tara shared the same deep rust-red hair, although Meghan kept hers in a short bob while Tara let hers grow out wavy and midway down her back. Both mother and daughter were quite petite, but two children and a reasonably active lifestyle had left Tara with an hourglass figure, Meghan was quite slender. She had curves, to be sure, but Tara knew that her daughter was insecure about her slim hips and small chest. Meghan was still quite beautiful, however, and tended to draw attention from both boys and men, the same as her mother.

One year ago had been when the trouble began, but not all at once, and indeed not obviously. Their daughter, well past the rebellious phase of adolescence, began to be more distant and then aggressive. Meghan was going to an excellent college next year, and Tara and Alexander had given her more freedom than ever, with the idea that she had not only earned it but would be on her own soon. It had made sense to them, but gradually, it seemed to backfire.

Meghan ignored her curfews, or rather, she disobeyed them. She would never be back on time, even if the amount of time late were negligible. Usually, it was between five and thirty minutes, but on one notable occasion, she had been out until six am, and hadn’t called them or answered her phone. Tara had been worried but Alexander had actually gone out and looked for her for hours. When she’d gotten home, smelling faintly of alcohol, she refused to say where she was or what she had been doing.

“I was with boys, having fun,” was all she’d said, with an arrogant little smirk on her face, daring her parents to punish her. No, Tara thought, not them. She was provoking Alexander. That was what had been happening for most of Meghan’s senior year. Her grades were still good. She still got along with Jacob. She even mostly got along with her mother, except when Tara admonished her about her attitude towards her father.

Meghan had a problem with her father, and she wouldn’t give him a moment’s rest. She refused him even the most basic courtesies. Small things that people who lived together did for each other, like chores or passing plates to him at the table. And Tara knew, with the dreadful instinct that only mothers have, that tonight it was all coming to a head.

Tonight, the fight was about an upcoming dinner engagement with Tara’s parents. They were passing through after visiting friends this weekend, and all they wanted was to see their grandchildren briefly on Saturday evening. They would eat, spend the night, and then complete their drive home. Tara had given everyone plenty of warning, and Jacob and Meghan had both agreed to be there.

Tonight, Friday night, to be precise, Meghan had changed her mind. They had been sitting in the living room. Alexander and Meghan were both reading (one of the many ways in which they were similar), Tara had been crocheting, and Jacob was watching TV. It had been a quiet night. Then Meghan canlı bahis had simply put her book down in her lap and, without any preamble, shattered the peace.

“I don’t think I’m going to see Grandma and Grampa this weekend.”

“Why not?” Tara had asked, genuinely confused.

“I think I’m going to have plans,” Meghan said, her open arrogance a challenge in and of itself.

“What kind of plans?” Alexander asked, his voice dangerously neutral. That was when Tara went from worried to full of dread. Her husband had fought with Meghan throughout the year. He had been extremely frustrated, it was true, but he kept his temper almost all of the time. Still, her man wore his heart on his sleeve, concealing very little. So when Tara heard the complete lack of emotion in his voice, she knew something was very wrong.

Once, years before, when she and Alexander had been dating, a man in his thirties had stalked Tara. She had been both terrified and afraid. The man had shown up at her house late at night when her parents had been out of town. Fortunately, she’d called Alexander and asked him to spend the night.

Alexander had answered the door and spoken to the older man in the same emotionless tone. Even as the married man raged about Alexander “stealing” Tara, her boyfriend stayed calm. As soon as the stalker reached out to grab her arm, things had changed rapidly. Alexander had defended her, swiftly and without any hesitation. The police arrested the obsessive unwanted suitor at the hospital. He never bothered Tara again.

Now, after months and months of provocation, Tara heard the same tone again, and she feared for her family. Alexander had never hit, pushed, or physically harmed her or the children, and she didn’t think he would start now. They didn’t even spank the kids while they were growing up, but Tara knew that a line had been drawn, and that Alexander might take other drastic actin. Meghan, however, did not, and plowed ahead.

“Yeah, there’s a party on Saturday night. I thought I mentioned it,” Meghan said, fully knowing that she hadn’t brought it up.

“Please come see your grandparents, Meghan,” Tara spoke up, hoping to defuse the situation, “you’ll be at college next year, and they won’t see you nearly as often.”

“I’m sorry, but this party is going to be pretty big. I think some guys from college will be there. It will be a nice change from all of the attention from high school boys.”

Neither Tara nor Alexander had ever shamed women for enjoying sex. Both of them thought it was natural that Meghan, and eventually, Jacob would find partners, and all they wanted for their children was to be careful and ethical. Meghan, however, seemed to work her sexual activities into every fight. She used them as a weapon against her father, and frequently hinted at having unsafe sex and cheating. It was bizarre to Tara, who didn’t believe that her daughter was doing any such thing.

One more month until Meghan graduated, and she’d picked tonight to start the big fight. Jacob, who was increasingly stressed and silent about these fights, stood up and left as soon as the party was mentioned. He knew the signs now and wanted no part of it. He was a sensitive fifteen-year-old who looked up to both his sister and his father, and couldn’t understand what was going on any more than Tara.

“So you’d rather fuck college boys than see your grandparents? Is that it?”

Tara was stunned. Alexander never swore around the kids. Tara even made fun of him a bit for it. Meghan flinched but didn’t seem to understand what the change in behavior presaged. She stood up and walked over, sneering at her father with an almost comical expression.

“Not that its any of your business…but yes. I think getting fucked by an older boy, or boys, would be far more interesting than another boring dinner listening to the same old stories, don’t you?”

“Fine. You do that. Just don’t co…”

Tara panicked. It probably saved her family.

“STOP!” She shouted, shocking even herself. Both her husband and daughter looked at her, too stunned to move.

“Alexander,” she said quietly, “please go upstairs and let me handle this.” When he opened his mouth to object, she simply said “please” again. With every ounce of her being, she implored him to listen.

Alexander stood up, disgust evident in his posture.

“Fine. You deal with her. I’m done,” he said and then gone upstairs to their bedroom. Tara knew that she’d have a difficult conversation with him later, but this was preferable to what she had averted.

Tara stood then and looked at her eldest child. She saw confusion, irritation, frustration, and perhaps something else as well.

“What the hell was that about…” Meghan started.

Tara slapped Meghan, once, across the face. She hated herself for doing it, but her daughter needed to listen. Meghan’s eyes filled with shocked tears and the cynical, manipulative mask that she’d been wearing dropped away, replaced with physical and emotional pain.

“Meghan,” Tara began, calmly, bahis siteleri “I want you to listen very closely to me. Has your father done something to you? Hurt you in some way? Has he been treating you poorly when I’m not around?”

Meghan lifted her hand to her cheek, which was quickly reddening, and shook her head.

“I’m glad. I didn’t think he had, or ever would. He loves you and Jacob too much to hurt you. So why the fuck are you acting like this? Don’t answer me if you’re going to lie. I can’t stand any more lies from you.”

Instead of answering, Meghan sat down hard on the couch, defeated. It was a strange change from the defiant creature that she’d been minutes before.

“I…I can’t…I don’t …I…I can’t tell you. It’s too much.”

Meghan’s eyes welled up with tears. She couldn’t meet her mother’s eyes. There was a deep shame and guilt in her voice. Tara sat down next to her daughter and took both of her hands in hers.

“All right. Fine. Let’s forget about that for a moment. You’ve been intentionally provoking your father, haven’t you?”

Meghan nodded, hunching over further.

“And when you’ve told stories about boys that you’ve slept with or cheated on. Those were also lies that you told to provoke your father?”

Meghan nodded again, wrapping her arms around herself protectively.

“Your father was a second away from kicking you out of the house. Is that what you want? To be on your own? Because if that’s what you need, then there are easier ways.”

“N-no, mom. I don’t want that. I don’t want that at all,” Meghan said, her voice small and young, despite her eighteen years. Tara knew then what had been going on, and sighed deeply. She’d wished that Meghan had just come out and told her what was going on in her head, but she understood that would have been very difficult to do, if not impossible.

Tara decided that it was time to take drastic action.

* * *

Tara had been out having a relatively tame girl’s night out with her friends Natalie and Melinda when it had come up. Tara had been venting to both of them about the trouble between her husband and daughter, and Melinda and Natalie had shared a strange look.

“Do you think…maybe that your daughter is trying to get your husband’s attention?” Melinda had asked in her indirect, diplomatic way.

“I don’t understand,” Tara had said, confused, “He’s always made time for the kids whenever they’ve wanted. He’s been a great father!”

“No, honey,” Natalie had said, with her trademark directness, “Meghan wants her daddy to notice her. As a woman. So she’s playing the age-old brat game. You know, make daddy mad so he punishes her. Maybe even make him horny, so he does it the way that she needs.”

“What?” Tara could barely comprehend what she was hearing. “No. No, that’s impossible. Meghan is a good girl! She’d never…I mean. He’s her father! And she’d never betray me.”

“I think that’s what’s making all of this worse for her,” Melinda said, “she’s a good girl, and she can’t handle her attractions. She loves you and never wants to hurt you, but she loves her father in a way that isn’t quite acceptable to society. So she’s behaving on instinct. The guilt is probably tearing her apart, the poor thing. And besides that, you’re right. Alexander would never betray you or hurt Meghan.”

Tara blinked. At that moment, it all suddenly made a lot of sense. She honestly didn’t want to discuss it more, but before she could change the subject, Natalie reached into her purse and pushed a small, simple pamphlet across the table to her.

“Look, you’re going to need to talk to your daughter about this soon. Otherwise, this is going to wreck your family. If you can’t stand the idea of Meghan and Alexander being…well, together, then don’t bring this up with either of them. But if it doesn’t bother you, and you want to bring them together again, this place works. Both Melinda and I reconnected with our sons thanks to this place, and Thomas was ready to never talk to me again. I don’t think we need to explain the implications to you.”

Tara had taken the small piece of glossy cardstock and put it in her purse, more to get it out of her sight than anything else. The things that they were discussing were absurd. She must be misunderstanding. Melinda changed the subject then and told a dirty joke, and soon they were all laughing and enjoying themselves.

But a few nights later, after yet another fight, Tara had read that pamphlet, from beginning to end. She dismissed the idea, thinking that her friends had played a joke on her, albeit one in bad taste, but she did not throw the pamphlet away.

* * *

Tara looked into the desperate eyes of her daughter and saw the scared little girl inside. She thought about pushing, then demanding her daughter acknowledge her forbidden desires and lusts, but what would the point be? To humiliate her? To further drive her away?

The more Tara thought about it, the more she considered that if sharing her husband preserved her family, the more bahis şirketleri it seemed like a good idea. In fact, she felt only the slightest tinge of jealousy. If it had been anyone else, she would have found it unacceptable, but Meghan was her daughter, who she loved unconditionally. She nodded to herself. This was the way it would have to be.

“Listen to me, Meghan. Your behavior is unacceptable. I think you know that. I think you’ve been hoping for your father to do…something. What you don’t understand is that he is not that kind of man. He won’t snap or do something that he thought would hurt you. Ever.”

“I know, Mom. I’m sorry. I know that I’m such a…”

“Stop. This isn’t about blame anymore. Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to behave yourself. You’re going to be a model daughter and show your father that you truly respect and care for him. If you do that…if you do that, I’ll make sure that you and he take a vacation together after you graduate. Just the two of you. And then you can settle whatever it is you need to with him.”

“Mom…I mean… I’ll be good, but I don’t understand.”

“You don’t have to. You just have to trust me. If your father shares your feelings, then you can both act on them with my blessing. If not, then you’ll have to accept it and move on. This trip will help you to find out.”

Meghan blinked as if she’d been struck again. Clearly, she couldn’t quite believe what her mother was saying, but eventually, she nodded and smiled weakly.

Tara hugged her daughter and took a deep breath. Now she only needed to convince her husband.

* * *

“You want to reward her with a vacation? After all the things she’s said and done?”

Tara sighed.

“No, love. I want you and her to go together, after graduation. I want you to spend time together and reconnect. That’s it.”

“I don’t buy it. She’s been impossible for almost a year now. Maybe it’s me. She seems to get along with you and Jacob just fine. Maybe I should go for a…”

“No!” Tara said, voice a little too loud. “No. I don’t want you do go, and neither does she. This isn’t about you. I need you to trust me, ok? I’m not taking a side and I…I love you both too much to let this get any worse. We had a conversation, and Meghan’s going to behave herself for the rest of the school year. No more fights.”

“Really,” Alexander said skeptically, “and how did you achieve that, exactly?”

Tara smiled.

“Well, it’s not as simple as that. I want you to promise me that on that trip, you have to do whatever Meghan wants. I mean it, too. No exceptions. If you do that, then…then I think everything will be all right. I understand if you don’t want to go, but I think…that things have gone so far that only something a little more radical would work. I wouldn’t even suggest it if I didn’t think that it could help both of you.”

Alexander sighed, and Tara knew that he would accept her terms. She also knew that he was still tense and upset.

“All right. I’ll do it,” Alexander said, softly. “I don’t want things to get worse. I’ll try anything.”

“Good,” Tara said, smiling widely. “In any case, that’s a month away. You’re still angry, aren’t you?”

Alexander, knowing from many years of experience that there was no use in trying to conceal things from his wife, nodded. To his surprise, she leaned in then and kissed him deeply, pressing her ample breasts into his chest, the way she knew that he found irresistible.

“Well, you have a wife to take care of that,” Tara whispered huskily, “Don’t be gentle with me. Take it all out and be as harsh as you need to be, baby. You know I can take it.”

As her husband pulled her clothes off and pushed her forward onto her hands and knees upon their marriage bed, Tara reflected that maybe she and Meghan were more alike than she had expected. After that, she was too busy being fucked hard to do any kind of thinking at all.

* * *

Alexander watched his daughter look out the airplane window and worried. He didn’t worry about anything, except when it came to his family. He was generally a calm, confident man, who let his actions speak on his behalf. He spoke softly, but firmly, and was gentle with his children. Maybe he’d been too soft with Meghan. In any case, he had to admit that Tara had done precisely what she had promised in her talk with their daughter.

One night, Meghan had been utterly impossible; the next, she’d been so attentive and respectful that it was almost laughable. Alexander was grateful, however, to have his well-behaved daughter back. Even Jacob, his generally more introverted son, was noticeably happier and more relaxed. He still felt, somehow, that he’d failed as a father. Whenever he spoke with Tara, she deflected.

“It isn’t my place to tell you myself,” she’d say, or “Just trust that the Resort will probably help both of you.”

It was frustrating, like hearing an inside joke being told over and over again. Tara, however, maintained infinite patience, and for his part, he made sure not to be overly angry at any of them. He reminded himself to be grateful that his family was functioning again, and he was absolutely certain that Tara wanted what was best for both her husband and her daughter.

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