Secret Confession

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I entered the chapel that Monday morning, after my encounter with my boyfriend, Kevin. He had touched me, and worse, I had liked it. It was different than when I had done it to myself, though I felt guilty about both things. I felt the extreme need to talk to someone, and Father Malone never criticized me or condescended me. He had always been open, friendly, and comforting, and that was what I needed. The church was empty, and I saw Father Malone at the altar, kneeling. My footsteps didn’t seem to disturb him as he continued his prayer. I was almost to the front pew when he rose and turned to face me. Father Malone was in his thirties, and looked relatively young. He had a caring, innocent face, and deep brown eyes. He smiled a caring smile, and I suddenly felt something horrid. I felt the same feeling I had when Kevin had touched me, only stronger. He looked at me, concerned. Why aren’t you in school today? he asked. I stuttered and spat out, The ice on the roads is still!

bad. He nodded and walked closer to me. Why did you risk your health to come here? He reached a hand out and grasped my shoulder. I felt a tingle that shot through my body at his touch. Ineeded to talk to someone c-can I… can I get confession? He gave my shoulder a light squeeze, and said, Sure, would you like it here or in the rectory? Face to face confession can be very powerful. Shocked at this, my wide eyed response came out automatically. The rectory would be fine. He took his hand off me, and turned, beckoning me. Follow me, he said. I eagerly followed him to the rectory, where he sat down on a leather couch and told me to have a seat beside him. So, what did you come all the way here to talk about? he asked, not persistently, but concernedly. tuzla escort Father I hesitated. He looked deep into my eyes. What is it? Don’t be afraid to talk to me. I looked at him, not just his face, but his body up and down. His tall lanky frame, his dark hair, that part of his t!

hat bulged so much. I felt his eyes on me, and the impurest of thoughts began roaming in my brain. I-Im not its just I hung my head, feeling my face flush. I pushed myself on. I’ve been having impure thoughts, I blurted out. He laughed gently. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all have weak moments. You did’nt act on them, did you? I looked up at him guiltily, then hung my head once more. Yes, I whispered. He again placed a hand upon my shoulder and said, You feel you have gone astray. I’m glad you came to talk with me about it. Don’t be embarrassed. Just tell me about it. I savored the feeling of his touch, and placed my hand on top of his. He smiled a bit awkwardly. I tried to remain composed, I tried not to think impurely, but something took over me. Evil desire had taken over my body as I felt a dampness between my thighs, and a hardening of my nipples. To my own shock, I felt my hand guiding his to my breast, and I felt myself leaning towards him. His hand!

grew shaky as I lightly kissed him on the lips. His face flushed as I directed his hand more persistently until it began to move on its own, gently rubbing my nipples. I leaned in closer, and he backed away suddenly, and stood up. What’s wrong, Father? I asked. He looked at me uneasily, then turned away. I rose and took his hand. I felt needy, wanton. Like Jezebel, the harlot. But suddenly I didn’t care. I stood on my tiptoes and kissed his neck, unbuttoning his collar as I went. tuzla escort bayan He turned to me with obvious lust in his eyes. We can’t we cant do this he said. I pressed myself against him, my hard nipples digging into his chest, my pelvis grinding into his obvious excitement. He moaned softly and ran his fingers through my hair. You’ve been so good to me, Father, I said, I just want to repay you. He backed up, right into his desk, where I had him cornered. I smiled deviantly. Hastily, and to his shock, I began to unbutton his trousers, feeling his excitement grow.

I kneeled in front of him, and took down his boxers, drooling at the sight of this grown mans virgin cock. He was breathing heavily now, each of my touches making him jump like he had been hit by lightning. I leaned forward and kissed the tip of his cock, precum oozing out of him. I hungrily lapped at it and took him in my mouth, bobbing up and down as he made startled noises and shook at the knees. With my free hand (the other was fondling his balls) I took down my panties underneath my jumper. I stood up abruptly and tossed them at him, giggling. He caught them and sniffed at them, all the time moving towards me. I lied on the couch, and took off my blouse. He froze as I opened my legs beckoningly to him. The Father then took a step towards me, and awkwardly got on the couch between my open thighs. I pulled him up and kissed him hard, wrapping my long legs around him tightly. His cock was millimeters from my cunt, and I felt it rubbing my wetness. The Father felt it too, because he groaned and thrust his hips at me.

I pushed him back for a moment, long enough to use my hand and guide his hard shaft to my opening. He pushed at it, but my tightness refused escort tuzla to let him enter me. I was, after all, still a virgin. I wrapped my legs around him tighter, pulling him into me slowly. His cock head was now in, and I made urgent noises while trying to get the length of him into me. Are you alright? he asked. Yes, I answered, It hurts a little, but but god it feels good At the sound of my pleasure, he thrust forward, pushing himself all the way into me. I cried out, and he stopped, looking at me with those innocent eyes. Keep going, Father, I urged him, It feels so good He began to move slowly, in and out, hesitantly pumping my cunt, which was now sopping wet. As his cock explored the depths of my pussy, it began to get slicker, wetter, and he began to pump faster. Soon he was driving into me, ramming me, and we were both moaning loudly with newfound pleasure. His face was intensely contorted in bliss as he fucked me, harder, faster, wetter.

I felt a wave coming over me like Id never had before. My body seemed to explode from the inside out, blood rushing to my pelvis, muscles losing control, I saw the same happen with the Father. He began to convulse, changing his fucking to quick, deep, driving thrusts. The feeling took over my body as I screamed out as the Father took his final thrusts, then collapsing on top of me. His softened cock came out of my pussy with a pop, and I savored the feeling of afterglow. My pussy was raw, sensitive, burning, throbbing, hot, and dripping with both of our juices. After a few seconds Father Malone lifted his head and looked at me. I., I put my hand over his mouth to silence him. Shhh, I purred, and held him. I had always wanted this, and now I was getting it from someone I truly felt for. Completely forbidden as it was, we didnt care. And that was not the last time we had gotten lost in ecstasy with each other. I made many more trips to the rectory for Father Malone’s Private Confessions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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