Scent of a Gentleman

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Uncle Bartholomew, my true friend as his name means, has been gone a year and I have finally brought myself to pack up his belongings. Barth and I were friends, confidantes, and lovers. I know some think an uncle and a niece could not be lovers but Barth was my mother’s stepbrother and there was no real blood relation, so we never thought our love was taboo. The moments we shared together were too sweet and innocent to be wrong. Everything felt so right when Uncle Barth held me in his arms; the rest of the world seemed to fade away and there was nothing but the two of us floating together, intertwined in each others’ arms.

While packing his clothes and belongings up for Goodwill, I spilled his pouch of tobacco in the palm of my hand. The memories flowed back to me. The love we had for each other and everything we had shared. His face seemed to appear before me; the deep cleft in his chin seeming so real that I almost reached forward to touch it. His eyes peered into mine. I noticed the gentle tug at the corner of his mouth as if making fun at my expense once again. I closed my eyes and squeezed them tightly together, trying to banish the vision from my head. For I knew that it was only a vision, that’s all it would ever be.

Standing there with my eyes closed, I looked back over my life and remembered all that had taken place. I had known Barth was special to me; that he would always have a place in my heart because we were soul mates. I knew this when I sat at his feet listening to him read to me, while I was growing up. I sat for hours on end, admiring him and taking in the smell of his pipe tobacco. He seemed to smoke continuously while reading to me.

I allowed the emotions to sweep over me and I just sat down on the bed and experienced all the touching and loving and feelings again.

Uncle Barth was 15 years my senior and practically raised me, since my mother was too busy working or off dating. She never really had time to spend with me, “Making a better life for her little girl” was what she would tell me. But I knew better. Different men were always coming to our house to pick her up; she would laugh loudly and show special attention to me while they were there. Then close the door in my face as I watched them walk down the walkway to his car. I would hear her return sometimes very late, trying to hush the noises of the male visitors, thinking I was asleep.

Sometimes, I would even sneak out and watch my mother with the men, as the curiosity of the noises would get to me. I would later question Barth concerning the things I had witnessed between my mother and these men. And he very patiently and lovingly would explain to me the facts of life, sometimes just showing me some of the special touches and kisses that happen between a man and a woman.

He taught me how to care about someone and to love someone. He taught me by example; by him taking care of me when I was sick or hurt or just feeling pendik escort lonely and needed a friend. He explained things to me as they happened in the different stages of my growing up. And from all these things, I knew he was my soulmate, my true love and would be for all my life. He was actually the one with whom I had my first sensual lovemaking encounter, albeit I was far from being a virgin.

When I had turned 18 and decided I wanted to pursue a career and go to college, Barth supported me, even though it meant leaving town to go to college. I wrote him every week and called him when I could because I missed him tremendously.

I met some guys in college but none of them could take the place of Uncle Barth. He even encouraged me to date some guys my own age as well when I would tell him about the people and my classes. But even with his encouragement, I found myself not able to get seriously involved with any of my peers as they did not seem to have the maturity Barth did. A few dates actually were repeat dates and we had good times, sharing our common interests of college classes or homework or campus life. I even took a few dates further than just a good time and gave in to the sexual ways, the peer pressure thing that everyone was doing it. They were not really pleasurable experiences as my mind would always wonder what Uncle Barth was doing at the time or how he would do something to me because he really cared for me and loved me.

I would often share these few experiences with Barth and could just feel his body sink upon me telling him about my encounters with the boys at college. This would make me sad to know I was hurting my best friend by doing this.

After a few months away from Barth and a fairly lonely existence, even with being around people my own age, I grew weary of this and decided that college life was not for me and decided to move back home and live with Uncle Barth. Barth did not resist this idea as he had missed me too and was in need of being able to give someone his attention and dote on them, as he usually did when I was around him. He had always doted on me but never treated me as a child; always treated me with respect and love, showing that he truly loved me.

Moving in with Barth was the first time we had consummated our love. The first night I lay down in his bed without hesitation. Everything felt so natural that no words were needed between us to express our feelings and wants and desires for each other. Barth knew me very well as he had watched me develop from a small child into the woman I had become. He also had been the one who had taught me how different types of lovemaking would be with different guys, being totally unbelievable with the person with whom you were truly in love as opposed to casual sexual encounters only for a temporary gratification.

When he crawled in the bed next to me and I felt his naked body touch my exposed skin, I was not afraid and escort pendik I did not resist his touches. He started out first by tenderly touching my arms, rubbing them ever so gently, pulling me into the sweet sensation of him. Once he started kissing my neck and working his way down to my developed breasts, I knew there was no turning back and that we were to be lovers from that day forward. I felt our souls unite in such a way that I never wanted the feelings to end. Barth never spoke a word, just continued working my body into a heated frenzy, so wanton with desire to feel him totally take me. After what seemed like hours of just teasing me with his fingers and some light kisses and caresses, he finally worked his way down to the essence of my womanhood, sniffing and exploring every fold and nook and cranny with his fingers and his tongue and mouth. He was exciting me to no end and bringing me to the verge of a release and then he would stop. He would tease me some more and then bring me to the edge again, my body responding to his tongue lashings and his fingers, begging and arching for some release.

I lost track that first night of how many times he brought me close to an orgasm without actually achieving an orgasm. He seemed to know what he was doing even though I had never really known him to date anyone before or to really have sex before. He did show me some things when I first started developing but nothing to the extent he was performing on me this night. I think I must have passed out from the pleasure and many near orgasms as it was such a beautiful feeling, for when I opened my eyes, he was beside me just watching me, his fingers lightly caressing my moistened womanhood. He was smiling so angelic like that I could not resist reaching up and just kissing him on the lips, full and deep, our tongues meeting and playing and dancing. The combination of the kiss and his fingers playing with my clit was about all I needed. I knew that I was going to explode in an earth shaking orgasm soon but I wanted the feeling to be shared with Barth, I wanted to hold off as long as I could so that we could explode together, being joined completely.

He finally broke the kiss and looked deep into my eyes and with a nod, I gave him the go ahead. He then climbed on top of me and slowly positioned himself over me and after a few minutes of rubbing the head of his penis up and down my moistened box, he slowly inserted himself. I think I must have cum immediately after his insertion because the sensation was so unbelievable. He must have known I had an immediate orgasm because he just paused and stayed like that for quite some time, allowing me to get used to the feel of his massive cock in my tight, almost virginal pussy. Finally, he moved in some more, slowly inching himself in me, stretching the walls of pussy out like they had never before been stretched. Once he was in me all the way, he just lay there deep in me, staring into pendik escort bayan my eyes, expressing to me his love and affection without a spoken word.

He finally started rhythmically pumping in and out of me, pulling me with him into this rhythm. I pulled him deeper into me with each stroke, wrapping my legs around him and meeting his thrusts, stroke for stroke. We stayed like this for what seemed an eternity, pumping in this sensual rhythm, reveling in the culmination of our bodies and souls being joined. He started stroking faster and harder and deeper, bringing me to the edge again, and then would slow down and just let the waves subside. After what seemed like all night, we finally climaxed together, holding each other, feeling each other’s orgasm flood the other. It was truly an earth moving experience for me.

Afterwards when we could finally move, he rolled over and pulled out his pipe and smoked it for a while, coming down from the climatic ending of session. I lay next to him cuddled up to him as close as I could be so as to be able to share in the scent of him and his pipe.

Our lovemaking was usually like this every night, sensual, rhythmic and long lasting. Sometimes we would just lie there cuddling and enjoying each other’s bodies and sometimes we would explore fantasies that we had talked about, knowing that only the other could actually fulfill that fantasy as we loved each other so deep and we were soul mates. We were never afraid of sharing or exploring each other and always tried to keep the romance and eroticism open and exciting by exploring different things.

We had very open thoughts and feelings when sex was the subject, just to keep the relationship fun and fulfilling. We explored most aspects of sex with each other to the best of our ability. We never did involve others in our encounters, feeling that there might be some jealousy or that it might damage a good thing. We would explore things like bondage, with him blindfolding me and tying me up to do to me as he pleased but not to hurt or cause pain. We explored with toys, taking turns using the toys on each other.

This relationship lasted for 15 years and then Barth took ill, throat cancer from the pipe smoking, damned tobacco. I promised him when he was diagnosed I would always be there for him and that I would take care of him as he had done for me. The last few months our lovemaking slowed tremendously but each time we made love, it was still as sensual and wonderful as the first time. We never tired of just being next to each other. But Barth knew I would be lost without him and so in his final days of life, he gave to me a wonderful gift. When we made love that last night, it was different than any other before. We lay together after climaxing, him just staying in me for a long time and not even attempting to pull out. Staring into each other eyes, we knew at that moment I had conceived and I would deliver a son, a part of him for me to have for the rest of my life.

I have my son, Bartholomew, Jr., and the tobacco pouch always around to remind me of the perfect gentleman whom I knew as my true love, my friend, my confidante and lover.

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