Sarah’s Journey Ch. 028

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028 Wait, what did I just agree to?

Every step I took I could feel it in my vagina. I slept with 2 different men within 24 hours, how should I feel about that? My up bringing said it’s terrible and wrong, but it was so exciting and fun! Would I be looked at as a slut? Wait, am I a slut? Then again I could look at it as liberating, modern, and empowering for me. While I’m not a feminist in the slightest, it would still be nice to gain a positive reputation rather than a negative one, for such things like the men do.

As we are in the 21st century I chose to look at my decisions on what to do sexually and who with as modern and liberating. I was feeling better and much more confident after this rationalization. Shedding the guilt and embracing my choices I continued the walk home, being reminded how sore I am still.

As I walked through my complex I passed by the pool, I could hear voices but it was odd because it was after hours and the pool was closed. I stopped to look in through the fence. There were a couple of guys horsing around. One noticed me, ok he noticed the boobs it was obvious, waived to me as he hopped out of the pool.

“Hi, I’m Mike.” The guy said.

“Hello again Mike.” I replied, causing him to be a bit surprised.

“Glad you remembered me, I definitely remember you.” He said with a smile.

“Oh, you remember the boobs.” I said as I pressed them together with my hands on the outside of each one.

“Well, they do help due to their uniqueness I cannot lie.” Smiling and obviously a bit drunk.

“So would you like to get a drink with us at my place?” with a slight slur.

I thought for a second, I figured 1 drink and that wouldn’t hurt. “Sure I’d love to.” What the hell did I just agree to?

Mike turned around collected his buddy and both were back over the fence in a flash. Wow what it’s like to be in your early 20’s, I thought. Mike came over to me, put his arm around my back ensuring his fingers were noticeably touching the outside of my breast, while pulling me close and making sure to squish them up as well.

I was being hugged on inappropriately by a guy I’ve met once before, but it was so hot in the moment. It was definitely the attention. Was I addicted to attention as thrill seekers are addicted to adrenaline? But I also remembered my decision on how to view my choices in social situations.

I looked up at Mike with a look that said, I know you’re touching my breasts, a little aggressive but I like it. He smiled back seductively as he walked back to his condo with his arm still around me and his buddy following right behind.

We got inside and Mike turned on the lights, for the first time I could get a good look at the guys that I just went back to their condo. I liked what I saw so far, both were muscular yet trim with a bit of softness. Both taller than me I guess 6′. And I was getting turned on as hell, as I was reminded about my already sore vagina. I also liked how their swimsuits hugged them from being wet and outlined their cocks well. It was overtly obvious that their penises were on shrink wrapped display, they just stood there smiling, proud if not a bit giddy. Made me think, that as women that like showing off our breasts it’s a lot more gratifying to be able to do that if I wanted to and didn’t have to have on a wet swimsuit to do it.

I was obviously looking at their cocks as well as them.

“So; a drink? With the 2 of you, or were you hoping to include all 4 of you?” I mused as I could notice their cocks starting to get hard under the wet clinging shorts. Both turned a bit now trying to hide their cocks as it was obvious that I am not bothered be being so blunt.

“Oh, sorry; it’s just that… Well obviously, you’re aware of your unique feature that would draw attention.” He said, actually impressing me with his eloquence.

“That is true, it’s not like I can hide them even if I try. Just so you know I don’t mind if you all don’t hide yours. Honestly I take it as a compliment.” Smiling at them way more seductively than I should for just 1 drink.

With that they smiled at each other and just didn’t even try to hide the state of their cocks. As we stood around for that few seconds of realization where this looked like it was going. While they seemed to be getting bigger quickly now.

Mike walked into the kitchen and set a bottle of bourbon on the counter. Then reaching for shot glasses. Oh no this could get out of hand I thought. Hold on, less then 24 hours ago… My thought cut short by having a full shot glass of bourbon slapped in my hand. They raised their glasses, I didn’t move, they stared waiting, this was probably the decision that will determine the rest of the night. What the hell! Liberating right?

With that I enthusiastically raised my shot glass up to theirs. Theirs being much higher than usual for me as they were both easily 6′ plus. As I stretched to get up to touch glasses I felt my right boob get pulled up out of my dress. I jerked for a second with my instinct to bursa escort immediately cover up, reminding myself, liberating and modern. After that thought I touched glasses, my right breast came most of the way out of my top, I tapped my glass on the counter hard enough to cause my boob to jiggle enough to slip just a bit further out of my dress.

Downing the shot and sitting my glass on the counter, I grabbed my dress top in 1 hand and I very obviously seductive way. Hefting my beach ball of a breast I reached over the front from the top gathering the bottom of my breast and pulling it up completely out of my top. Then holding open my top and expertly dropping it right back in.

Then looking at both of them staring at me in awe, I just shrugged and said “What?” As I leaned over close to the bar so I could rest my breasts on it without being noticed. The silence was deafening in those few seconds. I noticed that both of them were really straining against their swimsuits in an almost perfect wrapping by the thin now see thru material.

“That doesn’t look very comfortable.” I said with a smile being as obvious staring at their cocks as they were staring at my breasts.

“We could take them off.” James said immediately and confidently.

“Or you could just put on something more accommodating.” I answered devilishly.

With that they both ducked into their bedrooms to change into I don’t know what. My grabbing the bourbon bottle as I locked eyes with Mike for a split second before he disappeared around the corner. In that time his looked screamed ‘I’m going to fuck you!’ And my look back had to convey ‘You’re damn right you are!’

I poured myself another shot said “Cheers.” And down it went. Not wanting to get smashed I slowed down after those 2. I felt them starting to hit already. I was standing between the kitchen and living room, holding on to the wall working on taking my shoes off. I fought with the buckle, this causing me to bend over and shake the boobs in the process.

As I felt both my nipples pop out of my dress top I got 1 shoe off. Standing up to put my breasts back in my dress I looked up, Mike and James were both standing there watching the show intently. It seemed pretty obvious to me that they approved by the state of their now overtly obvious raging erections. Both of them had on over sized white pairs of basketball shorts, that were the thinnest material I’d see on sporting equipment.

“Oh, hi.” I said happily surprised. “Sorry I was taking my shoes off.” I finished.

“Here let me help you with the other one.” Mike said as he walked over to me his cock swaying stiffly waving his shorts like a flag. Taking my hand he helped me to the couch to get sat down. As I did James was right there following me and sitting right next to me. Like pressing his whole body against mine.

Mike looked up at James then at me with a relaxed smile. I extended my foot for him to take my shoe off, at the same time opening my legs a bit, but trying to be sneaky about it. As Mike looked down he did glance up my dress, and as I had hoped, noticed that I wasn’t wearing panties. I worried a bit how I looked down there though. After all I’d been hammered pretty good by 2 guys in less than 24 hours.

Mike paused staring intently, then looking back up to me with a knowing smile. I pretended not to notice as I looked away with an uncontrolled smile as well. He got my shoe off and started with rubbing my leg up past my knee while James leaned over and kissed my neck. I let this go on for a short time but just as Mike got brave enough to touch my pussy and put a finger inside me I spoke up.

“So I thought we were having drinks?” To break up the situation and cool it off a bit. I was loving the attention that I was drowning in! I wanted this to last.

“Oh, yes, drinks.” Mike said as he removed his fingers from inside me.

“Right.” James also said as he got up to follow Mike, both of their cocks holding their shorts out and waiving wonderfully with each step they took.

As they disappeared into the kitchen and it occurred to me that I had, had 2 shots and wanted to keep it slow but I just asked for more shots. I did not think that one through.

They came back immediately with the bottle of bourbon and the shot glasses. Mike sat them on the table and started filling the glasses, while James turned on the TV. As it seemed that they definitely got the hint of ‘not too fast’. We all did another shot and I put my breast back in my dress after that one as well.

I sat on the couch with both of them right there on either side intimately close. Wiggling and pushing them away a bit they got that hint as well.

“So you’re gamers?” I asked looking at the TV and a game console home screen.

Both looking a bit shocked quickly realized what I was talking about.

“Yes, we do game but not professionally if that’s what you mean.” James offered.

“Well how about you all show me a game that you like to play together.” I asked.

After a brief bursa escort bayan awkward silence they grabbed their controllers and started playing a shooter game that I didn’t recognize. I watched there for a few minutes as they got more involved in their game they got more serious. As I thought their dicks looked not quite as hard as they were a few minutes ago. This made me giggle inside, and I still have no idea why.

As they played I put my hands on their thighs. They both noticed but kept playing. I slid my hands down slowly until I was lifting the leg of their shorts to slide my hand underneath. Then Mike got shot in his game. I looked over at him and said.

“Hey, don’t pay attention to me concentrate on not dying.” As he re-spawned taking a second to stop looking at me with a smile and focus back on the game. Mike resumed playing and I kept slowly moving my hand underneath their shorts. Slowly reaching down until I reached the root of their cocks that just to the touch felt like warm hard steel.

They both paused, and I immediately reminded them. “Don’t pay attention to me, win your game.” They turned their attention back to their shooter game. I gently wrapped my hands around their cocks they felt like a decent handful for width. But they waived like they were also a decent length as well.

I gave them a bit of a squeeze, slowly starting to stroke both of them up and down gently. As I sped up just a little bit they both took a deep breath and continued playing. As I sat there with these 2 hot, early 20’s guys when I’m in my late 30’s, thinking life can be pretty good.

I kept this up for a while and the gaming did seem to keep them occupied and not cumming, that’s pretty cool I thought. But I wanted to get them off just to see what they did. I continued jerking them both off under their basketball shorts. After probably 15 minutes of this the shorts were pretty soaked with precum.

I stopped and removed my hands grabbing their very loose shorts leg and asking, “Do you mind?” With a naughty smile.

“No, no, I think we’re super ok with this.” They both agreed.

I said, “Keep your attention on your game.”

I puled up their shorts legs and let them drop to the sides exposing their beautiful erections that looked and felt like they were almost painful to the guys. I was liking what I felt and was seeing. They weren’t huge or small. Pretty average from the 2 I’ve encountered so far. But would still feel pretty big to me. They certainly felt like handfuls.

Grabbing their cocks I started beating them fairly vigorously. It was almost like a game to me. How long can they go before I can make them cum. This felt like the dumbest thing ever in my head, but why then was it so fucking erotic to me. I had to think as I rapidly was beating 2 great cocks while we watched a video game.

This lasted a surprisingly long time. But James started to breathe faster, and I felt his cock jump in my hand. I looked at him.

“Pay attention to not dying.” I almost giggled as his cock almost quivered in my hand as I was still pumping it determined to make both of them go off.

I could tell James was going to cum, so I pulled his shorts leg back over his cock just as his first blast exploded out of the end of his cock. The material of the shorts catching it he fired a few more until he was finished a few seconds later. Taking a deep breath James looked up as he raised his head off the back of the couch. I looked at the TV.

“Looks like you died. You need to work on your concentration.” I said. “Is there a towel handy?” I also asked.

Quickly tossing me a towel Jake headed back to change his shorts. I wiped off my hands and went right back to Mikes cock that was still hard.

“Ok, just you left now.” I smiled evilly.

Speeding up my cadence I just had his to work on. I got off the couch never letting go of his cock and settled in on my knees, securely wedging my beach balls of breasts between his legs. I looked at him seriously trying to play his game. I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock to his balls in 1 smooth quick stab with my head. His cock head burst through into my throat. I think his entire cock head went in but I’m not sure. He groaned and started breathing heavily.

I was then fully masturbating him with my mouth and throat. I kept ramming my head down on his entire cock forcing him into my throat every time trying to get him to go off. After 30 seconds of that I pushed him as deep as I could get him in my throat.

His whole body jerked, he bent forward some and I grabbed for the towel while pulling him out of my throat. I didn’t want to swallow anything especially for a guy I’ve met once. Oh God and here I am in his apartment with his roommate doing this. Free, modern, and liberating. I had to remind myself again.

As I was still hammering my fist on his cock I felt the first spurt go past it rocket up in the air about a foot then fell and splattered all over the tops of my boobs. Well they are kind of a hard target escort bursa to miss. I got the towel over his cock and caught the rest to make as little mess as possible. As he finished cumming James was walking back in the room.

I was wiping cum off my hands then my tits. Also noticing he had died in game as well. James looking at the situation said.

“Hey wait a sec. You went down on him?” sounding like a dejected puppy.

“I guess you can call it his ‘reward’ for winning.”

Mike interrupted, “And bro it’s a fucking great reward!”

It was then that I thought of this as a game. Whoever cums first loses, and the winner I suck off. Heck we could time it and see how long they could hold out. It was also then that I wondered again, ‘What is wrong with me?’ Surely this isn’t normal.

James went into the kitchen as I was getting up from in between Mikes legs as he still sat on the couch. I said I was going to go clean up. Right then James stuck his hand out in front of me it had another shot of bourbon in it. I sighed, took the shot glass drank the bourbon then continued back to the bathroom. I got undressed, which wasn’t tough as I was only wearing my dress and nothing under it.

I got cleaned up so the tops of my tits didn’t smell like cum anymore. Redressing then walking back out to the living room Mike had already cleaned up in the other bathroom. About then James held out another shot.

“Ok, I don’t want to get that far gone.” I said to James.

“C’mon it’s just one shot.”

“I’ve had 3-4 already!”

James just stood there smiling with the shot glass waiting for me to take it. I reached out and took it, drank the bourbon and walked back into the living room.

“That’s it for the alcohol. Got it?” I asked James.

He agreed, noticing I was still wearing my dress he asked if I’d like anything more comfortable to get into. That was a really tempting offer, so tempting that I took him up on it. He and Mike immediately headed back to the bedrooms to start rummaging through stuff. I’m sure it was the smallest or most see thru stuff they could find.

Both of the guys returned as I was looking around their place, not much on the walls or decorations. But they definitely had a good set up for watching TV and gaming. Mike handed me a pair of shorts that the legs were so big I think I could have gotten in just one of them. But they did have enough elastic that they would stay on me and not fall off.

Then James handed me a t-shirt. It was white [no surprise there], it was also so thin I swear they let it soak in bleach for a day to make it even more see thru. Why doesn’t this surprise me? I thought.

“Really?” I said when handed to shorts and t-shirt.

“It’s what we had that looked like it would fit you.” Mike offered.

“Ok, so you don’t have at least a shirt that is maybe an XXL sweat shirt?”

“If we do they’re all in the laundry.” James conveniently answered.

“Ya know what? Fuck it.” I said as I grabbed a shot of bourbon that was on the counter top. I shot it and tapped the glass on the counter when I put it down. With that I walked back toward the bathroom to change. Not like it would make much difference because of the clothing options I was presented.

I took off my dress that I wore on my date, noticing that it did have some cum stains on it. I got into the shorts easily enough, and they were way baggy on me. The shirt though that was maybe as thick as plastic wrap and wet T-Shirt see thru even when dry. I was starting to question this and almost asked for something different. But thought that they’ve already seen my boobs when they popped out of my dress, and I just jerked them both off so it’s not like it’s a big deal now I guess.

I pulled what was left of the t-shirt over my head and stretched it over my breasts that are bigger than my head. It did stretch easily enough, but OMG was it see thru. It might as well have been fishnet. I got it stretched over my head, when I got to the boobs though it was stretched really tight, that just made it more see thru. Not to mention that it wasn’t big enough to go over the gigantic breasts on me. I pulled it over them and it wasn’t long enough to come down to my waist like normal shirts. It stopped just short of covering all of my breasts, I’d guess the bottom 1/8 was left uncovered. But it did form fit to them, almost like a second skin. Maybe I should keep this for future use, I thought to myself.

I folded my dress and walked back up front. I could feel the bourbon really affecting me. But I took another shot on the way back to the front room. That was probably all kinds of a bad idea. I walked over to the couch where Mike and James were sitting. I stood there with these oversized shorts that I’m sure looked stupid. Not to mention the paper-thin white t-shirt that didn’t even cover all of my breasts leaving the bottoms exposed. But it’s not like it was doing much for decency anyway.

Sitting down in the middle of the couch with Mike and James on either side of me we discussed what to watch on TV. I said if they wanted to play video games that was cool as the bourbon was starting to hit me about then. They started playing their shooter game, I sat there watching along with them intently.

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