Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 36

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Chapter36. Norman, forties. (August).

Having travelled a long way to attend a relatives funeral my father had booked two nights at a hotel. Annoying really as I hadn’t really known the relative and would rather have stayed at home but the parents insisted on my presence, ‘to show respect’, though hadn’t insisted on John accompanying us as he was busy with work. Lucky sod!

The funeral took place on Friday with a large get together of friends and relations of the deceased planned for the Saturday evening. Hence the need to stay for two nights. At least I was left to my own devices on the Saturday afternoon and decided to go for a walk.

I set off into the countryside, wearing shorts and thin top over a bra that I would have left off, but for parental disapproval. Following a footpath to I knew not where in the unfamiliar landscape, I was enjoying the warmth of the sun with the peace and quiet disturbed only by the chirruping of birds. Aware that a horse rider was coming up behind me I paused to let him pass; actually he’d been following me for ages and I wanted to be on my own again.

Drawing level he drew rein and thanked me for stepping back into the long grass to let him pass.

“You could have overtaken earlier, you’ve been behind me for ages,” I remarked.

“Ah but the view was superb, far too pleasant to lose,” he said, a broad smile on his face.


“The sight of the rhythmic movements of your bottom was too good to miss. Those very tight shorts show your shapely bum and thighs off to advantage, mine fortunately.”


“Do you ride?” he asked.

“No,” I replied, suppressing the impulse to add, ‘only guys’.

“Actually you’re trespassing but I’ll overlook it for once, as you’re so attractive.”

“Really? I thought I was following a public footpath, it was signed as such.”

“You were but the footpath turned right at the corner of the last field,” he explained, adding that it was actually his land I was trespassing on.

I apologised, saying I hadn’t noticed the footpath changed direction.

“Easy mistake to make,” he told me, dismounting and hanging the reins over a protruding tree branch.

Removing his riding helmet to release a shock of jet black hair, bursa escort the guy introduced himself as Norman. I automatically replied with my own name while thinking what a good looking guy he was. Probably early-forties with pale blue eyes and a small moustache, Norman was of medium height and lean build.

“Haven’t seen you about these parts before,” Norman commented so I told him the why’s and wherefores of my presence in the area.

“That explains why you took a wrong turn and strayed off the footpath then. Not in any hurry to get back are you?”

“God no, I’m not looking forward to the evening at all, it will be boring in the extreme.”

“Good, then I’ve plenty of time,” he said, an arm encircling my waist to pull me close.

Norman kissed me fiercely on the lips before saying, “I’m going to strip you naked, get you down on the grass and give you a good seeing to. Teach you to pay more attention when out walking.”

His hands were on my breasts then while I was feeling bemused by the speed things were happening.

“Of course resistance is useless, as is shouting for help because we’re a long way from human habitation here. That’s another reason I was in no hurry to catch you up.”

He was undoing my shorts now and seeming to enjoy the power of his position hissed, “I’m going to have you young lady whether you want it or not and if you cry wolf afterwards no one will believe you as I’m a big noise in these parts.”

“Who said anything about resisting or crying wolf,” I replied, brushing my hand across the front of his jodhpurs.

Less keyed up now the guy kissed me again and then pushed my top up. I raised my arms to facilitate the tops removal and smiled at Norman as his arms encircled me again, his fingers fumbling somewhat as he undid my bra. It was off and feasting his eyes on my breasts Norman said, “Fine pair of tits.”

Still looking at my breasts Norman sat down to remove his riding boots and once they were off rapidly shed his jodhpurs. Only then did he take my breasts in his hands. While Norman licked and kissed my nipples I slipped a hand inside his y-fronts and found a hot, hard and pleasurable large penis.

“Hmm, that feels good,” Norman sighed as I stroked his penis, my other hand now bursa escort bayan cupping his balls.

He again kissed, licked and sucked both my nipples in turn before urging, “Go down on me.”

Kneeling in the long grass I yanked Norman’s y-fronts down to his ankles and set to work on his gorgeous penis. Licking and sucking the long hard rod, I also stroked Norman’s balls, the guy gasping, “You certainly know how to pleasure a chap.”

He was pushing his penis in and out of my mouth then, clearly wanting me to suck him off. Well that was fine by me but I did worry that a guy his age might not be able to raise a second erection afterwards. I didn’t want the experience to end without feeling his lovely penis inside.

I needn’t have worried. After coming in my mouth Norman stripped the rest of his clothes off while urging me to do the same.

“I must sample your young cunt.”

It didn’t take me long to take my shorts and panties off and then I stood, hands on hips and legs apart, flaunting myself at him.

“I hope you like what you see,” I smiled at Norman.

He didn’t reply but ran his eyes very slowly up and down my body in careful appraisal. To my delight I saw his penis quickly grow erect again.

“Yes, I very much like what I see,” he said at last, before slipping a hand between my thighs.

My own hand found his penis, eager to aid its recovery to a full erectile state, while Norman fingered me.

“Down on the grass with you young lady,” he said suddenly.

Laying down in the long grass, careful to avoid any nettles or thistles, I eagerly spread my legs and kneeling beside me Norman lowered his face between them. With his tongue performing wonders on my cunt I felt Norman’s hand burrowing under my bottom and a finger stroke, then penetrate, my anus. At that I literally exploded in orgasm, squeezing his face between my thighs in excitement.

“Like that do you,” he murmured, before flipping me over onto my tummy.

His hands on my bottom then, spreading the cheeks apart, I cried out in amazement when he began licking my anus!

The sensations were amazing and my initial shock was swept away as I gave myself up to enjoy the feel of his tongue on my anus. The feeling was electric and I hardly escort bursa needed the additional sensations of his fingers on my clitoris to bring me to a very noisy orgasm indeed.

Still confused by what he’d done and the way I’d responded to the unexpected intimacy I barely registered being pulled up onto my hands and knees. I felt Norman’s penis nudging at my slit and then he yelled triumphantly when it drove deep inside my cunt, a cry I echoed.

Gripping my hips tightly Norman fucked me at a fast and furious, almost frantic pace, but having already discharged kept going for a nice long time before coming for a second time.

I remained laying in the long grass, basking in the afterglow of lovemaking and enjoying the feel of the sun on my skin, while Norman dressed.

About to mount his horse he remarked that the footpath would soon become busy with runners.

“The annual charity cross-country run should be getting under way any minute now,” he told me, glancing at his watch. “Most of the runners should be familiar with the route of the footpath so are unlikely to make the mistake you made and come this way to disturb your repose.”

With that he galloped back the way we’d come.

Continuing to bask naked in the sun and enjoying the piece and quiet, it was perhaps inevitable that Norman’s parting words would re-ignite my fantasy. What if there were newcomers unfamiliar with the route amongst the runners? What if a group of them did inadvertently lose the path as I had? In my developing fantasy I imagined eight or nine runners, all guys, suddenly appearing and stopping abruptly on seeing me laying naked in the grass. It wouldn’t take the runners long to strip off their shorts and vests. I’d be surrounded by naked guys, all erect and all intent on having their way with me. My prurient thoughts running wild I imagined many willing hands holding me down in the grass; many hands exploring my body. Egging one another on the guys would then fuck me in succession, penis after penis thrusting into me.

Snapping out of it with some difficulty I dressed hurriedly and as a result managed to sting my backside on some nettles. Never mind, I could show hubby the stings as prove of my encounter, should he doubt the veracity of my tale and think I was making it up as sometimes happened.

Retracing my steps back towards the large village I did indeed meet hordes of runners and received a number of wolf whistles and salacious remarks in passing.

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