Royal Pleasures Ch. 02

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Royal Pleasures the Sequel

Years passed. The King progressively lost interest in his enslaved bride. Liese had fulfilled every desire so thoroughly that for a time the King spent the majority of his days concocting more fantastical roles for her to play out. Failure to do so led to a dull, unsatisfying marriage.

Liese tired of the monotony of the King. His sexual prowess (for her) diminished with age and she grew frustrated as a result. She had needs of her own, but the King was entirely consumed with acquiring new lovers. Liese had even removed herself from his bed chamber. Not yet having taken advantage of having her own quarters, the prospect excited her.

The country had remained strong, but King Antonio’s alliances were soon in shambles. His amusements from the village below distracted the King so thoroughly that the country’s safety was in jeopardy. The neighboring country to the north was displeased with his absence on the political forefront. They were in need of financial assistance but never received a reply to their pleas. Unable to repair the damages, King Antonio had no choice but to battle the country in debt and the country forcefully collecting its payment.

The double alliance had an army of 5,000 already assembled. King Antonio struggled to congregate his decorated knights, but managed to compile a strong united force with the assistance of his “fatherless” sons, Antonio and Christian.

King Antonio summoned the younger Antonio and Christian to his mighty fortress above the dale. Their arrival was greeted with a fanfare only worthy of Princes. The surrounding villages were enlivened with brightly colored banners, steins of ale, cheering voices and joyous melodies. The pinnacle of their return was an address made by the King. He expressed his gratitude to such stately warriors that were willing to oblige their ruler and to protect the citizens of such a beautiful nation. These words were met with shouts of approval and appreciation.

The young men continued their procession to the royal home they never knew. They entered the structure and were immediately embraced by their father. His warmth felt false, but they were pleased to just be recognized as valuable by this man they idolized.

The King ushered the gentleman to the massive dining hall. The three entered through ornate double doors composed of the finest mahogany. The rectangular space they proceeded into had a ceiling that rose 30 feet above a golden mosaic floor, was lined with tables impressive in size and centered on the opposite of the room was a recognizable woman. Liese. Antonio was angered at the marriage of his childhood sweetheart and father, but had not encountered it firsthand until this very moment.

As children, Antonio and Liese had been fond of one another, but the scorn of his mother forced the family threesome to relocate. Antonio had never forgiven his mother for her youthful promiscuity causing the separation. The sexual escapades of Antonio’s parents prevented him from having the one woman he had always wanted. Here she was before him as the bride of his father; once again, the King’s actions thwarted Antonio’s pursuit of Liese.

Briskly entering reality, Antonio realized that he was approaching the table where she sat perched on her throne. Disregarding whether it was appropriate, Antonio could not change the direction of his gaze. Liese’s face remained youthful, but there was a misery in her micro-expressions.

Antonio’s heart pounded in his chest as he positioned himself beside the Queen. Without making direct eye contact, he absorbed every detail; her blonde-auburn hair falling softly to the middle of her back, the cleavage revealed by the low neckline of her amethyst gown, her delicate fingers decorated with large emeralds, but most especially her purposeful breathing. She remained the same person that she had been those many years before, but there was something different. Something sexually charged. Antonio’s intrigue was building as the meal commenced.

The grandiose spread appeared before the royal’s table. Liese plated a simple meal of sliced vegetables, bread and cheese. In strong contrast, the King overwhelmed his platter with a boar’s leg, whole vegetables, various preparations of poultry and a slew of other edibles. The King had gained weight since Antonio’s last visit and the toll it had taken on his health was unmistakable. Antonio could not control his thoughts from venturing how awful making love must be for Liese with such a body. She deserved a young, muscular one that would properly gratify her. This overweight elder was no longer her match.

The meal concluded with a ceremonial dance. Clearly to save face, Liese rose and joined her noblemen in their enjoyment of the festivities. She partnered off with every gentleman at some point, ending in the arms of Antonio. They paused for a moment as her watery green eyes met his dark brown ogles. Antonio’s evident need was met by her lustful stare. The bursa escort melody ceased and their bodies parted.

Liese headed directly for her throne. Antonio followed her in a slow meander, watching her hips sway from side to side. How he wanted to worship them. Their movement was so sexually inviting. He would have killed to accept an extended invitation.

Before the court was settled to a seated silence, Liese whispered in Antonio’s direction, “I demand your presence in my chambers this evening. We must speak of the ‘affairs’ of the country.”

Alarmed by such a forward request, Antonio said nothing in response. His dumbfounded expression did nothing to hide his emotions. Had she spoken to him? Antonio simply nodded in agreement. She gave a wink in recognition. His mind was racing. How could the bride of his father succeed in keeping this discreet? But she was his love…his stepmother had his heart and anything else she wanted. Questions were not necessary.

King Antonio closed the festivities by saying “I wish you all a good evening”.

With that, the guests rose, said good evening and waited for the King and Queen to depart. King Antonio and Queen Liese’s hand in hand departure was met with the gaze of every person and a risen respect.

Antonio assessed what he was about to do. He was in dire need of a plan. How could he hope to separate from his brother Christian without suspicion? Christian was bound to interrogate Antonio about his nocturnal escapades.

Antonio quickly reacted to his situation. He just hoped this would work in his favor. Christian joined Antonio by his side.

“Shall we head to our sleeping quarters?” asked Christian.

Antonio responded, “Please go ahead without me. I have my eye on the hand maiden in the corner and a blacksmith to see about my armor.”

Christian glanced to the far corner and spotted a curvaceous and slightly stout young woman dressed in mauve. Surprised by his brother’s choice, he blamed it on many months working the land with men alone and did not voice an objection.

“Enjoy your evening. I will see you by first break of morning. Antonio, we have much to do before we venture to the front lines.”

“No need in reminding me. My mind and body will be fully prepared to take down any man after this evening.” Antonio quickly walked over to the mauve cloaked maiden.

“Will you please let me escort you to the blacksmith? I am unaware of the location of his stall and would like a companion as I find it.”

The maiden turned crimson and shyly agreed. Her bashfulness would normally have been a target for Antonio, but he had much more on his mind. He needed a diversion.

The pair disappeared into the torch-lit village. The autumn nightfall brought with it a crisp air that kept nearly everyone indoors. Antonio was incredibly thankful that the maiden was familiar with the blacksmith’s location. It was only moments after leaving the castle’s threshold that they arrived in the metallic grotto. An old surly man covered in scars eagerly took Antonio’s business. He would have a sword and chest plate composed of the finest steel available prepared for Antonio in three days.

Pleased with such a speedy production time, Antonio led the maiden back to the fortress. Her fondness for such a beautiful man did not remain circumspect for very long. She snaked her arm around his claiming that the chilly air required his bodily warmth. Remaining a polite gentleman, Antonio offered some of his cloak. With her in his grasp, Antonio had the ability to speed up her deliberate pace.

The pair’s return was barely noticed. There were soldiers guarding the entrance, but once inside the walls of the castle most everyone was not visible.

“It seems that everyone must be crowded around a fire tonight.” said the maiden.

“Yes, you are most likely correct.” Antonio barely hid his lack of enthusiasm in speaking with her.

“Care to join me in my bedroom? I have a large hearth and a kettle. I could warm you with mulled wine.”

“No, I apologize. My brother Christian is awaiting my return in our own quarters. I bid you a pleasant night.” Antonio said the quick farewell and nothing more. His legs were carrying him away from the distraction and to his focus.

Liese’s certainty that Antonio would appear was growing weak. Enough time had passed for him to arrive in secrecy. What could be keeping him? She paced the floor. What if he told his father? Would she be chastised? Or worse, beheaded?

Her mind continued to race through all the negative possibilities when finally there was a knock at the door. Having earlier relieved her servants for the night, she answered the door herself.

King Antonio, in all the glory of his drunken stupor, stood before her half clothed. His ill sexual intentions were evident by the tent in his pants.

“Lisa—Liese, let’s make love like we used to. I want to spuck you.”

“Antonio, I am not amused. Spuck? Spank or fuck? I am sure bursa escort bayan that Lisa or whatever her name might be tonight is waiting for you. Please, just join her.”

“You once were the lever of my dreams.”

The doorsill was clear and Liese quietly prevented the King’s entry with the closing of her door. The mahogany would have created the satisfying slam she desired, but Liese knew better. She wanted the King as far as possible this evening and that would only create a quarrel.

Mere minutes later, there was another knock at the door. Liese opened it in a huff only to find the young warrior of her fantasies. Young Antonio’s light brown face was flushed from the cold. Liese embraced his glowing visage with her hands and led him into her chamber with a kiss.

Antonio broke the kiss to seal the entrance then swept his love off her feet. He carried her to the down feather bed and carefully rested her body atop of the gold threaded duvet. Liese wore only a muslin dress with a wool overcoat. Antonio attentively removed the overcoat and visually absorbed the woman who lay before him. The dress did very little to conceal her curves. Liese’s orb-like breasts were followed by a soft, feminine tummy. Antonio stroked her surprisingly toned legs. All those years of playing in the fields remained with her bodily structure.

Antonio’s hands found themselves fondling Liese’s feet. His cloak and trousers quickly found their way to the marble floor. Antonio, wearing only a blouse and linen pants, maneuvered onto the bed and sat in between Liese’s legs. He followed their length with his hands and snaked upward underneath her gown. Antonio moved to kneel above Liese, one hand on her sex and the other supporting his weight above her head. His tongue delved into her mouth. Their tongues wrestled in perfect harmony.

Antonio’s phallus grew in length. He pushed the weight of his body into Liese’s pelvis, teasing her mercilessly. Antonio once again broke the kiss, but this time to follow her body with his kisses. His left hand followed Liese’s right arm to her fingertips. They grasped hands as Antonio licked her left nipple through the fabric. He nibbled, sucked and kissed until the nipple stood at perfect attention. Liese breathed deeply and lifted her chest to his mouth. He attended to the right nipple and abruptly changed to her stomach. The barely curved shape and softness made it difficult for him to resist the taste.

Antonio lifted her dress and began to kiss Liese’s bare tummy. The skin had incomparable warmth. He laid the right side of his face against her abdomen and let his left hand linger along her leg.

A knock at the door echoed throughout the expansive space. Antonio quickly reacted by jumping off of Liese and retrieving his clothes from the floor. Liese lay there in irritated misery. She knew who was beckoning for her.

Liese returned the wool housecoat to her shoulders, waited for Antonio to hide himself in her washroom, and answered the door.

The mumbling drunk was worse off than before. The elder Antonio had managed to receive a small gash on his forehead, reeked of ale and stood with a slouched posture. His right arm supported his body on the doorframe. Rather than even converse with him, Liese closed the door.

This infuriated the King. He attempted to storm into the room, but discovered that his wife had bolted the door. No matter how loud he protested, there was no entry. His state made him unable to successfully battle her wits. Accepting defeat, King Antonio returned to his chambers once more.

The younger Antonio meekly entered the room. His confidence was startled by the visit, but the thrill of nearly being caught stirred an aggressiveness in him that had been absent before. Antonio lifted Liese’s petite figure and stood her by the bed. With ease she dropped her overcoat off her shoulders. Antonio passionately kissed her mouth before reaching down to the hem of Liese’s nightgown. He raised the hem above her head, revealing the flawless vanilla skin underneath.

Liese pushed herself onto the four-post and lay on her back with her feet dangling above the floor. Antonio kneeled before her and took her legs above his shoulders. She was straddling his face. Antonio’s tongue lightly danced along the folds. Encouraged by Liese’s twitching, he tunneled further inside. She tasted sweet and was incredibly wet. Antonio could not hold out much longer. He was either going to cum as he kissed Liese’s pussy or he needed to penetrate her.

Antonio’s sweet kisses lasted only a few minutes. The urges of his phallus required release. He rose from his knees. Antonio’s hands caressed Liese’s hips before lifting them. He parted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. Antonio slowly began to penetrate and roll his hips. Liese squirmed to have him enter quickly. Antonio wanted to tease her; to make her ache for him.

The head of Antonio’s penis tormented her clitoris. Liese’s body responded so positively escort bursa that it took all of his control to not pump her like mad. Antonio slipped the head inside her body. Liese rocked her hips in correspondence with his. Each time they moved as one. Each time she had more of Antonio entering inside.

Liese could feel the bulging veins in Antonio’s penis pulsating. His penis throbbed with seduction. It was growing to a length he had never experienced before.

“I beg you to not stop!” Liese gasped as she pressed her head to the duvet and arched her back.

Antonio was satisfying a need that was two years in the making. He felt so much bigger than his father. The way he rolled his hips…it was a dance of seduction. He completely filled her insides.

Liese was grinding her pelvis into Antonio. His cock was stimulating her clit in ways that had yet to be experienced. Every inch raked her sexual center. The electricity radiating from his body forced Liese to orgasm.

“I am so close! Cum with me. I need it. Please…I cannot hold off any longer!” She panted as the words came out quickly.

Antonio was not ready to give in to the inevitable release no matter how much Liese pleaded. He removed himself and penetrated time and again. She thrashed underneath his body. He buried his cock deep inside Liese’s warmth.

Without removing his penis, he assisted Liese in turning over to her stomach. Antonio clutched her hips unreasonably tight and began to force himself deeper. She began to gasp; half out of pain but entirely out of enjoyment.

Antonio moved his position. He shifted his weight to his left hand and wrapped his right arm around Liese’s abdomen. Never ceasing his thrusts, he began to circularly rub her clitoris. She responded by violently gripping his left hand with hers. The tension in her body was growing. Antonio bit and kissed her back and neck, awaiting her orgasm. Just as Liese began to yell “I am cumming!” Antonio erupted inside her. His labored thrusts were combined with bursts of cum. The united explosion left both of their bodies limp and sensitive.

Not wanting to remove himself, Antonio pulled her body inside the embrace of his as he fell to his left side. The destined couple laid there by the light of the flickering fire. Antonio’s penis retreated to its own warm body. The fire provided a good amount of heat, but the advent of autumn was evident even indoors.

“Will you join me under the blankets?” Liese asked.

Without a word of response, the two nude bodies were soon covered. They molded together.

Antonio’s soft touch received little whimpers from his Queen. Liese was enjoying the intimacy, but she remained insatiable. Her moans coincided with uncontrollable swiveling of her hips.

Liese soon had Antonio on his back. Their mouths met lovingly as she moved atop him. The oral battle continued until both were emitting sounds of enjoyment. Liese kissed Antonio’s neck and moved to lick his right ear. Her kisses migrated southward and savored every inch of flesh. Mimicking his path taken earlier on her body, Liese assaulted each nipple before nibbling down to his navel. All the while, he could not help but notice how forcefully she rubbed her sex against him. Their arousal was strengthening with each second.

Liese followed the trail of hair from Antonio’s navel to his penis. She caressed his pubic flesh with her little pink tongue using swirls in combination with her teeth dragging on his sensitive skin. She detected her scent on him. It excited her. Antonio shifted up onto a pillow so that he could witness her concentration at work. Liese massaged his penis with her hand as she continued her attack. She suckled it until Antonio’s cock was growing in length and girth.

Liese began to orally rape Antonio with immeasurable aggression. She engulfed his cock into the back of her throat until he squirmed. Right hand moving in unison, her mouth was ready to provoke the milking of his cock. Antonio sat up, removed the blanket and gathered her lengthy hair in his right hand. He wanted to control the pace of her movements. Her mouth continued rising and falling with the guidance of his harness.

Antonio was prepared to hold out longer this time but it was clear that she had focused intentions. Liese left her post and mounted her stepson. Hovering above him, she forced his penis upward as she sat upon him. The head of his cock made direct contact with the end of her tunnel. He had spelunked as far as it would go. Antonio held her buttocks as she started to ride. Liese’s deliberate movement removed the shaft, but the head remained just inside her entrance. She vigorously drove Antonio’s phallus deep, testing the walls of her vagina.

Antonio’s ability to resist was coerced to a minimum by her grinding. Liese’s persistence led to her third orgasm of the evening. Her delicate body became rigid.

“I cannot stop. I have to give in—cum with me!”

The Queen’s request was met. Without hesitation, Antonio started to shoot cum. His hands clenched tightly on the flesh of her buttocks. He flattened his feet upon the feather mattress and drove his pelvis upward. His penis assaulted her uterus as they climaxed as one.

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